Our 1996 Trip Across the USA
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I'm cheating a bit on this journal - although we have some very limited written information about our stops at the time the trip was made, it never made it to a web page. I keep putting it off until now (Spring, 2006). So, I'll do my best to be accurate, however it has been 10 years.

And, by the way, after a month of trying to do this, let me suggest that if you are going to do a journal, do it as close to real time as possible. This is near impossible!

If you find mistakes, please let me know... So here is the story!

June 1, 1996 - Introduction

It has been a few years since we made a long trip, and after discussing the idea with some friends from Binghamton, NY we decided this would be a great time to take one. Although our Theatre Department currently has a summer program for which I would normally design & install the sound system & electrics for the "Lakeside Dinner Theatre", they should be able to get along without me. I have already stashed away the maximum number (40 days) of vacation time permitted by the state, and in addition, have a bunch of "Holidays Worked" credits. If you don't use them, you lose them, and since I haven't taken a real vacation in years, it is time to go. Don, the Technical Director at Binghamton, a former student & great friend does not have a summer program this year, and his wife isn't working, so they are free as well.

The basic idea is to drive down the East coast, crossing the South, visit the National Parks of the South West, heading up to Colorado, hit Estes Park to see our daughter and then back across the North. Of course, we will be stopping along the way to visit friends & relatives. Although we like to pretend that we are organized & have the trip planned to a "T," we are only guessing that it will be about 10,000 miles & 50 days.

The AAA office was not glad to see me coming - picked up a US map as well as maps, camping & tour books for almost every state in the union.

We will be driving our trusty 1990 Dodge Caravan (starting out with 95,410 miles on the clock.) We thought about a new car before we left, but since we usually buy slightly used cars, we figured to go with something we know rather than start out with the unknown. Besides, Don & Anne will be riding in "Yoda", their Gladiator customized 1984 Toyota Minivan with well over 100,000 starting miles, so we have the advantage!

June 3, 1996 - We're Off! (130.5mi)

Well, our start isn't all that much of a trip - Oswego to Binghamton to hang out with Don & Anne while they finish packing.

June 4, 1996 - Maryland (282mi)

Off at the crack of 1:00pm. We are heading to Maryland to stop at Ann's cousins Bill & Deidreís for the night.


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