Our 2000 Trip to Montana For Karin's Wedding
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Well, here I am again attempting to put together a journal of a trip years later. Although I did post a page of photographs from Karin's Wedding, I didn't include any photographs from the rest of the trip. So, I guess 11 years later it is about time!

And, like the last time I tried this (a 1996 trip), let me suggest that if you are going to do a journal, do it as close to real time as possible. All I have to go by for where we were & what we did is faulty memory & a calendar with a few notes.

Some of the images are from one of my early digital cameras, a Nikon Coolpix 990, while the rest are either scanned or provided by the friends that went with us.

If you find mistakes, please let me know... So here is the story! Also, any comments I make as I write this epic at this time in 2011 will be in red.

July 25, 2000 (267 miles)

Although Karin & Brian have been together for awhile even before attending the International Conservation graduate program at the University of Montana at Missoula, one of the requirements of their degrees is to spend a 2 year stint with the Peace Corps. Since the only way the Peace Corps would send them both to the same location is if they are a married couple, it's time for a wedding!

Since both Carol & I love Montana and traveling, rather than flying to Montana we decided to turn it into another cross country drive. So, after packing up the 1996 Plymouth Grand Caravan with our camping gear, etc at 8:00AM we are off!

2000 Trip to Montana

No one would ever suggest we pack light - You can't see it in this photograph, but in addition to the stuff in the back of the van there is a carrier on top. Our first stop was in North Tonawanda, NY at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum. (Be warned - Carrousel music comes with the link!) Although the museum was OK, it was quiet - no carvers, rides, or music.

Since our plan is to make this a northern route, we continued across the border at Niagara Falls, made a quick stop at the falls, and continued in Canada, stopping for the night at a Travelodge in Simcoe, Ontario. Although we could have camped, Carol was tired & we decided a motel make lots of sense. By the way, I'll try to add a Google Map link for each of our stops.

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