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Solo Campers.com (Added 11/26/11) A new forum for solo campers.

JV's Fiberglass Trailer Links (Added 9/26/10) A link to one of my pages that includes links to fiberglass trailer manufacturer pages, forum pages & fiberglass trailer owner's travelogues.

Freedom of the Road (Added 10/7/09) "These forums are family oriented and for ALL PEOPLE who enjoy the outdoors and RV's"

Mexico RV Forums (Added 9/26/10) A forum for those interested in traveling in Mexico. "This site was established in Spring 2010, to provide a forum for Rv'ers traveling in Mexico and Central America. It will take at least a year for word to spread, and this forum to become very active. You can help by spreading the word among your fellow travelers. Our intention is to involve as many RV parks in the process as possible, and provide them with their own sections so they can make travelers aware of their existence, and also keep travelers up to date with their vacancy situation. We also want to provide a place to find travel companions, and hopefully a way to help each other out with RV parts that are next to impossible to find in Mexico. This not a general RV discussion forum. For General RV discussions, please utilize our friends at RV-Forums.org linked to the left or RV.net. If you want to discuss living in Mexico and how to go about that, I suggest expatforum.com. Another excellent Mexico info site is Mexico Mike."

RV.net RV.net is the place to go with any question about RVing. On the Forums there are many pages with hundreds of very active individuals ready to help solve any problem. They also have links to many RV related sites. They also run blog.rv.net "The Official Blog of The Open Road."

Class B Forum (Added 10/18/10) As the name implies, this is a forum for owners or those interested in Class B or van type RVs.

The Escapees Club (Added 1/23/06) From their media page: " With over 34,000 member-families, Escapees is dedicated to providing a total support network for RVers through a multitude of services. Some of these include a mail-forwarding service, calling card, voice-message service, free lifetime e-mail account, discount park system, as well as discounts on affiliated services." They also have an active Forum that like most, you must sign up for to use - it's free!

RV-Coach OnLine (Added 8/16/06) A general information RV page with the usual forums, classifieds, etc. Lots on information & pages on bus conversions.

Revcon Forum (Added 1/14/07) For the owners or those interested in the Revcon RV. Char, Wanted, For Sale, Photos & Tech sections.

Do It Yourself RV (Added 12/4/14) For those interested in building small trailers & truck Campers.

RV Campground Finder & Review Links:

RV Parks Reviews (added 12/25/05) Thousands (152,332 the last time I checked) user submitted reviews of campgrounds across the US. My favorite place to both find & evaluate a campground.

RV Parky (Added 5/12/13) "RV Parky is the easy online RV park directory. Here you can find information, images, and reviews for over 25,000 RV Parks and campgrounds in the United States and Canada." They also have an Android app.

Free RV Campsites in the Colorado Mountains (Added 8/2/17) As the title implies, a listing of free or low cost campgrounds in the Colorado mountains.

Campground Crazy (Added 8/2/17) "The place to find out details you need to know about your next campground stay!"

Recreation Sites and Trails, BC (Added 12/5/12) "BC offers a host of exceptional recreation opportunities. While some of the Province's most spectacular recreation features are located in parks, many more recreation resources are found in the rugged and real backcountry. The backcountry provides an abundance of great places to have fun and enjoy nature through activities such as camping, boating, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, ATVing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and exploring. So get to know BC's backcountry – it's the perfect place to experience the wonders of the outdoors and create memories that will last a lifetime."

Free Campsites in the Colorado Mountains (Added 8/17/19)What the name implies - a description of many free sites.

Campendium (Added 12/9/15) Another campground finder.

That's Not Camping (Added 9/24/12) Another campground finder that also has space for your blogs, and a forum.

Camp That Site (Added 5/27/15) I don't know whether to put this site in the blogs section, or the camping information page, so I'll do both! While there is a blog, the stated purpose of the site is to identify the best sites at the campgrounds they visit.

A Complete Guide to RV Camping in State Parks of the United States (Added 5/27/15) "What follows is a succinct explanation of the average costs, typical hookups, and more or less what to expect from state parks around the United States. Listed by state, with a picture or two here and there, and our notes and the thoughts of other full-time travelers sprinkled throughout. Enjoy!"

Ramblin' Ralph's RV Roamings (Added 5/27/15) This is another site I can't decide where to post, so it will go as a rarely updated blog & as a valuable resocce for information about campsite locations. Ralph camps in a truck camper 6 months of the year, and on his 2015 page (this link) provides information about the 540 sites he has camped in.

Camping Road Trip.com (Added 5/23/10) This is a page at Camping Road Trips that gives suggestions & information that may help getting sites at the top 10 National Parks.

RV Property (Added 1/24/10) A listing of RV lots available for rent by the day, week, month or season.

State Parks and Campground Directory (Added 2/6/09) "Welcome to Campgrounds-by-city.com. Here you will find listings for 1000's of State, National and Private campgrounds. We strive to insure our database of campgrounds, RV Parks, fishing lodges and cabin rentals is up to date several times a year. Also we have camping lists, camping supplies and general camping information and tips for everyone."

RV.Net Post with State Park Links (Added 10/28/12) A link to the RV.Net forum post listing all the different state park links in the US.

America's State Parks (Added 3/19/11) "America's State Parks will help capture the collective strength and importance of the great park systems developed in the 50 states. With over 6,000 units and more than 725 million visits, America's State Parks works to enhance the American quality of life. NASPD board members representing each region of the country will govern the America's State Parks alliance."

