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Rambling RV Rat (Added 8/17/19) "My name is PoPo-G-G-O, and I'm a Rambling RV Rat. I’ve been RVing full-time these last few years with my human Mom and Dad, our Country Campground Cat, and our Frolicking Full-timing Fish. After planning for retirement for 14 years, my family sold our “sticks and bricks” home with our half acre of property. We sold or donated most of our material possessions. We were blessed to experience an epiphany many years ago—God provides us with the basic necessities for our existence. Everything else is “nice to have” but is not required to experience happiness or contentment. We now live a more minimalist lifestyle. We still have everything we truly need and the few material possessions we truly want. We loaded the motorcycles into our custom-built truck, hooked up our home on wheels, and now travel around this great country. Whether staying somewhere for six months, visiting for just six days, or just stopping over for 6 hours, we experience a new sensational sunrise and a different breath-taking “backyard” view everywhere we go!"

As the Gnome Roams (Added 8/17/19) An old favorite that has started a new blog.

Boger's Trip & Adventure Menu (Added 8/16/19) Not a lot of information about the Bogers, but some great trip journals.

Lawrence Adventures (Added 8/16/19) A couple of years worth of travels, including a trip to Alaska.

Here and There With Scott and Jackie (Added 12/25/18) "We are Scott and Jackie Cundiff.  Jackie is a retired librarian and Scott is a retired pastor.  We sold our house, bought a big pickup and camper and began a great adventure of traveling and living in our RV full time.  This website is where we share our travels with all who are interested.  You’ll find campground reviews, photos of some of the interesting places we visit, and general fulltime RVing information here.  As a librarian, Jackie sometimes finds great library ideas that she shares here. You’ll also find notes on various RV fixup/upgrade projects we do to camper."

Don't Trade Years (Added 5/28/18) A You Tube channel with videos of some of their travels in an Escape 17 & some of the campgrounds they have stayed at.

Under Kitty Supervision (Added 4/19/18) Heck if I know what I’m doing here, so bear with me until I figure it all out. With this blog I plan to tell you about (not in any particular order): My cats – that’s a given, Trips in the trailer, Latest stamping projects, Latest sewing project, Shows I’m vending at, Anything else I feel like. It won’t include: Weight I’ve lost (yeah, probably not happening any time soon), High school reunions (been there, done that, not again), Favorite whatevers (who cares anyway?), Food I’ve eaten or will eat (boring!). Thanks! See you soon (I hope!)

Lauren & Barbara (Added 4/19/18) We have known each other virtually all our lives - born in the same hospital (Barbara a year after Lauren), attended the same hometown schools and church, etc. Although we were friends in this small town 40 miles west of Chicago we did not date until our latter college years. We married on February 2, 1963 and, after a series of short time moves we lived in Appleton, WI for 3 years, Madison, WI for 4 years and Minneapolis area for 25 years. Retirement in 1995 (got out early - never regretted it!) first brought us to Estes Park, CO where we built a wonderful home on an acre overlooking Lake Estes to the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park. The nearly 8000 foot altitude did not agree with us - although we did a lot of hiking up to 14,000 feet. Having been in "Cold" all our lives, in March 2003 we moved to "Warm" here in Sahuarita, AZ which is 20 miles south of Tucson and 38 miles from the Mexican border. We live in a retirement community called Quail Creek and love it here. We have a 34 foot 5th wheel trailer / one ton diesel truck and love to travel in it in the western United States and Canada. While at home we volunteer at The Animal League of Green Valley - a no kill rescue facility for dogs and cats and other things as well.

Winnie Views (Added 8/2/17) Lynne is a full timer in a Class C RV. "A solo full-time RVer, volunteer naturalist, photographer, & cancer survivor wandering North America in her Winnebago View RV." Much more about her in her "About Us".

Larry & Betty Fulfilling Our Dreams (Added 8/2/17) From Larry & Betty's About Us: "Welcome to our trip journal as we travel and explore some of the most beautiful and interesting places our Country has to offer! Our journey started Saturday December 15th, 2012 when we (including the pups Bailey & Baxter) headed from Reno to southern Arizona for a little over 3 months. Over the years we have visited many places with more to come...please feel free to check them out in our Journal. "

A Family Walkabout (Added 5/22/17) "One Family's Journey Outside The Box" They are traveling in an Escape 17.

Dawns bloggy blog (Added 5/22/17) Dawn's Bio: "I started this blog a few years back so that my family could see what we are doing and seeing as we travel around the USA. Jeff and I have been Full time Motorhoming for over nine years now and still loving it. When and where we will settle down is still a mystery to us. But for now the nomadic lifestye is great. We love hiking, birding, mushrooming, shelling, rocking, and hanging out in the great outdoors and spending time with family and friends."

JenEric Ramblings (Added 5/22/17) Their bio: "This blog is dedicated to the ramblings, both literal and figurative, of Eric Udell & Jeanette Hobbs. [Thanks to Mo for sending us a Christmas card addressed to “JenAir” which provided the inspiration for the whole JenEric (pronounced generic) “product” line.  Mo-ists of the world unite!] What made us decide to ramble? After years of being frustrated by only 2 or 3 weeks of vacation each year, we decided there had to be a better way. Inspired by a wave of younger travel bloggers who work while they travel, we made it happen and hit the road full time in December of 2014. While we’re not retired, our new lifestyle allows us to work far fewer hours and enjoy life far more. We’ve never looked back. Jeanette is the primary blog author, although Eric posts techy/geeky things from time to time. We travel in a 29′ Holiday Rambler Traveler (Class A) with our 2 cats: Karma and Mojo. They do absolutely nothing to contribute to the blog or to the bank account but they’re cute, so we’ve let them stick around. We also spend a lot of time 4-wheeling in our Jeep Liberty, aka Lana."

Look, Mom, We're Camping (Added 1/6/17) "Our travels, mostly in our small Fun Finder trailer". Lots of great photos of Dan's travels.

Down the Road Around the Bend (Added 1/6/17) "There are several of Al and Sharon’s travels in “Down the road Around the Bend”. The most recent is our 4 ½ month trip to Alaska starting and ending in the Portland, Oregon area."

Focused on Fauna (Added 9/5/16) Len & Dian's site is filled with wonderful photographs. They travel in an Escape 19.

RV Nerds (Added 5/25/16) "John is a nuclear engineer who spends his free time training for Ironman triathlons, building gadgets that sometimes work, and trying to break Milo ( a rather large labradoodle) of his bad habits. He began his RV experience when he was between apartments one year, and his friend and former colleague offered to let him stay at his place. That friend turned out to be Dave. When not BS-ing, John and Dave found that they both enjoyed building gadgets that improved their RV experience. John currently lives in an RV-sized apartment in Austria.
Dave is another nuclear engineer that dove into RVing head-first. Years ago, a summer job at Los Alamos National Laboratory necessitated a search for housing, which largely came up empty. Within a couple of months, Dave had researched the idea of full-timing, bought an RV, and headed cross-country. His first stay ever in an RV park was as a full-timer back in 2006. Over nine years later, he hasn’t looked back. Look for posts on some of his RV projects, a tour of the two RVs he’s owned, and what it was like getting through school living in an RV."

Travels With the Southwest Dude (Added 5/25/16) Lots of photos & information about the Southwest, including a regularly updated blog.

AJC Media (Added 2/17/16) "Alex Jackson is the name, and adventure is my game. I'm an amateur photographer/ cinematographer/ artist trying to get a foothold in the art world. I was born on the 5th day of September, year 1988 in the small town of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. At 5 years of age I moved with my parents and little brother to Summerland, Okanagon BC, 4 years later we all found ourselves in Abbotsford, BC where I currently reside with my beautiful wife Alison. I've always been a creative person, but I've had my fingers in a variety of different pots of paint, from building vehicles, welding, 3D modelling etc. I'm happiest when I can design and build but recently I've taken to photo and video and it's really beginning to capture my imagination. At the time I don't really know where I'm going with all this artist stuff, but I'm hoping it takes me somewhere. Not having a clear plan doesn't bother me, remaining stagnant does, so I press on."

SoloMatt's YouTube Videos (Added 10/6/15) Matt travels in a 13' Casita Patriot and posts videos of his adventures.

Rusty's Big Adventure (Added 10/6/15) Nancy's blog is told in the words of Rusty the cat. They travel in a Casita & include a trip to Alaska.

Birding RVers (Added 3/3/15) "We are Grant and Kathy Webb, welcome to our website! With careful planning we retired in our mid-50s on January 1, 2008 so, that we could explore the parks, monuments and wildlife refuges of North America. This blog is intended to keep family, friends and anyone else interested up to date with where we are and what we are doing. This will not be a daily diary; we will update as time and Internet connections permit. Our hobbies are bird watching and astronomy so, if you know of a great birding spot or dark sky site in an area we are visiting please let us know."

The Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick (Added 3/3/15) "Scott is the cynical sailor and the skipper of our boat and Ellen is his (non-cynical) salty sidekick and crew. Scott has a wicked, sarcastic sense of humor and makes Ellen laugh. Scott likes Ellen because she finds his sarcastic humor entertaining. Scott is a native of North Dakota and, although he is of Scandinavian descent and has Viking blood, his first time sailing wasn't until 2005. Ellen grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and although Lake Erie was just on her doorstep, she had never been on a sailboat until 2008." More about them on their "About Us" page.

US Backroads (Added 1/27/15) While I already have a link to this site on my RV Information, Vladimir has enough information about his travels that is is worth adding to the general blog pages. "Welcome. We are exploring the public lands and backroads. Find the best campsites, restaurants, hiking and bicycling trails, fishing and hunting areas, canoeing, birding, boondocking areas on your public lands. Come join us. A community of travelers sharing our ideas, special places and exploring the best America has to offer; the back roads and small towns of this great country, far away from the urban chaos."

Lolo's Extreme Cross Country RV Trips A beautifully designed web site describing the adventures of Lolo, Herb & their family on their yearly trips in their Lazy Daze Class C RV. Over 300 pages of text & pictures from all over the US & Canada. (8/18/06) - Lolo has added of her earlier East coast trips - check the trips menu at the top right of the home page, and recently October 2006) is adding pages describing a 2 week RV rental to Alaska. Now that the kids are grown and off on their own, they continue to document their travels.

The Path Less Traveled (Added 1/27/15) Larry & Carol travel in a small trailer or truck camper. Lots of photos of their travels.

RVGR8escape (Added 10/29/14) Follow Gary & Liz's adventures in their motorhome.

Coach and Six (Added 10/29/14) Karan's About Me: "I'm married to Steve, a veteran who retired from the USAF in 2012. We have six boys, ages 18, 18, 16, 14, 11, and 8 (ages in 2014). I homeschool all the kids, and we live in an RV!"

Pete & Dee (Added 10/29/14) Pete & Dee travel in a Casita 17. Check their website for some of the modifications & additions they have done to their trailer.

Ruth's World (Added 10/15/14) Ruth travels in an Escape 19. From her blog: "I'm creating this blog to share our trip across America and Canada. My other reason is to have a platform for my many opinions."

On the Road..... and Then...? (Added 10/15/14) Follow the travels of Budd & Merrily.

Scamp Duty (Added 10/15/14) Brad's Website Description: "A Chronicle of events involving our "Scamp" Camp Trailer. To include our alterations and our outings. Please enjoy."

