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Day 181

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Saturday, April 29, 2017, Greenbelt National Park, MD, Day 3, 0 miles, 8,133 Miles For the Trip

Another very warm night (in the 70's), and even hotter day. The thermometer under the propane tank cover hit 95°F and the fridge is up to 44°F.

Karin, Brian & the grandkids stopped over to sit around for part of the day. Brian tried out the Zero Gravity chair to relax, but since both kids wanted to "Share", he didn't get much relaxing! After a bit we headed back to their house to fill the new swimming pool. While the girls didn't spend too much time in it since the fresh water was pretty cold, they did enjoy it.

Sitting at the Trailer Sitting at the Trailer Using the Zero Gravity Chair Using the Zero Gravity Chair
Sticking One's Nose in the Lens Sitting at the Trailer Filling the Pool Trying it Out
Cold, but Fun I Caught a Fish!    

After that we went to Franklins, a combined restaurant/brewery/country store for dinner. I had fairly good fish & chips.

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