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These links have not been updated in quite awhile, and appear to be finished. They still have lots of information, including a couple of trips to Alaska. A few of these are non-RV travels, but still worth taking a look at.

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Yukon Sights (Added 12/25/18) Sue has put together a wonderful collection of pages about travel in the Yukon & Alaska.

Making Memories (Added 12/25/18) "Welcome to the two Geezer Gals blog. Two women out on an adventure Making Memories and checking off items on the Bucket List! The plan is to take all of you along vicariously. Who are we? I’m Donna D. (Dee) the primary driver, clean-up crew and blogger. My travel friend is Judy B. the Chief Cook, map navigator and adventure guide. Life’s too short not to spend it making some great memories. Glad you could join us on this adventure. Click ‘Blog‘ in the navigation to follow along. Check back often for updates or subscribe via email to receive notifications of new posts. I hope to post something almost every day. WiFi is a necessity for that to happen though!"

jnctravelogue's Blog (Added 12/25/18) While it hasn't been updated in awhile, Joni & Chris's blog describes their full time adventures after retiring from teaching & the financial industry.

Welcome to "Where's Molly?" In January, 2003 the Ex Governor of Maine started out on a trip across the country in their Dutch Star. Read about Agnus, Mary, Ben & Molly's adventure.

Backroad Chronicles Phil & Joy started their blog in July, 2004 & have been updating it a couple of times a week since then. Phil's plan is to catch a fish in every state while Joy runs the web site.

The Motorhome Experiment (Added 8/2/17) Paul & Lorena's introduction to living in a RV. Hasn't been updated in awhile...

Chasing the Seventies (Added 9/3/10) "In 2007 we decided to sell everything and buy a motorhome and travel the USA chasing the 70 degree weather. The only regret that we have is that we didn't do it sooner."

RV Lifestyle (Added 12/26/11) Art & Nancy describe their travels.

Art and Connie's RV Adventures (Added 9/21/09) "We are Art and Connie. We both took early retirement in August 2007 with the intent to do some extended travel in our RV. We're absolute newbies and never spent time in an RV before we bought this one. You are invited to follow along as we travel across the United States in our 30' Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel. We love to hike and enjoy visiting historical sites. We are excited about exploring new hiking trails and discovering how people go about their lives across the United States."

Diary of a Midlife Cruiser (Added 8/3/10) -Nellie and Jonathan's About Us: "I'm a 36 year old heading out with a great husband and a stinky dog on an RV trip of a lifetime. Going full time, baby... while we both still have all our teeth!"

The Frugal Travelers (Added 4/12/09) "We are the Winters', Don and Mildred (Pidge). In 2006 we decided that full-timing would be the life for us, so we got all of our ducks in a row, and put the house and grounds up for sale. In May of 07 we bought our home on wheels, paid off all our debts, and took off on 6/26/07. I am writting this mostly for friends and family, but you are welcome to come along. We plan to visit at least the lower 48, Mexico and Canada. Our journal will be a little different. We do not intend to go where everyone else goes, we did that in past years. We actually want to see, and experience the real people, and places of America, not so much the tourist traps. So come along for the ride. "

4 Easy Daz In August, 1999 Dick & Kay flew to Ukiah, Ca, and purchased a 1998 Holiday Rambler Endeavor - the beginning of their travels around the US & Canada.

Where the FuhKaui? (Added 1/2/09) From their About us: "We're a pretty unpredictable family, in fact the most common question we get asked is "Where are you now?". Hello, we're Joe, Vicki, Jacob(10), Jonas(8) and Jewel(6) and we are campaholics that live in an old school bus. We began a life on the road nine years ago after walking away from a conventional suburban life, in search of a better one. Instead of power lunches, rush hour, and longing for the weekends we now enjoy lazy road side picnics, scenic drives and crowdless weekday adventures. No schools, no rules, no alarm clocks....Welcome to my life." Their blog starts in March 2006.

Gypsy John While John no longer travels or has an RV, you can still follow his previous adventures using the menus on the left side of this page.

Retired Drifters (Added 5/14/09) From their welcome: "Welcome to our blog. We are Jerald and Carolyn Simmons, fulltime RVers who love to travel this beautiful country we live in. We have two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren. This blog was created to allow our family and friends to follow along as we travel wherever the road may take us. I plan to post every day that I have something interesting to say. One feature of our blog will be a town of the day, where we will list a town we have been to along with their motto or nickname."

Trip to the USA (Added 11/26/11) This section of the USA 2010 blog a French couple's flight to Denver, renting a class C RV & the saga of returning from a hike to find it (and all their belongings) burned to the ground. Many wonderful photographs, and descriptions of their travels.

2 Legal Aliens Road Trip (Added 11/26/11) A report on a 4256 mile, 30 day tour of the USin a rented RV done as a 10th Anniversary Trip.Their first post starts withthe planning for the trip.

