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I have been looking at a number of RV types over the years; considered Class A's, then downsized to Class B's, and finally settled on a Escape 17B Fiberglass trailer. Lots of reasons, most good and a few not so good but under current circumstances I'm traveling alone most of the time & the size makes sense.

Anyway, since Fiberglass Eggs are not the most popular type of RV I decided to add a page with links to sites that may be of interest to those considering or owning fiberglass or other small trailers.

As on my other RV pages if you want your website added please email me & I'll add it at the next update.

General RV Links Page
My Photo & Travel Page

Forums: Note - You may need to join the forum to post or use all its functions. All are free & provide a wealth of information from those that already have fiberglass trailers.

Bigfoot Owners Club International
Casita Club
Casita Travel Trailer Forum
Escape Travel Trailer Forum
Fiberglass RV Forum
Lil Snoozy Owners Club
Oliver Forum
Parkliner Owner's Facebook Page
Scamp Owners International
Teardrop & Tiny Travel Trailers
UHaulCamper or the UHaul Facebook page.

Blogs, Travelogues & Journals:

Jon's Journeys (Added 12/4/10) This is my travel page. It starts here and won't get too serious until after April 20, 2011 (when I pick up my Escape 17B in Clilliwack, BC). Until then it will include my ramblings on outfitting the trailer & getting ready for the trip to pick it up.

September, 2011 - I've finished my first trip - 111 days & 18,700 miles. If you want the version that has a day by day index and more photos, check out the link for the trip here on my Lakeshore Images web page - start here.

My second trip is over - 138 days & 16,255 miles. While the short version is continuing on my blogspot posts, a version with more photographs starts here.

No long trips for 2013, atleast until October. I did take a 37 day trip to Nova Scotia.

Well, not quite right (No long trips in 2013) since October 10th was the starting point for a 305 day trip. I'm back home.

Wincrasher's Travels (Added 3/3/15) "This is a blog about my travels, reviews of stuff I buy, and random experiences and thoughts." The February 24th post is the best collection of photographs of an Oliver Legacy Elite II I've seen.

Casita Camping...and Camping...and Casitas (Added 3/3/15) "When it comes to Casita's and camping, I have found there was a great void in the fine art of complaining. So I have set out to try and change that. Take a moment to see just how fun it is to not be me."

Wandering Our Way (Added 1/27/15) Denny & Sue are traveling in a Lil Snoozy fiberglass trailer. Denny retired from a career in engineering, sales and general management, and Sue is a retired teacher. More about them at theor "About Us" page.

Tweety's Travels (Added 10/15/14) Doug & Becky's travels in Tweety, a Compact Jr.

Scamp Duty (Added 10/15/14) Brad's Website Description: "A Chronicle of events involving our "Scamp" Camp Trailer. To include our alterations and our outings. Please enjoy."

Ruth's World (Added 10/15/14) Ruth travels in an Escape 19. From her blog: "I'm creating this blog to share our trip across America and Canada. My other reason is to have a platform for my many opinions."

Proud Canadian (Added 10/15/14) "I am a Proud Canadian. We live in a beautiful country that has breathtaking scenery, fresh air and friendly people. The skies are blue and the water crystal clear, the summers are warm and yes, the winters are long cold . During those long cold winters I like building and designing stuff, building with wood, building with metal, building with plastic. Designing furniture, mechanical items, car modifications, unique & crazy inventions." He has a rebuilt 1974 Boler & an Escape 19.

Casita in the Desert, Casita in the Mtns (Added 10/15/14) Adventures of the Chatta-Egg! The travels of one couple and their beloved 16' Casita trailer.

Earl's Travel Corner (Added 10/15/14) Earl is a retired school teacher whow writes PDF blogs of his travels as part of the Scamp Owners International webpage. He travels in a Scamp 19.

Towing Miss Trilly (Added 1/3/14) "Herein lie the tales of we two vagabonds, Clark & 9ah. We travel aboard our custom homebuilt trimaran for six months each year, but this blog is about the months we are NOT aboard our boat. In other words, when we are on terra firma. We like to travel in small vehicles, be it our sailboat or one of our two trailers. The first, a vintage 1948 Higgins Camp Trailer, allows us to travel overland to off-the-beaten-track sorts of places. Higgins offers little in the way of comfort save for keeping us out of the wind and rain. Our second (newly acquired) trailer is a 1979 Trillium 4500 fiberglass “egg” with propane heat, 3-way fridge, and 3-burner cooktop. Miss Trilly is all-original and in very good working order, however we can’t help but bring her 70s upholstery into the 21st century and perform needed rehab work. She may be getting a new axle with a bit higher ground clearance."

borderbrae | Travels with my camera & Casita (Added 9/18/13) "Have camera & Casita/will travel seems to sum it up for me. Photography is something I truly enjoy and sharing my photos with others gives me great pleasure. In 2008 I got my Casita trailer and have found it a wonderful way to see this great country. My 2 dogs travel with me and share my adventures on the road. This blog will be about sharing the experiences and some of the sights, but not about the everyday details."

