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Although these sites have not been recently updated, many provide a wealth of information from the authors.

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Down the Road & Around the Bend (Added 8/16/19) Their blog on a couple of trips, including a 2016 to Alaska.

TwoWhewelRambling (Added 8/16/19) "Dan & Sarah have both loved and enjoyed motorcycle riding for years and each of them have traveled all over the country on 2 wheels with Dan in particular riding in all 48 states plus Alaska. However they have decided they wanted more than just a week trip here or there, so they sold their house and ventured into the full time RV living to chase the good weather and go find those destinations theyhave been dreaming of visiting. Along the way they decided to pick up mountain biking for those areas where bicycles are more appropiate."

Escape Pod (Added 4/19/18) "Bruce & Tracy's adventures in an Escape travel trailer as they travel around the continent."

Two Wheel Ramblin (Added 4/19/18) "Dan & Sarah have both loved and enjoyed motorcycle riding for years and each of them have traveled all over the country on 2 wheels with Dan in particular riding in all 48 states plus Alaska. However they have decided they wanted more than just a week trip here or there, so they sold their house and ventured into the full time RV living to chase the good weather and go find those destinations they have been dreaming of visiting. Along the way they decided to pick up mountain biking for those areas where bicycles are more appropriate. Their RV they have started this advenure in is a 2012 Keystone Raptor 4014LEV being pulled by a 2000 Volvo 610 Semi truck. The Raptor has a 14' garage where they will store the motorcycles and bicycles."

Fun With The Crosschecks (Added 5/22/17) "After we have gained so much info from many peoples travel stories over the years, we hope that we can help anyone who would like to get out and do some of the things they have always dreamed of." They travel in a truck camper.

C U On the Road (Added 9/5/16) Ellen & Michael's blog covering their travels around the US & Canada.

Casita Camping (Added 9/5/16) Nathan's About Me: "I've always thought I liked writing. You'd think I'd know for sure, but that's just me. And I'm ok with it. I also like humor, in whatever form it presents itself. I thought if I tried combining the two, maybe others would get a kick out of it, and we could all have a laugh...at me...and I'm ok with that. Please enjoy, come back often, and by all means, don't take it seriously!"

Highway to Hoeftland (Added 12/9/15) "Highway to Hoeftland is about Kristin and Mike’s experiences and opinions while exploring in the American West and beyond. In October, 2014, the couple purchased a 17 ft Casita travel trailer; it’s a cute, egg-shaped fiberglass camper that provides a lot of new adventures, joys, and sometimes trails and tribulations. Kristin shares stories, tips, discoveries, personal happenings and pictures regularly on this blog. Highway to Hoeftland is not just about the RV, it’s also about travel, food, and fun."

Travels of Judy & The Fox (Added 10/6/15) While she hasen't posted recently, Judy has posted her travels, including to Alaska in a Casita travel trailer.

Ramblin' Ralph's RV Roamings (Added 5/27/15) This is another site I can't decide where to post, so it will go as a rarely updated blog & as a valuable resocce for information about campsite locations. Ralph camps in a truck camper 6 months of the year, and on his 2015 page (this link) provides information about the 540 sites he has camped in.

Casita Camping...and Camping...and Casitas (Added 3/3/15)"When it comes to Casita's and camping, I have found there was a great void in the fine art of complaining. So I have set out to try and change that. Take a moment to see just how fun it is to not be me."

Adventures of a 50+ year old! (Added 10/15/14) "I have been enjoying visiting blogs and decided to start my own, even though I don't know what I am doing or if anyone will even be interested in reading what I have to say. I am a 50 year old management consultant who has been married to the the love of my life for 30 years and have two grown daughters and a son-in-law who we are very proud of. We are blessed to live in Scottsdale Arizona and are enjoying getting out and experiencing it in our RV! Thanks for stopping by our blog and please consider joining us, who knows where we will go...Kevin & Tracy."

larry and linda's excellent adventures (added 10/15/14) From Larry & Linda's page: "Follow us as we travel across our great country. Read about our adventures and mis-adventures. Share some of our photos and meet some wonderful folks along the way. Stay overnight at a few Flying J truck stops and see some beautiful campgrounds too. Most of all, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!" And larry's Abot me: "Larry owned an electrical contracting business, but recently retired. Linda worked there too. We have a 40' diesel motorhome which is presently sitting in our driveway."

