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Well, here I am again attempting to put together a journal of a trip years later - This time 13 years. This is a trip Carol & I took to see our daughter Karin & her boyfriend Brian. They had started a master's degree program in International Conservation at the University of Montana at Missoula, and we needed a good excuse to make another trip across the country.

I have scanned prints taken by my wife Carol (they have the dates on them), slides she took with an Olympus Pen 1/2 frame camera, an slides I took with a Nikon F3HP. Again, like all my attempts to put together a series of web pages that document an entire trip many years after I made it, I have found it very difficult to identify all the photographs. At least Carol's prints have a date on them! I've made a number of guesses using her dates, the limited amount of information I have in my calendar of the trip, and a few notes on the edges of slides.

If you find mistakes, please let me know... So here is the story! Also, any comments I make as I write this epic at this time in 2011 will be in red. If I can figure out where I am on a page I'll add a Google Map showing the location.

Wednesday, July 8, 1998 (374 miles)

Well, it is time for another trip. This one should be interesting. We are still driving our 1990 Plymouth Voyager. At the start of the trip it has 131293 miles on it, but it has been well taken care of, and seems to be in good condition. And, since it managed to make a 12,000 mile trip 2 years ago starting with 95,410 miles on the clock, ( 1996 Trip Across the USA) the old van loves to travel as much as we do!

Our plan for the trip is to cross into Canada at Niagara Falls, back to the US at Grand Portage, MN, then follow US 2 to Missoula. After visiting with Karin & Brian, we will continue on to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and what ever else we decide to see.

Most of today was spent driving across NY Rt 104 to Niagara Falls, then crossing into Canada where we picked up the 407 (The Queen Elizabeth Way) to Ontario Rt 6 (The King's Highway) heading for Tobermory, Ontario. We camped for the night at the Land's End Campground, Site 67 in Tobermory.

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