Campground Directory (Added 2/1/11) "CampsitePhotos.com is your source to check out pictures of campsites at some of the more popular campgrounds throughout the United States including State Parks, National Parks, and other campgrounds. It's a great way to see what you're getting before you make a reservation. You'll also find valuable information about each campground, including campground maps, directions, what to see and do, how to get campground reservations, campground reviews, and more." They have photos of each site at many campgrounds. They also have a YouTube page that shows videos of the campgrounds they have photographed.

CampgroundViews.com (Added 12/4/14) As the title implies, the site provides photos of each site in many campgrounds. From their description: "Start searching for campgrounds and RV parks today by using the search bar at the top of this and every page. See thousands of photos, 1200+ videos, and read reviews from other RVers. All of the research tools are free to use but you can also Join the Community to personalize your experience, write reviews, submit pictures and video, or even message other members."

Camping USA (Added 9/18/13) "Welcome to Camping USA! Camping USA! is the Internet's oldest camping and campgrounds resource. We currently have over 15,000 campgrounds in our database and are adding more all the time!"

RV Park Finder (Added 1/1/08) This site includes locations of many campgrounds, including reviews added by users for some, GPS coordinates, and links to Google Maps of the campground.

Campgroundreport.com (Added 1/27/06) Another RV Park Review site.

Camping Road Trip (Aded 3/12/12) And another campground finder with reviews.

Campground Crazy (Added 5/23/10) "In 2007 we purchased our first travel trailer; a 22 foot Pioneer Spirit. Less than a year later we upgraded to a 32 foot Class C motorhome and have put nearly 14,000 miles on it traveling through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado. Happy traveling!" The site rates both the overall campground as well as specific "good" & "bad" sites.

We Camp Here (Added 12/5/12) "This is where happy camping begins. Find a campground using our interactive campground search, read reviews or share your opinion of a campground with others. The number of campgrounds in our database is growing every day, but if you know of a campground that we don't have listed, please suggest it to us. "

Campground Map (Added 6/24/06) A map of the US & Canada that uses Google Maps to show information on hundreds of campgrounds.

RV Directions (Added 4/5/09) RV Directions provides POIs for your GPS that locates over 50,000 campgrounds.

RV Park Hunter (Added 4/5/09) "Web sites with photos for discerning RV travelers who want to see before they go . . ."

RVToads - Directory Campgrounds & RV Parks (Added 9/21/09) Another campground review site: "Find your RV park or campground contact information, directions, phone number and directions in seconds. Help us provide the best RV park directory available by sharing your photos, reviews and comments about your campground or RV park."

RV Campground Reviews (Added 5/31/07) The Tiffin RV Network has added a campground review section to their site.

Reserve America (Added 6/3/06) Like it or not, Reserve America in often the only way to make reservations at many of the countries State & Federal Campgrounds. It is a good place to find campground maps.

Woodall's Camping & RVing in the Great Outdoors (Added 7/28/05) According to their Website: "Welcome to Woodall's Online - your complete resource for RVing, tenting, renting and activities." They provide a couple of search engines that help find campsites, and links for purchasing RV & Camping related books & materials.

Campgrounds & RV Parks at AllStays (Added 2/8/08) AllStay's site has links to over 16,000 RV parks & Campgrounds. They include the US, as well as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, & Spain. Also many other useful links.

Campground Directory & National Forest Campgrounds (Added 2/8/08) "Welcome to the U.S. National Forest Campground Guide Web site. Whether you are interested in car camping, RV camping or tent camping in America, you will find the type of information you need to have when planning a camping trip. With up to 55 fields of information in each campground review, lots of camping pictures, and authors who have actually visited the camping locations, you should not have to go anywhere else to plan great camping vacations."

Corps Lakes Gateway (Added 12/9/15) "The Army Corps of Engineers is the steward of the lands and waters at Corps water resources projects. It's Natural Resources Management mission is to manage and conserve those natural resources, consistent with the ecosystem management principles, while providing quality public outdoor recreation experiences to serve the needs of present and future generations. This site is your gateway to recreation opportunities at Corps lands and waters. Welcome to the Corps Lakes Gateway."

Oh, Ranger (Added 12/14/10) "Welcome to the home of American Park Network ® the most comprehensive source of information on this country's favorite national parks and public lands. Did you know that one out of every three acres in the U.S. is public land? With 280 million visits each year, national parks are the most frequented recreational destinations in America. The enormous demand for information allows us to maintain a well-balanced readership of outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalists committed to sustainability, volunteerism, and contribution. We've been America's leading publisher of visitor guides for national parks for more than two decades, reaching visitors during their planning stages at home and again while they're on the road exploring America."

Public Lands Information Center (Added 2/8/08) Use the search system on the left to find "campgrounds or what ever you are looking for, or check their bookstore & maps. Use the map at the top of the page to find locations.

Ultimate Campgrounds (Added 10/28/12) A project to list all the public campgrounds in the US. Start with the map. pick a state, and click on the campground of choice...

RV Sites for $25 or Less (Added 1/4/12) As the name implies, this site lists low cost RV sites uning a US map. "Here is a delightful collection of RV Sites including city parks, county parks, state parks, federal parks, COE parks, fairgrounds and privately owned parks.
They include overnight parks and destination parks that conform to the Mission Statement guidelines."

Free Camping-Boondocking-Inexpensive RV Parks (Added 11/2/11) "A total of 700 Free Campgrounds/RV Parks and 873 $15 and under Campgrounds/RV Parks and so much more coming real soon!"

Bob's Cheap or Free CG's US Google Maps (Added 11/2/11) As the title implies, a Google Map with locations of many free or low cost campgrounds.

We Camp Here (Added 2/4/13) While the main purpose of the site is for finding campgrounds, it also includes a blog.

Free Campgrounds for RVs (10/15/06) Search by state for free or low cost campgrounds. Includes Walmarts & other parking lots as well as actual campgrounds.

