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These sites have technical information that may be useful to those owning or considering owning an RV. Please remember that you are responsible for verifying the validity of the information these links provide.

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Electrical Information:

Index of RV Technical Files - Steve Das provides "How To" information on additions and modifications for RVers, including an extensive section on 12v & 120v RV wiring, links to technical information, an entire page dealing with his modifications & additions to "Princess", his 1998 Ultrasport 3590 Class A RV.

Trailer Wiring Diagrams (Added 9/26/10) A link to etrailer.com's page containing diagrams of the different trailer connectors & the normal wiring for each.

Articles on Electricity (Added 5/10/09) A collection of articles explaining electrical terms & usage. A good section explaining the eveloution of the 3 pronged AC electrical outlet.

FF1063's DC Current Post (Added 3/18/08) This is a thread at RV.net that lists the current draw of many 12 volt RV appliances.

Electrical Service (Added 4/19/06) A useful link to information about the different types of RV electrical supplies including descriptions of adding a 30 or 50 amp connection to your home service. Les also has an excellent section describing how to test shorepower connectors to insure correct wiring. Click on "Outlet Testing" in the menu at the upper left of the page.

30 to 50 Amp Service (Added 4/12/07) Bob Hatch's description & photographs of a conversion from 30 amp to 50 amp RV shorepower connection. Check out their entire website at Bob & Mary Hatch.

No Shock Zone (Added 2/27/13) "The No~Shock~Zone is a subsidary of the How-To Sound Workshops. All content is copyrighted by the author(s) and may not be reproduced without written permission." The site contains information about RV Electrical Safety.

All About Circuits (Added 1/23/06) Wondering about the differences between 120v & 240v AC power sources? This site can help.

Metrotrekkers (Added 1/2/11) Although not linked from their home page, this site has a useful interactive diagram of the electrical system of many models of the Roadtrek. You don't need to own a roadtrek to find this useful. They suggest reading their Notes on the Simulator before using.

Electrical Projects (Added 8/4/09) Although designed for the home owner, this HammerZone site has useful information about electrical wiring.

Car & Deep Cycle Battery FAQ 2010 (Added 6/14/10) "Car and deep cycle battery answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), tips, manufacturer's information, references and hyperlinks are contained on this consumer oriented Web site about car, power sports (including motorcycle), truck, boat, marine, recreational vehicle, solar, and other starting and deep cycle applications."

Quality of power produced by various backup devices (Added 5/31/07) If you want to see the waveforms of some of the different devices available to supply power this site shows a few. Although designed for back up power supplies, they include a couple of generators.

Yamaha EF2400iS Generator (Added 8/4/09) Although I have other links to his home page, 2MANYTOYZ has made an extensive exploration of his Yamaha EF2400iS. Lots of useful information on generator loading, etc.

American Wire Gauge table and AWG Electrical Current Load Limits (Added 1/9/06) If you are wondering what size wire (AC & DC) you need (including calculations for correcting voltage drop) this is my favorite calculator. They also have links for laptop power supplies, inverters, batteries and more.

No Outage (Added 6/3/06) This site was designed for those interested in back up or alternate power. Lots on info on generators, solar, etc. A good voltage drop calculator and a page showing NEMA configurations (the different types of plugs & outlets) is among the many useful pages at this site.

GenerLink (Added 10/28/12) A novel method of adding a safe way to plug a generator into your house.

Armstrong Supply Co (Added 7/11/09) "Ampacities of Insulated Conductors (From NEC Table 310-16) Not More than Three Conductors in Raceway or Cable or Earth (Directly Buried) (Based on Ambient Temperature of 30° C, 86° F)" A table thatlists many wire insulation types & their current carrying capacities.

Bryant Connector Catalog (Added 1/9/09) This it the complete catalog for Bryant Connectors. It provides a way to check the physical configuration of most NEMA connectors.

Electrical Outlets - Side vs Back Wired (Added 8/16/11) For those of you that are thinking of replacing 120v AC outlets, an article showing why you might not want to use one of those $.49 versions.

Meltric Corporation (Updated 3/9/07) A source for high power connectors & other electrical supplies. An unusual & useful connector set is available from them - LC Connector. Rated from 75 to 200 amps, both the male & female connector contacts are enclosed & protected against shorting, and it uses a spring loaded lever to make & break as well as lock the connector.

Power Werx (Added 3/5/06) A good source for 12 volt electrical connectors & supplies.

Progressive Industries (Added 3/19/07) One of the few sources available for cord mounted 50 amp RV connector bodies (RV14-50R).