AirBusDriver in the Egg Bus Express (Added 9/18/13) Follow the adventures of Dennis & his family.

3Up Adventures (Added 3/16/13) "So who are you? We're a family of three that strives to keep simple living in mind while finding adventure in life on the road. So why nomadic? We have the travel bug. In fall 2010, we moved to North Idaho and tried living traditionally by buying a house, volunteering, and getting involved in the community. Despite all of our efforts, things just weren't working. We discussed ways to make the community and our current life more palatable but in the end, we bought a van. In November 2012, I quit my job and we made the van our home. We'd like to try the homelife thing again someday, we're just not sure where we want to put down our roots next." They are now traveling in a 13' Scamp.

Our Great "Escape" (Added 2/27/13) "Welcome to our webpage devoted to the selection, purchase, and travel in our Escape 15B. Since we do not take possession of our trailer until April 1, 2013, the Travels and Modifications pages will remain blank for now. We also wanted to share our research and decision making that resulted in our purchase of the Escape trailer, whose factory is located in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, just North of our home in Washington State. We hope that our work may save some time for those looking at a fiberglass trailer and although we decided on an Escape, our research might also lead others to make a different choice of trailer."

Lowell & Vicki Travel Homepage (Added 2/27/13) Lowell & Vicki blog about their travels in a Casita travel trailer. Includes a trip to Alaska, and around the US.

The Wild Rovers (Added 2/27/13) Danielle & Drew travel in a 1960 land Rover towing a matching fiberglass trailer. Along with posting about their adventures, they have many photos, videos, and audio files of their music.

Recreation Engineer (Added 2/4/13) Kamper Bob blogs about his travels & the many projects he has worked on, including his Scamp.

There is Joy...The Adventure Begins (Added 2/4/13) "Beginning my new life as a "sixty and single" woman started with a "Grand Adventure" of a five month road trip. Included in my travels were a stop in the Grand Canyon, two months in Berkeley, CA, and a ferry ride to Juneau, AK. After my two month Alaskan adventure, I returned on the ferry and visited several more national parks before relocating to Franklin, TN. (its great to have children in fun places) I spent the summer of 2012 working in Yellowstone National Park at Fishing Bridge General Store. Wanderlust has struck!!! I have purchased a Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe travel trailer . . . the adventure continues."

Wandering Our Way (Added 12/30/12) From Denny & Sue's About Us: "I retired from a career in engineering, sales and general management a few years ago and with Sue retiring also we decided to try the life of seasonal nomads. Two of our three grown children live in the south and the winter in Michigan seems to get colder every year in spite of global warming so we are wandering through Florida with occasional stops to see the kids. The tiny trailer idea comes from Sue's notion to try a more minimalist life-style and my love for building things and technical gadgets. Believe me, this little trailer is one big gadget. Plus I've got my new hobby with me wherever we go." They are traveling in a Lil' Snoozy fiberglass trailer.

ShayJack and Pipe (Added 12/30/12) Shala & Jack purchased a Casita and are planning to travel full time 6 Years, 159 Days, 17 Hours, 45 Minutes, & 58 Seconds from their firat post. This first post gives lots of information about them & their plans.

Right Brain; Right Lane (Added 12/5/12) From Anne's about me: "I am retired and exploring my creative, right brain through drawing and watercolor. Also, traveling with my little travel trailer (hence the Right Lane) to spend as much time as possible hiking in big tree forests, red rock deserts and paddling the clear saltwater shorelines of the Pacific Northwest." She travels in an Escape 17.

Just Finding Our Way (Added 10/28/12) The have a full page "About" here - They are traveling in a Scamp 19.

The Vagabond's Travels (Added 10/28/12) Chuck travels in a Casita fiberglass trailer - read why he is a "Vagabond" here.

Interstellar Orchard (Added 9/23/12) Go one step further with 'take the road less traveled' and create your own unique path. I write for those interested in RVing on more than just an occasional basis pre- retirement, and for anyone who dares to dream of a more fulfilling life. Becky travels in a Casita 17.