Matt & Christy's 2013 Road Trip (Added 2/1/14) Read about their 2013 trip to Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone National Park
Glacier National Park, Spokane, WA, Seattle, WA, Cannon Beach, OR, Newport, OR, Winchester Bay, OR, and Prarie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA.

Boldt's RV Castle (Added 1/3/14) "This blog will be written by Jeff and Barbie Boldt. It is intended to be a record of our retirement travels and adventures in our “RV Castle.” Jeff retired officially on February 28, 2010 after serving 36+ years as an educator in the Hillsborough County Public School System in Florida. He served as a junior high school math teacher then high school math teacher and department head prior to moving into administration. He also coached football, basketball and track. He served as an Assistant Principal for Student Affairs and as an Assistant Principal for Curriculum before being appointed to the position of Principal of Chamberlain High School, Tampa, Florida, in February 2006. Barbara will retire in June 2010 after 30 years as a classroom teacher of learning disabled students for 6 years and the remainder as a middle school math teacher at Mann Middle School in Brandon, Florida."

Movin' On The original RV Blog. Starting their adventure over 16 years ago (long before the term "blog" existed) Ron & Barb literally wrote the book on full timing in an RV. Although they have settled in Arizona, their web site & books contain a wealth of information on RVing & travel.

RV Fun Trips Although Maury & Kay have been RVing since 1976, they provide a wonderful group of stories about their rv travels starting in 1995. Read about their annual crabbing trips to Oregon and more in the "RV Trip Stories" link.

Travels With Gertie In March of 2000, Andy met Gertie, a 22' 1985 Lazy Daze Class C RV. His web site contains many pages of his journals of trips, recipes, and modifications to Gertie. He and Gertie are now full timing. NOTE: Gertie is gone & Andy is currently full timing in Skylark, a 2003 Lazy Daze, with a 26.5' midbath model and four more feet of space than Gertie

Karen & Fran's Alaska and Yukon Adventures (Added 4/6/13) "My husband, Fran, and I lived and traveled in our RV full-time from June, 2007 through May, 2009. Our travels included attending dog competitions with our three cairn terriers, visiting our parents, three kids and seven grandchildren, golfing and sometimes even relaxing! For more information on our 2007 - 2009 travels, you can visit our travel blog at: http://goodsamclub.mytripjournal.com/ramblinrusts Now we live part of the year at home and part of the year on the road; traveling to warmer climes in the winter and to spend time with family in the summer."

Ron & Elena's Full-Time RV Odyssey (Added 3/16/13) "Our full-time RV travel adventure started in July, 2007. The first three and one-half years of travel are documented in a separate trip journal (2007-2010) that you can view by selecting it in the drop-down menu on the right. That journal was becoming too large so we now create a separate journal for each new year of our travels. Our home is a 23' Komfort Travel Trailer named "Da Honu" (Hawaiian for "The Turtle"). We tow it with a 2004 3/4-ton Chevy Avalanche (Hercules). Our GPS named Penelope completes our "team".

It's an RV, not a Camper (Added 4/26/12) Sara, Dave & Ely's blog on their travels around the US.

Yellowstone NP RV 2009 (Added 4/12/12) "Ron is Retired and Loving Every minute of it. Deb is also Retired (not really retired) and learning to love it too. Jewel our little white ball of fur is a Miniature Schnauzer, weighs 17 pounds, is 6 years old and is our constant companion. We like to call Her, Swamp Dog the Squirrel Hunter". The first page of thir travels starts here.

From Tumbleweeds To Tree Tops (Added 12/18/10) "Currently in the Tumbleweeds, Arizona, United States Cancer survivor and former music industry geek. I am not sure which identity was more traumatic. Reformed respectable homeowner turned minimalist, now I am a semi retired nomad. I live in a small vintage travel trailer that is set up to live very comfortably off grid when needed, but I am busy installing tech items and modifying it with geeky stuff so that when I DO have power .. I will really piss off the neighbors. I share the rig with 2 beagles and a Tabby Cat.. or I should say, they share it with me."

SEMI-TRUE TALES OF OUR LIFE ON THE ROAD (Added 1/2/08) Who are We? "LAURIE, ODEL, AND LUNA. On April Fool's Day, 2003, we hooked our Jeep (Jules) to the back of our motor home (Scoopy) and took off to explore North America. Odel is the primary driver and vehicle master. Laurie is navigator and correspondent. Luna is our feline companion and queen of all she surveys. Come enjoy the ride with us." They also have an older blog at (OLD).

