Louisiana, Katrina & the Red Cross, Page 3
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
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I didn't sleep too well last night - It has been a long time since sleeping 30 to a room. I can also confirm that women snore just as much & as loud as men! Caught an early ride to the Staging Center & spent the morning either sitting & waiting for an assignment or stuffing gift cards in envelopes. Some of us agreed to do some driving to deliver vans, but that fell through. Just after lunch a bunch of us were added to a group going to Alexandria. A total of 47 were assigned to do client casework for the Central Louisiana Chapter. Had to do a rush trip back to the Broadmoor Baptist shelter to pick up my bags. Sitting at the head of my bunk where a pillow would be was a mint. Someone has a sense of humor! Some of us were transported in vans, the rest in a tour bus that escaped the New Orleans flooding. The bus driver was great - we learned all about the area we drove through as well as general information about Louisiana & its people. We arrived at the Chapter offices at England Air Force Base later that afternoon.

Back Seats Full of Luggage
A Full Bus
England Air Force Base

After another orientation we climbed back in the vans & bus for a trip to our home for the next couple of weeks - Tall Timbers Resort & Conference Center. As you enter Tall Timbers there is a hotel like building to the left & a set of barracks to the right. Unfortunately, we were in the barracks. Not to complain since many red cross workers are in shelters sleeping on the floor, but the hotel rooms next door looked awfully good! Just in case you feel staying in a conference center sounds a bit "cushy" I included a photo of one of the 2 johns available to the 40 men in a wing. There were also 2 sinks and 2 showers per wing. Since there was a mix of duties that had individuals getting up between 4:00AM - 7:00AM in each wing, the wait in the morning was usually short. I was lucky - there was one bottom bunk left when I moved in. Unluckily, I later learned that the guy in the bunk above me liked to run in his sleep every hour or so all night long.

Home for 2 weeks
We are to the Right
The Lodge
Snack Room & Barracks
Our Aisle
One of Two

So far, meals have been either junk food snacks, military MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) or Red Cross heater meals. They do have a 10 cup coffee pot that never has a chance to fill. As soon as a cup drains into the pot, someone grabs it. Very strong coffee at the start, and very weak if you are the last.