Free Campsites (Added 8/3/10) "Freecampsites.net is dedicated to becoming the primary source for information on free campgrounds and boondocking locations in the United States and Canada. We believe that free camping sites are often the most beautiful and peaceful sites. There are many free camp sites for backpackers, but rv camping sites can be more difficult to locate. The developers are currently enjoying the fulltime RV lifestyle and are actively searching out free rv camping areas while traveling."

Free Campgrounds in the USA (Added 9/3/10) Free campgrounds listed by state: "The free campgrounds reviewed on this page are some of the best in the USA. They might have incredible views or impossible landscapes. All these campgrounds are free unless otherwise specified. And yes, we camped at all these campgrounds and many more."

US Back Roads (Added 3/22/10) "Welcome. We are exploring the public lands of the United States and the small towns next to them. Find the best campsites, restaurants, hiking and bicycling trails, fishing and hunting areas, canoeing, birding, boondocking areas and all those other special adventures on your public lands. Come join us. A community of travelers sharing our ideas, special places and exploring the best America has to offer; the back roads and small towns of this great country, far away from the urban chaos."

Boondocking Guide (Added 12/30/09) "The Boondocking Guide is dedicated to sharing experiences and knowledge about the many beautiful and interesting boondocking locations in North America, with special emphasis on western Canada, United States and Mexico."

Boondockers Welcome (Added 4/26/12) "At Boondockers Welcome you can connect with other RVers who have a location for you to dry camp for the night; it might be in their driveway or a field on their farm. The view may be of amber waves of grain or of the McDonald's parking lot... but it will be a free place to park where you don't have to worry about idling truck engines, security, or that dreaded knock on the window at 2 am"

Bushducks (Added 12/14/10) This site has links to articles of interest to those interested in back country travel. If you enjoy the jeep trails of Colorado, their High Country Jeep Trail Opening Dates page is useful.

BLM National Home Page (Added 8/3/10) This is the home site of the Bureau of Land Management. A good place to start looking on imformation about your public lands.

Wheeler's RV & Camping Directory (Added 2/8/08) "The Wheelers Guide covers listings for the United States, Canada and Mexico, describing and locating government and privately operated parks serving campers and RVers. The CD Guide's format is easy to use and concise, yet complete with the relevant information campers need to plan their camping trips!" Search by Map or keyword.

Campgrounds - campsites - directory - private, state & national park (Added 2/8/08) "Looking for those perfect campgrounds? No matter if you are staying one night, a weekend or for a longer vacation, you will find campgrounds all over the country to meet your needs. They all are unique. No two campsites are the same. They all provide something a little different. Choose a campground to fit in with your outdoor activities. Make your camping experience a time to remember." As the title implies, they list links to Private, State & National Parks.

US & CA Campgrounds (Added 4/19/10) "This site provides what we believe to be the most complete and geograpically accurate US & Canada public campground locator in existence. Includes all National Park and National Forest campgrounds; BLM, TVA and Army engineers campgrounds, State Park & Provincial campgrounds. We include only public car-camping campgrounds with 5 or more campsites and tables and toilets (not backpack-in, boat-in, horse camps, dispersed or group camps). We do not include privately owned campgrounds. Read our FAQs to learn more about the data, accuracy, usage and precautions."

Bob Miller's Turtle Central Campground List (Added 4/24/07) Bob has provided a list by state of campground web pages throughout the country.

We Call It Home (Added 11/27/10) "I'm Laurie, the author of these campground reviews. I live and travel with my husband, Odel, in our 38' Travel Supreme Motorhome, towing a Jeep. After Odel retired in March, 2003, we began our fulltime travels on April 1, 2003 - so have seen many, many campsites! I blog about our traveling life on a separate site, Semi-True Tales of Our Life on the Road. As my written notes on the campsites we visited became more and more detailed, I began keeping notes on my laptop - which became the basis for "We Called It Home" in 2008."

The Webs Best Campground Guide (Added 4/16/08) "Welcome to The Web's Best Camping Guide. Our goal is to be your best source of camping information, Timely RV and Camping articles, Direct links to campgrounds and RV Parks, Wifi and GPS info."

US Military Campgrounds (Added 4/28/06) "Our mission is to provide the most complete and updated information on military campgrounds available on the Internet. We'll do our best to provide the most current information, but can't guarantee it is accurate. Please help keep this information current by submitting updates when you visit a military campground. With your help of submitting updates, we'll always have a complete AND accurate listing of all U.S. Military campgrounds that will remain the most current." They also have a forum & some reviews.

Overnight RV Parking (Added 6/14/10) "Our database contains 7703 RV Parking and No Parking locations in the USA and Canada. Find free RV parking on your mobile device! Search by City & State/Province or Zip/Postal Code. Download PDF files by State or Province."

Overnight parking at Walmart (Added 4/19/10) Allstays.com's listing of Walmarts that allow (and don't allow) overnight stays.

I Love Parks.com (Added 1/3/06) Links to US National & State parks, International parks & Conservation organizations around the world.

RVThereYet (Added 6/22/07) "We are a totally new campground guide designed to give you the most complete information available about RV Parks and campgrounds throughout the U.S. If you haven't visited us before, start here." They also have a huge listing of RV Blogs.

Nice Camps (Added 5/26/08) Terry is building a list of the campgrounds he has visited, including photographs of many features & sites.

RV Camping (Added 1/14/07) "RV Camping!...what a great way to leave your worries behind and enjoy the great outdoors. This clickable map is your gateway to finding the best campsites and locations. Click on a state for a broad range of state by state camping information resources, RV parks, free camping, maps, research tools, and tips to help you find the best RV campsites." Provides links to State, Federal & Commercial campgrounds & more.

