Louisiana, Katrina & the Red Cross, Page 15
Sunday, October 9, 2005
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There are about 10 of us leaving this morning, including our supervisor. The rest of our crew, along with a number of new people will continue to do intake forms for Katrina & Rita. Not a bad drive to Baton Rouge - We made one stop about half way there. No luck getting a hotel room for the night - I was hoping to spend one night in a normal room, but everything within 200 miles of Baton Rouge is booked. Oh well, it's off the a shelter! This time it is the Broadmoor Methodist Shelter. This is a huge church that includes a full size gym. The gym is divided in half with curtains - men on one side, women on the other. The bathrooms have showers & the church members come in each night to feed everyone. Tonight was catfish, rice & beans, and corn on the cob. Excellent! They even provide towels & bedding and do people's laundry.

Relaxing at the Baton Rouge Staging Area
The Broadmoor Methodist Staff Shelter

Tomorrow I will need to catch a couple of shuttles to get to the airport in time for my 11:50AM flight. In many ways it will feel good to get home - in others, I feel bad leaving before everything is finished. It looks like the Red Cross will be busy in the area for months, so I can't stay until it's over, but somehow is seems like I should...