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Sunday, October 2, 2005
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Last night at about 11:30 an ( well we'll call him "Bubba" because this is a no names journal) individual went through the men's barracks complaining that we were making too much noise getting up at 4:00AM & he couldn't sleep till his normal wake up time at 6:00. "NO TALKING - SHAKE EACH OTHER BY THE TOE!" It's kind of hard to sympathize with him, particularly since he woke most of us up with his complaints. I just wish I knew which bed was his so I could "accidentally" bang into it in the morning.

Otherwise, today was much like yesterday. Opened the windows at headquarters for card distribution at 7:00AM. Not as busy as Saturday, but a steady stream of clients all day.

Since some of the group will be rotating out soon, we did decide this was a good time to get a group photo. If you have a high speed connection, click on the "Full Size 300DPI 4"x6" link to get a high resolution copy of the group (It is an 852KB file). I couldn't use the photo I was in - the guy taking the pictures must have been tired by the time he got to my camera (Don't know why, he only had about 40 cameras to snap). The photo he took with my camera was too blurry to use.

Full Size 300DPI 4"x6"
Card Distribution at Headquarters
Card Distribution at Headquarters
All of Us (but me)!

The boxes are getting pretty beat up. The file hangers have metal hooks that dig into the cardboard edges of the file boxes. If we ever have to do this again, I hope the chapter will buy plastic boxes. I'm sure they will hold up a bit better. We closed up around 6:30, re alphabetized the boxes & headed back to Tall Timbers. Tomorrow will be our first day going out to the Parishes (counties in other states).