Rick and JoAnne's RV Travels (Added 10/15/14) Meet Rick & JoAnne at Google +. They post about their travels around the US.

CWUAP (Added 10/15/10) The link is to their blog; they also have a website at cwuap.com. They don't identify their RV, but the site has many great photographs of the Southwest.

Earl's Travel Corner (Added 10/15/14) Earl is a retired school teacher whow writes PDF blogs of his travels as part of the Scamp Owners International webpage. He travels in a Scamp 19.

Dave & Kathy 2011 - 2013 (Added 1/3/14) "Traveling this great country in our RV to see all the amazing places it has to offer. Click on any photo to enlarge."

Towing Miss Trilly (Added 1/3/14) "Herein lie the tales of we two vagabonds, Clark & 9ah. We travel aboard our custom homebuilt trimaran for six months each year, but this blog is about the months we are NOT aboard our boat. In other words, when we are on terra firma. We like to travel in small vehicles, be it our sailboat or one of our two trailers. The first, a vintage 1948 Higgins Camp Trailer, allows us to travel overland to off-the-beaten-track sorts of places. Higgins offers little in the way of comfort save for keeping us out of the wind and rain. Our second (newly acquired) trailer is a 1979 Trillium 4500 fiberglass “egg” with propane heat, 3-way fridge, and 3-burner cooktop. Miss Trilly is all-original and in very good working order, however we can’t help but bring her 70s upholstery into the 21st century and perform needed rehab work. She may be getting a new axle with a bit higher ground clearance."

Danes on Tour (Added 1/3/14) "We are 2 retired Danish people living in Denmark. Our place is approximately a 1 hour drive outside the center of Copenhagen. ... We are both in our late fifties and we have decided that it is work wise time to gear down and start enjoying ourselves while we can." Check the Newsletter menu for previous trips , and here for the blog of their currrent trip.

Jim & Alice's Travel Blog (Added 1/3/14) "Hello… We are Jim & Alice LaPeer… and currently we are in the process of wrapping up our 2013 travels, touring the country in our 2007 Dolphin Motorhome… To see our most recent location, check the map on the right… And click on it for an enlarged map with more detail. On this Blog site, we have tried to capture some of the sights, scenes, and experiences that we have enjoyed in our travels. Thank You for taking the time to view our Recent Posts (see Right) and allowing us share these days & pictures with you!"

P&J Boger's Photo Album (Added 12/15/13) Check their Trips page for their extensive travels. More about Phillip & Jane.

Living Small, but living BIG! (Added 5/12/13) The "Alaska Creeker" blogs about living in a Toyota Motorhome that he heats with a wood stove.

CoolRVers On the Road (Added 4/6/13) "Thanks for following along with us as we travel North America in our motorhome, enjoying the RV lifestyle. Your comments are always welcomed. "

A 5th a Day - keeps the doctor away (Added 4/6/13) "Our journey to the much talked about trip of a lifetime - full timing in a 5th wheel. The blogs are about how and why with some where and what we are doing. Although some of the blogs will be about where we are, wouldn't you rather read about who we meet? The name comes from our home - a 5th Wheel RV."

Travels with JJ and LL (Added 4/6/13) From Judy & Jon's first post "This begins the winter adventures of Froggy. As you can see he is full of anticipation under the tree waiting for his trip to the warmth and sun of the south. Froggy was what we 'won' during the RainMakers camping group annual Christmas dinner white elephant exchange. We will occasionally show him in our travels."

RVcruzer (Added 3/16/13) While not your day by day journal of his travels, there are wonderful photographs & information about many of the western national parks and other attractions on the site. Use the "Photo Gallery" section of the left hand menu to find them.

On the Road with Dar 'n' Don (Added 3/16/13) "Our way of keeping in touch and letting you know what's over the next hill and, hopefully, which hill it might be. -Dar"

CuRVWander (Added 2/27/13) "A blog about our adventures and experiences of transitioning from a traditional lifestyle of working stiffs in a bricks and sticks house to volunteering and nothing but our RV to call home. Follow along with us as we share how this new lifestyle works. Smartphone, iPad, Notebook users take note: This blog software limits the posts you can see to just the last few. If you want to see older posts you will need to access via a PC."


Plan "V" - A Van Dwelling Blog (Added 2/27/13) Cubey's First Post explains the goals of this blog describing his adventures with a Class B van.

Welcome to Jane and John's Place! (Added 2/4/13) Jane & John have information on their modifications to their Class A 2005 Winnebago Itasca Horizon 40AD, as well as a blog & serious jeep travels.

Van-Tramp (Added 2/4/13) "In December of 2011 I left behind the comforts of a life that was no longer allowing my happiness. While my immediate family continue living in Colorado, I have chosen to travel and explore the country-side while living full-time in my van. I do this without many of the luxuries we are accustomed too; no more shower, no washer or dryer, no more flush toilet… you get the point. Instead, I reside in a 90 sq foot space inside my van while traveling about." You must register to see most of the site.

Brian and Sue on the Road (Added 12/5/12) From their About Us: "We have been traveling throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada in our motorhome with our dog Tilly since March, 2006. We hope to continue the adventure for years to come."

Larry and Linda's Excellent Adventures (Added 12/5/12) "Follow us as we travel across our great country. Read about our adventures and mis-adventures. Share some of our photos and meet some wonderful folks along the way. Stay overnight at a few Flying J truck stops and see some beautiful campgrounds too. Most of all, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!"

The Cheddar Yeti (Added 12/5/12) "We're Dennis and Jeanette, two location independent people armed with an old motorhome, our iPhones and the will to SURVIVE OUTSIDE of the CUBICLE. Living, working, and camping all over the US in an effort to discover, challenge, and share all this road has to offer."

Houseless Living (Added 12/5/12) From Wendy's About Me: "I was born, raised, and live in Maine, I have 12 cats, and some people would call me homeless. Nope, I have a home, I just don't have what people call a standard house. My house has wheels and her name is Rosebud. My backyard stretches on for thousands and thousands of miles all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. " A more comprehensive version of her about me is on her home page.

RV Vagabonds (Added 10/28/12) "We are Denny and Linda, the RV Vagabonds, traveling the country in our 2011 Landmark Grand Canyon fifth wheel. After fourteen years on the road we met our goal of playing golf in every state of the Union, so now we're just being footloose and fancy-free until we get the urge to settle down."

Wes and Jan see the US (Added 9/20/08) "Welcome to our travel website. We are living our retirement dream of traveling these great United States. We hope to visit every state and we love to see all the sights wherever we are. Please join us in our travels." Click on the "Wanderings & Side Trips" for their blog.

So far I haven't been arrested for it (Added 9/24/12) Mick's webpage describing his travels & unusual events.

Peg & Harrison (Added 9/24/12) We (Peg and Harrison) exhibited and sold photographic art at juried art shows throughout the central and southern states for many years. We are now retired from the shows and are traveling full time. We are trying to actually see the areas that we hurried through from show to show. Our home is a 17 foot Casita Spirit Deluxe pulled behind a GMC Savana extended chassis van.

Memo in Mexico (Added 9/24/12) My traveling companion will be a 1987 camper van, affectionately known as "Das Panzer". In the course of my travels, I will be posting photos here: https://picasaweb.google.com/fugawibill

trips.kinnamans.net (Added 2/27/11) "This site is about the travels of Byron and Anne. We hope to cronicle our travels with pictures and words. The site will be catorized by the trailer, then by trips. We hope you enjoy the pictures and writtings as much as do in providing them."

Welcome to Our Web Site (Added 4/26/12) From Joe & Pat - "This site was started as an attempt to get our old photos and slides of the last 49 years, or so, organized and viewable by the family and others. Joe made his first driving trip to Alaska in 1962, ending up in Nome and moving back to Nome in 1964. Pat moved to Galena, Alaska in 1970. Between both of us we have lived in Nome, Marshall, Galena, Koyukuk, Tanana and Nenana for about 25 years. Over those years we tried to visit as much of the state as possible by air, boat or the road system. In 1989 we moved to Ouray, Colorado and in 1998 to Florida. As of 2011, we have driven the Alaska Highway thirteen (13) round trips by RVs. Round trip #13 took place the summer of 2011. Other years, while living in Alaska, we would often take a couple of weeks and take our RV from Alaska to Whitehorse, then up to Dawson for a few more days and back to Alaska, fishing most of the streams and lakes along the way."

RVing With Poppa (Added 2/11/09) "We are Mark and Dortha, retired since 2001, and loving it. We live and travel in our 2009 40' Tiffin Phaeton QTH motorhome. We travel as much as we can and when we can. We base in Texas where we have a house and family. We have been married for 41 years. We are the proud parents of 3 great children who have 3 great spouses and 5 more than wonderful grandchildren. We love to travel and love this lifestyle. We are thankful to be so blessed to have the opportunity to see and enjoy some of the beautiful sites that this USA has to offer from sea to shining sea. We enjoy reading your comments and hope we see you somewhere in a campground soon."

USA by RV (Added 4/12/12) "Ned and Lorna have been living in their motor home since 1997 and have visited all of the lower 48 states, plus Alaska, in that time. This is a record of their journey starting in 2007. Better late than never."

The Laffertys' Life (Added 3/12/12) Richard's blog about their travels in a 5th Wheel.

The Trailer Tales (Added 11/28/08) "Hi, we are Dave, Lori and pooch Cheyenne. We had talked about full time RVing casually for years. Suddenly it turned in to a hope and as of Tuesday May 13, 2008 it became a reality. Our home in Benton City, WA had sold, Dave's retirement time was finally here and we moved into our Salem fifth wheel and headed out. Our only plan is to explore the United States and have some fun along the way."

Gene and Judi's Journey (Added 4/5/09) "Welcome to our travel web page. It is our goal through Gene and Judi’s Journey to share some of our travel adventures, RV experience, and, yes, some disasters in the hopes that we might be an inspiration and helpful resource for those who have an interest in travel, the RV lifestyle, and a love for the great outdoors. Enjoy." Click on their trip journals for their latest.

Bullwinkle's Travels (Added 7/11/09) "A moose of a motorhome, a squirrely Jeep and two 50-something kids on the road in search of fun and adventure. Travel safe. Be happy." Paul and Mary are traveling full time exploring America.

Paul and Ann's Great RV Adventure (Added 12/28/10) Paul & Ann are traveling in a 2005 Winnebago Voyage38J.

Aluminum Bliss (Added 10/31/09) From their very complete "About Us" Click to read more - Chris - "In high school, Chris was nominated by his teachers for the Dreamers and Doers Award. Fifteen years later, Chris is still dreaming and doing extraordinary things. From organizing and executing an elaborate wedding proposal (if you haven’t heard the story – just ask – it’s pretty impressive) to selling all of our possessions and moving into an Airstream, his dreams and actions make for an adventurous, fun, spontaneous, and exciting life." and Lani "Lani was once told by a former boss that she has the patience of a saint. For anyone who knows Chris knows that it takes a patient person to be married to him. While she did not receive any awards for being a dreamer and a doer (shocking), Lani is almost always supportive of Chris’ big and crazy ideas. In return, Chris is patient with her constant worries and panic attacks and ensures that she leads an adventure-filled life. Together, Chris and Lani are a perfect team."

Geogypsy (Added 7/11/09) From her about me: "I own no land, instead I have wheelestate. I’ve been a full time RVer since 1997. Working summers as a Park Ranger takes me to many beautiful places and playing during the winter takes me to many more. This blog is simply the story of my life." Lots of photographs & updated often.

Gypsy G-Mas: Life on the Road (Added 5/23/10) "We are Connie and Tracy, a.k.a "G-Ma C" and "G-Ma T" to Scooter and Ruby. We are in our mid-40's and have been living the traditional American dream of home ownership, lots of toys and careers to pay for it all. But as this way of life has provided less and less satisfaction over the years, we decided that the time had come to make feeding our souls a priority. Pursuing our long-time dream of living a nomadic lifestyle, in March 2010, we sold our house and most of our personal belongings, resigned from our careers and hit the road in our RV, along with our 80-pound dog, Hunter, and 20-pound cat, Jasper. Although we don't expect to become monetarily wealthy, we have no doubt we will be much richer than we could ever imagine. We have no idea what lies ahead but please follow us on our journey to unknown adventures!"

I Carry Beretta (Added 1/20/11) "Hello, I am John and this is a record of my travels and my pictures of places we have been. I love to go new places and try to capture them in photos. I know that it is hard to do justice to the various places but I will try to give you the sense of the place so you can put it on your list of places to go. I will also have a regular postings of the current photo projects I am working on at home. I hope to share with you the joy that I find in creating pictures to share. I have one other hobby as well. I love the shooting sports, thus my blog name. It would be kind of boring only looking at pictures of me shooting or seeing clay targets break but I will also be discussing various event in this area as well. I shoot a Beretta over-under 682 Gold shotgun as well as a few others. I love to merge my interests and shoot when I am traveling in new areas and see new courses. Thus the name of my blog is "I Carry Beretta..." Use the menu to check his travel blog.

Mothership RV (Added 8/3/10) "John & Sandy's blog about travels and adventures we have with our motorhome. We named our RV Mothership because of it's size and because a smaller "ship" detaches from it to explore the surrounding area. If you are interested in reading about our adventures both good and bad please read on."

My Bad Diet (Added 2/1/11) A combination of cooking & RVing. Noah & Nancy's About Us "My Wife, Nancy, and I are full-time RV'ers. In spring of 2010 some events caused Nancy and I to re-evaluate our lives. We were running a race on a treadmill, as so many people do, and it wasn't fulfilling our lives. We needed a change. So we sold our home and most all of our stuff and began a journey of simplification. We bought a 37' Winnebago Vectra and moved in with our pets, Luke and Leia, our two greyhounds, and Ferris and Jeannie, our two one-eyed Maine Coon Cats, and headed out on the open road."

America by RV (Added 12/14/10) Darren & Joyce's About Us: "Join us as we slowly travel and explore our beautiful country. We are traveling and living full time in our 2010 36 ft Carriage Cameo (35SB3) fifth wheel as we take time to see the sights, meet the people and get to know this extraordinary country of ours. We've been on the road since October of 2009 and we expect our adventure will occupy us for a few years. Our two Boxers, Maggie and Rico will challenge us throughout our new lifestyle! I'm in my late 40's and retired September 11, 2009 as a Sergeant with The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office in Florida. Before that I spent 4 years in the United States Air Force following a family tradition. My wife, Joyce and I are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Ashley who recently graduated from the University of Florida after only 3 years! Go Gators! She married another graduate, Andrew and now he's pursuing his training as an Officer in the U.S. Navy. We sold our home of 15 years in a buyer's market, February of 2009. The majority of our furniture and furnishing went to Ashley and Andrew."

Our Journey (Added 9/1/08) We started this journal way back in July 2005 when we sold our home in Coon Rapids, Minnesota and started traveling full time in our 2005 Montana 39' 5th wheel pulled by our brand new 2005 Ford 350 Diesel truck that matched the beautiful red sunset of the graphics on our Tana... For a long time, we just had one journal but it is getting hard to see the maps since we have crossed the same places so many times so we are adding another journal. The first one that we always called "Our Journey" will be renamed "The Beginning" and as we add new journeys we will name them as we go along... Probably by the year that we are traveling in but for now we are adding "Newfoundland".

Happy Trails (Added 3/12/12) "Not all who wander are not lost!, we love the southwest, United States. Chuck and I love to travel. We are currently workampers. Chuck and I love to visit new places. We camp! Home is where we park it! When on the road, we live in a 30' fifth wheel known affectionately as The MotherShip". We travel with 3 dog friends,a shelty named Scotty, a dandy dinmont terrier named Doogie Bowser and Radar, a papillion mix. Join us with this blog as we travel the roads of America."

Travels With Phadra and Zoe (Added 2/21/12) "Two traveling doggie girls traverse the US and Canada with their favorite people. Phaedra and Zoe camp in private and national or state parks in their 5th wheel. Join them as they comment (sometimes sarcastically about their parents) and see parts of North America with them!"

WanderMan (Added 1/4/12) "Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'll be writing about a variety of RV topics, from adventures and misadventures to improvements and bleeding edge technology for our rigs we'll explore it all. First, a bit of history; over the last 3 years I've purchased, restored and modified an "Orphan" Class A RV. Namely a 1991 Gardner Pacific Aero Cruiser 23RBa. There weren't all that many produced between 1989 and 1992 of this compact, low profile (23'8" length - 99" height) coach. I'll be sharing my trials and errors from these and the many more mods I have planned." His blog includes a full description of his solar installation.

Gypsy Traveler Blog (Added 1/4/12) The Gypsy Traveler posts his updates by the city he is visiting. Read more about him at his "About Me" page.

Camping in PA (Added 1/4/12) "My name is Mike and my wife's name is Kim. We have been RVing/camping together since 2005, but as kids, we camped with our parents. Now we are passing on the memories to our 8 year old daughter. We usually have 260 lbs of dog with us. Zeus, a Bull Mastiff and Rebel, a Bloodhound mix, who is a Hurricane Katrina survivor. We live in Oley, Pa, and most of our camping trips are just weekend trips. My plan is to keep a running blog on our trips and various camping/ rving experiences. We'll see how that works. Hopefully, someone will find some of my blogs interesting, but if not, I'll have something to read in the off season. Our current RV is a 2005 Sunseeker Class C motorhome. Nothing fancy. We had travel trailers in the past, but with relatives in Kansas and numerous trips to see them, a motorhome just made more sense for us. It also made for a great trip to Disney World, which I have a blog about.

My Scamp Egg Camper (Added 12/26/11) From Gary's homepage: "Several years ago I got it in my head that I wanted a small fiberglass RV. An Eriba Puck was my dream camper. The realities of finding one here in the USA opened my eyes to other possibilities..." He has a 1987 13' Scamp.

Crusher Chronicles (Added 12/26/11) "I'm Steve, located in Orlando, Florida. This site came about when I started trying to sell the 5th wheel, and needed a web hosting service. I noticed that the blog was included, and figured what the heck, I should try blogging also."

Rain Dog (Added 12/26/11) "STORIES FROM BRIAN AND ERIKA'S ADVENTURE ABOARD A PACIFIC SEACRAFT CREALOCK 34." When on land they travel in a fiberglass trailer.

Dan and Eileen on the go (Added 11/26/11) "The photo journal of Dan and Eileen On The Go. Our explorations, travels, adventures, and Workamper jobs as we enjoy our full time RV'ing life style."

Casita Adventures Photography by Rob Rupp (Added 11/26/11) "Retired and loving it. I now spend my time in Kansas and Arizona when I am not exploring and photographing the West while traveling in my small fiberglass travel trailer. I enjoy revisiting special places I had connected with in the past and discovering new ones. When I was younger, I was always drawn to the mountains. Heading West to some remote wilderness was the most alive I ever felt."

StarrTrekkers (Added 11/2/11) "My husband and I have been planning our retirement and our travels for years and finally the time is here. Our new motorhome arrived in October and the fun began. Here you will be able to follow our adventures as we fulfill our dreams."

Ginger Goes Camping (Added 11/26/11) "Glamorous camping in an Airstream trailer with Ginger and her humans"

Mello Mike's Wolf Creek Camper, Travel and Boondocking Blog (Added 11/2/11) "I'm the 1st VP of the WBCCI Four Corners Unit and the Moderator of the Boondocking, Dry Camping, and Public Lands Forum of the RV.NET Open Roads Forum. My interests include music (I play guitar), writing (I've written a book and several pieces for Airstream Life), genealogy, history, college football, and travel. I also enjoy camping, hiking and fishing in the great outdoors with my beautiful wife and restoring Airstream travel trailers. I retired from the Navy in 2004 after 24 years of service."

Simple Living and Simple Travel (Added 9/23/11) Sebastian started his blog in July, 2006. A quote from his page: "With most postings, I put together a few paragraphs and photos and upload them the first time there's web access. Then I go back and add to the posting as things occur, I learn more about the area, and take more pictures. So if you are following my roaming, each posting isn't finished until I post the new-titled entry. It can be worth rereading the last posting. Even then I tend to go back over postings and rewrite or add text."

Our Traveling Home (Added 8/16/11) From Byron & Anne's "Here's what you'll see if you spot us traveling. The trailer is a 2006 13″ Scamp towed by a 2005 Dodge Dakota. The Dakota have more than enough towing capacity to pull that trailer around"

The Don Pad (Added 8/16/11) "I am a musician, an entertainer, a teacher. I didn't choose it, it just happened that way. I have shared the stage with some of the greatest entertainers in America yet my family thinks I am going through a phase. It is difficult when people do not understand that some folks don't "fit" into life the way they do. My sweet Mom and Pop indulged all three of their sons, even when they did not completely understand. But some of my family and friends think this RV lifestyle is a bit strange. Here's a thought for ya: those who march to a different drummer are usually fairly content in their lifestyle, even if they live in an aluminum tube or a fiberglass egg. Now where did I put that road map??"

Full Time RV Road Warriors (Added 4/24/11) Doyle & Teri are living Historians Traveling the country in an RV and cooking for Historic Events.We love the Past, so we are always reliving it."Living Full Time on the Road in a 2011 Heartland Road Warrior 361 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RV. Travel and Full Time Lifestyle Planning, Mods, Links to Popular RV Blogs, Destinations, Housekeeping, Road Journal. Your Portal to Freedom on the Road.

RV Log (Added 3/19/11) Sheila, Stan & Johnna started their blog in June, 2005 with a trip to Alaska. Lots of great photos of their travels.

RV on the Go (Added 2/27/11) "Im a 25 year old national explorer. I live full time in an RV with my sexy girlfriend, very handsome 2 1/2 year old son and two pets, dog big and cat smally. We love to explore new places and can't stand being in one place to long. We also love to meet new people who love to explore and have fun. We work on the road selling at festivals, fairs and fleamarkets. We make good money but don't like spending it on things like rent, instead we'd rather use it to have fun and enjoy life the way everyone was meant to. The reason for this blog is to both meet new people on the road and help others wanting to get into the full time RVing lifestyle. And anyone who wants to pop in for the weekend and live enjoy life with us, were always always open to meeting all kinds of new people. Young, Old, Weird, Normal, We dont care were really open minded."

Our Casita Adventures (Added 2/27/11) "This blog documents the real life and almost real-time adventures of Sandi and Jay Goode"

Malia's Miles (Added 2/27/11) "I am a fulltime RVer and consider myself extremely blessed to be able to live this lifestyle. I've experienced a lot since starting in 2001 and want to share what I've learned along the way. So much of it came from other RVers, who are some of the most friendly people on earth, always so willing to help and share. I hope to continue this tradition and "pay it forward" by being of service to other traveling souls. We most certainly are a special breed" See her blog for her travels.

On The Road With Weldon & Wilma (Added 2/1/11) From Weldon's About Us: "Wilma & I got married in 1972, I got the best end of the deal. We have a furry kid named Tank. Hope to see you down the road. Remember if life is a book and you do not travel you only read one page. Weldon & Wilma REMEMBER: Anything you read is my opinion, everyone has one (opinion) yours may be better than mine. Follow at your own risk."

bigtrucknewhouse (Added 1/20/11) "We are the Norths. Originally from East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. UT graduates. Married 10 years. One child, 2, and two substantial 90 lb. dogs. We moved full time into our 36' Safari Cheetah motorhome about 2 months ago and are living northeast of Atlanta. "

On the Road..... and When? (Added 1/20/11) From Emery's home page: "A lifestyle known as Full Time RVing (fulltiming) has been a personal goal of mine since I was about 20. Though we have long hoped to already be "long gone" by now it is still a work in progress. This Blog attempts to chronicle our planning, progress and procrastinations and perturbations as we make the transition."

Vagabondians (Added 1/2/11) From their July 13th posting: "So what is a vagabondian? Someone who travels, who wanders. An explorer. More precisely, someone who has an affinity for that sort of life. So there you have it. What is a Vagabondian? A Vagabondian is someone who enjoys the life of a Vagabond and the company of other like-minded Vagabonds."

Texas Reflections Photography (Added 1/2/11) Horst is retired, traveling around the country in a Nissan Xterra & Casita camper taking beautiful photographs. Check his home bage for the photographs & his blog for his travels.

The Travelkid's Blog (Added 1/2/11) Starting in October, 2007, (where you can find a long "about us" section), "Obie-Bob-Canolli and his bride, the vivacious Princess Pat" are traveling in a Casita Fiberglass Trailer.

A New Adventure (Added 12/28/10) From Nancy and Dennis's About Us: "We are both retired and embarking on what we hope will be many years of extended traveling. Our home away from home consists of a 1999 Volvo 610 with a custom deck that carries our 2005 smart fortwo. Our fifth wheel is a 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire, 37 feet long with three slides. All together we are 60 feet long and weigh just over 37,000 lbs!"

Chasing A Rainbow (Added 12/28/10) "Linda,Buddy And I hope you will enjoy following our long time passion of travel and chasing warm weather." And from George: "Retired at age 60 from Atmos Energy Company to spend time traveling with Wife Linda and our Lhasa Apso Buddy.This will be an attempt to keep family and friends updated on our travels.This has been a plan that has been in place for several years.Linda is a retired Pharmacy tech with over 30 years in the medical business.We share a passion for travel."

Speed Bumps (Added 7/10/05) Bob has been writing about his journeys since June, 2000, when he listed his thoughts on the perfect RV. Follow his adventures into retirement, and travel around the US & Canada.

Cathy and Peter's Space (Added 8/4/09) Cathy and Peter are retired and traveling the US. Lots of photographs of their travels.

Chuck Woodbury's Roadside Journal (Added 2/17/07) Chuck is the editor of RV Travel.com, a site featuring news, information and travel advice for rvers. This is his blog filled with his comments and observations gained from his travels around the US.

The Adventures of Bill and Stephie Henkle (Added 12/28/10) Bill and Stephie have a long introduction on their Welcome page. Be sure to check their blog as well as their other travel pages.

I Do Have A Map (Added 12/18/10) Maureen & Jim's 25,000km Canadian travels in a 17A Escape travel trailer.

Bill and Debbys Wild Ride (Added12/14/10) "Welcome to our latest adventure! From the selling of our precious goods, getting our new rig & planning our attack on the road you can be a part of it...we'd love your comments, thanks for joining us on our wild ride!"

Our RV Travels (Added 11/27/10) Wayne and Roberta's description of their blog: "Hope you enjoy reading about our RV travels. Our outings in the RV had been long weekends with a week here and there since April 2006. Now that we are both retired we will be taking longer trips. We won't be going full time because we would miss our kids and grandkids way to much."

Danny&Shula's Home page (Added 11/27/10) "We have been RV-ing throughout North America for 4-5 months every summer since 2002. We spend the winters at home with our family and friends and each spring we pickup our truck and rig from the place we stored it at the end of the previous year's trip. Truck-F-350 2006, SD,Diesel,Auto,EC,LB,2WD. 5W Trailer-Cruiser 2006 CF29CK with 3 slides. P.A,Good Sam Member. GPS-TomTom We love it."

Adventures in Scamping (Added 5/23/10) From Karen"s "About Me" - "Essayist. English teacher. Traveler. Hibernophile. Foodie. Reader. Photographer. I currently live in 300 square feet and I travel in a camper that boasts 60 square feet." She travels in a 13' Scamp Fiberglass trailer.

Eleven Foot RV (Added 2/11/09) Jenny's About Me: "I am a want to be writer and soon to be full time RV'er. Watch for me coming soon to a town near you." She started her blog in December, 2007.

Two Drifters Off to See the World (Added 1/9/09) Bob & Molly's blog starts in October 2007 with a travelog on their trip to Israel and Jordan. From there they describe their travels around the US in their Class A Motorhome.

Andy Duecker Tumbln' (Added 11/27/10) Andy's site shows the probress of rebuilding "Gypsy", a classic Pace Arow Class A RV. Just a note for those reading on iPads or iPhones - most pages are Flash movies.


The Handier Man (Added 11/27/10) The first page of The Handier Man's blog is at "Today is the Start". He is traveling in a Classic Winnebago motor home, a '73 Winnebago Indian.

Paul's Blog (Added 11/4/10) Paul's blog at the Truck Camper Forums site details a number of his trips, including 2 to Mexico.

Casita Escapes (Added 10/18/10) Glenda's blog starts on her May, 2008 page describing why she purchased a 17' Casita and continues to document her travels.

RV Treks (Added 10/18/10) Missy & Roy, the authors of RV Treks describe their travels in a motorhome. They include detailed descriptions of the RV parks where they have stayed.

The Journey of the Redneck Express (Added 6/14/10) A description of the Redneck Express from the January 2006 first page of this blog: "He or perhaps It, depending on your perspective, is the combination of a retired 1992 Dodge 3/4 4x4 extended cab Power Wagon (Dodge's fancy name for a 3/4 4-wheel drive Pickup Truck) from the Oregon State Parks fleet, and a mostly-restored 1974 KIT 1106 Kamper slide-in Truck Camper."

Camping Trips for 2010 (Added 9/26/10) Norma & Paul's collection of photographs of their adventures during 2010.

Where the heck is Andrew Jay... (Added 9/26/10) "We are Andrew, Neil and Traci. The things we love to do, are the things we do together, especially camping in our Travel Trailer!"

Dreamscape Eagle (Added 9/26/10) "Greetings fellow Bus Nuts and Bus Nut Wannabes! This is a brief introduction of our 1968 Eagle 01. We call it Dreamscape for two reasons, it was my Dream when I was a young man to own a bus and convert it into a "Home on Wheels" and to be able to Escape onto the many backroads and see this beautiful country. Our Eagle was built in Belgium by Bus & Car Co. There is quite a history of how Silver Eagle got started. You can check out the information on the Silver Eagle website listed below. This coach was first owned by The Dixie Echoes and is the last Model 01 built by Silver Eagle."

Les & Joy's Excellent Adventures (Added 9/8/10) "We stareted doing this Blog at the beginning of 2008. But we retired the first of Sept. 2006. So for those who are interested we will give a short recap of what we were up to get to the start of this Blog."

OUTAHERE (Added 9/8/10) "Welcome to Virginia and Gene's Homepage, OUTAHERE. OUTAHERE has been created for our friends, our families and ourselves, the name of our Blog will change when we finally hit the road fulltime in our 45 ft Motorhome, so OUTAHERE is relevent to our current location which is in our big home in New York, which we will leave behind in the near future for our much smaller rolling home. Now that you understand the basics here is one more play on words, our motorhome will be called THE RIGBEE, we will have some kind of decal with a , my wifes maiden name is Rigby, so our motorhome will be THE RIGBEE, now that all that stuff is out of the way, sit back, get comfortable and enjoy reading about our process as we transition from middle aged homowners-------To Reborn Road Warrior Adventurers, one more thing, they dont know it yet, but our three cats are coming along, see you on the road, Gene and Virginia"

Camping and Travels...Adventures with Suzanne and Brad (Added 1/1/09) "Thanks for reading our blog! We decided to take a year off from our jobs and travel North America. We hope this gives some insight into our travels, as well as help you find some fun and exciting places to travel as well. Enjoy!!"

Bill and Debbie's Blog (Added 9/3/10) From their About Us: "We are retired and spend several months each year traveling in our truck camper to places where we can hike, bike and kayak and the rest of the time we do other stuff like yoga, Tae Kwon Do, RC airplanes and helicopters, cooking and reading."

Tar Heel Camper (Added 8/19/10) From their "About the Barber Family" - "We live in the Piedmont of North Carolina and love to travel and explore places in our RV. We hope that you enjoy our posts and benefit from the information that we share."

Are We There Yet (Added 2/6/09) From their About Us: "Colleen is a SAS Programmer/ Statistical Analyst and the primary author of this journal. Pierre is an Osteopathic Physician, the founder and former medical director of Get Well, and the author of a self-help book, The Joy of Comfortable Sex: A Guide for Couples with Back or Neck Pain. Colleen and Pierre were married in the summer of 2007 and are currently taking a break from their respective careers to spend some time traveling around this great country of ours in their RV. In addition to RVing, they like to spend their free time sailing, hiking, and biking."


Jack and Danielle Mayer (Added 8/19/10) From their home page: "It was always our dream to live and travel fulltime in our RV. Beginning in August of 2000 we started living that dream as fulltime RVers. It is a lifestyle that we enjoy and we do not see ourselves "coming off the road" unless medical conditions force us to. This website is oriented towards "technical" issues related to the fulltime RV lifestyle - everything from selecting your tow vehicle, information on Heavy Duty Trucks (HDT's), electrical modifications to your RV, installation and use of solar, items to make boondocking more pleasant, cell phone selection and improvement, Internet access, etc. While we do discuss in detail selection of tow vehicles, the other sections of this web site contain information relevant to motor home or trailer users."

Arizona Fly Rod (Added 8/3/10) Jon started his blog on February 10, 2008. If you want to read a blog that combines fly fishing with RVing, this is the place for you.

Camping and Travels (Added 8/3/10) Susanna and Brad started posting their adventures on July 7, 2008. A recent post covers both the planing and execution of a Rim to Rim trip in the Grand Canyon.

CASITA MCSITA'S TRAVELS (Added 6/14/10) Lots of photos of Brian's travels in a Casita fiberglass trailer. His about me: "BRIAN -
Owner of a small fiberglass travel trailer that enjoys traveling to new places and photographing them."

John & Barbara Vacation 2009 (Added 6/14/10) John & Barbara journal their 2009 trip to Alaska & more.

Couple of Nuts Travels & Experiences (Added 6/14/10) Mac & Dianna blog about retiring & their travels in a travel trailer and a Fleetwood 39R Discovery.

Big Bertha: The Tale of a 1979 Foretravel RV (Added 6/14/10) Jen's about me: "Big Bertha is the name of my 1979 Foretravel RV. She is large and in charge! At 33', she is more of a lady that I anticipated ending up with when I began my search for an RV. However, it was love at first site for the two of us! She has under 39,000 gas-propelled original miles, and the interior is near mint. My plan is to defile her somewhat and make her suitable to provide a semi-permanent homesteading base to live in until I have a home built. Purists wouldn't want to know what I'm going to do with her once the house is built!"

Couple of Nuts Travels & Experiences (Added 5/23/10) Mac & Dianna are traveling the US in their motorhome. An interesting quote from their site: "Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year."

Dan Schechter's Blog (Added 5/23/10) Dan describes his adventures both around the US & the world. Many photographs of his travels. Be sure to also check his other blog "THE LMIC (LOOK MOM I'M CAMPING)" for great tips on Boondocking in a small trailer.

Watch Dave Travel (Added 5/23/10) "My name is David Scott Sussman and as I write this I am 37 years old." Dave is planning to do some traveling in his trailer in the near future.

Wheel Estate Travelers (Added 5/23/10) "Retired in 2008 at 60 plus, we are Chuck and Elva Newman, Wheel Estate Travelers. We have a 1998 Safari Serengeti that we purchased in 2009, a Harley Motorcycle, and Lance Scooter. Beginning July 2010, we will be official Full Time Wheel Estate Travelers. Our love for adventure, travel, making new friends, and living life to the fullest has brought us to our current passion and position in life. We will be sharing our adventures on this website. Please feel free to navigate through the sidebar located to the left. " Check their blog.

Traveling With Jim & Elaine (Added 11/7/07) Jim & Elaine have been describing their travels since 1993. They currently travel in a Bigfoot Camper and tow their 2007 4-door Jeep Rubicon on a FeatherLite aluminum trailer. They also have a cabin in Delaware, and are planning to build a log cabin in Colorado.

The Adventure Begins Here Kirk & Pam started full timing in April, 2000. Spend some time browsing through the many menu items on the top of their page - among other things they have had lots of Workcamping experience around the US.

The Mekkerfest WebSite (Added 1/23/06) The Mekkerfest family has made many trips around the US and Canada starting in their Bounder & later, a Winnebago Adventurer. Lots of photographs.

Roaming America Rich and Diane started documenting their move to full timing in April, 2000. Their web site includes journals of their travels throughout the US & Canada as well as many pages of their world travels while Rich worked for IBM.

RVing Toadless (Added 4/19/10) "Too chicken to pull a car, so I document ways to get around without a tow car. Retired Federal Auditor, Substitute taught for fun for a few years, now I just go RVing. Current picture taken during August 2009."

Carpe Diem Adventures 2008 (Added 12/7/08) Robert & Leslie started their blog on May 9, 2008 with the first day of their trip to Alaska. They provide a great description of their trip as well as links to many photographs.

Travels With Turtle (Added 3/8/10) "This website is a place to share with family and friends our travel adventures and trips with Turtl, A 2005 Escape 17', our home on the road. Explore the pages in the menu above to read about and view our travels. We hope there are many tales yet to come!"

Tales From Technomadia (Added 3/8/10) "Technomads: Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard. Living at the intersection of Epic & Awesome - traveling, living, working and playing full-time in a 1961 Vintage Bus Conversion, embracing nomadic serendipity."

Merlin's Quest (Added 3/8/10) This blog is about the trials & tribulations of a 35' 1999 Fleetwood Flair.

The Canuckian (Added 1/31/10) "A collection of thoughts on "What's New, What's Hot and What's Not!" ............... Going down the Road....\Tag along for the Ride !!!!!!!!! THE DETECTING PROSPECTOR MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA Retired Exec, now a Beach Digger, looking for all of my old Bottle Caps. There's Gold on them there Beaches !!

Our Road Trips (Added 1/31/10) John & Jeanie invite you along with them as they travel around the country. Check their blog & albums for more.

Tsiyon Bound (Added 1/31/10) "This blog presents the stories of the travels of DannyLee & SueJean. DannyLee is a Johnny Cash tribute artist with a heart to walk in the ways of our Almighty Creator, YHWH. SueJean is his covenant partner and companion, as well as (he says) his “June Carter”. Our “chariot” is a Ford F-250 pulling along a Big Horn fifth wheel trailer. Our ultimate destination – we’re “Tsiyon Bound”!"

Full Time RVBlog (Added 1/31/10) Will has written a book about full time blogging. This page has information about his book as well as a link (at the upper right of the page) to his blog about full timing.

Adventures With Annie (Added 1/24/10) "PJGMIG" writes about his adventures in a Class A Motorhome.

Welcome to Earl & Linda's Place Click on Travel Updates at the bottom of their home page to read about Earl & Linda's travels in a 5th Wheel. Their journal covers October 2000 to October 2004, including a trip to Alaska. They have recently purchased a Lazy Daze Class C Motor home

Gee 2 on the Road (Added 10/31/09) Paul's about us: "A Journal of our wandering about the North American Continent on board Gee 2 our 2004 Southwind 36E motorhome."

Roads Less Traveled (Added 10/7/09) "In May, 2007, we sold everything we owned, rented out our house,and moved into a travel trailer to have the adventure of a lifetime. Wehave been traveling the North American continent ever since. Thesepages are a photo journal of our experiences. If you are planning asimilar adventure, enjoy pretty photos of fun places, or are curious tofind out what the fulltime RV lifestyle is all about, we hope this websitewill serve as an inspiration."

RVing Small House...BIG Backyard (Added 10/7/09) "KARENINTHEWOODS AND STEVEIO. Happily married, grandparents of one, two more on the way. We go camping regularly in our 38ft Safari Serengeti diesel pusher motohomer, with two dogs guiding our way. We will be fully retired in 2013 and hit the road full-time then in our rig, traveling the great USA! Our grown children are an important part of our lives, and they are now bringing children of their own into the world. What a wonderful treat that Grandchildren are!!! We live in a cozy log home tucked into the banks of a river in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. In my studio (or while on the road) I create my handwoven and knitted items. I am a weaver, spinner, and knitter of socks with an antique sockknitting machine. Check out my other links to see more about my Fiber Arts."

RV With Tito (Added 10/7/09) Tito started his blog February 28, 2008. They have traveled throughout the western US in a Four Winds Class C RV towing a Honda CRV.

Travels With Otto (Added 4/5/09) "Otto is a 2007 Navion motor home. This blog documents his journeys with Al and Nancy Fasoldt inside, along with their Standard Poodles, Joshua and Jacob)."

Dennis & Denice 2009 Winter Vacation (Added 4/5/09) "March 2008 I retired from a GREAT company, and now am on a monthly pension ( Not big enough, but they never are)and now plan on doing a fair amount of travelling with our motorhome "ELTORO" with which we tow a recently purchased Jeep that will soon be Christened "TOADTWO". Previously we towed "TOADONE", a little Suzuki Sidekick. We had a lot of fun with him, but he was not too comfortable in hot weather and dusty roads. He was "Plain Jane". However we now hope to travel all North America over the next few years as our health permits - and the money lasts - southern climes in the winter months and the northern parts in summer."

The MoHo and Other Traveling Tales (Added 11/28/08) "So many places, so little time. One of my retirement dreams was a motorhome and a "toad" and the time to start each day with the question, "do I want to be in this place today or not". I'm not quite there just yet, but the day is coming, and in the mean time here are some traveling stories."

Our Holiday Road (Added 9/21/09) Bud & Shirley started their blog in December, 2008. From their about us "Navigating through life with a love of God, family, country and the open road."

Travels With Dave & Elaine (Added 12/2/06) Dave & Elaine started their journal in June, 2006 and update often. They are traveling in a 2006 Itasca Sunrise 35A and towing a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer.

The Camping Machine (Added 5/17/07) Quoting from their homepage: "Three years ago we went to a local RV show. As we walked into the convention center my four-year old said, "Dad, look at all these Camping Machines!" The name stuck. Some people have motor homes, 5th wheels or travel trailers. We have something unique. We have The Camping Machine. This website and blog is about family, stories, photos and our occasional adventures. Come along for the ride."

John & Brenda's Incredible Adventure (Added 2/11/09) "We retired in mid 2007 and then picked up a little contract work to keep me out of trouble until the fall came when we began to travel. That lasted for about five months and then it is back to work for the summer. But we will be back on the road in late October of 08." They started their blog in January, 2008.

Sassy's Schooner Saga (Added 3/16/09) "The story of our journey Into Something Good, going Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Holding onto Our Dreams. How we got on the way to becoming Full Time RVers! Our Dodge 3500 V10 dually truck,is our horses,and our 2008 34.7ft, 3 slide Cedar Creek Silverback Fifth wheel, is our Prairie Schooner Wagon just like the Pioneers of Yesteryear. Come along for the ride and read about our triumphs,mishaps,and fun along the way!"

Joyce Travels (Added 2/11/09) Joyce & Jim "are full-time RV'ers on a great adventure! We have a 4 year old Bichon Frise named Daisy. We are full-time Rv'ers. We live very comfortably in a 2004 Phaeton motorhome." Her first post in this blog is in February, 2008.

Robnik's Adventures (Added 6/20/07) "John & Cathy Robnik travel fulltime in a 39 foot Kountry Star Diesel Pusher with Murphy an 9 year old shelite with an attitude. We have been traveling full time for over 5 years and enjoyed every mile."

Paulette & Rick's Trip Journal (Added 2/6/09) Paulette & Rick started their journal in 2007. They are traveling in a 5th wheel across the northern US & the west coast.

Ronnie & Rebecca's Historic Adventure (Added 7/11/09) "Welcome to our trip journal! Travel with us as we see the historic east coast; Williamsburg, Washington D.C., Mt. Vernon, Valley Forge, Liberty Bell, New York City, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Time Square, Plymouth Rock, Mayflower II. We will, then, travel to New Foundland and North Sydney, NS." Be sure to use the menu on the upper right (or click) to see their 2008 Alaska trip!

Working on the Road (Added 11/24/07) "Keep up-to-date about news and information about earning income while RVing. Author and work camping expert Jaimie Hall reveals what you need to know to gain employment or run your own business while traveling with a recreational vehicle. Jaimie is the author of Support Your RV Lifestyle and a contributing editor to Workamper News."

Gumo (Added 7/20/09) "Travels and ramblings of an old former seasonal national park ranger... In between camping trips, I work with 7th grade students as their science teacher, teaching as much as I can get away with about the outdoors..."

Bill & Karen's Travel Journal (Added 7/11/09) Bill & Karen are from Ontario, Canada. Their introduction: "Follow along with our travel journal as we travel through Canada and the USA." Updated often when they are traveling.

