Louisiana, Katrina & the Red Cross
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Wednesday, 21 September, 2005

Well, it looks like I am going to have an unexpected trip to the Gulf. About a year ago I started working with our local Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT) in Oswego, helping people recover from fires, floods & other local disasters. Over that time I have been taking courses to qualify as a Disaster Services Human Resource (DSHR). As a DSHR, you choose a 3 week period you wish to be available, your information is posted to a national network, and if someone needs your skills, you go to their location. I finished my courses, posted my information on Monday, and by Wednesday was assigned to the Louisiana area to help with the recovery from hurricanes Katrina & Rita.

The plan was to fly to Baton Rouge on Sunday, September 25th, however no flights were available so I switched to the 26th. This was described as a "hardship" placement, ie little water or food, no electricity, extreme heat & humidity, housing shortages, difficult working conditions, extreme emotional stress, transportation limitations, etc, so along with clothing & normal gear, we are asked to include 3 days of food & water. Should be an interesting first time out... All that stuff makes for a full duffel bag: