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Trip & Adventures (Added 12/25/18) The Bogers journal their many years of travel.

Brian and Barbara RV'ing (Added 12/25/18) Brian & Barbara journal of 5 years of RVing

Escaped Doodles (Added 12/25/18) Denise & Hugh travel full time in an Escape 19

Wild Things Escapes (Added 5/28/18) "Welcome to Wild Thing Escapes, a blog where I chronicle my adventures in a 5th wheel travel trailer. My name is Sarah and I live near Boston, Ma. I am happily married, have two grown sons and a miniature dachshund named Dexter! I’m an introspective soul who enjoys both solitude and time spent in community." More at her "About" Page.

No Rush - Our RV Life (Added 8/2/17) Jim & Laura's About Us - "We are both adventurers and had always dreamed of traveling across the US.   We recently realized that the best time to make our dream a reality was now.  So we resigned from our jobs, sold our condo; gave, sold or donated most of our beloved possessions, and here we are, full time RVers -and we love it!" More at About Us.

The Wandering RV (Added 8/2/17) "Adventure... Passion... Love... Struggle... This story has them all. Come along the ride with Bill and Kayla as they learn just how rewarding a mobile lifestyle can be. You might even learn a thing or two along the way."

"RAM"ble On (Added 5/22/17) A blog by travelers in an Escape 19. "We are Robert and Laura from San Antonio, Texas. We are both retired; Me, 35 years in Law Enforcement and Laura: over 25 years in Education. We are a married couple whose children are adults and starting to make their way. Now it’s time to make ours."

Campology (Added 5/22/17) Lots of information on camping in a small (14') trailer.

Mandy Lea Photo (Added 5/22/17) Lots of great photos. Check her blog for tales of her travels in a T@G Teardrop.

An Eclectic Mind (Added 5/22/17) While not primarly an RV site, Maria's bio: "Web site and blog for Maria Langer, commercial helicopter pilot, freelance writer, beekeeper, and serious amateur photographer." A great post of information for those interested in Quartzsite.

Just Finding Our Way (Added 1/6/17) John travels in a Scamp 19. More about him in his "About" page. Lots of photos, and a interesting section on hand built wooden boats & kayaks.

WanderingBigfoot (Added 1/6/17) "We are a couple of East Coast Canadians living on the west coast with our two dog Sprocket and Taj. When we’re not working or fixing up our Bigfoot trailer we’re adventuring and riding bikes."

RV Living Adventures (Added 1/6/17) "I’m JD and I am slowly starting to figure out who I am. By day, I am a software developer with primary emphasis on C#.Net, VB.Net, and T-SQL. I do a lot of work with Windows Services, ASP.Net websites, Windows Applications, and SQL Databases." He currently travels in a 2005 Dutch Star.

Drivin' & Vibin' (Added 1/6/17) From their About Us: "Hi! We are Olivia, Kyle and River Moon We enjoy learning, traveling, and connecting. Our dream is to live deliberately and minimally, removing the clutter and fostering our relationships with the community and the natural world. We currently live fulltime in our camper, exploring all of life’s nuances as we ease down the road."

Doris' and Robbie's Travel Blogs (Added 9/5/16) "Welcome to our travel website! We hope to keep friends and family posted on our travels in the motorhome over the next few years. We will have a separate Trip Journal for each year and the links are provided on the right side of this page."

Our Road Less Traveled (Added 9/5/16) "Between volunteering and belonging to fraternal organizations retirement is a heck of a lot busier than when we were working. Scheduling a trip is hard work, so we promised each other 2010 we will head out for a full year, coming home only to check out Sumo and for those doctors appointments. "

Southwest Dude (Added 9/5/16) "After a lifetime of academic and professional achievement, some success, a little failure and loss, I now travel lonesome highways through verdant deserts, and grassy rolling hills, polished red rock canyons and sparkling mountains. I camp and I walk and I celebrate beauty. I strive to experience, as Edward Abbey said, "The heartbreaking beauty where there are no hearts to break" in the West. My desire, in these few pages, is to share what I have found, what I'm finding and what I seek. There are pictures and stories for those of us who seem to find our only true home in the American West. Join me!" Be sure to check his blog!

