Louisiana, Katrina & the Red Cross, Page 11
Wednesday, October 5, 2005
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Today we went back to Marksville to do intake only. The cards went with another group to Oakdake in Allen Parish. Our group is getting smaller. Six of us, with me as the token male. Again, there was a long line at the start - not quite as bad as yesterday, but since there are fewer of us, just as long a backlog. We all worked all day with almost no breaks. I was a little annoyed at one of the individuals sent out with the cards - we asked if she could help do intake but insisted that it was not her job...

We did around 400 intake forms by the end of the day. One of the clients I did intake for was an 75 year old heavy equipment driver from Slidell, LA. Although he had no house and was living in a shelter, he had no problem finding work. I said I thought the idea of him out in the blazing sun driving a bulldozer sounded like hot, dirty work - he laughed and said the cab was air conditioned & had a CD player - it was better than the shelter! After that it was back to Alexandria & a real dinner. The group decided to stop at Chilli's for dinner & a couple of beers. I was the designated driver for the trip back to the campground. On the was back we had to do a roadside stop for those that couldn't hold their beer. Photo below:


Roadside Stop

Of course, it was dark, no flash, etc, but you know who you are!