Dragonfly Over the Rainbow (Added 9/24/12) Diane's website describes her travels in her dragonfly decorated Casita trailer.

The Travels of Tweety Fall 2012 (Added 9/24/12) While this site covers the Fall, 2012 travels of Tweety, earlier travess are here. Tweety is a Compact Jr fiberglass trailer.

Peg & Harrison (Added 9/24/12) We (Peg and Harrison) exhibited and sold photographic art at juried art shows throughout the central and southern states for many years. We are now retired from the shows and are traveling full time. We are trying to actually see the areas that we hurried through from show to show. Our home is a 17 foot Casita Spirit Deluxe pulled behind a GMC Savana extended chassis van.

It's a COZY Life (Added 9/24/12) "I'm just a cozy gal trying to find the ideal retirement arrangement, learning the life as a minimalist, getting deep into designing art creations or lost in a cookbook. Most always you'll find me with my soul mate as we share in our love for the outdoors hitting the road in our Casita searching out destinations for making new friendships, hiking, biking, or picking junk to reinvent into art."

As the Gnome Roams (Added 9/24/12) Patrick (Pat) Crawford from Columbia, SC, a retired commercial photographer travels with Winston the dog in a 16' Casita. Lots of photographs.

Kibitka Escape (Added 9/24/12) The name for their site is defined as either a horse drawn carriage from Russia designed to transport prisoners or a nomad's dwelling of some ethnic groups such as the Kalmyks and Kyrgyz. In any case, follow their adventures in their Escape 19.

It's A Smallwood After All... (Added 4/26/12) From Paul & Cathy's "About Us" "We are a couple who are fairly normal, but want to live an exciting life, so off we go on a trip to see baseball stadiums, old friends, new friends, family. They travel in a 17' Casita Freedom Deluxe.

My Scamp Fiberglass Egg Camper (Added 12/26/11) From Gary's homepage: "Several years ago I got it in my head that I wanted a small fiberglass RV. An Eriba Puck was my dream camper. The realities of finding one here in the USA opened my eyes to other possibilities..." He has a 1987 13' Scamp.

Rain Dog (Added 12/26/11) "STORIES FROM BRIAN AND ERIKA'S ADVENTURE ABOARD A PACIFIC SEACRAFT CREALOCK 34." When on land they travel in a fiberglass trailer.

JeepTrek (Added 12/26/11) Dave & Ruth have been 4 wheeling since 1971. This journal highlights their trip to Alaska in 2005 & the Yukon in a 17' Casita in 2007.

Casita Adventures Photography by Rob Rupp (Added 11/26/11) "Retired and loving it. I now spend my time in Kansas and Arizona when I am not exploring and photographing the West while traveling in my small fiberglass travel trailer. I enjoy revisiting special places I had connected with in the past and discovering new ones. When I was younger, I was always drawn to the mountains. Heading West to some remote wilderness was the most alive I ever felt."

Pete & Dee (Added 11/2/11) Their site has links to many photographs of their travels as well as a link to their Casita modifications.

Til the Last Hemlock Dies (Added 11/2/11) "I'm a laborer working as a letter carrier for the USPS. I'm also a writer with over fifty published short stories, hundreds of pages of comic book scripts, scores of reviews, and three novel sales (THE FLOCK, THE CLAN, and THE LIVING END). In July 2009, Angry Films announced that they'd optioned the film rights to my novel, THE FLOCK." James travels in a Casita Trailer.

The Hard Bald Eggsplorer (Added 9/23/11) Quoting from Julian's page: "I first started camping with my older brother when I was a kid. Archie was 17 years older than me and I tagged along with him, my sister-in-law, Faye, and my nieces, Connie and Cheri. Their first camper was a pop-up tent trailer pulled behind a Volkswagen Square-Back Sedan. I'm hoping to make more great memories now with my Casita.".

EggRollings (Added 9/23/11) "We are Wanda and Jerry. We are both retired. State Government, and the Telecommunications Industry, respectfully. We enjoy traveling this beautiful country with our Casita and friends. Sally, our dapple dachshund mix says, come on along."

Simple Living and Simple Travel (Added 9/23/11) Sebastian started his blog in July, 2006. A quote from his page: "With most postings, I put together a few paragraphs and photos and upload them the first time there's web access. Then I go back and add to the posting as things occur, I learn more about the area, and take more pictures. So if you are following my roaming, each posting isn't finished until I post the new-titled entry. It can be worth rereading the last posting. Even then I tend to go back over postings and rewrite or add text."