Expedition Great Western Circle (Added 11/17/11) A wonderful chronicle of a 2 month trip around the Western US. This is a compilation of the blog pages.

Wanderings and Side Trips (Added 9/23/06) "Welcome to our blog. We will be entering information on our wanderings and side trips since our retirement on December 31, 2004. Our goal is to travel the United States in our Fifth wheel trailer, visiting and experiencing all we can with the time we have left on this planet. We hope you will check back often to see what we are up to." The "Snackman" & Jan started their blog in January, 2006. Their old blog is at http://wesandjan.blogspot.com/.

For-Camping (Added 11/17/11) From their "What is this blog about" - You know…sometimes we wonder, too, what this blog is all about. So far, we don't get many legitimate comments. We do, however, get a lot of "comment spam!" We started off, when our kids were young, tent camping all over New Hampshire and our neighboring states. Over the years, we made the common progression from tent camping, to a pop-up camper, and for the past several years we've enjoyed our travel trailers. We've ventured further from home and enjoyed longer trips, but we both still work and so are still somewhat limited in how far and for how long we can go.

The RV Tripper (Added 11/17/11) Kyla's blog covers a month long trip around the western & central US.

RV Expedition (Added 5/2/08) Kevin & Cynthia's About Us: "We retired at 42 and 38 from nearly nine years of owning our own Godfathers Pizza franchise in Wenatchee, WA. We, along with our cat, became full-time RVers on June 15, 2007. We now have the opportunity to take our time and travel all over the country in our 2003 Fleetwood Expedition."

Bill and Helen's Fulltime Travels (Added 2/27/11) "We started this journal way back in July 2005 when we sold our home in Coon Rapids, Minnesota and started traveling full time in our 2005 Montana 39' 5th wheel pulled by our brand new 2005 Ford 350 Diesel truck that matched the beautiful red sunset of the graphics on our Tana... On March 28, 2009 we took delivery of our new Montana Big Sky 340RL It is about a foot longer then our other Tana and the grapics do not match our truck but it sure is a beautiful unit."

Roving With Mark & Dale (Added 2/27/11) From their About Us: "In 2001, Mark and I put together a five year plan, with the goal of retiring, selling our house and living and traveling full-time in an RV. That plan became a reality in June 2006. We have been traveling and experiencing the most fascinating life since then. This blog is intended to keep our friends and family up to date with our activities and encounters through stories and pictures. We live in a 40′ fifth wheel trailer…tow it with a Volvo 770 modified tractor…and tow a red Jeep behind the trailer. Please, come along with us and enjoy!"

Bill & Wanda's RVing Site (Added 11/27/10) "We were sailors for over 25 years. We started on Missouri lakes and graduated to saltwater in 1994 when we moved Pegasus our Hunter 37 to Punta Gorda, Florida. We later moved to a Hunter 420 that was named Bella. Both Pegasus and Bella were frequent visitors to the Bahamas and Florida Keys. On our last 2009 trip to the Bahamas, we decided to sell the boat and start to travel the United States while are still young enough to do it. We bought a 2004 Winnebago Vectra 40AD that we named BAGO. Since we named all the boats, we decided that the coach needed a name as well." Check their blog pages for their travels.

Flying Free (Added 11/27/10) Canadian "Flying Free" describes her travels in a small travel trailer.

Never late, never lost (Added 11/27/10) "Donna, a lover of life, was a design specialist and practicing artist,and whose most recent extemporaneous creations now come from the kitchen, provides the passion and spark to the undertaking. Lance, a jack of all trades, was a natural foods entrepeneur, and now is a lead set dresser in the movie business, solves the problems and steers the course from one day into the next. Dixie Dawg, a wonderful mix of Border Collie, black Lab, and Akita, joined us on a similar adventure 8 years ago, and has been a travelin' dog since then, providing unlimited joy and enthusiam to all our activities"

Our RV Travel Blog - Paul And Carol's RV Adventure Blog (Added 10/18/10) "Married to Carol, a wonderful women, for 37 years and graced with three beautiful children: Bonnie, Jill, and Mike and two awesome grandchildren: Sarah & Ashlynn. Born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and getting a little tired of the long winters, we look forward to getting out of the cold for a few months a year.
Being self employed as a specialized rigging contractor since 1969, our equipment removal and relocations have taken us throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. www.kendzor.com/rigging."