Yosemite National Park Campsites (Added 11/24/07) This web site has photographs of most of the campsites at Yosemite National Park. It also includes many photographs & information about the park.

National Park Reservation Service If you want to make a reservation at a National Park, this is the place. Includes links to maps, and park information. (NOTE - Many National Parks have a mixture of first come/first served and campsites that can be reserved.)

National Parks - Welcome to the US National Park Net (Added 4/26/12) WhiletThis site is in no way associated with the United States Government, the Department of the Interior or the National Park Service, it provides links to many of the park pages & points of interest to those who are interested in visiting out Noatioal Parks.

Campground Search (Added 2/27/13) This is the result of a Bing search of the National Park Servied for Campgrounds. Many pages of information about campgrounds throughout the US.

General Listings:


Your RV Lifestyle (Added 8/17/19) While there is a blog link on the homepage, this is primarly an introduction to RVing.

Best RV Insurance (Added 12/25/18) While this listing doesn't really tell you what the best RV insurance company is, it does list many of them, with some general information.

Off Grid Spot (Added 5/9/18) "Launched on 9th July 2017, Off Grid Spot publishes daily articles, news and information about all things related to off grid living and alternative housing."

Dutch Oven Recipies (Added 4/19/18) A list of 25 Dutch Oven recipies.

RVNotepad (Added 1/29/17) Available as a Windows app or an on line version. It provides trip planning, access to photos, and logging for your vehicle.

One Stop Shop (OSS) (Added 5/25/16) "The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) web application provides travelers in California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington with comprehensive, real-time data that can be employed in planning their trip. This information consists of both traditional information (routing, imagery, weather, etc.), as well as points of interest and other route-specific information (elevations, rest areas, etc.). The OSS website provides travelers with a web platform that can be reviewed and critiqued. Based on this review and critque, changes, enhancements and so forth will be incorporated during future project phases. Please visit the One-Stop Shop and provide feedback on your experience in using the system."

Trailer Weights in the Real World Spreadsheet Added 5/14/13) - An Excel Spreadsheet listing the real weights of various brands of Fiberglass Eggs.

Rover Pass (Added 7/20/17) For those that want to let someone else do the searching for a campground, there is Rover Pass. "The RoverPass Frequent Traveler Club is the premium RVing service to manage your travel reservations throughout your epic road trip or full-time lifestyle. With the RoverPass Frequent Traveler Club you get to make unlimited online reservations at an affordable flat rate. Plus, you get access to our exclusive discounts at hundreds of RV parks."

On the Road Concierge (Added 4/19/10) "Pete and Judy Fland have over 30 years and 100,000 miles of RV and travel experiences. Their on the road RV experience has been focused in the West, our National Parks and a full summer in Alaska and the Yukon. Our experiences are your resources. The challenge for every traveler is to make the most out of the time and resources they have. Even in these difficult times it is possible to travel and have a great time. Effective trip planning helps you assure a wonderful trip. We will share our knowledge and experiences to help you build your travel plan. Use our assistance to increase your enjoyment of the road ahead. Our personal interests include enjoying North America, off-roading, touring, photography, winery and brewery visits, talking to people, and finding good restaurants."

Trailer Sauce (Added 12/4/14) While designed for building utility trailers, there may be some information for frames for small trailers. There are also a number of links to find parts.

Free WiFi Hotspots (Added 12/4/14) While it leaves out some of the obvious such as McDonalds & local libraries, this site lists WiFi hotspots by city & state.

RV Village (Added 10/15/14) RV Village is a gathering place for RVers. A site to exchange information, find others in the area you are visiting, post photographs, and carry on discussions with others.

Snowbird RV Trails (Added 10/15/14) I'm not sure where to put this link. It is both a blog & information. jack had put together a series of routes between places with detailes information about stops along the way.

50 Top RV Blogs of 2013 (Added 10/15/14) "Florida Outdoors RV decided to put together a list of some of the best RV blogs on the World Wide Web. There are 1000s of dedicated RVers and 100s of those blog on a regular basis. Thanks to the Hitch Up and Go website for already compiling such an extensive list! We've gone through dozens and dozens of blogs. We have come up with some of the best RV Blogs in the industry! Those who are picked can proudly 'wear' the "Top 50 RV Blogs of 2013" badge on their website! We love to see people who regularly share their stories while on the open road. We are excited about the launch of the very first "Top 50 RV Blogs!"

RV Widget Works (Added 10/15/14) "Don't want to make screwholes in your rig? We can fabricate shelves, holders, guards, or whatever by machining or vacuum forming the perfect shape, size, and with the features YOU want! Then mount it with foam tape or Velcro. Easy to drill holes if you prefer screws or are replacing something ugly (like wire racks) mounted with screws. They also work well for boaters who don't like making holes either! Send us a sketch to get started....never a charge for a quote!"

Love My Casita (Added 5/12/13) Arizona Eileen's website, providing all kinds of support for Casita Fiberglass Trailer owners. Her "CASITA TRAVEL TRAILER A-Z OWNER'S GUIDE" puts the factory manual to shame!

Glacier National Park Photosets (Added 9/18/13) No text, but thousands of photos from Glacier National Park. If you want to see why the "Going to the Sun Road" isn't open all winter, check the Spring plowing photos!

Caravan Manoeuvring Game (Added 5/12/13) This is a UK site that lets you "practice" backing a trailer into a campsite.

Art of Fulltime RV Living (Added 5/12/13) Steve & Chris present information for those considering or already traveling in RVs.

Jeff's RV Page (Added 9/18/13) Jeff describes living with & modifying his Shadow Cruiser T-160 & a Trail Sport 21BH. Check his home page for other hobbies.

