Nantucket - August 21, 2007
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These daily updates are going to get boring (if they aren't already) if it doesn't warm up. No trips to the beach again today - it is in the low 60's even at 3:00. We did get to a museum that I hadn't been to before - the Maria Mitchell Birthplace House & the associated Hinchman House natural Science museum. Although it is not going to compete with any of the big city natural science museums, the Hinchman House does have lots of information & exhibits specific to Nantucket.

Maria Mitchell was a liberated woman - Born in 1818 & raised on nantucket, she became the first woman astronomer. In 1847 she became the first woman to discover a comet. Among other accomplishments, she served as a professor of astronomy at Vassar from 1865 to 1888 and was elected president of the American Association for the Advancement of Women in 1875. The Maria Mitchell Birthplace House became an historic house museum in 1902, when Maria Mitchell's family, former pupils, and supporters founded the Maria Mitchell Association.

Although we have not visited them yet, the admission to the Museum & House also entitles you to visit the Maria Mitchell Observatory & the Aquarium.

No photographs; not allowed at either place, but both locations are a good way to spend time on a cool, non beach day on Nantucket.

Looks like dinner tonight will be Tacos!

Till later!