The Travels of Kimbopolo (Added 9/14/11) "Happily married & living the simple life with our only child - Doris - a Chihuahua mix rescue. I teach nursing full-time while pursuing my PhD in Adult Education. Expected graduation date: December 12, 2011. Delivery date for my new 17' Spirit Deluxe Casita: December 14, 2011."

Our Traveling Home (Added 8/16/11) From Byron & Anne's "Here's what you'll see if you spot us traveling. The trailer is a 2006 13″ Scamp towed by a 2005 Dodge Dakota. The Dakota have more than enough towing capacity to pull that trailer around"

The Don Pad (Added 8/16/11) "I am a musician, an entertainer, a teacher. I didn't choose it, it just happened that way. I have shared the stage with some of the greatest entertainers in America yet my family thinks I am going through a phase. It is difficult when people do not understand that some folks don't "fit" into life the way they do. My sweet Mom and Pop indulged all three of their sons, even when they did not completely understand. But some of my family and friends think this RV lifestyle is a bit strange. Here's a thought for ya: those who march to a different drummer are usually fairly content in their lifestyle, even if they live in an aluminum tube or a fiberglass egg. Now where did I put that road map??"

Irene and Mike... Amateur Bolers (Added 8/16/11) "The boler has been within the family for over 15 years. Mike's father purchased it and used it "as is." Last year the Boler was passed down to Mike during a secret ceremony which involved the lock of hair from a sasquach and a skill testing question. Thankfully Mike was about to find the item and answer the question... the answer was 5! Now that the Boler is in new hands it'll be used, and best of all... given some much needed tlc. This site will feature all our mods, vacations, and camping (glamping?) trips involving our 2nd home."

Gone Bush- Cruiser Caravanning (Added 4/25/11) This site describes the process of Modifing a Casita and his tow vehicle.

RVSue and her canine crew (Added 4/24/11) Sue & her two dogs will be picking up a 17' Casita the Summer of 2011. Follow her journey.

The Confused Pilgrim (Added 2/27/11) George doesn't have a web page - he posts weekly YouTube video reports on his purchase of & travels after purchasing his Casita travel trailer.

Mi Casita no es su Casita! (Added 2/27/11) Not a large number of posts, but a long description of a trip in a Casita.

trips.kinnamans.net (Added 2/27/11) "This site is about the travels of Byron and Anne. We hope to cronicle our travels with pictures and words. The site will be catorized by the trailer, then by trips. We hope you enjoy the pictures and writtings as much as do in providing them."

Our Casita Adventures (Added 2/27/11) "This blog documents the real life and almost real-time adventures of Sandi and Jay Goode"

Imperfect Destiny (2/1/11) "We are the restless sort—maybe not as restless as some but probably more so than others. Spent over 20 years growing up in the wonderful state of Wisconsin. Escaped in the early 90′s to Washington State and lived in the Seattle area for close to 10 years. Needed to dry out so left just before Y2K and landed in Colorado where there was a lot more sunshine and we could still be near mountains. Spent a few months around Boulder thinking "wouldn't it be nice to live in the mountains?" And ended up in the historic mining town of Leadville, CO, which we called home for 10 years. Now we're off on a new adventure in a 17′ Casita Spirit Deluxe!

Texas Reflections Photography (Added 1/2/11) Horst is retired, traveling around the country in a Nissan Xterra & Casita camper taking beautiful photographs. Check his home bage for the photographs & his new blog for his travels.

The Travelkid's Blog (Added 1/2/11) Starting in October, 2007, (where you can find a long "about us" section), "Obie-Bob-Canolli and his bride, the vivacious Princess Pat" are traveling in a Casita Fiberglass Trailer.

I Do Have A Map (Added 12/18/10) Maureen & Jim's 25,000km Canadian travels in a 17A Escape travel trailer.

Gone Scamping (Added 11/27/10) "One Woman, a Tricked-Out Trailer, and Miles and Miles of Two-Lane" Read more about Deonne at her "About Me" page.

Pete and the Wonder Egg (Added 3/8/10) Pete - Married 31 years, widower since 2007. Realizing life is precious and unpredictable, I decided to retire early and enter into this new phase of my life. I enjoy my children, grandkids, cooking, playing woodwinds and the mountain dulcimer, and reading interesting books. Traveling with Oscar the Smiley Dog is always fun and interesting, as you never know what he'll get into next. :) Oscar - "13 inches tall, 13 pounds / Hang out with Pete / Wonder Egg traveler / Chipmunk chaser / Whumped up on Sasquatch (see Oct 23, 2008 entry)"

Willerby's Blog (Added 11/4/10) "This blog is best viewed from the Last Page in reverse order as it tells a very sad story. Reading this page first is rather dull and other later pages sort of give the game away... Willerby" Use the "View By Date" feature to get to August 2006, Week 1 for the first page of a rebuilding adventure.