The RV Life With John Dipietro (Added 4/5/09) "RV ownership is a fantastic way of life. It can be used as a weekend getaway or for living in full time! This is the place to get lots of updated information about the RV world from John DiPietro. WELCOME!!"

The Best Half of Our Life (Added 4/5/09) "My partner, Nolan; my pets, Oscar, and Lucy; and I, Donna, have all retired....no more work for us unless absolutely necessary! We are from a rural town in Missouri and have just started our full time RV lifestyle."

Bruce and Margie's Full Time Journal (Added 10/7/09) "Follow RV traveler's, Bruce and Margie, as they enjoy a full-time life in their motorhome, a 40-ft. Winnebago Tour. They sold the house and they've hit the road! See where they go, what they see and who they visit along the way. It's not a vacation....it's a lifestyle. Please leave a comment, if you will, and let us know if you enjoy our blog. Thanks, and happy travels to all!"

NOTE - From their family "This morning they were taking a typical walk in Pismo and someone driving a car struck them both down. Unfortunately, neither of them survived this tragic accident. We were contacted in Tumwater by the San Luis P.D. about this accident. The individual was attempting to commit suicide and struck them where they walked. The police are treating this as a homicide at this time."

Keeping Up With the Kendalls (Added 3/16/09) Debbie & Rod sold their house in December 2007 & hit the road with their 5er.

George & Sandy's Great Adventure (Added 12/28/10) From their first post: "In a few weeks Sandy and I will move out of a 1600 SF single family home and into 300 SF of wheel estate. But first we have to finish the chore of downsizing. That means getting rid of stuff we no longer need or want and holding the final (Hallelujah) garage sale."

CrusinSusan (Added 4/5/09) "A single woman quits the rat race, sells everything she owns, buys a small motor home, and sets off to see the USA and write her memoirs. Will she succeed at either?"

Being a 37 year old retiree (Added 4/19/10) "Full timing on the road in my 16' Scamp travel trailer with my 80 pound mutt!!! I got smart when I got fed up with the day in and day out of "regular" life. I retired at age 37 and bought me a truck (well, an SUV, but who wants to say that all the time?) and a 16' Scamp travel trailer and my dog and I hit the road! These blogs are about my travels, my experiences and the people I meet. I am so far loving it!"

The Travels of Tworootless (Added 6/14/10) "Annie and I had been together in South Florida for a short while, when we decided to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Kuralt. We would tour America and share some of our experiences to anyone that was interested. Since we didn't know how we'd get along in close quarters, after an extensive search in November of 1999, we purchased our first motor home. A restored 1975 Dodge Executive 29 foot coach. A top of the line coach in its day but, a dinosaur compared to today's high powered designer series Recreational Vehicles. Never-the-less it was within our means and we called it home for a year."

Retired on Wheels (Added 5/23/10) "Rod St. Amand and Kathy Johnson. Anywhere we want to be. Whenever we want to be there. United States Transplanted Canadians that were living in Dallas, Texas. We are now full time RVer's and just plan to follow the road and see where it takes us."

Mi Casita no es su Casita! (Added 2/27/11) Not a large number of posts, but a long description of a trip in a Casita.

Not Too Simple (Added 9/26/10) "'ll tell you a little bit about my self. My name is Justin. I am 28 years of age, born in LaCrosse WI, and raised in Las Vegas NV. Husband to a wonderful, quirky, beautiful wife, Tara (aka TheOrganicSister) and father to a brilliant, self-educated, sensitive son named Zeb. In September, we purchased an old beat-up 1982 Winnebago Brave, 22ft with a Chevy 6.2L diesel engine. [Insert manly grunt here.] Every since we purchased it, I've been working on it everyday after work, including painting the interior, building cabinets, installing wood flooring and shower and wall panelling, new power steering and fuel pumps, new tires, changing brake fluid, resealing the roof, resealing the windows, new black water tank (man, how fun that was), new countertops and tabletop, a new gas cap where a sock previously was, new shocks, numerous engines leaks, and new batteries."

Jeanne's Travel Blog (Added 2/27/11) "This is an experiment to see if posting a blog about vacation trips is better than filling people's mailboxes with pictures. Let me know what you think." Great pictures of their trip to Glacier National Park.

Metrotrekkers (Added 1/2/11) Although no active, the site has a link to an Alaskan trip, and, not linked from their home page, this site has a useful interactive diagram of the electrical system of many models of the Roadtrek. You don't need to own a roadtrek to find this useful. They suggest reading their Notes on the Simulator before using.

