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I know I have titled these pages as JV's RV Pages, but these are interesting links by those traveling without an RV.

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Box Canyon Blog (Added 10/28/12) Mark Johnson's blog of his travels.

Leatherwood Trail (Added 9/24/12) While he is not in an RV, Walter has done a lot of traveling, including a moped trip to Alaska and travels around Canada & the US.

IntrepidXJ's Adventure Blog (Added 2/21/12) Randy doesn't travel in an RV, but his website is filled with absolutely beautiful photographs of Colorado & the Southwest. Well worth spending some time visiting!

Travels with Nessie (Added 6/14/10) "Nessie is our tandom kayak, a Wilderness Systems Pamlico XL. We purchased her several years ago after getting hooked on kayaking on a trip to the NC Coast. My wife named her Nessie after the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie is strickly a quiet water kayak. No whitewater." The site includes photos & journals of travels to many National Parks, lakes & rivers around the country.

Crazy Guy on a Bike (Added 5/23/10) Dean describes his "A couple months working my way across the southern U.S." Check out his introduction at: Too young for Medicade and too old for women-to-care: So I may as well ride my bike!

Road Tripper (Added 5/11/07) This is the blog of Jamie Jensen, the author of the best-selling book, Road Trip USA. Jamie has traveled close to half-a-million miles in search of the perfect stretch of two-lane blacktop, and he gets out of the car as much as possible in search of the best french fries, rodeos, historic trails, and slices of cherry pie that he can find.

DennyG's Road Trips (Added 5/11/07) Denny documents many road trips, starting in 1999 & continuing to the present. Check his Trip List page for links to all of them.

Stray Cat's Doggone Blog (Added 1/7/07) Read the musings of an over-the-road trucker: "The purpose of this BLOG is to provide those interested with a daily journal of my travels and activities. I am an “over-the road” truck driver. I travel with two BCC (Beloved Canine Companions) also referred to as MMM (Million Mile Mutts). All time references are in the Mountain Time Zone in the Military Time Format unless otherwise specified." Be sure to check the travelogue section of the site for many wonderful photos.

Geoff Schultz's BlueJacket Sailing Site (Added 12/19/06) Although they currently travel in a sailboat, they have many photos from their trips around the US at "Travels". "This site is dedicated to the sailing and diving adventures aboard the BlueJacket, which is a 1997 Freedom 40/40. In the past 8 years we've sailed 30,000 miles on it, covering virtually all of the East coast of the US and most of the Caribbean. This site provides extensive photos and logs of these journeys. Be sure to check out the diving and reef photos. You can also view our trip logs and photos via Google Earth which is updated to 2006."

A Bristol 40 Salute (Added 2/17/07) Another sailing blog - Check the logs for details on Tim's travels.

Runtrails' 2005 AT Journal (Added 7/13/06) This is about as Non-RV as you can get - the story of a 148 day, 2175 mile run (Yes, Run!) up the Appalachian Trail. Check Jim & Sue's Homepage link for other runs.

Big Lar's Picture Stories (Added 1/31/10) "Larry lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and rarely misses an opportunity to do a “walkabout” in his dune buggy or truck, hiking, exploring and taking pictures of the desert Southwest." Use the menus to explore lots of pictures of the Southwest.

The Oasis Of My Soul (Added 10/7/09) Ara & Sprit (his dog) are traveling across the country in a motorcycle, complete with a sidecar for Sprit. They have a very complete "About Us" page.

Breaking Down In America (Added 9/20/08) " I’ve always wondered about those cars you see advertised for only a few hundred bucks. So I bought one. Now I’m gonna drive that bitch as hard as I can across the country. If (when?) it breaks I’ll just buy another beater and move on. This is a road trip that for once comes without the fear of breaking down. Instead there’s the expectation that something will go wrong. Constantly. I guess you could call it a metaphor for life. Breaking Down in America is the unfolding story of this road trip and the cars, the people and the places involved." Check his blog for details of the trip.

Jim Teresco (Added 7/20/07) Jim's web page includes Travel and Other Pictures, a collection of photographs & descriptions of his travels from 1984 to now.

Trip 2001 (Added 6/7/06) This one is a bit different - Ben, Danny, Candice & Holly take a 59 day, 24,214Km trip through the US & Canada. Lots of photographs, a little text, but the big difference - Check out the audio files of their experience in the Gallery of Sound.

The Wood Family Texas Roundup (Added 6/3/06) Follow the Wood family on their 2000 2 week trip from California to Texas and back.

My Trip Across America (Added 6/3/06) Bob started his trip from Hartsdale, NY on May 28, 2002 and includes daily updates until 7,991 miles later when he reached Chicago, IL on June 29th.

South by SouthWest (Added 3/19/07) Follow incajac? on his 2005, 1 month trip in a 2001 Toyota Corolla from Boston to California.

Quest 4 (Added 6/3/06) Brian Ardinger and Chris Moeller bought a SUV & headed West for a 3 month trip in 1998. Lots of pictures & information about the parts of the US they visited.

Tim Thompson's Home Page & Trips (Added 5/8/06) Among other things, Tim documents his 2001 California vacation & a trip across the US in 2005. Check out his working trip to Italy as well.

Tom Wham Colorado Trip Index Page (Added 4/16/06) Tom has links to some old (1951!) and new (2005) trips to Colorado. A great site for the narrow gauge railroad buffs.