The Comedy Bailout (Added 11/4/10) "How-dee. My name is Johnny Biscuit, I am a comedian on an adventure. Thanks for stopping by. I have been full-timing in a Casita fiberglass RV since February 2009 and filming my American road-trip."

Dan and Dawn's Scamp Travel Trailer (Added 11/4/10) Dan & Dawn's site provides lots of information about Scamp travel trailers right down to a copy of the owner'as manual. They also have links to their travels at "Trips and Pictures".

Casita Trip to Alaska (Added 10/18/10) Jim & Carolyn describe their 17,492 mile trip to Alaska with fellow Casita trailer owners during the summer of 2010.

Casita Escapes (Added 10/18/10) Glenda's blog starts on her May, 2008 page describing why she purchased a 17' Casita and continues to document her travels.

On Burroed Time (Added 9/3/10) From Vicki-Lynn and Ian's About Us: "Two old journalists, with two young cats, are hitting the road for four months in our Burro fiberglass trailer and Ford Ranger. We'll be posting our adventures, encounters and experiences as we cross Canada and then head south of the snow line. Wish us all luck living in a 17-foot trailer."

Tinycamper's Blog (Added 8/19/10) Sharon & Ron's blog describing their adventures traveling in an Aliner Pop Up trailer. Be sure to visit their Aliner page for more information about their hard shell pop up.

Adventures in Scamping (Added 5/23/10) From Karen"s "About Me" - "Essayist. English teacher. Traveler. Hibernophile. Foodie. Reader. Photographer. I currently live in 300 square feet and I travel in a camper that boasts 60 square feet." She travels in a 13' Scamp Fiberglass trailer.

Scamp Face (Added 11/27/10) "We're two Midwesterners and a dog in a 13-foot Scamp on the road somewhere in America. This is how we'll stay connected to home while we're gone."

Flying Free (Added 11/27/10) Canadian "Flying Free" describes her travels in a small travel trailer.

Never late, never lost (Added 11/27/10) "Donna, a lover of life, was a design specialist and practicing artist,and whose most recent extemporaneous creations now come from the kitchen, provides the passion and spark to the undertaking. Lance, a jack of all trades, was a natural foods entrepeneur, and now is a lead set dresser in the movie business, solves the problems and steers the course from one day into the next. Dixie Dawg, a wonderful mix of Border Collie, black Lab, and Akita, joined us on a similar adventure 8 years ago, and has been a travelin' dog since then, providing unlimited joy and enthusiam to all our activities"

THE LMIC (LOOK MOM I'M CAMPING) (Added 9/3/10) Dan Schechter's blog devoted to boondocking in a small trailer.

Hokie Escape (Added 9/27/10) Dan & Jan document their travels in a Escape 5er.

Being a 37 year old retiree (Added 9/27/10) "I got smart when I got fed up with the day in and day out of "regular" life. I retired at age 37 and bought me a truck (well, an SUV, but who wants to say that all the time?) and a 16' Scamp travel trailer and my dog and I hit the road! These blogs are about my travels, my experiences and the people I meet. I am so far loving it!"

CASITA MCSITA'S TRAVELS (Added 6/14/10) Lots of photos of Brian's travels in a Casita fiberglass trailer. His about me: "BRIAN -
Owner of a small fiberglass travel trailer that enjoys traveling to new places and photographing them."

Scamp Camping Trips (Added 6/14/10) Paul & Norma's Shutterfly collection of photos of their 2009 travels around Oregon in their Scamp travel trailer. Lots of photos & some text.

Sunseeker Images (Added 9/3/10) Roadcam's "About Me" - "retired trucker, still sleeping with 'wheels under the bed' ..."

Alaska '09 (Added 9/3/10) "This blog is a photo/video/text diary of my circular trip around Southeastern Alaska. I am going to be driving and ferry-ing the whole loop, camping in my 2006 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe and pulling with a '01 Ford Ranger 4x4 Off Road."

Tales From Technomadia (Added 3/8/10) "Technomads: Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard. Living at the intersection of Epic & Awesome - traveling, living, working and playing full-time in a 1961 Vintage Bus Conversion, embracing nomadic serendipity." Their previous RV was a 17' Oliver Fiberglass trailer.

Les & Joy's Excellent Adventures (Added 9/8/10) "We started doing this Blog at the beginning of 2008. But we retired the first of Sept. 2006.

