Nantucket - August 16, 2007
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Went for another walk at the Sandford Farm. This time I brought the camera - a soft, almost foggy day, but I am fascinated by many of the trees that barely survive in the sandy soil. As I described in our 2005 trip to Nantucket, the Sandford Farm is owned & maintained by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Inc. Because Nantucket is an Island, it is fairly obvious that there is a limit to how much land is available for building. One of the steps to help preserve island land was to form the Nantucket Islands Land Bank Commission. The Land Bank derives most of its income from a 2% transfer tax on most real estate transactions. As of August 9th, 2007 the year to date revenue is $8,069,110.21.

Head of Hummock Pond
The Head of Hummock Pond
A View of the Farm
A View of the Farm
At the Farm
Beach Plum
More Trees
A Tree at the Farm
Beach Plums
Tree & Fence

Now, back at home it is time for the major decision of the day - What's for dinner? We are not sure if Don & Anne will be here or not, so we are going to be flexible. Pizza! That means being really flexible since you never know what pizza will be like here on the Island. It took us years to settle on Pizza Villa as the best Oswego has to offer - Here in Nantucket it has been Foood for here & There (Yes, that's "Foood") but places change so fast that you never know if what you had last time will be what you get today.

We did make a dump run - not much has changed since 2005 except the individuals that camped at the "Take it or Leave it" building have gone. David said they now have a limit of 1/2 hour for anyone at or in the building. "Take it or Leave it" is one of the ways the Island cuts down on trash. Sections of the building are set up for books, tables for clothing, shelves for small appliances, etc. Rather than filling the landfill or trucks to haul recyclables off the island, usable items are dropped of or picked up.

The Pizza was from Sophie T's Pizza - Sausage for Carol & Luann, and Nantucket Pizza (Tomatoes, bacon, Nantucket Bay Scallops & Pesto) for David & me. Also had some fairly hot wings. The Nantucket Pizza was excellent!

Till later!