Nantucket - August 22, 2007
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Down to 58 degrees this morning. Sure doesn't seem like August! Anyhow, we did some food shopping & his a couple of "T" shirt stores for shirts for my son Kyle. I also took a walk on the town dock - the first couple of photos are the boats that do charter fishing. A good way to get a chance for some Bluefish, or if the time is right (not Late August) Stripers, one of the best tasting fish around.

Charter Docks
Charter boat
The Charter Docks
A Charter on the Way Out

Walking a bit further out on the docks takes you to the slips used by boats visiting the Island. Some of these are pretty impressive! Although I haven't seen one this year, in the past there have been boats in the harbor that have helicopters on them. Did see one with a car on board!

Big Boat
More Boats
More Boats
A Big Boat
A Great Looking Wooden Sailboat
The Center Boat is Called "Bad Girl"
And More Big Boats

After shopping and wandering the docks it was time to head home to grill up some ribs for dinner. It must be the ribs my brother David buys - I cooked them the same way I do at home; mine come out like rocks, his were delicious. Same cooking time, same grill, sauce, etc. I just don't understand - maybe the salt air? We also had Clams Casino. Sorry, no pictures.

Till later!