Travels With Turtle (Added 3/8/10) "This website is a place to share with family and friends our travel adventures and trips with Turtle, A 2005 Escape 17', our home on the road. Explore the pages in the menu above to read about and view our travels. We hope there are many tales yet to come!"

Non Egg Small Trailer Blogs

From Tumbleweeds To Tree Tops (Added 12/18/10) "Currently in the Tumbleweeds, Arizona, United States Cancer survivor and former music industry geek. I am not sure which identity was more traumatic. Reformed respectable homeowner turned minimalist, now I am a semi retired nomad. I live in a small vintage travel trailer that is set up to live very comfortably off grid when needed, but I am busy installing tech items and modifying it with geeky stuff so that when I DO have power .. I will really piss off the neighbors. I share the rig with 2 beagles and a Tabby Cat.. or I should say, they share it with me."

Dan Schechter's Blog (Added 5/23/10) Dan describes his adventures both around the US & the world. Many photographs of his travels. Be sure to also check his other blog "THE LMIC (LOOK MOM I'M CAMPING)" for great tips on Boondocking in a small trailer.

Fiberglass Rallies

While I haven't participated in a large number of fiberglass rallies, here are some links to my pages from the ones I attended:

Niagara Wine Escape 2010
Niagara Wine Escape 2011
Oregon Gathering, 2012
2nd Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, 2012
Niagara Wine Escape, 2012
Eggfest Ontario 2013
Niagara Wine Escape 2013
Copake, NY Rally 2013
Quartzite, 2014
Northern Oregon Gathering (NOG) 2014
Washington NOG 2014
The 2014 Escape Rally, Osoyoos, BC
The 2014 12th Oregon Gathering
Niagara Wine Escape, 2014
The First Annual Eastern Escape Rally


John A. Weeks III has a web page listing information on currently available as well as some out of production trailers. Since the Spring of 2009 he is no longer updating the page, but it has useful information on many makes of small trailers.

BigFoot RV - Bigfoor makes both Truck Campers and pull behind trailers. Check out their 2500 Series fiberglass trailers, which include different 17', 21' & 25' models.

Casita - Casita manufacturers 13', 16', & 17' trailers.

Dub-Box Retro Caravan (Added 10/24/12) An unusual trailer made in England. "Dub box is designed to ensure it is not overwhelming or daunting to tow. It is a smooth, lightweight and complementary addition to your journey. Lovingly handcrafted in leafy Herefordshire, every Dub box is created uniquely for its new owner. The glass fibre body shell will be coloured to your choice. Pick from modern or retro paint codes to compliment your internal finish and fabrics. The range of choice in flooring, blinds, upholstery, cupboards and even worktops ensures each Dub box is as individual as their owners."

Eggcamper - Eggcamper manufacturers a 17' Egg & a 14' Teardrop.

Escape Trailer Industries Escape manufacturers 15', 17', 19', and the 5.0 Escape, a 5th wheel, and on special order, a 13'. They will be releasing a 21' trailer in the fall of 2013.

Great West - I'm not at all sure of how this fits into the different Trillium manufacturers, but they list two models of the Sidekick Trillium, a 13' & a 15' in two trip levels as well as the usual options. A PDF showing floor plans, etc is here. They are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Lil Snoozy - Smoakin Concepts Composites builds the 17', 2100lb Lil Snoozy in St. Matthews, SC.

Nest Caravans - "Nest was created to appeal to discriminating enthusiasts of both good design and the great outdoors - delivering style and quality to those that believe aesthetics and excellence are not only a reflection of themselves, but lifestyle essentials. Nest is a compact 17' long and 6'8" wide with over 6.5' of headroom. And weighing about 2000lbs, Nest is easy on gas, easy to maneuver and easy to tow behind any midsize SUV, crossover or light duty truck. Just hook up and go!" Built in Bend, Oregon.

Oliver Travel Trailers - "Oliver Travel Trailers is proud to announce the only double walled fiberglass travel trailer in its class. Oliver Travel Trailers are designed for a lifetime of enjoyment. An OliverTM has the splendor and richness you have been looking for with all the warmth, convenience and amenities of home."

Parkliner - ParkLiner is designed from the inside out by Chandler. Check out the About Us page for more! ParkLiner - proud to be designed and constructed in North Carolina!

Scamp Scamp manufacturers 13', 16' and a 19' 5th wheel

Team Trillium Trailers Manufacturing Ltd - Team Trillium manufactures the Outback in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a 14' trailer in several floorplans.