Hank & Patti's Great Adventure (Added 1/9/09) "We hope you have enjoy reading the log of our “Great Adventure” and we hope you continue to read it as we continue to travel... If you are new to our travel journal, we welcome you to come along and enjoy the ride. In our first year we traveled 18,428 miles, through 23 states, 4 Canadian Provinces, stayed at 13 military bases, 10 National/State Parks, 37 campgrounds and attended 4 RV Rallies. We had a BLAST the whole way."

Better RVing (Added 4/19/10) "Recently retired and ready to spread their wings, Len and Faith Todd wanted to do more with their time than just wait for the grandkids to stack up—though, with 4 already, 1 on the way and “hopefully more after that,” they had plenty of practice. Avid travelers, they purchased a toy hauler with the expressed purpose of doing some snowmobiling in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But another motivation waited, unexpressed, in one of their hearts. Tour Alaska. The trip of a lifetime. They waited three years and then, in late June of 2009, the trip of a lifetime began."

10/2000 Thru 7/2005 Travels (Added 12/18/10) "EARL AND LINDA - We started fulltiming in 1998. In 2010, we bought a house and now split our time between Washington State and Arizona."

Dan and Dawn's Scamp Travel Trailer (Added 11/4/10) Dan & Dawn's site provides lots of information about Scamp travel trailers right down to a copy of the owner'as manual. They also have links to their travels at "Trips and Pictures".

Scamp Camping Trips (Added 6/14/10) Paul & Norma's Shutterfly collection of photos of their 2009 travels around Oregon in their Scamp travel trailer. Lots of photos & some text.

The Confused Pilgrim (Added 2/27/11) George doesn't have a web page - he posts weekly YouTube video reports on his purchase & travels purchasing his Casita travel trailer.

Cross Country Adventures (Added 9/23/07) From their introduction: "Welcome to our blog. We are David & Lise Jennings and we are both retired Canadian federal public servants; David in 2005 and Lise in 2007. While we wait for our stick house to sell, we've taken our RV for a summer vacation. As soon as the house is sold, we will begin our full-timing RV adventure. This has been our dream for many years as we are happiest when we are "on the road" whether it's on the motorcycle, in the car or in the motor home. With our four children and three grandsons living between British Columbia and Ontario, this house on wheels will allow us to visit them more often. Our plan is to spend the summers in Canada and head south as snowbirds do for the winter months. We intend to crisscross North America, see all the spectacular sights that Mother Nature has to offer, meet new people and make new friends. You know... just to stop and smell the roses once in a while and enjoy life. How's that for a concept? We invite you to come along on our travels. We hope you will enjoy the ride."

CYP (Added 11/27/10) "Hello and welcome to our site! Charlie and Yvonne here. We have been retired for the past five years and are full timers, but also lived in our RV for the last 4 years that we worked while living in Mississippi. We started out fultiming in a motor home and shortly realized, once we started to travel, we should have been in a 5ver, being towed by a HDT Truck with it being registered as a motor home. Not saying that all motor homes are bad, but ours seemed to require frequent maintenance. We are in a 5ver now, and will take some time to get to the HDT. Our first few years have been concentrated on the east coast. We were born and raised in New England and retired out of Mississippi, after working in Appleton, WI for 3 years. We have 3 married children and 5 grandchildren, ranging in ages 4 thru 15. Maybe we just might meet up with yall some day! Safe Travels" Check their blog pages for their travels.

On Burroed Time (Added 9/3/10) From Vicki-Lynn and Ian's About Us: "Two old journalists, with two young cats, are hitting the road for four months in our Burro fibreglass trailer and Ford Ranger. We'll be posting our adventures, encounters and experiences as we cross Canada and then head south of the snow line. Wish us all luck living in a 17-foot trailer."

Alaska '09 (Added 9/3/10) "This blog is a photo/video/text diary of my circular trip around Southeastern Alaska. I am going to be driving and ferry-ing the whole loop, camping in my 2006 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe and pulling with a '01 Ford Ranger 4x4 Off Road."

Trip Out West 2010 (Added 8/19/10) Carl and Carol posted a blog of their 2010 trip across the US. Be sure to check their photos on the links provided!

Celebrating 20 (Added 10/18/10) Eric and Diane celebrated 20 years of marriage with a family trip to Alaska & Canada in 2010.

Casita Trip to Alaska (Added 10/18/10) Jim & Carolyn describe their 17,492 mile trip to Alaska with fellow Casita trailer owners during the summer of 2010.

The Canuckian (Added 9/3/10) "A collection of thoughts on "What's New, What's Hot and What's Not!" ............... Going down the Road....\Tag along for the Ride !!!!!!!!!"

Sunline Adventure (Added 12/16/05) From their homepage "Welcome to Patricia and Jack's  Sunline Adventure, a collection of photographs and journals from our RV journeys" For their current travels click on the state of interest for a link to the details.