Power Solutions (Added 6/20/07) Power Solutions provides electrical connectors & adapters for almost any configuration of RV needs.

Private RV WiFi (Added 8/2/17) David has a website (Outside Our Bubble) that covers their travels as well as helpful RVing information. This link is to setting up an Ubiquiti Nanostation, an outside WiFi receiver/transmitter that relays park WiFi to an internal system in your RV. A good description of the hardware necessary, as well as a video giving step by step instructions for setting up the system.

Deep Cycle Battery FAQ (Added 2/21/12) A handy reference from Northern Arizona Wind & Sun. "The subject of batteries could take up many pages. All we have room for here is a basic overview of batteries commonly used with photovoltaic power systems. These are nearly all various variations of Lead-Acid batteries. For a very brief discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of these and other types of batteries, such as NiCad, NiFe (Nickel-Iron), etc. go to our Batteries for Deep Cycle Applications page. These are sometimes referred to as "deep discharge" or "deep cell" batteries. The correct term is deep cycle."

LiFePO4 Battery Installation (Added 3/16/13) While this PDF describes installing Lithium batteries in a boat, it is intereasting for those considering them for an RV.

LiFePO4 Battery In stallation in an Escape 21 (Added 8/16/19) I installed a pair of Battleborn lithium batteries in an Escape 21.

Battery University (Added 12/5/12) While this link is to the "Charging Lead Acid" page, there is much moreabout the care & feeding of lead acid batteries to explore at this site. Click on the "Learn About Batteries" box to reach the table of contents.

Marine How To (Added 8/2/17) While designed for boaters, this section of Marine How To on batteries & electrical information will be useful to RVers.

Electric Start Honda EU2000i (Added 9/24/12) As the name implies, this is a modification of the popular Honda 2K generator so that it has an electric starter. Here is a YouTube video of the modified generator.

A/C & Hard Start Kit - Honda & Yamaha Generators (Added 9/26/10) A set of flickr images of testing by Don Dayton showing the results of adding a hard start kit to a Honda 2000i & a Yamaha EF2400is and a 9200BTU Coleman Polar Cub A/C.

Wiring Diagrams (Added 2/4/13) A good place to look for the wiring diagrams for Winnebago RVs. Also includes an Electrical Parts Identification List.

RV Glow (Added 12/30/09) Although I'm not sure why you would want to annoy your neighbors by doing this, I guess there are some circumstances where it might be useful. Bythe way, you can do this with a piece of wire connecting pin 3 to 4, but this is easier...

How Electricity Affects the Human Body (OSHA) (Added 10/2/07) There are many lists describing how much current will cause what effect on the human body. This is OSHA's list.

Generators & Bonding (OSHA) (Added 10/2/07) This is a letter explaining why OSHA does not require bonding on the identified conductor (sometimes called the "neutral") on a 120V generator. This is not the full definition, although it does contain references to the appropriate sections of the OSHA Standards.

Portable Generators & OSHA Regulations (Added 9/12//08) A PDF that explains why you should not ground your portable generator as well as other useful information on generators. It is a monograph by John "Grizzy" Grzyacz from the OSHA Training Institute.

NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code (Added 1/28/08) For the complete 2002, 2005 or 2008 NEC code book click on the year & follow the instructions. You cannot save the files & ifyou let the page sit too long it expires, but a good way to look up a question without paying $75.00 for the book. Article 551 covers RV wiring. There is also a link to NFPS 1194 - Standard for Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds, 2008 Edition online and NFPA 1192 - Standard on Recreational Vehicles.

Minnesota Electrical Code (Added 9/3/10) An easier way to view the 2008 NEC. It is the basis for the Minnesota Electrical Code & is available at this site as an easier to use On-Line Reader, as a PDF, Kindle Document as well as other formats.

General Information:

Trailer Weights in the Real World Spreadsheet Added 5/14/13) (Fiberglass Eggs)

Escape Trailer Industries Maintenance Videos (Added 8/16/19) A series of maintenance videos for the Escape trailers.

Phrannie's Poop Sheets Phred Tinseth has put together an incredible collection of pages he calls "Poop Sheets" containing lots of information & links.

Mark's Fulltime RV Resource Mark's web page started as a journal for his 4 1/2 year journey in his 1978 Ford 250 & a 30' Jayco 5th wheel. He's back in the working world, and his redesigned web site provides us with information on Full Timing & a number of excellent technical articles.

