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Thursday, April 25, 2019 - Ricketts Glen State Park, PA, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 11,564.8 Miles for the Trip

It was a cool night, with lots of furnace time. The outside temperature at 6:00AM was 37°F. By the time I ate breakfast and puttered around getting ready to do some waterfall photos, it was 10:30, and only up to 50°F. I decided to change into my flannel lined pants for the hike.

I decided to do the lower section of the falls run, starting at the PA 118 parking lot. The nice part about doing this section is it is from the bottom, so when you are tired of climbing the 1000's of feet, going back to the truck is downhill. I don't know if it was warmer at the bottom, or because of the hiking, but I discovered that I really didn't need the flannel lined pants - lots of sweating! I took lots of photos on the way up to "Where the Waters Meet", including a few waterfalls beyond. About 2 miles each way that is listed as a moderate hike. I found I can still do it at 74...

A warning - if you don't like long exposure, dreamy water photos, it is time to move to a short shutter speed site.

Park Information The Trails The Trails For Short Shutter Fans
Cascades Cascades Cascades Cascades
Cascades Murray Reynolds Falls Cascades Cascades
Sheldon Reynolds Falls Harrison Wright Falls Cascades Cascades
Cascades Where Waters Meet View From Where Waters Meet Wyandot Falls
B. Reynolds Falls R. B. Ricketts Falls Cascades Trillium
Spring Cleaning      

While it wasn't the ideal time of year (my favorite is the fall) the absence of direct sunlight made for excellent moving water photos.

Back at the trailer I did my afternoon eye drops, then headed for the showers. I can't give them more than a C+. The shower sprays on both the shower curtain, and under it onto the dressing area floor. After a few minutes, water is running under the dressing area floor into the hallway. The water is hot enough, although very high pressure spray. Nothing to hold your stuff in the shower, and a bench in the drying room that gets soaked. Dry deck on the shower floor. One of the showers was not working, so I moved the dry deck from it to the drying area of my shower. I suspect that it is far more useful in the drying area than the shower anyway - your feet are going to get wet in the shower!

I discovered that there is at least an 3 bar AT&T LTE signal at the bottom of the hill, so I'm, going to grab my Mobley (and the Jetpack if there is a Verizon signal) and head down to try to post yesterday & today's pages.

I had an early dinner (Do I call it a Dunch or a Linner?) of a turkey sandwich & salad.

Until Tomorrow -


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