Algonac Rally, September 8 - 10, 2023

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I attended the Algonac rally in the Algonac State Park in MI again this year. I'll add photos as the rally progresses.

Friday, September 8th:

The New Sign Hanging Out Hanging Out A Tesla pulling a Trillium

More Hanging Out:


The "Round the Campfire" photos were a little before dark - I'm not sure with it cooling off there will be all that many out later. As I was heading in for the night I did get one "dark" campfire photo.

Saturday, September 9th:

Another cool night. The morning started out with a Sell & Trade session at the picnic pavilion. I didn't take any photos, but did break even - bought a $20.00 rocking chair & sold 2 $10.00 items. Also gave away a bunch of puzzles & other stuff at the free table.

The afternoon was trailer tour time. I took a bunch of photos, as well as some of folks sitting around. I also added some photos at the end of the 6:30 get together for thank yous, give aways & planning for next year.


Sunday, September 10th:

Lost of folks left today, although a few (including us) are staying for another day or two. Because they are planning to do major rebuilding on our usual end of the campground (the North end), the plan is to hold next year's rally at the Lakeport State Park. Hope to see you all there!

Packing Up & Heading Out


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