Pro-Dec Screw Covers (Added 9/18/13) If you want fancy screw head covers in just about every shape & color, this is a place to look.

Carport Depot (Added 9/24/12) Many different sizes & styles of portable garages.

Sandia National Laboratories: Photovoltaics (Added 9/24/12) Lots of information for those interested in the technical aspects of solar systems..

RV Cooling Unit Warehouse (Added 9/24/12) A good source for information & parts for all brands of RV refrigerators.

RVcruzer (Added 4/12/12) Lots of technical information, with sections devoted to the Allegro Bus, Phaeton, AC & AquaHot service, etc.

The #1 RV Video Education Source (Added 4/12/12) "RV 101™ RV How To Videos – RV Tips, Hints & information from RV Expert Mark Polk"

Dometic Vent Installation Instructions (Added 12/26/11) This is a link to a PDF at Bryant RV that shows the ventilation reqiuorements for both top & side vented refrigerators. Very useful for curing "Won't get cold" problems...

Dometic Manual Refrigerator Diagnostic Service Manual (Added 4/12/12) A PDF useful for determing what is wrong & how to fix manual operation Dometic Refrigerators.

Dometic Refrigerator Service Manual (Added 4/12/12) A 1973 service manual for the Dometic RM24A,RM 36C, RM 46,RM 47, RM 66,RM 67, RM 76, and RM 77 Refrigerators.

Dometic Air Conditioner Installation Guide (Added 5/12/13) A guide with information about most of Dometic's current roof top air conditioners, included models: 520 Series DUO-THERM HP 530 Series DUO-THERM HP HEAT PUMP 579 Series BRISk AIR 590 Series BRISk AIR 591 Series HEAT PUMP 595 Series QUICk COOL 600 Series PENGUIN 630 Series PENGUIN.

Chillin' with Bob (Added 4/6/13) Quoting from Bob's site - "Note: Many RV owners struggle with cooling issues with their Dometic refrigerators and that's what I try to address here. If you're having a problem with too much cooling, i.e. things freeze in the lower compartment even when using the lowest cold setting your problem is most likely caused by a defective thermistor or control board. Many failures on the control board cause the unit to enter "limp" mode where the refrigerator runs continuously. If your problem is too much cooling you might try investigating these two issues."

Fifth Wheel Weight Calculator (Added 8/16/11) "Fifth Wheel St. provides an online calculator, printable worksheets and safety report for RVers, farmers and ranchers who tow fifth wheel or gooseneck trailers. You can weigh your truck and trailer and print your weight safety report in 4 simple steps."

Ethanol Free Gas Stations (Added 2/1/11) This site provides locations across the US where you can purchase ethanol free gasoline.

The RV Doctor (Added 3/19/11) "Thanks for visiting the RV Doctor Website, the official home of author and technical educator, Gary Bunzer, featuring select questions from his popular column, The RV Doctor. The RV Doctor Column recently celebrated 34 years of continuous monthly publication making it one of the longest running Q&A technical advice columns in the RV Industry!"

Lloyd Walter's TV Install (Added 12/4/10) A link to a PDF that shows Lloyd's installation of a flat screen to replace the tube TV in a 2005 Adventurer.

Off Grid RVing (Added 5/23/10) This site provides information for RVers that are interested in living "Off the Grid". It includes forums that may be useful to those wishing to discuss sustainable systems for their RVs.

Service Documents (Added 9/3/10) Bryant RV Services has provided links to PDFs of service manuals for many RV appliances.

Northwest RV Supply Manuals (Added 3/19/11) Northwest RV Supply has a page linking PDFs of manuals for many RV appliances.

Honda Power Equipment Operators & Owner's Manuals (Added 9/3/10) "Interested in features, functions, and basic maintenance procedures for your Honda product or product attachments? Download or Purchase an Operator's or Owner's Manual through American Honda Motor Company. We offer manuals for all types of Honda Power Equipment"

How to Read a VIN (Added 8/3/10) If you want help interpreting your vehicle's VIN number, Vinguard has provided this page.

Comp Nine VIN Decoder (Added 8/16/11) "This VIN decoder includes Chevrolet, Saturn, GMC, Hummer, Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Geo, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Chrysler, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda Trucks, and Mercedes."

Big Brand Tire & Service (Added 3/3/15) This link is to their "Find the Right Trailer Tire" article.

Tire Size Calculator - Compare Tire Sizes (Added 1/4/12) A calculator that will show the effect of changing tire sizes from one to another.

