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Friday, July 13, Bullards Beach State Park, Bandon, OR, Day 5 - 0 Miles Today, 9,594.5 For the Trip

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I made pancakes for breakfast - the first time I've actually made them in a pan rather than on a griddle. They were edible, but I prefer a griddle. The Coleman stove burns too hot to cook them right, but, still edible! After breakfast I spent a little time setting up a Powerpoint to display the images I planned to use for the ;long exposure workshop. I took a break at 10:00 to go to a solar workshop that covered some interesting information. Then back to put the final touches on the Powerpoint presentation, get out the equipment and do the workshop. feel it went well - the only problem was the bright sunlight washed out most of what I wanted to show in the sample images. I'll set it back up tonight after dark for those interested in coming back.

After that it was another round of photographing trailers. Dinner tonight consisted of snacks. Everyone brought a batch of finger food & all dug in. After that an welcome to the event, a chance for everyone to introduce themselves and to finish off the evening, a campfire & S'Mores.

Actually, it didn't quite finish off the evening - there was a trailer lighting contest at 10:00PM (you do have to wait until dark). I got a bunch of photos and added them to the 2nd day page of the gathering.

Digging In
Trailer Lights
Trailer Lights
Digging Into the Finger Foods
Making S'Mores
Trailer Lights
Trailer Lights


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