A Road Trip Across the USA (Added 3/27/06) Matthew describes his 2001 drive from Boston to San Francisco. Be sure to visit his outdoor pages as well.

Blue Highways Lite (Added 3/15/06) Although Louis only documents the first 3 days of a US trip, there are also links to other trips by him & some of his friends here.

Neah and Ken Go West (Added 3/15/06) Neah and Ken describe their August 2003 trip to the National Parks of the Southwest.Lots of excellent photographs plus links to their travels in Europe & Australia!

The Howser House (Added 1/23/06) RVing since 1972, John started his blog on May 6, 2005 describing his travels in a 5th wheel. They are off the road now & building a home, but check the early archives for their RV travels. Their old blog.

Joe's Cross-Country Journal (Added 3/12/06) Joe made a 29 day cross-country trip during July, 2005. "You'll read about my visits with friends and family scattered across the country, all the National Parks I'll visit, as well as the nights I'm sleeping in the car, in my tent, or in a cheap motel."

Jeremy's Road Trip (Added 3/5/06) Use the menu in the left to follow Jeremy's 2002 33 day trip from the Bay area of California to New York City.

Beth and Marvin's Miata Vacation (Added 3/5/06) In 1998 Beth & Marvin took an 11 day vacation from the Salt River Canyon to the Natural Bridges National Monument. Either click on the map or use the menu at the bottom of the page.

Western U.S. Travelogue (Added 3/5/06) Although Keith's travelogue is only one page (a long page!) it has lots of information & photographs of a 1995 trip along the Western US & California coast.

Cross Country Drive (Added 1/3/06) Eric put this page together to document his cross country trip going East to West with friends. Some great photos, and if you are using Internet Explorer, Live Vehicle Tracking is available!

Pack Your Bags (Added 12/5/05) The Robison's have traveled throughout Europe on both personal & student trips, and more recently, Alaska and the American Northwest. Read "Disarmed in Egypt" for an account of what can happen if you break your arm in Egypt!

The Roadchix (Added 7/28/05) "The Roadchix are a pair of friends who decided that life was too short and adventure awaited. Having met at Boston University, Kristy and Beth became fast friends. But their friendship was cemented with their first roadtrip after college graduation - a seven-week journey around the country." Check Their links to their journeys, travel tips and travel links.

Delsjourney.com (Added 7/28/05) Del's website describes his 18 month journey across the US, New Zealand & Australia. Lots (4126) of photos & many (421) pages. There is also a link to maps & photos of his previous (1980 - 1999) road trips.

Road Trip 2003 Rick, Jen & their black, fuzzy cat named Tabitha document their 12 day, 5000 mile trip from Boston to LA via Oregon.

Charge Across America (Added 9/5/05) Read about Kris's 3275 mile trip across America without burning a drop of gasoline. No, he didn't do it in a diesel, but in a General Motors EV1, an electric vehicle leased through Saturn dealers.

Wass's Cross Country Trip - Summer 2000 (Added 9/5/05) At he ripe old age of 25, Jeff decided that he needed to see more of the USA before he tied up the next 6 years of his life getting his PhD in Physics. 15,340.3 miles & two months later he finished his trip. His web page only documents the first month of the trip.

1978 Moped Trip (Added 9/5/05) How about a three month, 11,500 mile trip from Toronto to the Yukon & Alaska & back on a Moped? Walter & Guinness World Records have some disagreements about what is a moped, but using his criteria the is the longest journey ever made on a true moped.

James Bay Road Website Walter has combined travelogues & photographs of his trips around the James Bay, Quebec, Canada area. Quoting from his site, "If you are interested in a long road trip into a very remote part of northeast Canada, this is the road (and website) for you!!

The Silk Route For something different, follow Stephen on his travels to China in 2002 and Siberia in 2004. Many pages of adventures outside the US.

Lou Ann's Place Lou Ann describes her road trips to Alaska & across the US. In addition, check her "Road Tripping" link to other road trip sites.

Jim's Travel & Photo Pages (Added 7/27/05) Jim loves to travel and has documented his many trips since July, 1998. Lots of photos & details of hundreds of trips.

Sir Richard's Canonical Road Trip Page (Added 7/27/05) Richard's page provides lots of advice for planning your next road trip. Be sure to check his "My Road Trips" link for details of his adventures

Trip to Somewhere Maizy the gypzymuse journals her road trip. The best way to produce an index of all the entries to her blog is do a search using the word "day,"

big adventures Steve takes us along on "The Amazing Bike Trip" & "Steve Learns to Hike." The site also includes stories of his travels around the globe.

Travels with Daniel Karen's web site describing her trip with friends to the National & State Parks of the South West and more. Lots of links to information about the area.

Jamie and Friends - Our Road Trips Although he doesn't take them in an RV, Jamie describes his road trips from January 1998 to September 2000.

Tim Vasquez's Personal Pages Check out Tim's Road Trips & Travelogues. Although his last documented trip in June 2001 has lost its images & only covers the first two days if the trip, the other two are complete, including a trip to Alaska.

Notes From the Road From the "About" page: "Notes from the Road is a project in experimental travel writing - it is about subjective travel; the kind of real world of random things and real people." A site filled with beautiful photographs and well written descriptions.

Jon Vermilye's Trips Well, if you got here without going through my home page, you might have missed the links to our trips, so here is a link.

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