2011 Trip - Day 2
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Tuesday, April 19 - Mendota, IL - 502.8 Miles, 913.5 for the trip

I got an early start this morning, thanks to a lousy night's sleep. It wasn't the fault of the Super 8, although they don't provide the most comfortable beds in the world, it was just the change in routine. I always have a bit of a problem sleeping at the start of a trip.

I'm driving more miles than I expected - still basing my thinking on east coast roads. There were sections of the roads across Indiana the I could have tied down the steering wheel & taken a nap! Seriously, there were times I drove 10, 15 or 20 miles without doing anything but minor corrections. The traffic, for the most part, was fine. Only a couple of sections where I got stuck behind a slow moving truck or RV. I guess I'll have to forgive them since I will soon be one of them.

I did my usual going around Chicago; got lost. Actually, lost isn't quite the right word. I thought I knew where I was going, but Matilda, the GPS lost track of US 30 & didn't want me to go any further west. I should have gone with my instincts & kept going, but I was much further west than I thought I was, and when I gave up on the planned route & put in a new one, it took me east. I finally reverted to paper maps. A GPS is a good thing overall, but unless you accept the fact that it is going to sometimes go bonkers, you're going to get in trouble!

By the way, it rained all day, and towards the end it turned to thunderstorms so strong that we all were driving at 40mph on the interstate. I gave up & asked Matilda for the nearest motel. Ended up at the Comfort Inn at Mendota, IL. I'll get back on route in the morning - I need to make up a couple of days since talking with Tammy at Escape Trailer Industries. She asked that I not show up on the 29th since they are delivering 3 trailers that day. Since it is a Friday & I want to be in Seattle by the 1st or 2nd, I will probably want to hit Chilliwack by the 27 or 28th. I think I'm far enough ahead of schedule for that to happen, but who knows what the weather will be crossing the divide.

No pictures today - The only thing I saw that I'd like to have photographed was a huge carving of an Indian that was in a park along a very busy street, and a number of Amish buggies in Indiana. Since the Amish don't enjoy having their photos taken, I passed that up.


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