Louisiana, Katrina & the Red Cross, Page 13
Friday, October 7, 2005
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Our numbers are dwindling. We started out with 47 of us and as individuals leave after finishing their 2 or 3 week commitment, are now down to somewhere in the high 20's. Today 4 of us are going to Vidalia, LA in Concordia Parish. On the way we stopped to check out a cotton field. Vidalia is on the Mississippi River. In fact, I missed a turn so we had to drive across the bridge so everyone in the car can say they have also been to Mississippi. We worked out of a seized restaurant built on the levy. Must have been a nice place - the dining room has full height windows looking out over the river. Very few clients showed up for cards or new intake - it may be because before we got there the local city staff said they turned away 1000 people because they couldn't handle the crowd. We did out best to reach everyone, but only did 3 cards & about 40 intakes.

A Cotton Field
Picking Cotton
Vidalia Landing
The Restaurant
Tug Pushing a Barge up the Mississippi River
A Riverboat on the Mississippi Side of the River

After returning to Tall Timbers I confirmed my flight out of Baton Rouge on Monday. Although the Travel Agency said the flight was confirmed, I asked why it was arriving in Newark at Terminal A since on the way it left from C. She checked & found that my flight didn't exist! Wonder how it got confirmed? Anyhow, she contacted Continental & they did say the flight existed, however they had no idea where it was landing. I hope she meant the gate, not the airport!