PowerStroke 6.4L Bible Page (Added 2/6/09) As its name implies, this is a collection of PDF files that cover lots of information for owners of Ford's Powerstroke Diesel engine.

Powerstroke 6.0L Bible Index (Added 2/6/09) Many pages of information about the Powerstroke 6.0L engine.

Bob is the Oil Guy (Added 2/6/09) According to Bob, this is "Anything & Everything about Motor Oil." Lots of information including forums where you can get answers to your specific questions.

Tire Tech (Added 7/11/07) This site describes how to determine the age of your tires, both those made before 2000 & the present system.

Trailer Life's Tow Ratings (Added 9/23/07) Goto the "Towing Guide" menu for guides from 1999 to present.

Online Towing Guide (Added 1/24/10) "OnlineTowingGuide.com is here to help provide a solid understanding of the fundamentals of towing and provide tips and information on techniques and products that can help you make the process smoother and safer. After all, the more knowledge you have, the more comfortable you will be once you are on the road—and comfort goes a long way toward enhancing safety."

Towing Laws by State (Added 5/23/10) As the title implies, a listing of towing laws by state. Also includes Canada.

State Towing Laws for RVs (Added 9/23/11) NSA RV Products, Inc's listing of towing laws for the US & Canada.

Trailer Brake Laws by State (Added 5/23/10) A list of trailer brake + additional information compiled in 2000 by Go Boating magazine.

Towed Brake Requirements State by State (Added 5/2/08) "This table documents statutory requirements pertaining to brakes on a motor vehicle in tow behind a motorhome or other vehicle in non-commercial applications. Information was compiled from an analysis of each state's published statutes pertaining to motor vehicle brakes. Note that this a layman's interpretation of the statutes, not expert opinion. It is presented for information only."

Mod My RV (Added 12/21/08) "Welcome to ModMyRV.com, the site that’s just about making modifications to your RV. It’s an online community where fellow RVers and enthusiasts can share the mods they have made to their RVs, or ask questions about mods they would like to do. Have a look around. Surely there is a mod here that you need to do!"

Do it Yourself RV (Added 2/27/13) "We are a group of RV enthusiasts looking to share the best the Internet has to offer when it comes to ideas, products, and guides on how to make the most of your RV, Camper, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel and Motorhome. We have enjoyed many of the mentioned above and think people are very interested in unique ways to enjoy their recreational vehicles. We want to offer ideas that a beginner can tackle while still offering something that the most technical of RV'ers can implement. Our goal is to provide an online community that you can come back to time and time again for RV information and entertainment."

MyOldRV (Added 6/14/10) Lots of imformation about maintaining your RV & its accessories.

NADA Guide (Added 9/23/07) Find information & values for used RVs.

Tire Chains (Added 2/8/08) Although the site is designed to sell chains, they have links to chain laws for many US states.

2manytoyz (Added 8/7/07) Lots of tips & information on maintaining your RV and other "Toyz", including a good section on inverters.

Elwood Controls (Added 7/20/07) Although expensive, this is the ultimate in monitor systems for RVs & boats. You can even have the system text message your cell phone to let you know your power went off, your generator started, or your RV is getting too hot for your pets.

Dry Ice Information.com (Added 7/20/07) " The Web's leading source of Information about Dry Ice." There is a section on using dry ice for traveling & camping.

CEA Antenna Information (Added 3/9/07) All you need to do is enter your street address & zip code in the "Choose an Antenna" menu & you get a list of analog & digital TV stations, the distance away & compass directions for your antenna.

TV Fool (Added 8/22/07) Another site that will help you determine the direction of TV stations from your location. This one provides more information than CEA Antenna Information (listed above), including necessary antenna height & estimated signal strength.

Backwoods Solar (Added 3/9/07) Backwoods solar provides all kinds of solar equipment, including a section for RVs & boats. Check their low power 12v lamp page for 12v compact fluorescent & LED lamps.

Handy Bob's Blog (Added 8/3/10) Bob's very long page on installing solar on RV's. Updated as of January 2010.

Wolf's Motorhome Modifications and Other Stuff (Added 1/7/07) Steve's page linking to his motorhome modifications. Be sure to also check out his "Trips" link for his travels back to 1984!

USB Adapters & DIY Antennas (Added 11/7/07) Another link to more methods of improving signal strength of WiFi USB dongles.

WEP Key Generator (Added 7/20/07) If you enable WEP on your WiFi router (and you should) this unusual web page will let you generate a key using a phrase of your choice. A lot easier to remember than a 29 character number!

