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Well, I'm adjusting to being back in a 1200 sq ft house rather than a 140 sq ft box. I did wake up at 4:00AM wondering why a night light was glowing at the foot of the bed since I didn't plug the trailer in. Then I realized I was in the house, not the trailer!

Some statistics from the trip:

Total mileage - 15,393.7, 11,761.5 towing. Total gallons of fuel (I may have missed one or two fill ups) 1211.4 Gallons @ an average of $2.71 per gallon. Most Expensive gas - $3.35 at Marathon, TX, least expensive - $2.04 at Tucson, AZ. Average mpg for the entire trip - 12.71MPG. Again, I sure hope I missed a couple of fill ups since I thought the truck was doing better than that, at least by the built in MPG indicator. Still better than the Tacoma.

265 nights - Campground costs - Average $21.19, higher than most of my most recent trips. Less time at Quartzsite, more at commercial campgrounds. Propane - 51.86 gallons for a total of $147.52 (average $2.84 per gallon).

Some photos during the trip:

A Custom Boler & Tow Vehicle, Winnipeg, CA. Dignity Statue, Chamberlain, SD. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO. Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO.
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, CO. Shiprock, NM. House on Fire Ruin, Mule Valley, UT. Goblin Valley State Park, UT.
Dead Horse Point State Park, UT. John Ford Point, Monument Valley, AZ. Wukoki Pueblo, Sunset Crater National Monument, AZ. Goldfield Ghost Town, Apache Junction, AZ.
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta From the Air City of Rocks State Park, NM. Gilbert Ray Campground, Tucson, AZ. Hummingbird at Dome Rock BLM Campground, AZ.
Daylight Fireworks, Sara Rodeo Grounds, Lake Havasu, AZ. Fireworks, Sara Rodeo Grounds, Lake Havasu, AZ. Roadrunner, The Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ. Middle Falls, Burgess State Park, TN.
S'Mores With the Karin & the Grand Daughters Cascades, Ricketts Glen State Park, PA. Wyandot Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park, PA.  

The next trip will be in a couple of weeks, heading to New Hampshire for the Spring Fling fiberglass rally at the Chocorua KOA.


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