Big Ol' Bug Smacker (Added 5/14/09) From Tim & Terri's "About Us" - "My wife and I are working professionals with full time careers. My wife is currently employed as a Human Resource Assistant for a local independent governmental unit. I jokingly refer to her as “H.R. Pufnstuf”. She has a background in finance and purchasing, also. I am currently employed as a Field Engineer for a large digital photography and digital printing corporation. I am also a Technology Consultant and specialize in providing professional services and support."

We both have a passion for photography. You can find samples of our artistic work in our Photo Gallery. Hopefully you will take the opportunity to browse through our collection.

Artful RV Adventures (Added 11/7/07) Mark & Bobbie are traveling in a 26 foot Excel fifth wheel RV that they pull behind their 2001 Ford F 250 pickup truck. "We are about to quit our jobs, sell our house, and embark on our third “sabbatical” in the past 8 years. "

RV Daydreams (Added 3/16/09) "Welcome, my name is Don Catoe, aka Doncat, and together with my wife Cheryl we daydream about the day we will be able to become fulltime RVers. I am retired from the USAF after serving 24 years, I now work for the Air Force as a civilian. Cheryl is a loan underwriter for a credit union. We are working to reach our financial goals we set after graduating from Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Once we reach those goals it is hello fulltime RVing!"

Travel With Larry and Betty (Added 3/16/09) You might want to go to their "About Us" page for the whole story, but this site follows Larry & Betty's trips to Mexico. Lots of great photographs!

Rolling Castle Travels (Added 2/6/09) "PATSY AND WOODY Also known as Queen of the North and Woody. Retired and spending our children's inheritance."

Traveling Morgans (Added 1/19/09) From their About Us: "Larry and Phyllis were married in 1968 and raised and home schooled two children with Larry working as a computer expert. Larry, Phyllis, Roscoe, and Harpo now travel the USA in a 2001 Jayco Eagle Travel Trailer (26 foot with no slides) towed by a 1999 Dodge Diesel 3500 dually. They are trying to see and experience the country."

Travels With Aurora (Added 1/2/09) From Rob & Connie's About Us: "We travel and share ourselves with those that we can help along the way. Don't sweat the small things and in the cosmos we are all small stuff." They started their blog December 2003.

On The Road in North America (Added 1/9/09) "Come along for a ride, as we spend 18 months travelling North America. From home in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, we take you to Florida for the winter via the Eastern US. After a brief return home, we take you to Alaska and the North Western US and Canada. Then home to repack the old motor home for the South Western US for the winter months. After that, if gas prices aren’t too onerous, we will take you on a trip through the East Coast of Canada and the NE States."

Enchanted Gypsy ~ Travel Diaries (Added 1/23/06) Quoting their introduction: "Follow along with our adventures as we set out to convert a school bus into a beautiful,energy efficient home that runs off recycled vegetable oil. We then embark on a life long adventure, roaming the country, selling our handcrafted art and music as we go, meeting strange and wonderful people along the way. Crazy,naive,you ask ? Maybe,..maybe not.."

Travels With Keith and Kathy (Added 5/2/08) Quoting their "about me" "Keith is a retired aerospace engineer, and Kathy is a retired middle-school teacher. We have a sticks-and-bricks residence in central Massachusetts, near Kathy's grandchildren. By solemn compromise, we travel about halftime in our 29' Winnebago. Since purchasing our coach new in 2001, we have driven 75,000 miles through 49 US states and 10 Canadian provinces. This coming summer, we are driving back to Alaska for the third time. Since Kathy retired two years ago, we also have stared to travel by other modes. Last spring we cruised the Alaskan panhandle, courtesy of Holland American, and last fall we spent 3-plus weeks touring China. Next summer (2009), we have booked a 34 day North Atlantic cruise. We just retroactively added our travel journals from China (see Nov/Dec 2007) to this Blog. We plan to retro-post more of our older travel journals as time goes by. They a lot of work, but they also bring back many fond memories for us. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy creating them. Travel Safe"

Angel Fire Blog (Added 10/1/08) "Maria and I live in Angel FIre, New Mexico — and, as if it weren’t already obvious from our title above, we’re a bit nuts about the broad four-corners area and vintage Airstreams! But if it isn’t obvious enough, I’ll include a couple of pics below, one down into the valley where we live, taken from the ski mountain above us, and the other from one of our trips with the Airstream."

Get Out the Map (Added 3/27/06) Elly bought a 1973 23' Safari Airstream on eBay in June, 2005. Her blog describes the process of rebuilding the trailer & her travels.

The Website of Doug and Carol Simpson (Added 5/2/08) Don & Carol update their site almost every day when they are traveling in their 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, 2WD, extended cab, long bed with the Duramax diesel and Allison transmission. Their RV is a 2004 Cedar Creek 30RLBS by Forest River with two slides. Check the links to their trip to Alaska, And Technology Aids for RVers.

Where in the World Are The Wiseman's? (Added 11/28/08) "Travel is our passion. By the time we both retired, we had been to all fifty states, 82 countries and taken 47 cruises. Now that we really have time to travel, we plan to see the rest of the world and revisit old favorites at a slower pace. Whenever we are asked what our favorite destination was, we answer, "The next one!" We look forward to sharing our adventures with you as well as staying in touch. We hope you use the "leave a message" link to keep in touch as well. There's nothing like positive feedback to keep the blogger motivated!"

Traveling With Buddy (Added 11/28/08) "We are the Koyamatsu's, Norm, Ranae, and Buddy. We have been full time rving for almost 4 years and have met many wonderful people and made many lifetime friends. It was in 2005 that Ranae asked me if I would like to sell our house and join the ranks of the "homeless". It took me all of 5 seconds to decide that this was what I wanted to do. I have always wanted to travel the United States and see all the places that you read and hear about. It is a decision that we have not regretted."

Hitek Homeless (Added 9/20/08) "We’re Johnny and Jenn, a couple of hardcore IT geeks; the hairy, furry toothed sort that speak in TLA’s (three letter acronyms), can’t explain anything without drawing a diagram and walk around the office barefoot. After a combined 24 years in the field, we got fed up with cubical life and started plotting our escape."

Our RV Life (Added 9/20/08) "We are posting a journal of our life in the rv along with pictures so that you can have an idea about our new life" They started their blog in March, 2005.

Traveling - Texas Style (Added 9/20/08) "My blog is about RV traveling throughout the United States. Upon occasion, tips will be provided for trips not involving RV travel. I feel that I can provide many useful travel tips to people about sites around the US."

A Breath of Fresh Road (Added 9/20/08) "We are living full-time in IDK, our 98 Monaco Windsor Motorhome , a 38-ft, Diesel Pusher,330 Cummins engine, 6 speed Allison transmission, towing IDC, our 04 Kia Optima on a Stehl Tow dolly. The names for our vehicles are pretty straight-forward. IDK is to answer any questions about what, when, why or where we're going to do anything. (I Don't Know) - IDC is to respond to what anyone thinks about our lifestyle choice (especially if they disagree ;-) ) -(I Don't Care). Official start date for our adventure was October 8, 2007 when we sold our house in SC."

On The Road With Planet Ultra (Added 9/1/08) Welcome to Deb & Brian's Blog. Follow along as we enjoy traveling in our rolling home. What we do when we're not hosting the best centuries, double centuries, multi-day tours and ultra distances races... They started their blog in July, 2007 and spend much of their time organizing bike races.

Homer and the Hornet (Added 7/23/08) From their about us: "Mike is a manager in a large FAA office near the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and Sandy is a retired public schoolteacher of gifted and talented children. I, too, hope to be retiring in a few years, and we are preparing for a lot of RV travel after having discovered how much we enjoy this kind of adventure. This blog will take you from the the excitement and discoveries of our very first RV trip through the trials and tribulations of downsizing our lifestyle and grappling with the onrush of life's sunset years and our emergence, hopefully, with our dreams and our sanity intact. We hope you enjoy the journey with us."

kavewritting (Added 5/26/08) Although they haven't left yet (as of May 26, 2008) Kate & Dave describe the planning for their trip to work camp at the Cottonwood Dude Ranch in South Fork, CO.

Croft's Mexico (Added 3/12/08) From his "About Us" "I am a retired telecommunications technician, Union Activist and Political Junkie. I live six months a year in Canada and six months somewhere else - currently Mexico."

Just Passing Through (Added 2/20/08) "Gary,59, retired from the USPS 4 years ago at the age of 55. He drove a school bus for the next 3 years and loved it. Sally,53, was a stay at home mom who homeschooled, had a children's resale store for 3 years, and did volunteer work. We sold our house in 2007, but Sally got cancer(non-Hodgkins lymphoma). We parked our RV and lived in it while going through chemo. We have now been on the road for 2 months doing volunteer work and we love it!!"

Bob & Elizabeth's Excellent Adventure (Added 5/26/08) "Tagworld has been dismantled so I'm starting all over here. I'll try to link the pages from our first two years of travel for anyone who hasn't yet seen it. But...I'm not sure I'll be able to do it. So, for now at least, it's a fresh start. Make sure to hop around every time you visit - it won't be one stop shopping like my last site. Photos will be on their own photo gallery page with a place to leave comments about each pic if you so choose, there will be a travel page for each major stop in our adventure with sub-headings for side trips, a guest book for you to sign and a blog for random thoughts and observations. Or something like that. Anyway, hope you enjoy!" Warning - lots of sound & flashing...

Our Road Less Traveled (Updated 5/26/08) Lynne started this blog in May, 2005. It contains photographs and descriptions of the many places she and Roy visited during their travels.

Natasha's Camping Site (Added 5/26/08) Use the menu on the left to explore their travels, their modifications, and camping information. They travel in a 2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab, 6.0 V-8 Turbo Diesel pulling a 2005 Fleetwood Niagara Folding Trailer.

Blakes on the Road (Added 2/20/08) John & Ginny document their travels with lots of photographs & links to interesting stops along the way.

John & Angelas RV Adventures (2/20/08) John & Angela's site has many photographs of their trips to Mexico & more. Check the photograph on their home page - it isn't often a "toad" is another RV.

rovingkennards (Added 1/2/08) Susan & Les are retired, and traveling around america blogging about their travels & the people they meet.

Colored Outside the Lines (Added 2/17/07) "Bob is retired from Cabela's as of Oct 20,2006. I (Sandy) got to retire along with him. We are Arizona bound in the winter and will do campground hosting in the summer months. Carley, our cocker spaniel, loves to travel with us."

The Great Misadventures of David & JoEllen (Added 1/2/08) From their introduction: 'Welcome! You have discovered the webpages of "Modern Gypsies" David & JoEllen Laurita and Toby the cat. We are fulltime RVers traveling around this great country in our Ford dually pickup (The Mighty 350) and 5th wheel camper going where the winds may blow us. We are now in the third year of the Great MisAdventure and enjoy the freedom this lifestyle promotes. We spend time sightseeing, walking, gold prospecting, crafting, reading, and web building, as well as soaking in the local cultures of wherever we visit. This website is designed to document The Great MisAdventure as our electronic scrapbook, we welcome your thoughts and comments. Feel free to email David anytime. We would love to hear from you!"

Mexico Trip 2007 - 2008 (Added 12/12/07) Quoting their intro: "This is the adventures and mis-adventures of Graydon and Diane with their two Portuguese Water Dogs, Leo and Hayley driving their Dutch Star motorhome from Livingston, Texas to the little town of La Placita in the State of Michoacan, Mexico."