RadioLabs (Added 10/15/06) If you are using WiFi with your laptop and need a stronger link, Radio Labs offers a USB based solution.

User Manuals (Added 2/8/08) "User Manual and User Guide for many equipments like mobile phones, photo cameras, monther board, monitors, software, tv, dvd, and others." Most are free PDF files.

Pixlr Photo Editing Services (Added 12/28/10) Although not a site specific to RVing, this Pixlr site lets you edit, including resize images on line & for free.

EVDO Discussion Forum (Added 6/24/06) For those considering purchasing Broadband access through their cell phone supplier, this forum may be useful. Discussions on compatibilities, card types, external antennas & amplifiers, etc.

MyRV (Added 6/7/06) Although there is a link to this site under travel journals, it also has a great deal of repair & maintenance information, so I added a link here. Use the General Information menu on the right to link to many useful pages.

RV-Motorhome-Answers (Added 3/5/07) Ray Oberreuter's website designed to answer your questions about RV systems. Quoting his introduction: "If you're looking for real "nuts and bolts" answers for your RV problems you've come to the right place. Now that RV dealer service shop rates are approaching $100/hr it is in your best interest to understand as much as possible about your RV."

RVing Outpost, LLC (Added 3/26/07) "RVing Outpost, LLC, in north-central Wisconsin is your one-stop shop for all your RV and camping parts, supplies and accessories. We carry a large and diversified array of products to satisfy most everyone."

Motley RV Repair (Added 6/3/06) Quoting from their homepage: "Our intent is to provide a web page that will be of interest to all RV owners. We will use this page to help the RV users with maintenance tips and things to expect. We will also try to keep you up on some of the manufactures updates. In order to take full advantage of this web site you will have to come back often to see the updates." Some useful suggestions for RV Repair & Maintenance at RV Care & Use.

RV Doctor George (Added 9/14/11) This link is to his "parts" pages - If you are looking for parts for your RV, this might be the place to go!

RV Service Review (Added 4/13/06) Quoting their home page:"994 reviews and counting! To tell us about your good experiences or your bad experiences click here. This site contains actual reviews of RV service facilities made by the RV owner's themselves. You can research where to take your RV for service and what establishments you should avoid."

SilverAvion (Added 10/15/06) A web page for owners of Avion trailers. If you need a manual, check here. Even if you don't own an Avion, there are links to manuals for many brands of appliances on the manual page.

Air Dream Sleeper Sofa Mattress (Added 12/24/06) Although not specifically an RV product, for those that want a better mattress for their sleeper sofa this might do the trick. Combines springs & air!

RV Mobil, Inc (Added 7/14/08) Lots of imformation on repairing RV refrigerators, including help pages, forums, instructions for repairs & parts.

RV Surplus (Added 12/8/05) Either purchase on line or visit their 65,000 sq ft warehouse in Elkhart Indiana. They have just about everything that goes inside or outside your RV.

Fred Hobe's Coach Conversion Central Online (Added 5/10/09) If you are planning a bus conversion, this is an interesting place to start. Lots of suggestions, photographs and tips.

All-Rite RV Repair Parts Specialist (Added 10/15/06) All-Rite has many RV parts in stock. If they don't have what you need, they will make it for you. Check their products page for doors, windows, hatch covers, molding & more.

Colaw RV Parts & Salvage (Added 10/15/06) Colaw is based in Carthage, MO, and provides both new & used parts for all brands of RVs. Over 40,000 square feet of indoor inventory.

RV Doctor George (Added 10/15/06) George is based in Sacramento CA. Doctor George, along with nurse Sue can either repair your RV or provide parts from their huge inventory.

DIY RV Macerator Pump (Added 4/26/12) A description of a projcet to convert a garbage disposal into a macerator pump.

The Lite Cylinder (Added 9/23/11) For those interested in replacing their steel propane cylinders with light weight fiberglass.

Picture Me Perfect (Added 3/5/06) Lots of modifications of a Jayco 25G.

Jack & Danielle Mayer (Added 3/5/06) "Welcome to out website. We are Jack and Danielle Mayer.  We have been full-time RVer's since August of 2000. It seems like we just started! " Their site has lots of information for those interested in making a choice between a MDT & a Class 8 tow vehicle as well as useful information on modifying & maintaining RV systems.

DIY Guy's RV Site (Added 4/24/06) From his web site: "The site is set up more to detail the process rather than serve as guidance for others. Make no mistake, we are learning every day with our brains and pocketbooks. Less pocketbook and more brain would be nice, but it doesn't always work that way now does it."

