Louisiana, Katrina & the Red Cross, Page 6
Friday, September 30, 2005
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Today was a late start - 10:30AM, however those of us who went to the United Pentecostal Campground yesterday evening didn't get the word so it was breakfast at 5:00AM as usual.

The supplies available for breakfast are an interesting mix. As long as we hijack a can or two of coffee from headquarters, we get our morning caffeine, but if there isn't any milk I have discovered that sprinkling coffee creamer over your Cheerios & pouring on a bit of bottled water works. Different, but... I also met a food worker who decided to save a bit of time by adding coffee to oatmeal. He figures that it all goes to the same place, he likes both, so when you don't have hot water you do what you have to do. I tried it - once!

When I talked with Carol (my wife) she informed me that a 71mph wind went through Oswego, blowing down a couple of trees in the front yard. Luckily, none hit the house, but I now have a project when I get home.

Drove into the chapter office to look up a new list of names of individuals at the United Pentecostal Campground that still didn't get cards. This time we looked through all the files for those that filled out intake forms at the campground. Found another 10 & got them out to the campground staff for distribution.

Our group decided to help a victim of the hurricane that is living in the lodge next door. She was badly burned, enough that they can't let her in a shelter, but recovered enough that she doesn't need a hospital. Our supervisor did a collection among the group that provided enough to pay for her stay for a couple of weeks. We will try to find a way to get her to relatives in Lake Charles.

Tried a MRE (military Meal Ready to Eat) for dinner. Much improved over the "C" rations or LRUP meals we had in Vietnam. Mine was Steak & Mushrooms. It heats itself & although a long way from real steak, not too bad, although they can keep the vanilla milkshake.

Another early day tomorrow. We need to be at headquarters for a 6:00AM briefing to start handing out gift cards at the chapter office at 7:00AM.