Coulson Castle Corporation (Added 11/17/05) Rick & Susan sold their Bed & Breakfast & moved into a Travel Supreme, going from 7000sq ft to 400. Check "Our Journeys) to read about their adventures over the past 4 years. Susan also keeps a blog.

Welcome to Our Tonka Woods (Added 10/18/10) "This is my web site for simple fun and enjoyment. Look for more things to come. For now we have albums of our two grandchildren, our vacations, comfort cuisine of Walleye sandwiches, homemade pizzas and breads, a collection of breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches, and the class B camper van we purchased to visit the grandchildren and sample pork tenderloin sandwiches wherever we find them. Davydd." Click on their "Vacations" page to see many photos of their Pleasureway adventures. Also, the site has more photos of pork tenderloin sandwiches than I have ever seen!

Life's Adventures (Updated link 12/5/05) Although they have explored Canada & the US, their longest adventure was driving to Panama! For those following the adventures of Kathe and Colleen and their travels in their Newmar Kountry Star since July, 2002, there is sad news - Colleen passed away on August 8th. Although we have never met I feel I have lost a friend...

The Meandering Melanders (Added 3/22/10) "Welcome to our BLOG. This is our means of keeping friends and family informed as to where we are and what we have been doing. We will try to keep pictures to the maximum and text to the minimum since if you are like us, they are a lot more interesting. We are doing our traveling in our Ford F-450 ton and a half truck. This year, now that we have taken our trip to South America, we will be sticking pretty close to our RV lot in Benson, Arizona, taking several short week or less long trips. We will notify you by email when we have updated the site. Hope you enjoy traveling with us." Read their blog for the story of their South Americal trip.

John and Barbara Vacation (Added 3/22/10) Although their blog primarly documents their 2009 trip to Alaska & more, there is a current update as of March 20th of 2010.

Hokie Escape (Added 3/8/10) Dan & Jan describe their adventures in a 18' 5th wheel.

Our Elite Suites Travels (Added 6/14/10) "Welcome to our trip journal! My wife Judy and I have been Fulltiming for almost 3 years now and it's now time to keep track of our travels. We travel with our 2blackdogs, a small one named Rahma and a 75 pounder named Rio. Both are the best traveling dogs as could be. They ride on the back seat of our F-550 Crew Cab Hauler. In November of 2009 we purchased our dream home at the lake and since then we had to have little dog Rahma put to sleep and now I will introduce our newest addition to our family, his name is Jaxon and he is a rescue from Santa Fe Lap Dog. He is similer to Rahma but has a different personality and has bonded well with Rio and Rio with him. We love this little guy dearly and I am sure he will be traveling with us one day soon. Our home is a 2006 Doubletree Elite Suites 36TK3 and it's heavy. The last time we went to the scales we weighed about 19,200#. We are members of Thousand Trails Preserves and also Resorts of Destinction. Happy Camping, Bob & Judy"

Two Old Farts and A Trailer (Added 1/31/10) RVMama's postings about their "Great Western Adventur" and other trips

My Travel Homepage (Added 12/30/09) Ronnie & Rebecca's travel page requires the password 12345 to log in. They have traveled to Alaska, and more recently, Nova Scotia. From their "About Us" - "We are full-time RVer's, spending our winter's in Tennessee. When we retired, we moved our residency to Tennessee, the Soddy Daisy area, just north of Chattanooga; our daughter lives in that area."

Welcome to Our Travels (Added 10/31/09) "We put this site up so family and friends can see our past, current and future travels. It’s far easier then sending pictures to everyone. This is more a pictorial blog of our travels. You’ll see far more pictures then words. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Please feel free to email comments, suggestions or destinations along our travel route."

Our RV trip around Atlantic Canada 2009 (Added 9/21/09) A family from England describes their two month trip to Atlantic Canada.

Ian and Margaret's RV Adventures (Added 11/28/08) "Welcome to our website, where we will record our travels in the RV. Since early 2006 we have been traveling summers (roughly May-October) in our New Horizons fifth wheel with our two cats Titus (the skinny white Siamese) and Max (the huge black Maine Coon mix). We're loving the opportunity to see parts of the country we haven't visited and to get out of Phoenix (our "fixed" home) during the blistering summer months. We'll keep it up as long as we are able and having fun."

See Ya Down the Road On the road since October, 1999 Norm & Linda provide a wealth of information about full timing around the US & Canada.

fredandjo-onthego (Added 7/20/07) Fred & Joanne describe their travels around the US in their 5th wheel. They are on a break from traveling until September 5, 2007.

Piloting the Dutch Star (Added 9/21/09) From their about us: "Welcome to our trip journal! This is the launch of the new phase of life with Shirley retiring and the two of us setting off to explore Alaska and the West Coast. We hope to see it all, do it all, as well as drop in and visit many of our friends and relatives along the way."

Journey of our Lives (Added 11/7/07) Lizbeth's description of herself "Danish-American camper, gypsy, genealogist, photographer, translator, child counselor, home school teacher, reader, writer, low carber, short order cook, daughter, sister, mother of the Spud and mother - or is that grandmother? - of Bear the Dog, forever love and best friend of Wally, and last but not least, grateful child of God. Although we live in a 35-foot fifth wheel camper full time, most of our traveling is done in our little Lance truck camper."

Nevada & Lilli's Travel Page (Added 2/20/08) "My husband Nevada and I own a small motel in Bend Oregon that we bought July 1994. We have remodeled it over the course of time, no one room is alike, we have enjoyed doing it over these past few yrs, But now we are ready to go on with something else. And for me that is traveling in our motor home and seeing what this great country, no I do not want to see foreign countries, for one I was born in Germany, went back once since arriving in this country in 1959, been to Tawaiin twice, I do not like to fly or do boats, besides there is so much to see here it will take many yrs to see. This is my main blog site that i write too, please leave your comments if you like. Please leave a comment as i would love to hear from you."

Normans on the Horizon (Added 1/2/08) "The Normans are Debbie and Jim. The Horizon is our Itasca Horizon Motorhome." Debbie & Jim started their blog on August 12, 2008 describing the process of gluing their Motorhome back together!

Woman RVers (Added 12/12/07) "If you're a woman traveling alone or with a partner, there's something here for you! Blogger editor Adrienne Kristine will show you!"

Travels With Tango (Added 10/7/09) Lots of pictures of their travels. They started their blog in March 2009 and are traveling in a 2008 Pacific Coachworks Tango 256RKS.

The Happy Wanderers Larry & Connie have been writing about their travels since 2002, and started full timing in 2004. Behind their Dolphin they tow a highly modified Jeep, perfect for off roading. Lots of information about RV & Jeep modifications, GeoCaching and more.

Susan's and Maikel's Website (Added 3/18/08) From their introduction: " Susan & I (Maikel here) decided to take one year off from Corporate America a.k.a. the Rat Race. We bought an Airstream and hit the road. Feel free to roam our site and but don't sit on your butt all day. There are mountains to climb, trails to ride and time to spend with friends." Click on "Adventures" to follow their travels.

Sue's RV Adventures in Yukon and Alaska (Addded 3/16/09) "Experiencing the grandeur of the wilderness and the silence & solitude one can feel on the road less travelled is our favorite pursuit. The Yukon is our favorite destination. I was born in the Yukon and raised on the Alaska Highway near the Alaska border. Now, as tourists, we have driven every Yukon highway and explored many back roads. The locations we have visited are on the left, a photo-diary of some trips on the right. Hopefully, these pictures encourage you and others to take the road less travelled."

Fulltime Travels with Henry, Anne, & Bandit (Added 1/9/09) Although not updated often, Henry & Anne's page describes their travels around the US.

Mexico with Heart (Added 12/6/08) Rosana & her husband Kelly have traveled to Mexico a number of times. This blog describes their trip in a 22 feet long Toyota Dolphin Class C RV. They also include a great deal of information about places to visit, real estate information, and much more.

Belgique to Mexico (Added 4/12/07) Steve & Daniele's blog of their trip to Mexico.

Nice Camps (Added 5/2/08) Terry started his blog in April, 2008. He drives a 2004 Winnebago Winnie 31C, and writes about campground reviews, his travels & modifications to his RV.

Cross Country Adventures (Added 3/16/09) "Welcome to our blog. We are David & Lise Jennings and we are both retired Canadian federal public servants; David retired in 2005 and Lise retired in 2007. We started our full-timing RV adventure in June 2007. We love being on the road, whether we're on our motorcycle, in our car or in our motor home. With our four children and three grandsons living in British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta, this house on wheels will allow us to visit them all more often. Our plan is to spend the summers in Canada and head south as snowbirds do for the winter months. We intend to crisscross North America, see all the spectacular sights that Mother Nature has to offer, meet new people and make new friends. You know... to stop and smell the roses once in a while and enjoy life. How's that for a concept? We invite you to come along on our travels. We hope you will enjoy the ride."

