Trip to New Hampshire & The 3rd Annual Spring Fling

Monday, May 20, 2019

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Day 7, Lincoln Pond DEC Campground, Adirondacks State Park, NY, Day 2 - 0 miles, 599.5 for the trip.


As previously mentioned, Lincoln pond is a "rustic" campground, with most of the sites un level & "interesting" to back into. The sites along the pond are the nicest, but even some of them have difficult entries for a 21' trailer. I took a few photos of the pond in between thunderstorms yesterday:

The Pond A Trillium From Quebec The Pond Free Firewood

I was down 24 amp hours by noon, so as an experiment, I dug out my 900/700 watt propane generator, hooked it up to my 1 gallon propane tank & fired it up. I had to shut off the 120V side of the water heater, and put the refrigerator on propane rather than automatic, but the little generator brought the batteries back up at around 6 amps using the WFCO converter.

I built a fire during the afternoon to use some of the free firewood, but it was only fair - everything is wet. That was about it for the day. Heavy clouds, but no rain with temperatures in the low 70's during the afternoon.

Dinner was just a sandwich.

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