Trillium - Trillium manufactures the SideKick, which comes in 2 lengths, 13 feet (1300 model) & 15 feet (1500 model), weighing approx. 1,700 lbs & 2,200 lbs. (dry) respectively. They are currently sold by Great West Vans.

Weiscraft Trailers - Weiscraft Trailers manufactures a number of lightweight fiberglass trailers, including one designed for fire fighting support.

Non Fiberglass Egg Small Trailers

Alto - The Safari Condo is an aluminum and plastic lightweight trailer. "Walls and roof are built using a plastic honeycomb sandwich core, laminated with aluminium skin on one side and Alufiber skin on the other for the roof, and with aluminium skin on both sides for the walls. Alufiber combines the light weight properties of aluminium with the resistance of fiberglass. The alto is built excusively from materials that are water resistant such as aluminium, Alufiber, plastic, Formica and glass. Inside, the cabinets are made from aluminium and composite materials. Rigid ultra light sandwich panels are integrated inside the seat cushions, while the structure of the seats and beds is made entirely from aluminium extrusions."

Campfire (Discontinued)

Camplite - "This revolutionary ultra-lightweight all aluminum camper can be towed by a number of full size sedans, nearly every minivan, and even the Jeep Wrangler! Constructed of *ONLY aluminum and composites, the CAMPLITE is 98% RECYCLABLE! While other trailers made of steel and wood are cutting back on their structure in order to save weight - most still tip the scales between 3,500 and 4,500 lbs."

Cricket Trailer - While the website is a bit of a pain, forcing you to register to see the pricing of the trailer, here is their about the trailer: "Cricket is a lightweight pop-up trailer, a covered wagon for the New Frontier. Let Cricket take you on a versatile, stowable, affordable, environmentally-thoughtful, outdoor adventure."

MPG by Heartland

Fiberlite Travel Trailers

Lance 1575 Lance makes a number of lightweight trailers. The 1575 provides a 19 1/2' trailer with a slide with a dry weight of 2480 lbs.

Prolite - "Prolite is an lltra light travel trailer manufacturer located in St-Jerome, Quebec in Canada. All of our models are made with a monocoque fibre glass roof which includes a one-year limited warranty and a two-year limited structural warranty. Each ultra light travel trailer is fabricated with highest quality materials and constructed by craftsmen with years of experience."

R-Pod by Forest River

Serro Scotty Travel Trailers

Home Built Trailers

The Squidget - Plans to build your own small trailer.

Sequoia Compact Travel Trailer - "Our Sequoia "mini" trailer is ideal for small families with compact cars on a budget. There's a surprising number of features in this lightweight, easy-to-tow, easy-to-build unit. For example, there's a fully enclosed toilet room, two full height wardrobes, and a pass-thru kitchen for outside cooking in fair weather, or inside cooking in foul weather. The settee and table also allows dining inside, plus converts to a full size double bed for sleeping. A canvas pipe berth can be made up over the settee for additional sleeping capacity. The Sequoia has space for a large icebox, 2-burner stove, sink, ample water capacity, plus plenty of storage space". Sequoia Plans & Patterns package: $48.00.

Kuffel Creek Press - "Over the past 12 years Kuffel Creek teardrop trailer plans have become the Gold Standard for first-time builders. We've sold thousands of our detailed plans all over the world; and happy teardroppers have responded by spreading the word that our plans are the best place to start when building your own teardrop trailer, and are well worth the price. Our obsessive customer service coupled with our absolute no-risk guarantee means you'll never be disappointed that you choose us."

Bruce Osborn's Tiny Travel Trailer (Added 12/28/10) Bruce describes (with many photos) the process of building from the frame up, a small travel trailer. Be sure to also check his links to Solar, LED Lighting, and a Espar Diesel fired heater.

Parts & Supplies

Love My Casita (Added 5/12/13) Arizona Eileen's website, providing all kinds of support for Casita Fiberglass Trailer owners. Her "CASITA TRAVEL TRAILER A-Z OWNER'S GUIDE" puts the factory manual to shame!

Fiberglass Travel Trailers RV - We have owned many Molded Fiberglass Trailers of all sizes and makes. Currently own a 73 Boler,75 ECO,2001 Bigfoot 21RB, Molded Fiberglass Trailers. Many of our little trailers needed a lot of TLC before they were ready for camping. I found RV Parts stores did not understand what our little trailers were. We wanted a place where the Fiberglass Trailer owner, could find those special parts, and information to repair their trailers. Many of the parts we are selling I have used improve our small trailers. We attend many NOG's in the Pacific Northwest, and carry a small collection of parts with us when traveling. If you do not see what you are looking for, please send us an email at info@Fiberglasstraveltrailersrv.com. We ship to Canada, email for mailing cost quote.

