The Annual Quartzsite Gathering, February 2022
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While I skipped last year because of Covid, this year I spend most of the winter at the Long Term Visitor Area in Quartzsite. On February 4th I moved to Dome Rock a week early for the fiberglass rally. As usual, there were already a bunch of fiberglass trailers already here, with more arriving each day. I wandered around the camping area and took a bunch of photos. I'll add more each day.

Saturday, February 5th:

I made a trip around the area with the camera around noon. Dan was having a good time repairing Paula's furnace - the typical dirty sail switch. I made a Plano image of most of the lower area. The large version is a full sized jpg that is 8.7MB.


The Large Full Sized JPG (8.7MB)

On my second walk around Dome Rock I counted 33 fiberglass trailers. I took a few more photos during an early evening walk:


Sunday, February 6th:

Some noontime photos:



And a late afternoon walk. As of 4:30, there are 47 of us here, 45 of which are fiberglass trailers.



Monday, February 7th:

A 2:00 loop around Dome Rock.

After dinner I made another round of the camping area. I counted 80 trailers, although I could have easily counted one or two twice or missed a couple. We got buzzed by a back pack para sail.


Tuesday, February 8th:

A morning loop around Dome Rock.


Sitting at the hummingbird feeder

And another walk around Dome Rock around 4:00.


Wednesday, February 9th:

Not a lot of new arrivals this morning, but still lots of fiberglass covering Dome Rock. After breakfast I went for a walk & took the first photos of the day.


Another trip around Dome Rock:

Thursday, February 10th:

Frederick Simpson has set up a weighing station & has offered to weigh trailers. Too many have said I don't want to know how much mine weights, but I did get some photos of a weigh in.

Friday, February 11th:

On the first go around of Dome Rock:


I made another loop during the afternoon, and included the hotdog roast & another evening concert. The evening count is at 90 trailers.


Saturday, February 12:

The day started off with the Swap Meet -


And another walk around at 4:00. Looks like special dinners on what is the last night for many, including Pizza from Silly Al's & steak & baked potatoes.


Sunday, February 13th:

Lots of packing & hitching up as the crowd at Dome Rock thins. It isn't empty, but there are lots of open areas that used to be filled with fiberglass. The upper ridge (sometimes known as Snob Hill in good fun) is almost empty. Yesterday it was filled almost trailer to trailer.

Monday, February 14th:

I headed out this morning with at least 25 trailers still left at Dome Rock.

Hope to see everyone on the road & next year at Dome Rock!


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