2011 Trip - Day 89
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Friday, July 15 - Miles City KOA, MT - 322.1 miles, 14,821.4 for the trip

Another day with a pretty boring report. I did more driving than I have in awhile, but the campgrounds in this area are few & far between. Not as flat as yesterday; I spent the drive on US 87 & US 12 passing through farms & ranches on rolling hills. Again, the only photo I have is one of the campsite. There was one nice image of an old barn against a hillside & neat tree along US 87, but with the speed limit 70mph & no turn offs, I didn't stop. Although I generally drive 57mph (the best combination of "getting there" & fuel economy) the people behind me don't! US 12 is a very empty road. I saw another vehicle about every 20 miles or so.

I'm in site 3 at the Miles City KOA. I generally don't do KOAs because they tend to be more expensive, and I don't use most of the extras they provide, but on this trip it probably would have paid to get one of their 10% discount cards. I've ended up in 4 of them so far, and will probably be in another at Devil's Tower. Oh well, too late now! The site is OK, but the cottonwoods are dropping seeds all over the place. For those that have not dealt with cottonwood trees, they are supercharged dandelions - fluff all over everything. OK until you find your car filled with them or swallow one!

By the way, I did manage to make a Skype connection with Karin in Botswana yesterday. It was a very slow connection, but the interesting thing about it is the slowness was on my end, not theirs. Her husband Brian was connected on his laptop to his parents in Long Island & they had no problem.

Site 3, Miles City KOA

Until tomorrow!


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