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I am a sucker for waterfalls. I love to photograph them (I have a page of images I have made over the years,) to sit next to them & listen, or watch the infinite variety produced by the water flowing over them. This is a collection of links to waterfall locations, mostly in the US. I'll keep adding to them as I find more.

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Jon's Waterfalls of the Eastern US Although Jon Binder has not updated his site since September, 2002, it still provides a great source for waterfall descriptions, photos, & locations, particularly for New York state. The site is slow, but worth the wait.

Ruth's Waterfalls Ruth lists a number of waterfalls in the Finger Lakes region of NY. Check the "Waterfall" link for descriptions, photos & directions. Also included are some other waterfall related links.

World of Waterfalls (Added 11/2/11) "My wife and I love chasing waterfalls! We have traveled the world, gone on and off the beaten path, and ventured to places where we knew little or nothing about in search of them. We've hiked the trails, taken the photos, figured out ways to tailor our schedules, and honed our skills at finding them."

World Waterfalls Database (Added 10/1/08) As its name implies, a database of imformation about waterfalls around the world. Includes Long/lat coordinates, photographs & links to more information for some waterfalls, general locations & descriptions of all.

Waterfalls of the Western USA & Canada (Added 11/7/07) "These pages describe all the waterfalls I have seen in the western U.S. and Canada. In the USA, I have waterfall photographs from California, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Montana, Idaho, New York, Wyoming, Nevada and Hawaii. From Canada, I have pics from British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. I currently have pictures of over 400 waterfalls on these pages." Includes GPS coordinates for most falls.

Can Stock Photo (Added 7/11/09) "Can Stock Photo's databse includes more than 4,000 waterfall images! The site offers professional royalty free stock photography at affordable prices. The site's high-quality images start at $1, and a generous license agreement gives users the flexibility they need. Whether you need an image for advertising, presentations, brochures or just decoration, Can Stock Photo has you covered with its database of more than 1 million images! The site offers free weekly downloads with thousands of new images added every week."

Foto Search Stock Photos (Added 8/16/07) "Foto Search Stock Photos is the #1 ranked stock photography portal as measured by Alexa.com with over two million images from 140 great stock photography vendors, including over 6,500 high quality waterfall images!" Use the search box on the upper right to find waterfall images.

Ron Bigelow's Waterfall Pages (Added 12/2/06) Along with some great photographs of waterfalls, Ron provides 4 pages of "How To" for waterfall photos. He also has many other articles on using digital techniques.

Fotosearch - Waterfalls (Added 4/13/06) This isn't really a waterfall page - it is a Photo Stock link sorted for waterfalls. If you want to buy a photo of waterfalls from around the world, this may be a place to look.

Geology.com - Waterfalls (Added 3/24/06) This site has just about anything you might want to know about US Geology. This link is to a map of the US that lets you choose a state, then look at a map of waterfall locations. Click on the Geology.com link to see what else they offer. Scroll down to the list of states, and pick one to find GPS coordinates for most falls.

Great Lakes Waterfalls & Beyond (Added 5/31/07) "This site describes some of the many waterfalls I have visited, most of which are located in the Great Lakes region." Many waterfalls listed with photos, locations & near by waterfalls.

Waterfall Photos Unlimited (Added 3/17/06) Willian Stowell's photographs of waterfalls - most in the southeast US.

Steve's Waterfall Page (added 12/8/05) Steve's collection of waterfall photographs.

Connecticut Waterfalls (Added 12/8/05) Indexed by county, name, height and even volume!

Indiana Waterfalls (Added 12/8/05) Links to photographs & locations of some of Indiana's waterfalls.

Waterfalls of Western New York State (Added 12/8/05) Scott A. Ensminger's collection of waterfall information & photographs.

Upstate New York Waterfalls (Added 9/23/06) Links to Google maps with the locations of many upstate NY waterfalls. Some pictures as well. The Google Map link provides GPS coordinates for most falls.

Tennessee Landforms (Added 12/8/05) Locations (including GPS coordinates of waterfalls) of many landforms in Tennessee.

North Carolina Waterfalls (Added 12/8/05) Photographs, and general locations of NC Waterfalls.

South Carolina Waterfalls (Added 12/8/05) Locations, directions & photographs of SC waterfalls.

The Waterfalls of North Georgia (Aded 12/8/05) Directions to many of Georgia's waterfalls.

Michele's Waterfall Page (Added 12/8/05) A quote from his webpage "I have enjoyed waterfalls for many years, and like to find them and take pictures of them. I now have a goal to find and photograph waterfalls from each state that has any waterfalls."

Waterfalls Waterfalls (Added 12/8/05) Leon Turnbull's collection of waterfall images, locations & directions. Mostly Western US & Canada with a few in the East. Includes GPS coordinates for most falls.

The World Wide Waterfalls Web (Added 12/8/05) Links to waterfall pages both in the US and around the world.

Waterfalls of the Northeastern United States (Added 12/8/05) Pretty much what the name implies. Includes GPS coordinates for most falls.

Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest (Added 12/8/05) Descriptions, locations, directions and photographs of many NW US waterfalls. Includes GPS coordinates for most falls.

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