My Travel Homepage (Added 12/13/07) Mike & Roxanne have described their travels across he USA & a trip to Alaska. Use the menu at the upper right to visit their journals.

Ron's Travels (Added 6/20/07) Ron started his blog in February, 2007 & updates it regularly. He travels in a converted school bus that runs on veggie oil!

Ramblin' Ralph's Roamings (Added 7/20/07) Quoting Ralph's introduction: "I bought my truck and camper in late October of 2005. After taking a few short trips in it, I "hit the road" full-time May 2006 for 6 months. Now it's 2007 and I'm doing it again (cuz it was so much fun). Not all of my nights are spent camping, but most are. I'm not making entries that are repeats of previous campgrounds for this year or when I stay with my kids or friends. Campsite fees are for one night with no discount (and no hookups). However, being the old geezer that I am, I get 50% off at U.S. Guvmint CGs with the valuable Golden Age card, plus free entry to National Parks.. One of the few ways (in addition to retirement) it pays to get older. "

Because We Can (Added 2/3/06) Bob & Linda September, 2005 and update it almost every day. From renting to a 1990 Jamboree Class C and now traveling in a 38' 2006 Holiday Rambler Endeavor Diesel, follow their travels around America!

Flying Cloud (Updated 9/5/05) Brian & Leigh are traveling the country in "Flying Cloud," the model name of our 1963 Airstream. This blog follows its journeys.

Ron & Jane 2007 (Added 9/1/07) Ron & Jane's journal starts June 1st, 2007. They are traveling in a Beaver Motorhome currently exploring the Western US.

Our American Adventure (Added 6/20/07) Cynthia, Scott & Kursten (9) and Allison (6) will be traveling in a Sportsmen 37KGX2 5th wheel. They started their blog in May, 2007 & include podcasts.

Travels of Paul & Karen (Added 11/24/07) Paul, Karen & Tucson (the cat) moved to Homer, Alaska, so this blog is backwards from most trips to Alaska - they now travel to the lower 48.

Bert & Jane Gildart’s Travel Odyssey (Added 11/24/07) Bert & Jane travel the US in an Airstream travel trailer pulled by a 2004 Cummins powered Dodge Pickup. Many photographs as well as a link to Bert's Photography pages.

True Stories of us on the Road (Added 11/24/07) From their "About Me: "Barry and Jan Bubby - (Jan) was born and raised in Zanesville, Ohio, lived in Columbus for 20 years. She worked for a wallpaper company as a sales rep, and she transferred to Maryland in 1990. I was born in Baltimore but was raised in the mean streets of Washington, D.C. I was a plumber once upon a time but got involved in the TV business in 1963. I worked as a free-lancer for many years for the networks and for the theatres in Washington, D.C. I was a video engineer for WETA-TV when I met Jan during a PBS fund-raiser. We dated for 4 years and got married in 1997." They are traveling around the US in a 5th Wheel.

The Travel Continues (Added 4/1/07) Quoting Charlyn's Introduction: "Mike and I have been married for 30 years. We have 5 children and 6 grand-children: Kaley (12, 2/8/078)... Seth (3, 10/3/06)... Isabelle (2 8/27/06)... Autumn (1, 5/27/06)... Lukas (6mo. 12/8/06)... Jackson (1 day, 12/23/06)... We started to travel "FULLTIME" on September 3, 2006...we are traveling in a beautiful 1990 Prevost/Marathon ... All that hoping and praying worked...! We love it and are very happy living this life!"

The Ramblin Ramsey's (Added 8/22/07) Chuck & Dee Dee describe themselves: "We are full time RVers. Sold our house in Grants Pass, Oregon in April of 2003 and have been on the road since them."

5th Wheel Wanderings (Added 8/22/07) John & Carol's introduction "We are retired, 64-year-old RVers out to see as much of North America as we can. Join us as we explore this magnificent continent and appreciate God's creation." Lots of photographs & descriptions of their travels.

Carol and Jim's Travel Adventures (Added 8/22/07) "Hello to Family, Friends and Others, Yes we have joined the group of nomads and gypsies know as RV’er. In December of 2006 we purchased a 2003 Winnebago Brave. It is a 32 foot Class A Motor Home (coach) or as some might call it a “Land Yacht”. Use the links under "Our Journeys" to follow their adventures.

The Turtle Expedition (Added 8/22/07) Gary & Monika have been touring since 1972. Check the "Vehicles" menu for some of their traveling machines. As of today they have documented two of their adventures - Driving across Russia in temperatures from -30 to -60 degrees, and hiking the John Muir Trail in California.

Retired Travelers (Added 1/7/07) Ray & Susan have just started this blog - lots of photos of their travels.

RV6.org Top 6 RV Sites on the Internet (Added 3/10/06) The history of Bob's site's unusual name is described in his "about us" page. There is already a link on the " Updated Some" page, but be sure to check his Travel Log as well as the rest of the "6"

On The Road With Gary (Added 8/4/06) Gary started his blog on July 12, 2006. He describes his process of starting to full time in a Lazy Daze Class C motorhome. He also maintains Gary's Mountain Inn Website.

Life is Good! (Added 8/7/07) Sandy & Carl retired in 2004 and now travel extensively in their motorhome and overseas, visiting family and friends and enjoying the outdoors. Follow along with them as they travel and share their experiences in words and pictures. Their travel journals start with in 2003with trip to Alaska.

My RV Stuff (Added 7/20/07) Alan & Cathy's site is primarily photographs of their trips (check the "View our Trips" menu). They travel the US in a Crossroads Paradise Pointe 32BH 5th Wheel.

2 On The Road (Added 6/20/07) From Nolan & Joann's Introduction: "On October 9, 2004 we moved into our Hitchhiker fifth-wheel trailer and hit the road as full-time RVers. We ride motorcycles and like to geocache."

Galloping Geezers (Added 6/20/07) "We, as the title suggests, are a couple of wrinklies ("Aussie-Speak") who threw caution to the wind back in February 2000, sold all of our possibles ("Geezer-Speak") and packed our few remaining possessions into a 1973 GMC 26' motorhome and headed out in search of adventure, the Fountain of Youth and the meaning of life. We believe we have discovered all three through our current lifestyle and heartily recommend it to those approaching their Golden Years. A spirit of adventure, a yearning to travel and, most importantly, a like-minded partner are truly the keys to living unencumbered successfully. Since the beginning of our trek to nowhere we have been sending out updates of our travels to a small cadre of friends and relatives which has expanded along the way. We now invite you to join this exclusive list. Enjoy, Chuck & Kalyn Bryan"

Joy and Ray Tennison's Home Page (Added 5/11/07) Although Joy & Ray update their home page often, be sure to check their travel pages for details on their journeys since 1999.

Gee 2 on the Road (Added 5/17/07) Paul has been documenting his travels since August, 2004. They are wandering about the North American Continent in Gee 2 , their 2004 Southwind 36E motorhome.

The Adventures & Travels of RoadAbode (Added 1/3/06) Not the same "Road Abode" as above, these Class C RVers are from Pennsylvania and started their adventures in their driveway in November, 2004.

Bill / Diana RV Website (Added 3/12/06) In the late Spring of 2002 we (my wife and I) returned to RV'ing when we purchased our first Motorhome. So now we will once again begin to build the fond memories that camping can provide. We wish to share our camping experience with you through this web site. We hope that you enjoy our adventures and be certain to return to the site often. Click on the "All Trips" link then use the links on the left to read about each trip.

Educators, Life-Long Learners, & Mobile Mavericks (Added 3/12/07) Annette Lamb and her husband Larry Johnson's blog starts in the Fall of 1998. They have links to hundreds of pages (with photos) describing their travels around the US in a 38 foot Class A motorhome.

The Winter's Web Page (Added 4/12/07) "Trust in the Lord your God, who goes before you on the way to seek out a place for you to camp?to show you the route you should take." The Winters update their webpage monthly.

Log of the Wayward Wind (Added 4/1/07) the "The Spotted-Ass Wonder Dog and his two human companions search for America" are traveling in a Ford Pickup & Montana 5th wheel. Along with their travels around the US, read about their Western Caribbean cruise.

Homeless on Wheels (Added 4/24/07) I couldn't find the author's name, but this relatively new blog (March 18th) describes how he realizes it's time to make the big change to life in a motorhome.

RV Canada With Boo the Menopausal Van (Added 9/21/09) "Welcome to Barb and Dave's trip journal as they explore the far north of Canada as far north as Tuktoyaktuk and including Alaska!"

Evans RV Adventures (Added 12/12/07) From their introduction: "Hello! We are Bobby and Shelly Evans. On December 9, 2006, we began our full-time RVing adventure and we have tried to document our activities daily since. We are both orginaly from Seaford, Delaware and married on December 28, 1991 (15yrs). Shelly is a Registered Nurse. Bobby works remotely for a national Internet company. Like most people we were taught that you go to school, get a job, buy a house, and keep trying to increase your income until you can finally retire. The one thing we did not do that most others do is to have children. This was a choice. Fortunately, we took advantage of our opportunities in life, worked our way out of debt, and live pretty comfortably. Being debt free is one of the most freeing feelings you can ever have. Our house and "stuff" sold quickly. Our lives are an open book. But it's all because we want to put you in our shoes and let you share our experiences in a way that makes them more real and, hopefully, more meaningful. Take care, enjoy, and thank you for your support! Loving Life, Bobby and Shelly Evans."

Hawkeye and CoderDeb's RV'ing Adventure (Added 1/9/09) "Hi, we're Gary and Deb. We sold our stick and brick house in May of 2007. after packing up, selling out, and giving "it" away. We're traveling the USA in our GMC Sierra DuraMax Diesel truck and 5th wheel RV seeing the sights and making new friends. We hope to meet you down the road. Safe Travels."

Ethne's Corner (Added 11/2/08) "Welcome to my corner of the world!! Gary & I took to the road on October 5th, 2006 and have been living on the road full time since. We are traveling around these glorious United States living and learning all kinds of new things."

Life as I live it (Added 2/17/07) "My wife, Judy, and I live full time in a motorhome. She is retired and I still have a little while to go. This blog will cover my very varied interests and just day to day happenings." Squire's blog starts in April, 2006.

Wanderlust (Added 12/5/06) Quoting Cyndi: "I want to be on the road. I want to go where there's mountains and beautiful scenery. There's too much to see, and so little time!" Don & Cyndi pull a 2007 Thor Wave 27' travel trailer with their Ford F150.

Damn Near perfect Couple (Added 3/19/07) From their introduction: "This is the travel diary of Keith and Brenda Krejci, who, after 35+ years together have become, at least for each other, the Damn Near Perfect Couple. We're full-timing in our motorhome, doing volunteer work for public agencies and enjoying the freedom of traveling when and where we like."

Mountaineer Motorhomers (Added 3/2/07) Quoting their "About Me": "I am a nurse with bachelor's, masters, and doctorate degrees from West Virginia University. I retired December 2005 as Dean of the School of Nursing and Allied Health Administration after 31 years at Fairmont State University. Since then, my husband, Gene, and I have been enjoying our motorhome spending 7 months on the road in 2006. We left home December 16,2006, and are not sure when we will return."

Travels with Travis (Added 2/27/07) Tom & Leah, along with the blog's namesake Travis (a Bichon Frise) document their motorhome travels around the US.