RV Cruising (Added 9/23/06) Quoting from thier site "We are Doug and Bonnie and we love our Full-timing RV lifestyle. We return to Ontario, Canada in April and turn into Snowbirds, cruising-in-our-rv to warmer southern places in the winter. We hope that you have time to cruise along with us in our RV, as we cruise the highways and byways of North America. They are currently traveling in a 1997 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 34 foot-no slides Class A.

Gene and Judi's Journey (Added 5/2/08) Gene & Judi started their blog in March, 2008 & update it almost every day. They are starting their third year traveling full time in a Montana 5th wheel.

RV Happenings In January, 2005 Tab & Deanna started their blog. In addition to their blog, they provide lots of useful links from their home page.

No Destination (Added 4/16/08) "We are embarking on a new way of life. To live and work in a RV, simply and efficiently, and sometimes frugally, all the while soaking in the sun and the view and having fun. Although we have no point to prove, and no final destination, our goal is to live, work, and have fun in a small space while enjoying the ride." Click on "Blog" to follow their adventures. We'll be trying out some new technology for the RV; some creative places to stay; and some new campfire vittles. We will document this journey and will have frequent updates on this website. We'll show you what we purchase, the reasons why and the costs. We'll document the fun adventures as well as any problem areas and how we resolve them. So come along for the ride.

Travels With Molly (Added 9/1/08) Recently widowed and a dog popping up in my life, Molly. I rented out the house and started living and traveling full time in our RV. Seeing as much of America as we can. It's been over 6 months since we started and decided to try to document it."

The RV Adventures Henry Jones Jr. (Added 4/1/07) I could not find the names of the couple that built this website, but it describes their first trip in their new motorhome. Hopefully, they will add future adventures.

Welcome to the Homepage of C & M (Added 12/30/06) Cliff & Marie have been documenting their trips since they headed to Alaska in 1999. The page is updated often when they are traveling.

MonsterHome RV (Added 8/7/07) Although they are home now, this is the blog of a 3 week trip around the western US.

No Day But Today (Added 11/19/06) Toni & Neal sold their house and bought a 24ft itasca cambria and named it "Papillon" because "butterflies are free." Their blog starts in February, 2006 & describes their travels aroundW the US.

White's RV Journal (Added 3/15/06) Bernie & Ross have been keeping a journal of their travels in their 32' Jayco 5th wheel since March 2005. Also available as an RSS feed.

Beach House on the Road (Added 4/28/06) "At one time we wanted a Beach House in Rockport, Texas. But, at the same time we did not want to limit ourselves to only going to Rockport on vacation. Thats when we dropped the Beach House idea and decided on a moving Beach House. In October 2005 we purchased a new Ford F350 and a new 37 foot Holiday Rambler Presidential Fifth Wheel trailer. We named the trailer "Beach House on the Road".

Welcome to Our Travel Pages (Added 4/19/06) I can't find the names of the authors of this page, but it includes journals of trips to Alaska & Yellowstone, links to many useful RV related sites, and electrical information. Although the trips have not been updated, the links have been.

RVInteractive.com - Home of the RV Guys (Added 2/3/06) Newt (James) & Donna have a prolific web site - wonderful photographs, lots of links, and their blog.

Tin In The Wind (Added 4/1/07) George & Kathleen's Introduction: "We have begun our new life of leisure, retired, full-time (class of 2006), and following our dream. Explore our site and you can get a glimpse of our previous lives and learn what it has taken to get here. What the pitfalls were/are on the journey and how dreams evolve in to reality. We are now living in, and excited about our future travels in our dream home "The Tin in the Wind". We have had the guidance and council of several "Full-Time RV friends (you know who you are) and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our son's and daughters-in-law continue to be as excited as we are and for that we are grateful. Please join us in following our adventures." They are traveling in a Dutch Star Diesel Pusher Class A RV.


Wandering America (Added 3/12/07) From Judy & Darrell's introduction: "We live and travel with our two adorable ragdoll katts (Katie and Alex) in a 2006 38' Cedar Creek Custom fifthwheel towed by a GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel. The purpose of this web site is to keep our family, friends, and web site visitors informed as to where we are, where we have been, and where we plan to be next."