RV Widget Works (Added 10/15/14) "Don't want to make screwholes in your rig? We can fabricate shelves, holders, guards, or whatever by machining or vacuum forming the perfect shape, size, and with the features YOU want! Then mount it with foam tape or Velcro. Easy to drill holes if you prefer screws or are replacing something ugly (like wire racks) mounted with screws. They also work well for boaters who don't like making holes either! Send us a sketch to get started....never a charge for a quote!"

Little House Customs - "Wellcome to Little House Customs. We hope that your visit here will in some way enhance your fiberglass RV experience. We offer parts, accessories, and other items for your Casita in our store. We also offer a wide range of services that can be done at our shop or at a rally. Check out our "Where we'll be" section so you'll know where our paths may cross."

Perfect Casita (Added 12/30/12) "Welcome to The Perfect Casita, an online store catering to recreational vehicle owners, travel trailer owners, and camping enthusiasts. Our love of the small fiberglass travel trailers and camping have inspired us to open a store providing trailer owners and outdoor enthusiasts a mixture of new products including some of our own inventions for Casita (and other) travel trailers and high quality items from trusted manufacturers of RV goods."


Trailer Weights in the Real World (Updated 10/22/13) This link will download an Excel Spreadsheet that can be editied, sorted, etc. With the author's permission, I added & will update when possible, Frederick Simson's trailer weighing project originally in the General Chat section at the Fiberglass Trailer Forum.

Do It Yourself RV (Added 12/4/14) For those interested in building small trailers & truck campers.

The Small Trailer Enthusiast (Added 10/28/12) "The Small Trailer Enthusiast is a home for news on small travel trailers, typically 20' or less. Here you will find info on new models, industry news relating to small trailers, and any other stories I think you might find interesting. Have some small trailer news you'd like to pass along?"

Casita Travel Trailer Adventures (Added 1/3/14) A Facebook page for Casita owners to post photos and travel comments.

BC Glass Eggs (Added 9/29/11) "To start off with, we've never aspired to be a "Club". We are a group of people who enjoy the look and benefits of fiberglass trailers who get together to go camping at least once a year and trade stories and ideas. The atmosphere is relaxed and often you'll find groups of new-found friends roaming around to check out each others modifications. We're a friendly group always open to anyone who would like to hang out with us and add some fresh ideas . . . and possibly some new parts leads! At each meet we try to plan a few activities, from pot-lucks to demonstrations to tours of our local trailer manufactures (such as Escape Trailers in Chilliwack). No two meets are a-like. Each activity is planned by volunteers who have stepped up to the plate with an idea and have run with it. There is no roster of members, no speacial hand shakes and no yearly fees. Just like-minded people getting together for a fun weekend, or two, of camping. Please check out out website and if you like what you see - we hope you'll join us at our next meet.

Molded Fiberglass RV Gatherings (Added 1/3/14) Links to some of the Texas Fiberglass Trailer gatherings, including the Bluebonnet Casita Rally, the Guadalupe River Rat, the Javelina Roundup, Matagorda Madness, and Pineknot.

Egg Camping Club (Added 4/26/12) "We are a camping club based around Casita, Scamp, and similar fiberglass campers. We have scheduled trips in Georgia, Alabama, & Tennessee. We are a family oriented club that takes pride in being able to invite people to a camping atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all. If you are traveling to our area, we welcome you to come camp with us.
Check the Club Forum for scheduled camping trips. If you'd like to host a camping trip in your area, let us know!"

Glass Eggs Nor-West (Added 2/1/11) "Early in the spring of 2002 I was browsing the only fibreglass forum at the time (Bolerama) and noticed that several of the postings seemed to originate from people who lived in the Lower Mainland. At that same time, a group on Vancouver Island was hosting their first Boler Meet and having experienced the extra cost involved to take my Trillium on the ferry, I decided to see if people were interested in a meet on the mainland. As it turned out, there was a fair bit of interest and we decided to meet at the Fort Campground on Brae Island over the Victoria Day long weekend. I made a phone call to the campground and they agreed to put us all in one area. Thus the first Fort Langley Glass Egg Meet was born. This first meet had nine trailers in attendance and we all enjoyed meeting each other. The longest distance traveled was made by Dave and Marleen Korluk who came from Bankier. The rest of us ranged from Chilliwack to Vancouver." More information about them on their "About" page.

Egg History (Added 4/26/12) - A link to a thread at the Fiberglass RV Forum that covers much of the history of fiberglass egg trailers.


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