We Go Far (Added 2/1/11) "We" are Jonathan and Dasy, a pair of semi-geeks who've decided to take a break from "normal" life. We'll be travelling around the country in a diesel Newmar Dutch Star. We're originally from Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. We plan to make new friends as we go and to visit old friends who we haven't seen in a while." Read their "About us" page for more.

Pub to Pub Travel Gallery (Added 1/7/07) After traveling around much of the world, Larry & Jean purchased an 1991 24’ Fleetwood Jamboree & are traveling around the US & Mexico. Be sure to check both the photos & travel log sections of their trips.

RV Navigator (Added 1/7/07) "Welcome to the RV Navigator. Just a bit of introduction is in order. We have been avid RVers for almost 30 years. As most of you, we started small (van Camper) and moved up over the years until we are now live in our 5th wheel nearly half of the year. Since retiring we have been moving around the country in search of great RVing experiences. We are anxious to share, listen and disseminate the RV lifestyle. Whether you are a novice or experienced, full time or part-time, old or young, we will have topics of interest to you. Give us a listen the next time you hit the road." Yes, listen! Rather than a typical blog, Ken & Martha provide Podcasts for your enjoyment.

A “Can-Am” couple’s adventurous travel stories (Added 9/23/06) Keith and Paula describe themselves as "Border Line Gypsies," and recently moved from a small travel trailer to a Hitchhiker 5th wheel. They started their blog in August, 2006.

Blazing Saddles (Added 12/2/06) Ron & Alice started this blog in December, 2005. They travel in a 38' 6" Alfa Gold pulled by "BUSTER," a 1995 FL120-Powered by M11 Cummins-Eaton 9 speed.

Travels of Paul and Mary (Added 3/5/06) Paul & Mary are traveling the country in a Crossroads Paradise Pointe 34' fifth wheel.

Scamp Face (Added 11/27/10) "We're two Midwesterners and a dog in a 13-foot Scamp on the road somewhere in America. This is how we'll stay connected to home while we're gone."

The Adventures & Travels of RoadAbode (Added 9/3/10) "RoadAbode is a 2004 Coachmen RoadMaster Class C RV. Class C have a van looking front, coach in back and remind me of big turtles. RoadAbode has a Ford Triton V-10 Engine, and had Heavy Duty Alternator and other engine parts. She should last for a few years worth of travel. In her previous life she was a Rental unit, but she was not too beaten up when we got her. We're planning lots of adventures to share together!"

Our RV Traveling Adventures (Added 6/24/06) Dave & Barb describe their travels over the last couple of years & their preparations for full timing. Lots of photos. Their blog starts here.

Garry P's Odyssey (Added 6/7/06) As he puts it in his Blog, "The Trials and Jubilations of Garry P's Quest for Alaska." Garry travels around the West in his 1996 Barth motor home, and does make it to Alaska. Use the links on this site to connect to the blogs of his travels.

JManatee & Family RV Site (Added 5/8/06) A new site (Started May 6, 2006) "We currently own a 1992 32' Georgie Boy Swinger. We flat tow either a partially restored 1982 Jeep CJ7 or dolly tow a 1994 Toyota Camry. We are proud to share with you our family trips, projects and useful information we have learned along our way. RV camping has become an essential part of our lives. We enjoy every moment we get to camp and look forward to seeing where our next journey takes us." Use the menu on the left side to check out their trips.

Adventures in Camping (Added 5/8/06) Quoting from their Homepage "Over the last several years, our family has been camping around the United States. This site is an informative look at our experiences at various campgrounds and destinations. Comprised of two sections, you can view our adventures, then scurry down to the Campground Reviews for a detailed look at each campground we stayed at, written from a Family Camper point of view, and with links to their websites. Enjoy!"

99 Days to Panama (Added 4/24/06) "John & Harriet learned about living in a motorhome as they explored Central America. They share their knowledge and experiences to encourage others to enjoy these wonderful countries and fascinating people."

Chuck & Terry’s 2005 Pilgrim 281RBS (Added 4/19/06) Chuck & Terry have been traveling in their Pilgrim 281RBS pulled with a 2004 Ford F150 since January, 2005. Click on the "Adventures" link or scroll to the bottom of the page to read about their trips.

The Wandering Hobo (Added 3/27/06) The wandering hobo started this website on Thanksgiving Day, October 11,1999. Check out his many travel & RV links as well as journals of his travels.

Have Web Sites Will Travel (Added 3/23/06) Quoting his intro: "Here you can follow my (Ray Plumlee's) travels and adventures. I begun my American travel Odyssey 873 days ago on 1 November 2003. I am using this web site, Have Web Sites will Travel, as a means of showing and recording my travels and exploits over the years as I cross cross the United States, Canada and Mexico."

Ramblin' with Chuck and Pam (Added 3/12/06) Pam is an RN (public health), Chuck is a technology professional, and Bobbi is an arrogant Tabby. We have two wonderful children: our daughter,age 24 is a teacher in Charlotte NC, and our son, 21, is a student at the local community college, and works part time in retail sales. Chuck, Pam, and Bobbi enjoy traveling in the Bounder.

Where in the US (and Canada) are Jan and Chris? (Added 1/3/06) Jan & Chris have been documenting their travels since January, 2002. I particularly enjoyed their Retrospective of their first year's travels.

Laura and Sasha's Excellent Adventure (Added 1/27/06) Laura & Sasha are going on a most excellent adventure: with their new Snowriver camper and our Ford SuperDuty F-350 truck. Check their logs for tales of their adventures.

Our Cross Country RV (Added 1/23/06) Linda & Jim started their travel blog November 25th 2005, heading from Connecticut to Quartsite, AZ.

Hit the R.O.A.D. Jack Enterprises (Added 1/23/06) From Kimberly and Jerry's Introduction: "Welcome to our journey, we have chosen to become full-time RVers. We have sold it all except for a few necessities and we have "Hit The Road". One of our goals as a team is to drive into and spend time in each of our States except Hawaii of course."

The Happy Travelers (Added 1/9/06) Lucille and Larry quit their jobs on December 31, 2003 to become full-time RVers.  Their goal is to see as much of this great country as possible. Check their "travel" page to read about where they have been.

The RV Travels of Earl & Linda (Added 12/10/05) After full. timing from 1998 to 2003 in a 33' New Horizons fifth wheel, Earl & Linda decided to downsize. They bought a lot in Quartzsite, Arizona and put a small manufactured home on it where they live for 6 months during the winter. The rest of the year they are on the road traveling in a 23.5' Lazy Daze Class C.

Awl Knotted Up Woodworking (Added 7/13/05) Don's web page includes a journal he started in January, 2005 as well as his modifications to his travel trailer, thoughts on full time RVing, and a number of technical articles.

Bill & Susan's Great Adventure (Added 9/5/05) Bill & Susan pull a 32' Thor Mirage 5th Wheel with their 1999 F250 Super Duty, Power Stroke Diesel. Check their "Our Travels" link for journals & photographs of their many trips across the US & Canada.

JA-Texas & Rosebud (Added 1/3/06) Jake & Shari have put together a web page that includes many photos, links and travel logs. Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to their adventures.

ForeverDigital (Added 1/3/06) Their home page has a menu that links to many of the trials & tribulations of starting out in the RV lifestyle. They also have a blog (Click on "Vacation 2005) describing some of their travels.

Travels of El Rocinante (New Page 12/19/06) Ray & Lynn named their 2005 28FT Coachman Freelander after John Steinbeck's truck in his book "Travels with Charlie" Starting in February, 2005, they describe their trips around the midwest. Their old page is at Travels With El Rocinante.

RV - There Yet. Starting their monthly journal in October, 2001, Dick & Millie have been RVing since 1972. They are currently exploring the country in a Travel Supreme 5th wheel pulled by a 2004 Freightliner M2.

RV Dad Starting his blog in July, 2004, Randy describes his vacations & adventures both with & without his Class C RV.

RV travels across North America with Bob and Laura Click on "Last Posting" for a chronological list of the museums, towns, parks & places Bob & Laura have visited since February, 2002.The site is also indexed by place names & a click able US map.

Dale & Mark Bruss (Added 9/20/05) If you are looking for information about a "big truck" as a tow vehicle, this is the place to stop. Follow the "Steps to Fulltiming" link for their reasons for buying Red Rover, their Volvo 770 hauler. They also have many technical pages - check out RV Electrical.

On The Road With Weldon & Wilma (Added 4/15/12) "Wilma & I got married in 1972, I got the best end of the deal. We have a furry kid named Tank. Hope to see you down the road. Remember if life is a book and you do not travel you only read one page. Weldon & Wilma REMEMBER: Anything you read is my opinion, everyone has one (opinion) yours may be better than mine. Follow at your own risk."

Judy & Rick's RV Travels Journaling their travels since August, 1998, Judy & Rick provide many pages of descriptions & high quality photographs. Get started by clicking on "Choose Year."

In The Wind Adventures of William and Mary Ann (Added 10/18/10) "Just a few things about each of us... Mary Ann:
Born and raised in Michigan, a Detroit girl. First rode on the back of a big Harley when I was 5 years old and was instantly hooked. Love to take photos, almost always have a camera with me. Love being anywhere near water. Love to ride, even in the rain and cold I never complain.
William aka BIG WILL:
Born and raised in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, then moved to Michigan. Now retired after about 37 years driving 42 wheelers. Been riding motorcycles for about 45 years now. Love to ride, fish, being outdoors, travel, etc. Always been an independent biker, with independent AND M/C friends. and all kinds of people from all walks of life.
We're both "people" persons who relish our privacy and quiet, except when we go looking for noise (like a biker rally, concert, etc.). We love each other, make each other laugh, never fight or argue, give each other plenty of space and encourage each other's interests (life is just too darn short for bs!)."

Inspiration's Journey Malia has two web pages, her travels around the US described here at Inspiration's Journey, including a RV trip to Alaska, and her new project at http://www.maliasmiles.com/.

The Gypsy Journal Nick & Miss Terry started full timing in 1998 in a 36' Class A motor home, and have since upgraded to a bus conversion (check the bus conversion project link). Among other things, they support their travels writing the Gypsy Journal a bi-monthly newsletter on RV Full Timing. Lots of links...

Blue Road Blogger (Added 8/16/11) "We have created this website and our blog to share our experience as we prepare to go full-time in 2013. It is not just a vacation or leisure travel that we are embarking on. We are going to be working full time in some capacity. It is our intent to explore and experience American culture along the Blue Roads--the backroads of America--away from the concrete slabs we call interstates. It is our desire to share this experience with others who also have an interest in preserving the American dream."

Mobilelifestyle.com Check the "The New RVers" link for details about Rina & Wally's decision to give up the urban professional lifestyle & become full time RVers.

Roy's Canadian Camping Guide Roy & Janet have assembled a web page for those interested in information about camping in Canada. It includes logs of some of their trips between 2001 to 2004, including a link to a journal of travels to the Rhododendron jungles in India.

www.hessey.net Roy & Maureen are Australians who have traveled the world, including a couple of RV trips here in the USA. Click on the links across the top of the page to follow their adventures.

Diane and Andy's Weblog In January, 2004 Dianne & Andy decided to visit as many parks across the US as possible. Their blog follows their trip across America.

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