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Friday, April 28, 2017, Greenbelt National Park, MD, Day 2, 0 miles, 8,133 Miles For the Trip

A very light rain for a couple of minutes last night, and it never cooled off below 65°F. My refrigerator is barely coping with the warm nights - it was at 37°F this morning, and 40°F now at 8:00PM. It did hit 90°F today.

I only used 8 amp hours last night, but with making a pot of coffee & reading some blogs & forums this morning on the computer, I was down about 18 amp hours by the time I finished my coffee. Since the rear half of the trailer is in shade, and the front panel is partially shaded, I decided to dig out the portable panel & set it in the sun. 1 1/2 amps charging current before, 12 amps after plugging in the portable.

Karin called around 12;00, and drove over to the campground. She parked in one of the empty, but reserved sites next to my trailer, and, of course, the people reserving it showed up (no one showed up for any of the other empty sites). It would be nice if there was some parking available, but since the sites are so small, fitting another vehicle doesn't work. We cheated a little by her parking at my site a little off the pavement - a no no...

After talking for awhile, she headed back home to meet the girls at the school bus, and I put away the awning & solar panel & headed out to meet her. On the way I made a loop of the campsites & made a list of the ones that better fit the trailer & had a bit more sunlight. There are only a couple in the park that are out in the open.

We met the girls at the bus stop, I picked up another book (and dropped off 3) at the Free Library Box on the street near the bus stop. A nice neighborhood where everyone seems to know each other.

Back at the house we sat around, ate dinner, then played with the electric truck I gave Zoe for her birthday. Lot of fun driving it into things!

Now I'm back at the trailer. I had a shower - I'd have to rate it as one of the poorer ones of the trip. Not real clean, and while it did have a bench & hooks, and was large, the drying area was also the shower.

Dinner was at Karin's - fish, rice & broccoli.

Until tomorrow -


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