The Fab Faberge Lovebug! (Added 8/3/10) Le Ritz, my Faberge Lovebug! Visit the website often as we start our 4th year together! The plan is to travel throughout the Dakota's, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and possibly down to Kentucky! As an Oil painter, the goal is to visit some scenic areas and capture the beauty! Check out my other websites for pictures of places we've been and some of my art: http://www.studiogigi.net/.

MMG and DDG Travels (Added 6/14/10) "MMG = Mary Ann/Mom/Grandma DDG = Don/Dad/Grandpa" The story of a 6 month trip across the country in 2009.

2009 North American Holiday (Added 6/14/10) This site is available in either Dutch or English. It chronicles the process of shipping a vehicle & "Caravan" across the Atlantic, hoping on the QE II & spending six months touring the US & Canada. An interesting point of view.

Peter & Lynda's Canadian Holiday 2006 (Added 12/24/06) Although Peter & Lynda's site has not been updated in awhile, they have a huge travelogue describing their Canadian adventures from May to October, 2006. Lots of photographs of their trip linked on the menu on the left of the homepage.

Our Cross-Country RV adventure to Arizona (Added 3/5/06) Linda & Jim started their trip in November 2005, traveling form Connecticut to Arizona with their 5th wheel. NOTE: If you click on the Newest Journals link at the top of the page or Here you will be directed to the host site (Travel Blog) provider's links to other travelers.

Glimpses of the Nave Family (Added 7/13/06) Although this is a link to their "big trip" - a 8400 mile cross country trip in a 1972 VW Camper van made in 1982, use the index link on the right to pick a year to see other trips.

Driving to South America in a Motorhome (Added 6/24/06) Bill and Carol, their 4 sons & a neighbor document their 1978 20,000 mile trip on the Pan American Highway, going all the way to Argentina & back in a 24' Pace Arrow motorhome."

Where-RV-Now? Teresa & Sterling are traveling the US in a Ford 550 & Lance 1121 Truck Camper. Although not updated recently, their log covers their adventures from 2002 - 2004.

Stan and Connie Stan & Connie's journal starts with their preparation for full timing in April, 2000, and contains many pages of their travels in a 40' 2000 Mountain Aire Class A.

Suite 101 RV Lifestyles A series of articles by Barry Houseknecht about Recreational Living..

Ron's 2009 Alaska Trip (Added 3/22/10) "This blog is a photo/video/text diary of my circular trip around Southeastern Alaska. I am going to be driving and ferry-ing the whole loop, camping in my 2006 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe and pulling with a '01 Ford Ranger 4x4 Off Road."

Fin and Dirk Chronicles (Added 3/8/10) Although I don't see any recent additions, lots of photographs & a description of Dirk's Escape fiberglass egg.

Bacon Across America (Added 3/8/10) Although their trip is over & I don't see any new posts, the Beth & Dan as well as their boys Arthur & Henry kept blogs of their 2008-09 50 state trip in a Monaco Knight 40 PLQ.

Travel Blog: Alaska 2008 (Added 4/5/09) "This trip to Alaska is dedicated to our little dog, Pooky, who was supposed to be with us, but is instead waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge."

Camping With Suzi (Added 2/20/08) Fred & Suzi have lots of information at their website, including journals of their travels, and Suzi's Blog. Check the links on the left.

Bud & Clare's Travels (Added 12/6/08) Links to their travels, including cycling in Oregon, Alaska, Canyonlands & the Northeast USA & Canada. They also include a link to their 2008 trip to Gillette, WY for the Escapade.

Tour of America (Added 1/27/06) From Rich and Eleanor's home page: "Have you ever dreamed of roaming the country in an RV? In October 2005, that's what we started doing. Now we're meeting new people, visiting great places, home schooling, cooking, and working while we explore America. You can do it too, even if it's only for a few days. We'll show you how!" Check their blog for almost daily updates to their travels in their Airstream Travel Trailer.

Live Lightly Tour (Added 8/7/07) From their "About Us" page: "We love living small. We love living sustainably. We love telling others how to do it for themselves. So…we are hitting the road to spread the love! Beginning in the Fall of 2007, we are traveling the U.S. in an RV powered by straight vegetable oil. Yes! Grease! It’s free, baby. We are also remodeling the inside of the RV with sustainable, earth friendly materials. This blog will detail our journey…the people, the places, the adventures." Sara, Matt & Bella are on their way in their 1994 Fleetwood Flair.

The Travels of Richard n Shirley (Added 11/23/05) Quoting their web site introduction, Richard & Shirley are "married, retired, two kids, six grand kids and the love to see our country." Their blog starts in April, 2005.

Ronnie & Rebeca's Trip to Alaska (Added 1/1/09) Ronnie & Rebecca did a caravan trip to Alaska during 2008. Follow their adventure. The trip starts February 28, 2008.