Cafe Press (Added 5/12/13) While not actually a RV site, Cafe Press has just about any "T" shirt, bumper sticker, cup with a logo, etc that you can think of. If they don't already have it, just ask & they will do a custom job for you.

Visit My Forest (Added 2/27/13) A search engine designed to find a forest near you. Includes a number of filterss. Thirteen Southeastern states currently participate in Visit My Forest - Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. We are taking requests to expand our boundaries and encourage visitors to suggest a state. With enough support, we can add it

Winter Camping (Added 2/4/13) Just what the name implies - a source for information about camping during the winter.

VPike (Added 2/4/13) A shortcut to Google Street View - enter a street or location & drive away!

Skinny RVing (Added 9/23/12) Recipes & cooking information for RVers.

Truck Camper Porn (Added 9/24/12) This unusually named site is a collection of photographs of unusual truck campers.

RV Videos (Added 9/24/12) Pretty much what the name implies - videos related to RVing.

Census Quick Facts (Added 4/12/12) Part of the US Census site - here you can look up any county in the us by entering a ZIP code, city or town (place name).

Cheap RV Living (Added 4/12/12) This site is filled with ideas & links to help those interesting in RVing on a budget. Also check out a sister site - Cheap Green RV Living.

Trail Damage (Added 3/12/12) The Trail Damage off roading club maintains this webpage listing information about the conditions of many trails in the western US.

Dark Sky Finder (Added 2/21/12) A map that shows the amount of light pollution. Useful in finding interesting places to boondock or just to stare at an amazing night sky.

Checkers Industrial Safety Products (Added 3/12/12) Lost of safety equipment including wheel chocks...

Science Care (Added 3/12/12) While not for everyone, Science Care is an organization that accepts whole body donations. They will deal with donations while on the road. "Science Care's whole body donation program supports medical research, training and professional education, which provides enormous benefits to humankind. Given the increasing advancements in medical technologies, donation is of greater importance than ever."

Desert Messenger, Quartzsite, AZ (Added 11/26/11) "From the Publisher of Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper - Quartzsite news, events and entertainment published 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, Sept. thru May."

RV Camping Checklist (Added 11/26/11) For those that would like some suggestions, a very complete checklist for packing your RV.

Full Time RVer (Added 9/23/11) "As new ones dream of the fulltime lifestyle, there are plenty of things they wonder about: Finances, communications, bill paying--the list goes on. One little "item" that's often forgotten, however, is whether you and your 'significant other' will find happiness together on the road. The RV lifestyle, particularly the fulltime lifestyle, has its own blessings--and curses."

Everything About RVing (Added 8/16/11) "We know that going camping in an RV is fun and we hope that visiting Everything About RVing makes it even more fun. We give you excellent information about RVs, Camping and the RV Lifestyle. So come on in and stay awhile."

RV Questions (Added 4/26/12) From Larry's About page "I am passionate about the RV industry and about everything RV. It's that passion that got this website going. We love to travel, all the neat people we meet and the amazing friends we have met in RV parks all over Canada, the USA and Mexico. My goal for this website is to help anyone and everyone interested in RV'ing get out here so they too can enjoy this amazing lifestyle. If you are thinking RV, tell me how I can help."

RV's, RV Parks, & RV Basics (Added 1/4/12) Marlin & Sherie have a long "About Us" and their website here. They write an article every month about RVs & their experiences with them.

Camp Addict (Added 8/2/17) "Camp Addict aims to answer all of your questions about RVing and the products you may need. Our goal is to educate you and to be your one-stop source to learn about everything Rving, products and guides alike. We just opened (May 2017) and we are still growing the site. We encourage your feedback on how we are doing and what you would like to see here as far as guides and reviews.

The National Association of State Park Directors (Added 3/19/11) "The National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD) is devoted to helping state park systems effectively manage and administer their state park system. The mission of the Association is to promote and advance the state park systems of America for their own significance, as well as for their important contributions to the nation's environment, heritage, health and economy."

Above the Timbers (Added 2/27/11) If you are looking for Topo maps for your Garmin of some of the western states, this is a good place to start.

Old RV Dot Net (Added 2/27/11) "Any fool can finance a new trailer or motorhome. But some fools are driven by something else. Why do we love campers that are older than every player in the NFL? Nostalgia? Poverty? too much free time? Too many tools that don't get enough use? Or could it just be this; NEW RV's SUCK"

NOAA's Center Weather Service Unit Map Added 2/1/11) This a a map that appears to be designed to give pilots intofmation about airports across the country. Handy if you want to make a quick check of weather related information around the US, Canada & Mexico.

Swimmer's Pool Guide (2/1/11) I'm probably pushing it to add this to the RV information page, but I try to swim laps every day & finding a pool while traveling has always been a problem. This guide will help.

RVwest - eMagazine (Added 1/20/11) "Welcome to the eMagazine version of RVwest. Our eMagazine is an exact copy of the print version of RVwest—which is published six times a year—so it gives you all the same wonderful stories in an easy-to-read format. In addition, it provides immediate links to any online resources you come across in the magazine. "

Expedition Exchange Incorporated (Added 12/28/10) Although their home page is pretty much devoted to ads, check the Adventures menu for some interesting "back road" trips, both in the West & around the world.

The Overland Gourmet (Added 12/28/10) A cooking website for those on the go. Although not specifically aimed at the RVer, the meals are designed for easy pre-planning & cooking.

Wander the West (Added 11/4/10) "Welcome to the all new Wander the West! WtW is a website for those that love to explore the expanses of mountains, deserts and forests of the western United States. The West is a vast place, filled with more amazing places to explore than most could see in a lifetime. At WtW we hope to bring the West alive online to allow some virtual exploration when we aren't able to be out wandering ourselves." Lots of information about the Western National Parks & campgrounds.