Travels of John & Mimi (Added 2/20/08) They started their travels with a plan in June 2007. From their "About Us": "Mimi and I are retired school psychologists who love to travel. We have a house in San Diego, which is a nice central location for travels (Mexico to Canada) and generally excellent weather. Considered as "part timers", we hit the road periodically, exploring the Northwest in the summer and going to Baja (Mulege) in the winter. We have a 31 ft. Sea Breeze motor home (Smokey) and two cats - Armani and Gillespie. They accompany us on the road not leaving the motorhome. We are equipped to "boondock", being able to be self-sufficient for weeks at a time. Smokey is equipped with large tilting solar panels on the roof, storage batteries, and a whole-house inverter. There is a generator for back-up. A key piece of equipment is the Motosat satellite internet system, which allows us to be connected with the world anytime we are camped. It also allows us phone contact with folks using VOIP."

RV Blog--Life in a Box, and other camping things She says it best herself:: "The life and times of a gypsywoman and her farmer-turned-construction-worker hubby, living in a fifth wheel camper." Follow Dinah's blog with her usual weekly updates since April, 2003.

Central Coast Tourist RV Travels (Added 1/23/06) This link takes you to Don's RV blog. In addition to his RV travels, he maintains a general web page about the Central California Coast.

Betty and Gordon's RV Odyssey (Added 8/4/06) Betty & Gordon's introduction: "Tuesday, May 23, 2006 began our RV Odyssey. Our RV (Retirement Villa) is an Excel (Peterson Industries) Fifth Wheel travel trailer model 30RSO towed by our Ford F350 Powerstroke Diesel crew cab. We invite you to join our journal and share your experiences and site-seeing suggestions with us." They started their blog on March 31, 2006.

R & E Travels (Added 11/23/05) Richard & Emily's blog on their 5th wheel travels.

It's the Road Larry & Susan started their blog with a visit to Glacier National Park in August, 2004. Although they have not updated their site since January, 2005, you can follow their travels between August & January.

Art & Nancy Living the RV Lifestyle (Added 3/5/06) Art & Nancy's description of their travels: "Welcome to our travel website! You can also come visit us at RV Lifestyle. We are taking a 6 month RV Trip that will cross the United States from Southern California to Washington, DC. We will then tour the East Coast up to Bar Harbor, Maine. Next, we will enter Canada and travel through the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Novia Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. After visiting Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta, we will re-enter the US in Montana. We will visit Glacier National Park and then head home after the October Pharmanex Conference in Salt Lake City, UT." Started in April, 2005, the site is updated regularly. They also include links to many RV Resources and are available as a RSS feed.

2Rovers Journey (Added 9/23/06) Paul & Brenda decided to leave the hectic lifestyle of home ownership, eliminating all the 'stuff' and selling their home. They moved into a motorhome and became "fulltimers". After all these years they can't imagine returning to the static routine. While they still have a couple years to full retirement, they take advantage of time off as much as possible.

A World Traveler's Blog of Full Time RVing (Added 11/19/06) Judi & Sid have 35 years experience in travel - in addition to their RV blog, the rest of their Website has many travel related links.

Paddle Up Stream (Added 6/24/06) They are on the road in a 2000 King of the Road 5th wheel R34BW - 36' Triple Slide with trips in 2004 to California & to Texas in 2006. The page also contains links that are useful for testing the speed of your network connection.

travels with bayernrudi (Added 9/20/05) On 07 August 2005 Rudolf pulled his rolling home out of the driveway in Stoneham, MA for the last time, to begin the next phase of my life as  a modern-day Gypsy. Follow his adventures in a 2005 Ford E-350 XLT Super Duty Power Stroke Diesel Van & K-Z Sportster 22 travel trailer.

Travels with Timmy For a break from RVing in North America, click on the "Archives" link for Jerry's journals of his European & Asian trips in the 1990's. Click the "Adventures" link to follow his travels in "Gypsy" the 5th Wheel.

The Hanson Family Click on the "Family Travel Diary" link to read about the Hanson's 7 month trip around the US.

PJ Boss's Travel Page (Added 9/23/06) Starting his blog in August, 2006, Jim & Norma document their full time travels in the Southern USA. They also have a web page.

Travels with Barley Bill is traveling in a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport towing a 2000 Casita 16' Spirit Deluxe trailer. Follow his blog of his adventures.

Travels and Travails of Richard and Donna Hanks Although they only offer one page in their blog, Richard & Donna describe a 20 day trip to Alaska.

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