Adventure Caravan to Alaska (Added 11/2/08) "Join us as we travel by RV caravan through Canada and Alaska on this 58 Day journey hosted by Adventure Caravans. This is truly a trip of a lifetime for all of us. My wife Susan and I chose this trip because of recommendations we received from people who had gone with Adventure Caravans on other trips and because of the trip itinerary. We started from Soap Lake RV Resort in Soap Lake, WA and ended it at the SouthPark RV Park in Prince George, B.C."

Traveling Man and Gypsy Lady Dave & Anne have recorded their travels in Texas, Canada & Mexico, complete with pages dedicated to Birds, Butterflies & Wild Hawgs!

Desert Dutch The web site of Desert Dutch contains a collection of stories & trips around the Desert South West. Spend some time working through the links on the left side of his home page.

Home is Where We Park Our House Steven & Fran's web site journals their travels from 1999 through 2004. It also contains links to many pages of interest to RVers.

The Next Million Miles I wasn't able to find their names on their web site - this couple retired in 2000, spent 3 years in a conventional (36’ Winnebago Class A motor home.) They then moved into a 26’ 8” Xcursion Coach built on a 2003 Ford Super Duty F550 4X4 and set out to explore the places the Class A wouldn't go!

Roy's RVing In The USA With links to his travels since 1998, and lots of things of interest to RVers, Roy presents a very useful site. Be sure to check the "personal Diaries" for links to even more journals.

RV Roadie: RV Full timing, What is it really like Derek chronicles his adventures starting with Early Retirement Plus'/Minus', and 35 newsletters of his journeys Many additional links from his home page.

Blazing Saddles (Added 3/19/07) Ron & Alice are selling their home in Lake Havasu City, AZ and hitting the road in a Alfa Gold 5th Wheel pulled by a 95' FL 112 9 speed.

David's Travels In March, 2004 David simplified his life, moved into a 1960 Airstream Landyacht (including his darkroom.) In addition to his journals, his site is filled with great photos of the US & Europe.

Howell Journey Chris & Ginny started their adventure in September, 2004, and their blog in April 05. They are living full time in their 42' Monaco Executive motor home & traveling the US & Canada.

Kelly & Jan's RV Travels (Added 1/14/07) "My wife is still working, she is a Nurse for the State of Oklahoma. She Care's for Handicap folks. She retires next year then we are hitting the road. So stay tuned and check back often." Kelly started his blog in September, 2006. They are traveling in a National Tropical 37' and a 2004 Saturn Vue Redline toad.

Creepers projects To visit Creeper's RVing blog, click on the image of the RV. Of course, you might want to also check out the Cobra & the 1999 Harley Davidson FXR2 as well.

Travels with Seven and Mad (Added 3/27/06) Seven & Mad started out last year in a 26 foot 1993 Jamboree Rallye. They upgraded to a 2000 Winnebago Chieftain last February. Their travels, lots of links & a description of how they built a custom windshield screen.

Travels with the GTRV Westy In May, 1998 Carl purchased a Ford based GTRV Westy. Since that time he has driven 185,000 miles in all but 3 US states in this class C RV. His web site contains many pictures & descriptions of his travels.

Log of the Wayward Wind (Added 6/20/07) "The Spotted-Ass Wonder Dog and his two human companions search for America"

The Lawlor's Adventure (Added 7/13/05) Tim & Christy picked up a pure white Monaco in February, 2005, had it custom painted "Purely Decadent" (Dairy Free Ice Cream) and set out on the 2005 tour.

Destination USA (Added 9/20/05) Sherri, Rick & four year old Henry are traveling the country in Gus, their 2001 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 40 PBD.

Bob & Mary Hatch (Added 1/9/06) From their Home Page: "Devoted to our hobbies and RV travel. We started full timing on August 28, 2004. As of November 15, 2005 we have driven the Motorhome over 15,500 miles and been in 35 States and 3 Canadian Provinces. We have now visited, over the last 6 years, 44 of the lower 48 states. Wow, what a rush." Click on "Travel & Trips" to read about their adventures.

Brightwing RV Joline started her blog in April, 2004. Follow her travels in "Brightwing", her 29' Titanium 5th Wheel.

Kim & Mike on the Road Kim & Mike have been traveling in their Newmar American Star 5th wheel pulled by a Dodge 3500 Cummins Diesel since February, 2004. Lots of photos, particularly for those interested in butterflies.

roamers roamings (Added 6/7/07) "This blog highlights the travels of Dean and Pat Norris. We began RVing in 2004 at retirement and continuing to now. This year we are heading to Alaska."

Alaska RV Adventures (Added 4/24/06) This is a bit different - KidKrazy, husband TW, and Kids TP, LC, & KN already live in Alaska. Read about their trips around the state in a 35' Motorhome.