MyOldRV (Added 6/14/10) Lots of information about maintaining your RV & its accessories.

RV Lifestyle Experts (Added 8/3/10) "re you considering the RV lifestyle? Is it for you? Can afford to retire AND travel 365 days a year? Retire to an RV provides you with the information to help you make that decision. It not only combines the authors' experience, but also the real-life experiences of 41 solo and couple RVers on all aspects of RVing throughout the book. This ebook address key questions and areas that those considering the lifestyle want to know. Read what Nick Russell and Mark Polk have to say about this plus what's included. This comprehensive book includes tons of resources in each chapter plus a resource section and more!"

Affordable Adventure (Added 8/3/10) "Looking for an adventure, we found a lifestyle. To celebrate becoming an empty-nester and the arrival of a new millennium, in July of 1999, my partner, Randy, and I decided to follow a dream, quit our jobs, put everything in storage, and just take off - to points unknown. I had a vision of living like a turtle with my home on my back, having all that I need with me and slowly moving down the road to see where it leads." Lots of links to help with Frugal Travel.

AA Roads (Added 4/19/10) "Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive coverage of roads and highways online. Featured throughout our site are highway guides, maps, photos, and resources you can use as you plan your travels. Use the table of contents below to navigate throughout AARoads."

Ripoff Report.Com (Added 5/23/10) "Ripoff Report® is a worldwide consumer reporting Web site and publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file and document complaints about companies or individuals. While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reports, Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate. Be an educated consumer. Read what you can and make your decision based upon an examination of all available information. Unlike the Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report does not hide reports of "satisfied" complaints. ALL complaints remain public and unedited in order to create a working history on the company or individual in question."

vPike (Added 4/19/10) "vPike.com provides Google street views, area photos, local traffic conditions, area webcams, local news, home valuations (USA) and driving directions. Use vPike to acquaint yourself with an area before you go there or you can call up places from your past to see what they look like now. vPike also has a driving simulator that enables you to simulate a drive-by of an area while you watch the scenery."

The Trucker Report (Added 4/19/10) Although this site has lots of information for truckers, this page is a history of the interstate highway system.

RV Basics (Added 4/19/10) "Get current information about the RVing lifestyle, and the RV industry from your fellow RVers. You can also post your own questions" Lots of articles on all aspects of RVing.

12 Volt Travel (Added 3/22/10) As the site's name implies, this is a place to find 12 volt appliances.

TruckMaster Fuel Finder (Added 3/8/10) Although designed for truckers, this site will be of use to those driving diesels - lets you check the proces of fuel in 7375 truck stops as of this posting.

Making your Outdoor Experience Terrific! (Added 3/8/10) "Welcome to outdoorific .com my name is Howard,I am one of the site owner/managers.I am a retired Market manager from corporate America (I know right) my wife Cyndy and I live in a 36ft 5th wheel trailer that I pull with a one ton Chevy diesel pickup."
" Hi my name is Kahleen I am the other site owner/manager John and I met Howard and Cyndy 3 years ago at the RV Park that John and I manage and have been close friends with them ever since. We live in our motor home and we also love the outdoor lifestyle our passion is golf, RV'ing and enjoying life."

1937 Ford Housecar (Added 1/24/10) Some photographs & the story of the 6 1937 "Housecars" manufactured by Ford.

Motorhoming.com (Added 12/30/09) "Motorhoming.com has grown and grown, now with millions of regular visitors proving it to be one of the most popular places on the net for motorhomers and enthusiasts alike. With a wealth of information, features, fun and good old fashioned community spirit, Motorhoming.com continues to thrive off its unique magazine approach and friendly, non-commercial style."

RVDA of Canada - Provincial RV Regulations (Added 12/30/09) As the name implies, this page covers RV regulations for Canada.

My Old RV (Added 10/31/09) RV Fulltiming & Boondocking Advice: "My name is Andy and I am a 53 year old male who has a stick house in Dallas, TX. My home 10 months out of the year is a 1993 Dolphin 32D motor home aka The Fish Bus aka The Old Girl. In 2001, I left Corporate America forever. At that time, I was recently divorced, the kids were grown and I was sick and tired and completely fed up with a 60 mile commute through the Dallas Metroplex."

RV Manufacturers (Added 8/4/09) A list of phone numbers, addresses & links to web pages for just about every RV manufacturer there is. Unfortunately, some of them no longer exist!

RV Shape Up (Added 12/30/09) "Rvshapeup.com is the website that is quite efficiently and energetically trying hard to make the RVs industries sin the perfect shape. Every industry requires volume of the buying and selling and to expect the higher volume for the expensive products like RVs is quite difficult yet not impossible. This website is a step towards making this difficult task easier and also to make the RVs industries moving and rushing towards prosperity. There are so many reasons and factors involved in making the industry on top. This website is a working to those factors."

Volunteer.gov (Added 5/10/09) If you are interested in working as a campground host or other volunteer job for a government agency, this is the place to look. Includes search tools that let you look be state, agency, type, etc.

VolConUS (Added 5/23/10) John & Connie's site provides some useful information about some of the volunteer opportunities available in the uS.

Big Rig RVing (Added 2/6/09) "Although we've geared this web site to Recreational Vehicle (RV) rigs 31 feet and over, you will find it contains valuable information for most RV owners. Why for 31 foot and over you ask? Most National and State Parks divide their campsites into three categories: 31 feet and over, 30 feet and under, and tent camping. In these ever changing times of "Bigger is Better", in the RV industry, this is truly the case. We feel that the information contained in our web pages will benefit most RV owners, from the smallest travel trailer and 5th wheel to the largest of motorhomes. Our goal is to provide RVers with information to hopefully help take away some of the fear, anxiety and concerns of owning a big rig, and that ever pondering question of "Am I too big, Will I fit"?."