ScanGuage II (Added 6/24/06) If your vehicle has On-Board-Diagnostic version 2 (OBD2 or OBD II) (most cars & light trucks built since 1996) this gauge can be used as a scan tool, provide digital gauges, and function as a trip computer.

The RVers' Corner (Added 12/24/05) From their website "This website contains free, no nonsense "how-to", "where-to" and "when-to" information on RV maintenance. Changes, new items and new articles are being added almost daily. Take some time to explore this website ... it is well worth it!" Lots of links to do-it-yourself articles.

Jane & John's RV Pages (Added 1/23/06) Although the menu shows a number of links, at this time only the 1sr (RV Mods) seems to be working. Great photos of a number of additions & modifications to their 40' 2005 Itasca Horizon AD.

The Squidget Tiny Travel Trailer Plans (Added 6/27/08) "Do you want a camping trailer like no other sold anywhere? You can build your own Squidget Tiny Travel Trailer using my set of plans that are both VERY DETAILED AND EASY-TO-FOLLOW. Samples of the plans can be viewed on the "Order The Plans" page. These are true examples of the quality and detail of the plans."

Bruce Osborn's Tiny Travel Trailer (Added 12/28/10) Bruce describes (with many photos) the process of building from the frame up, a small travel trailer. Be sure to also check his links to Solar, LED Lighting, and a Espar Diesel fired heater.

A Variation on the Kuffel Creek Teardrop (Added 5/2/08) Uffda's web page describes the process of building a teardrop trailer.

TEP Fiberglass Camper Restoration (Added 5/23/10) A collection of links to many useful resources for those interested in restoring fiberglass camping trailers.

Chad's RV Project (Added 7/27/06) Photos & descriptions of a project to build a home made fifth wheel. The page is a bit rough, but some of the links are working.

Rebuild Project - 1981 Citation 25' Travel Trailer (Added 11/28/08) Bob's pages describing his project to completely rebuild a travel trailer.

RV Roof Replacement Project (Added 1/9/06) Christy and her husband replace the roof on their 1992 32' Georgie Boy Swinger. Lots of pictures and text describing the process.

Bus Building (Added 6/20/07) "This website went live in March, 2006, and currently contains only the bare bones of the fascinating endeavor of building your custom bus conversion. Rather than build a ’static’ website which rarely changes, BusBuilding.com will be continually updated and feature ‘fresh’ information every day or two. There is much more to cover and we hope you will come back frequently to see what’s new in the world of building your own handcrafted motorcoach."

VonSlatt.com (Added 8/4/09) For those interested in bus conversions, Jake von Slatt offers lots of information. Be sure to check out the many loinked pages on the left side of the main page...

School Bus Conversion Website (Addeed 8/4/09) Another school bus conversion page, however this one is made of 320 images!

My Sister's RV Overhaul (Added 1/7/07) Check out the process of rebuilding a Palomino travel trailer. Lost of photos of the project. Also check the link on the left to "Chevy Autopark". Lots of information about this sometimes troublesome parking brake.

RV Know How (Added 7/20/05) Joe & Vicki have been presenting RV lifestyle seminars at RV shows, rallies and educational events since 1990. They also provide articles, books, and videos useful to RVers.

Roy's RVing in the USA Roy's site is listed here and in the Blog / Journal section. His "RVAid provides both information he has generated & hundreds of links useful to RVers.

RV Wireless Internet (added 7/10/05) Have a question about adding WiFi to your RV? A forum that lets you ask.

Working with WiFi Ranger (Added 4/24/11) This site describes one indivisual's experiences using the WiFi Ranger router designed for RVers. The WiFi Ranger has inputs for a wireless modem, WiFi & Ethernet, and redistributes them to a local WiFi network. More information at WiFi Ranger.

WiFi FreeSpot Directory (Added 12/16/05) A listing of campgrounds that offer free WiFi.

Speedtest.net (Added 2/27/07) A global, easy to use site that lets you check the speed of your network connection with one or two clicks.

RVers On Line Again, this site is also listed in the Blogs & Journals section, but since it contains hundreds of pages & links of interest to anyone buying or maintaining an RV it is also listed here. Plan to spend some time looking through the many articles listed in the menus & links.

RV Roadie: RV Full timing, What is it really like Check Derek's links to "Technical Articles." Lots of other useful links are available from his home page.

R V Cams (Added 9/21/05) If you are looking for a back up camera, RV Cams offers a number of options.

Rear View Safety (Added 4/14/12) Another supplier of back-up cameras. Many different options available.

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