Fiat 500 - Around the World Expedition (Added 9/1/07) Alright, now for something completely different! From their introduction: "Australian adventurers, Lang and Bev Kidby are on an expedition to drive a 1969 FIAT 500 Bambino 35,000km around the world - the smallest car ever to undertake such a challenge!" I had a friend that owned a Fiat 600 and remember how small that was - All I can say is Wow! NOTE: They finished their trip on November 20th. The full story is still on their website, and they are planning a new trip!

POTTSLUCK: NORTHERN EXPOSURE (Added 12/13/07) From their introduction: "This is the voyage of the motorcoach Pottsluck: whose one hundred and seven day mission is to go where no sane married couple has gone before. The goal of the journey: (1)stay married after three months cooped up in a 40 ft.. space; (2) return safely; (3) have great fun and wonderful adventures." Bob, Dixie the dog & the author who's name I couldn't find, travel across the US & to Alaska.

Syl & Ken's Personal Iditarod (Added 12/12/07) "Greetings fellow travelers and wannabes. We are off on our exciting adventure to the north with dear friends Ginny, Karen and Lee. Our travels will take us on land through beautiful Alaska and on sea via ferry through the inland waterways of our northernmost state. As we go, we promise to share our exciting experiences with you and hope they will be fun to read and not too boring. Enjoy. We know we will!!!"

Leaving Home (Added 11/24/07) Paul & Cate's 4 month RV & more trip: "This is the story of our “RV” road trip through a good part of the United States, 10 days in London, a week in Paris and a 2 week transatlantic cruise with stops in some European ports. If you want to read the story with events in order you may want to go to the archive and start with the earliest date to begin reading." They left for their trip in a 33' travel trailer on April 6, 2005.

RV Living Magazine -- RVing Blog Bob & Sharon started their blog in January 2005. They travel in a 1988 Bounder Class A motorhome, and describe the trials & tribulations of closing a business & starting fulltiming.

The Rolling Home John & Libby sold their house & started full timing in June. 1999. In January, 2004 they settled in Okeechobee, FL, selling RV's at Great American RVs. In addition to the chronicle of their adventures, their site includes information on ham radio & a forum for advice.

Sutorka/Winsor RV Adventure (Added 2/27/07) David & Shari and their kids detail their 8,600 mile, 6 month, 27 state trip across the country.

The Bag-It Tour! (Added 6/3/06) Rick & Laura loaded up a 2000 Georgie Boy Cruise Air 3815 & headed West in October 2005. NOTE: They have a new website rolo 2.0. Quoting the new page "After a year of living in a motorhome and traveling the country, we settled on Denver, Colorado!"

Traveling the USA (Added 5/11/07) "jengelman" started this blog in November, 2006. They are traveling in "aluminum box on wheels" - a Colorado 5th wheel and update their page regularly.

RV Winter Rampling 2006-07 (Added 5/17/07) "Travel plans and dreams inhabit my thoughts every waking hour of each day; I relive past explorations and imagine future journeys." The O'Leary's started this blog in December, 2006. Be sure to check the links on the right for blogs of some of their other travels.

Month long RV Trip of Ron & Deb 2006 (Added 5/17/07) From their webpage: "This will be a Journal of our trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Outer Banks of North Caroline." There trip starts here.

Image Nomads (Added 11/23/05) In August, 2003 Kay & Tom prepared to hit the road in Ruby, their Ford 550 truck & a New Horizons 5th Wheel. Catch up on their adventures with their "Previous Travelogues" page as well as their "Current Travelogue."

Living Our Road Trip Dream! (Added 3/26/07) Phil & Carol decided to spend a year touring the US in the Rolling White House, their Pleasure Way Class B RV. Click on Page 1 for their May 26 start. From their intro page: "We visited and wrote about all the National Parks in the 48 "lower" states, plus many of the National Monuments, Seashores, etc. In each area we tried to bring you something historic, something cultural, and something sports related (the part that Phil liked best!). We talked to ordinary people with experiences that enriched our own. They stretched our intellect and imagination, and provided perspectives that we will cherish forever. So, come along, enjoy the scenery, and see the USA from your armchair - and, who knows, you may find yourself making the decision to "hit the road" too!"

El Viejo goes West (Added 3/19/07) "Over two months and 13,000 miles wandering the back roads of the American west to celebrate my retirement." He bought a used Ford F-250 van. It came with a sofa-bed, reading lights, fresh water tank and a small sink. By April 12 , 1992 he was ready to go...

Detmer's Invade Down Under (Added 3/19/07) Join the Detmers for their 2006 trip around New Zealand in "Babs," their trusty 4-Berth Ford recreational vehicle sometimes referred to as refers to as "the rolling turd bucket," and a week in Australia.