Motorhome & RV Recalls (Added 1/9/09) "Find recall information from all the major RVs, motorhomes & trailer manufacturers such as AirStream, Coachmen, Coleman, Dolphin, Gulf Stream, Jayco, Starcraft, Winnebago, & much more. Search our database for the most complete and up-to-date listing on recalls provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI)."

RV Manufacturers (Added 12/26/11) If you are looking for a phone number for a manufacturer, this is a place to start. Includes orphans (of course, no phone number for them!)

Motorhomes on Fire (Added 9/20/08) Just what the name implies - links to videos of motorhome fires. If nothing else, a good reminder to keep up the PM and keep a fire extinguisher handy!

Six Sisters Campfire Cooking (Added 12/5/12) A page with 25 recipes useful when camping.

Camp Cook Forum (Added 12/5/12) This is a forum for those interested in camp cooking, particularly using cast iron & Dutch ovens.

The RV Cooking Show (Added 3/12/08) "Welcome fellow food lovers and campers! In my RVing travels as a full-timer (since 2000!!) I've tasted and tested a wide variety of regional specialties, created camping recipes, and am delighted to share them with you." Links to You Tube videos that combine cooking with information on camping in different areas of the US.

Hitch Up & Go (Added 1/24/08) "At HitchUpandGo you will find the most useful and popular RV related websites all in one easy to use directory. We have compiled for you all of those hard to find camping related web links. Here you will find all the information you will need to make your RV experience a great one. HitchUpandGo wants to allow you more time RVing and less time preparing for your trip. RVing is all about fun and relaxation. We will provide you with all the websites you will need to get you on your way." Check their "RV Blog Directory" for links to hundreds of RV Blogs.

Canadian RV Importing Regulations (Added 1/2/08) If you are a Canadian, plan to purchase an RV in the US and import in into Canada, be sure to check this link. They list the makes & models that cannot meet the requirements for registration in Canada.

Workamper News (Added 5/11/07) This is the web page for the Workamper News magazine. Lots of information about work camping. Be sure to check the Workamper journal page for many articles on work camper's experiences.

RV Investor (Added 4/30/07) If you want to follow the finances of the RV industry, are interested in seeing how your RV's manufacturer is doing, or just want to catch up on RV industry news, this is the site to visit.

USA RV Dump Stations (Added 9/26/10) "Welcome to the country section of Sanidumps.com where you can find the location of RV "dump stations" or "sani dump stations" or "dump points" based on local preference. Sanidumps.com has over 10,100 American dump stations listed."

RV Dumps.com (Added 12/14/10) Another site listing RV dump sites.

RV There Yet Dump Stations (Added 12/18/10) Another site listing RV dump sites.

Frixo (Added 9/21/09) "At Frixo we provide current Road Traffic Reports. It's a free service aimed at giving you live traffic news and information. Frixo specializes in traffic news and reports making it easy to use whether you're about to make a journey or out and about using our mobile service."

AITA Low Clearances (Added 9/23/06) This is a state by state list of low clearances provided by America's Independent Trucker's Association, Inc. There is lots of additional information & links at the home page of this site.

Ivan's RV Information Page (Added 7/30/06) Although Ivan's main page is photography related, this on covers RV's. A bit of a different view - he is based in New Zealand. Check his "RV Links" & "My Travel Links."

Motorhome Club & RV News (added 6/7/06) The Motorhome Club provides links to many sites of interest to RVers as well as a lively discussion group.

The Tiffin RV Network (Added 11/27/10) Although not an official Tiffin RV page, The Tiffin RV Network site has lots of information valuable to owners of Tiffin products. More information about the site is available at their "About Us" page.

Healthy RV Lifestyles (Added 4/24/06) Bob & Lynn (Their Blog) maintain this web page - in their words: "You have stumbled onto the Web site of exercise and fitness professional Lynn Difley and her writer/photographer husband Bob, fulltime RVers, lovers of nature and the outdoors, hikers, runners, kayakers, swimmers, mountain bikers, bird and wildlife watchers, parents of five children, and grandparents to five more."

Minimus.biz (Added 3/27/06) If you are looking for a place to purchase fast food sized condiments, etc this is the place.

Simply Journal (Added 3/15/06) Although I have not used this, it has been recommended by a number of individuals on some of the RV forums as a good way to keep a daily journal while RVing.

Travel Blogs (Added 3/12/07) There are a number of sites that make building a travel blog easy. This is one of them.

How to Start a Travel Blog (Added 3/3/15) "Matthew Loomis launched Build Your Own Blog to serve people and online businesses searching for a smooth blog setup that points them in the direction of long term success. He loves to counsel timid beginners on overcoming those initial blogging fears that hold back isolated, direction-starved dreamers."

My Trip Journal (Added 3/12/07) This is another site you can use to build a travel journal or blog. They provide a map that you can use to show your route.

Blogger (Added 9/21/09) Google provides this service to build a travel journal or blog.

Typepad (Added 9/21/09) Typepad offers a free trial for 2 weeks, than charges anywhere from $4.95 to & $89.95 per month, depending on what services you use.

Squarespace (Added 9/21/09) "A fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining a website, blog or portfolio." Like Typepad, they offer a free trial, then charge from $8.00 to $50.00 per month depending on the services you wish to use.

Wordpress (Added 9/21/09) "WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time."

RV Bloggers (Added 5/23/10) A new site that provides a location for your RVing blog.

