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RV.net Blog (Added 1/28/08) "The Official Blog of The Open Road" This is the blog site for RV net. A number of authors (including me writing on Photography) contribute weekly on many topics of interest to RVers.

RV Travel.com Blogs (Added 4/24/07) TV Travel.com has a page of links to blog of interest to RVers.

Technorati (Added 9/23/06) This site is a search engine designed to find blogs. Their banner states "50 million blogs - some of them have to be good"

BellaOnline - The Voice of Women (Added 3/15/06) A collection of RV links - they also have links to many other topics.

Hitchitch The Hitchitch site is one of the first & best collections of links to RVing Blogs & Journals. Also an excellent resource for RV travel resources. The site is often updated, and even lets you pick a journal link at random!

RV Net Links As its name implies, this site has many, many links of interest to RVers. Check the "Personal" link for links to Blogs & Journals, but don't ignore the many others.

RV Zone The RV Zone site is a collection of links (1570 as of 7/7/05) useful to RVers & travelers.

RVers Online Although this site is also listed on other pages at this site, it deserves to be listed here as well. Check their "Hot Links for RVers" under the first menu for many useful links.

About.com-RV Resources About.com is a huge collection of links - This link goes to the RV resources section. Be sure to also check out the travel section.

RV Advice The RV Advice does just that. Many topics covered, lots of information available, and at "Cool Links," hundreds of links.

RVLiving.net John and Peggi McDonald have been full timing for over 17 years, sharing their experiences in books - The Spirit of the Open Road & RV Living in the 21st Century, articles in RVing publications, and numerous classes at rallies & RV Clubs.. Their site contains many links to information useful to RVers.

Home is Where We Park Our House Steven & Fran's site covers full time Rving, travelogue, and tech tips. Their page "Our Favorite Bookmarks" lists hundreds of links.

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