Traveling the US and Beyond (Added 3/19/07) "Please join our adventures as we travel through the USA and part of Canada. We will be seeing National Parks and Forests, Museums, Historical Sites and...football and baseball games! We are traveling in a large 39' Fleetwood, Discovery and towing a trailer with my station wagon on top." They describe their travels from the Florida Keys to Alaska.

Across America with a small spotted dog (Added 3/19/07) Read about the Happywayfarer's 2004 190 day trip around the US & Mexico. From his introduction: "After five years of public accounting, three years of divorce, and half a lifetime of learning things the hard way, Kudzu and I have set off to see what the country has to offer. We've loaded clothes, camping gear, a kennel, a big bag of dog food, and everything else we could find in the back of my 1994 Toyota truck with 146,596 miles and have started driving with no real plan in mind."

No Day But Today (Added 3/19/07) In February, 2006 Toni & Neal sold their house, bought a 24ft Itasca Cambria that they named "Papillon" because "butterflies are free" and so where they! They traveled until January 2007.

Pat & Don Travel the Alaska Highway (Added 3/19/07) Click on "Continue" to follow the adventures of Pat & Don and their 9 week, 10,783 mile 2005 trip to Alaska.

GypsyPals Travelogue (Added 3/9/07) "Please join us in a virtual tour of the United States, as we view the Atlantis shuttle launch in Florida, travel toward the Albuquerque balloon fiesta, and return to Florida in the fall of 2006. Mary and Larry document their 2006 trip in a 40' long, three slideouts Class A RV.

Wanderlust (Added 3/9/07) Quoting Gerry's introduction: "All too soon, our road trip in the Southwest has ended, and my wife and I have returned to Washington state for a work obligation. It was a fabulous trip; thanks for letting me share some of our experiences with you. We plan to go full-time soon, and I hope to revive Wanderlust then. So long for now."

Carpe Diem on the Road (Added 3/9/07) This blog by Anne & Norm highlights the adventures of "Carpe Diem on the Road" - their Motor Home Trip
July 8 - October 19, 2006.

Lois Hits the Road (Added 3/2/07) Lois made a 27,000 mile journey by herself in "Rhonda," a Roadtrek 170 Class B van, across the US starting in January, 2005 and returning home in October.

Martin Family Great Adventure (Added 3/2/07) "The trip of a lifetime. Stewart, Jill, Michelle(10) and Connor(8) are looking forward to 14 months on the road. We'll get to know North America and ourselves, a whole lot better. Hope to see you along the way." They started their blog in April, 2005 with drive home in their 2002 Newmar Dutch Star 40' Diesel Pusher, and finished in September, 2006.

Pottsluck: Northern Exposure (Added2/27/07) Quoting their introduction: "This is the voyage of the motorcoach Pottsluck: whose one hundred and seven day mission is to go where no sane married couple has gone before. The goal of the journey: (1)stay married after three months cooped up in a 40 ft.. space; (2) return safely; (3) have great fun and wonderful adventures." Follow their 4 month 2006 trip across the northern US, Canada & Alaska.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Added 2/27/07) From their about us: "Welcome to my website! Rick is a retired Verizon telephone splicer, Leslie is a retired Director of Nursing, R.N. Come follow our rainbow as we begin our journey from our summer home on Prince Edward Island, Ca. through our United States and Canada." They are traveling in a 2003 Newmar Kountry Star fifth wheel.

AM Road (Added 1/23/06) Steve and Margo retired early, sold the house, bought a 2005 Dodge 3500 turbocharged and inter-cooled Cummins diesel truck and a 2005 Keystone Challenger 32 TKB fifth wheel and hit the road. Their Weblog starts on December 1, 2005 and is updated often. They are home in Las Cruces planning their next trip!

RVing: Just For the Fun of it (Added 4/28/06) This is the log of Sheila, Stan & Johnna on their trip to Canada, Alaska and the Western US starting in early June 2005 & returning in late September, 2005.

Where in the World are the Macko's Now? (Added 4/16/06) Ron & Lana describe their trip to Alaska, the Tetons & Yellowstone. Lots of great photos!

An American Adventure - Phoenix to Corpus Christi (Added 3/23/06) The tale of John & Mandy's four week trip in an RV (Recreational Vehicle) travelling through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas during June and July 1994. A day by day journal, with photos, of their travels.

An RV Travelogue 2003 (added 3/15/06) Kathy and Will left on June 14 2003 in their 30' Shasta Travelmaster Class C RV for a trip around the US. As of now there are only three pages, but lots of details & photos. Use the "next" button at the bottom of the page. Hopefully, they will add the last leg from Maine back to Florida.

RVing: Just for the fun of it (Added 3/6/06) I don't know if Stan, Johnna and Sheila (the dog) are planning to continue updating this web site, but they have produced a great journal of a 2005 trip in their 5th wheel to Alaska. The journal, with many wonderful photographs, starts on June 1st.