Inside Your RV (Added 1/27/06) Although this looks like a site designed to sell Google ads, it also has some basic information about RV products. Quoting from their home page: "This web site is devoted to passing along tips and tricks to new and full time RVers alike! We review and compare RV accessories, RV Parks and common RV problems and solutions."

NewRVer.com (Added 1/9/06) From the people that brought you the RV Bookstore this site has many links and articles for those interested in learning more about RVs and the RV Lifestyle.

Fulltime RVer (Added 3/12/06) Another web site From the people that brought you the RV Bookstore. This one has newsletters that you can read at the site or by subscribing, have emailed to you. The newsletters cover a variety of topics of interest to all RVers.

Motorhome Magazine (Added 7/20/05) The web page for Motorhome Magazine. Read articles, subscribe, check out the dinghy guide for toads since 2002, and more.

Trailer Life (Added 7/20/05) The "sister" publication to Motorhome Magazine, it contains the same information, but related to trailers rather than motorhomes. Includes "Towing Guides" for vehicles since 1999.

The Geo Method (Added 1/9/06) "So, your RV's holding tanks stink and they're unsanitary? Learn how to clean, deodorize, and sanitize them with very little effort or money!" A widely used method of cleaning your tanks.

Changin' Gears (Added 1/3/06) Quoting from their opening page "A web site about the Recreational Vehicle lifestyle. Here you can learn about RV camping; RV travel; motor homes; trailers; RV buying, renting, and selling; and other aspects important to the RV lifestyle." Among the many pages on this site is a collection of links to state by state RV Driver's License Requirements.

Boondocking (Added 1/3/06) If you are interested in information on Boodocking (No fee camping) this is a good place to start.

Your RV lifestyle (Added 1/3/06) A quote from their home page "How to create, afford and enjoy your RV lifestyle." Many pages of information.

Cheap RV Living (Added 3/16/13) As the title implies, this site has information on "Living and Traveling Full or Part-Time in a Van, Car, or RV".

Yukon Hiking (Added 2/4/13) A spreadsheet of hiking trails in the Yukon.

Smart Camping Guide (Added 11/27/10) "Camping guide community offers camping gear advice, cool camping ideas including, food, equipment, tents for backpacking, hiking and more. We have many practical camping tips for your camping needs when car camping, hiking, family camping trips, solo camping or backpacking. If you love camping and the great outdoors; this resource for advice helps prepare a trip to become safe and enjoyable whilst saving lots of money..."

RV Times This is the web site for RV Times, a Canadian magazine published every two months. From the web site you can access many current as well as older articles from issues starting in July / August, 2000.Subscriptions can be ordered on line.

RV Power - Caterpillar On-Highway Engines (Added 8/16/06) Use the menus on the left to choose either your engine or industry for information about Caterpillar Engines. Check out their RV Magazine!

RV Resources From their site description: "Welcome to RV Resources, we are a web directory specializing in information on RV's. With links to dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, rentals, service, insurance, etc., this site is focused on providing the best information about RV's available on the web." Lots of useful links.

RV Now (Added 12/30/06) Quoting from the site "A fulltime RV'er shares life on the road, in the campground and around the campfire." Jim's site doesn't have a lot about their travels in their 5th wheel, but lots of technical tips designed to improve the live of RVers.

RV Travel (Updated 5/17/07) RV Travel publishes a weekly on-line newsletter that reaches over 100,000 RVers. They have many links to "News, Information & Travel Advice for RVers." Follow their link to the RV Bookstore for a great collection of books for the traveler.They also have links to many blogs located on their site.

Casino Camper (Added 2/2/06) For those interested in finding & camping in RV friendly Casinos, this is a place to start. The site is new - "This is a reader participation site  We hope you'll share your experiences with us, so we can pass them on to everyone!  If all our readers send us a review when they visit a casino, our data will stay up-to-date and be a great resource for everyone."

Sierra Nevada Airstreams If you are into Airstream trailers, this is a site you will enjoy. Even if your not, there are lots of pages of information for any & all travelers including links to a couple of blogs.

The Discovery Owners Association - Even if you don't have a Discovery motor home, check out the Campground Information page. It is very useful locations for anyone using Microsoft's Streets & Trips or Delorme's Street Atlas GPS Mapping software, and includes a list of every Walmart, Post Office and more in Excel formats that anyone can use.

Work Camping (Added 12/16/05) If you are looking for a way to support your RV habit, this may be one of the places to look for answers.

The Vintage Airstream Podcast (Added 1/23/06) If you have an iPod or other method of listening to a podcast, and have an interest in Airstream trailers, this link takes you to hours of listening pleasure.

Wiley Online Library (Added 8/2/17) As the name implies, this is a library of information about almost anything. Most of the information is not free, although there is usually a summary of the article.

Switchboard Phone & Zip Code Lookup (Added 1/3/06) I'm not sure this belongs here since it isn't related to RVs, but if you need to find an area or zip code (or, for that matter, an individual or business address or phone #) this is the place!

Number for a Live Person (Added 12/25/18) Just what the name implies.

800 Numbers.net (Added 10/6/15) A site useful for finding 800 numbers. Includes dialogs & some menus at the locations.

The IVR Cheat Sheet™ by Paul English (Added 1/23/06) Another non RV link, but this one can save you hours on the phone - This page shows you which buttons to push to get through to a real person when calling company 800 numbers.

Federation of Tax Administrators (Added 1/14/07) A good source for tax information including links to federal & state forms, state comparisons, etc.

The Inflation Calculator (Added 5/26/08) A calculator that can be used to determine the amount of inflation for and time between 1800 & 2007.

Newseum (Added 4/5/09) "Wonder what the front page of your local newspaper looks like while traveling? Or newspapers around the US? This link shows the front page of many US newspapers.

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