Away We Go - An American Adventure (Added 2/2/06) Mark, Cricket, Adam, Lucas, and their 4-legged friend Jake started their RV travels the Summer of 2005 in a National RV Sea Breeze LX 36' Motorhome. Updated regularly, and includes information on home schooling while on the road. They finished their trip & will be taking a travel break until "Part II."

Extreme Telecommuting -- An Office Odyssey (Added 1/9/06) Sid & Kristanne chronicle their summer of '97 trip across the US in a 1995 Volkswagen Eurovan outfitted with a camper package supplied by Winnebago. Go to the "map" page & click on a dot to follow their adventures. In addition, there is a link to their later year long travels in Europe.

Welcome to Two Penny Travels (Added 1/3/06) Sam, Alice & Wolf have been on the road since 1998. Their travelogue covering the years between 1998 & 2004 starts here. Click on the year & month to read about their adventures. You can also check out Sam's book Memphis 7.9 and the trials & tribulations of self publishing.

Cross Country 2005 (Added 11/29/05) Rich & Kay & kids took a 10,942 mile trip in a van & travel trailer across the US during the summer of 2005. Read the blog of their adventures in many of our National Parks.

under aged rvers As their site name implies, 31 year old Dan & Rachel decided to hit the road in their truck camper. Their weekly updates & beautiful photographs make their blog a joy to follow. NOTE: As of September 2005 they have settled in Aspen.

The Extreme Road Trip (Added 9/5/05) Although their journey is over, Brant & Aryn spent eight months and six days on the road traveling 34,352 miles through 34 of these United States in a Ford F250 Diesel Pickup & Lance 500 Camper. Many pages about their adventures.

Welcome to our Journey Across America The Smiths gathered together their family of six, hopped into their Class C RV and spent 14 months driving across America. Read their journal and buy their book at Amazon.

Road School Although you are going to have to spend some time jumping around to follow the travels of Ed and his family, they have been recording their adventures since November, 1998. Start with the link "Past Adventures."

Alaska Adventure A journal of a trip from Rochester, MN to Alaska & back in a Jeep Cherokee & an Aliner camping trailer made in 1999. Complete with an equipment list, maps, cost (in 1999 dollars) and photographs.

Dick and Carole Although their journal only covers from March, 2001 to July 2002, there are lots of pictures & descriptions of their travels.

The Wade Family Adventure In January 2004 the Wade family started a trip around the country in their 39' Tradewinds LTC, returning to their home in North Palm Beach, FL in December 2004. To read their journal click on the "Where are we?" link.

The Ultimate Life-Altering Adventure Although they have not updated their site since December, 2003, Julie & Dave record their travels across the US from May 1998 to July 1999 in their Ford 150 Pickup & Yukon Wilderness Travel Trailer.

rvgirl.com Aliza started her diary in August, 2000 and documents her travels in a 23-foot, 1977 Dodge Apache motor home .Switch to travelgirl for her latest adventures.

A Mexico Motor home Adventure In 2004 Bill & Annette set out for a 2 month trip with 12 RVs & 22 people to Mexico in a caravan with the "Vagabonds del Mar." If you would rather download a PDF of their travels, go to their Public Sharing Link.

Appleseed Enterprises Welcomes You To "The Adventures of Kay & Tom Seliskar" Kay & Tom full timed from January 1998 to June 2004, when they settled in Madison, WI. Their 68 pages of travelogues include the US (including Alaska), Canada & New Zealand.

The Gefke Family Adventure In February, 2000 the Gefke's sold their home & for the next two years traveled the US installing sound systems in churches. Although their saga ends abruptly in June, 2002, it is an interesting journal of a family on a mission.

The BeeMaster.com Although there are hundreds of pages on the Beemaster's site, this one and the links to two of his trips are of interest to those who follow RV Journals. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a link to the rest of the site.

Brit's Touring North America in an RV I can't describe their site any better than they can: "Immediately after retiring George & Valerie rented out their house in England, flew to the USA and purchased a 37 foot recreational vehicle (RV) and tow car, so providing us with the means to explore a whole new world. The result was a fascinating tour that lasted nearly three years." Also includes trips to Mexico and South Africa.

Billybob's 1999 Road Trip (Added 9/5/05) Billybob didn't finish his journal, but check out the first five days of his trip from Vancouver to Ottawa.

Trip Log (Added 9/5/05) Ken & Lee describe their travels hauling a 35' 5th wheel with a Volvo F-7 from May, 1999 to March, 2000 when they moved to Mazatlan.

The Happy Camper Website Ron's web site has a section describing how to buy an RV, and a forum that journals a 44 week trip across the country (and to Alaska) taken in 2002-03.

Finding America A Journal of Anthropological Inquisition In 1997, James hopped in his VW Van (almost an RV) and headed for Central America, almost dying in the process.

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