Takin' Breeze (Added 9/5/16) "We are former liveaboard sailors, who lived and sailed on a boat in the Caribbean for about 10 years with our two sons, Gene and Chris Currently, we are chasing our dreams to travel and change lifestyle. We are dedicated to the planet, and to leave as small a footprint as possible to ensure that this glorious planet remains for future generations."

Rambling RV Rat (Added 9/5/16) "My name is PoPo-G-G-O, and I'm a Rambling RV Rat. I’ve been RVing full-time these last few years with my human Mom and Dad, our Country Campground Cat, and our Frolicking Full-timing Fish. After planning for retirement for 14 years, my family sold our “sticks and bricks” home with our half acre of property. We sold or donated most of our material possessions. We were blessed to experience an epiphany many years ago—God provides us with the basic necessities for our existence. Everything else is “nice to have” but is not required to experience happiness or contentment. We now live a more minimalist lifestyle. We still have everything we truly need and the few material possessions we truly want. We loaded the motorcycles into our custom-built truck, hooked up our home on wheels, and now travel around this great country. Whether staying somewhere for six months, visiting for just six days, or just stopping over for 6 hours, we experience a new sensational sunrise and a different breath-taking “backyard” view everywhere we go!"

The ExploreNorth Blog (Added 5/25/16) "Hi, I’m Murray Lundberg, a retired motorcoach driver/guide and cruise consultant who continues to travel extensively as a cruise ship speaker, writer and photographer. With my wife, Cathy, 2 dogs and a cat, I live on forested acreage at the edge of Whitehorse, the capital of Canada’s Yukon Territory. Monty, a Seppala Siberian Sleddog, and Bella, a Sheltie cross, are our companions for all of our RV adventures and most of my solo hiking expeditions into the backcountry (Monty has his own Web page at “Everything Husky!“)."

RV Family Travel Atlas (Added 5/25/16) Links to podcasts describing family visits to campgrounds.

RV Tech with RV Rob (Added 5/25/16) "I have been working with computers since 1981 when I got my first computer, a Commodore Vic 20. I worked for my high school on a Digital PDP. I have also worked in IT in Corporate, Education, Post Secondary Education and have taught it in College. For the past 13 years I have been the Senior Network Engineer and in charge of IT security for a large public sector organization. I have also done numerous IT certification courses, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Cerfified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
My alter ego enjoys hiking, canoeing, camping and RVing. I have camped my entire life and have been to campgrounds all over Eastern Canada and USA. Most of my trips have been to Ontario Provincial Parks, I have been to over 25 thru my life.
This blog will fuse both my ego’s and provide information on making the best of technology while RVing around the great outdoors."

Days and Nights (Added 5/25/16) John's website describes his search for dark skies and his exploration of cultural astronomy. He travels in an Escape 19.

Family Outdoor Adventures (Added 5/25/16) "This blog is about the journey, and for me our boler trailer has become a symbol of the new style of adventure I plan to experience with the family, fun, simple and different. When we lived in British Columbia, Canada, most of our adventures are around the southern part of the Province. With so many amazing places to explore we had no problem finding new adventures."

Sarandipity Travels (Added5/25/16) "Sara is a freelance photographic artist, writer, and now - cancer fighter. With the soul of a gypsy, she's backpacked through 29 countries on five continents striving to create her own Sarandipity in life. After beating leukemia, she plans to hit the road once more. When asked how she'll live full time in a 17' rv while traveling around North America, she says, 'It's so much bigger than a backpack!'"

Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mountains (Added 5/25/16) After changing trailers, the author moved from "Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mtns" in their Casita to this one in their 19' Escape.

Living and Boondocking in Mexico (Added 2/17/16) "Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal,It's the good life to be free and explore the unknown. That's living and boondocking in Mexico. Come on in!"

West Trip 2015 (Added 2/17/16) This is part one of a YouTube video series of the 2015 Stamm family trip.

C and D Travels (Added 12/9/15) "Chris and Dennis are traveling the country. No set destinations, as little freeway driving as possible and as many small-town attractions as can be found. We'll change tack on a whim and answer to where we are going with simply "That A Way"."

Sharing Our Travels (Added 12/9/15) Carol & Doug blog about their RVing advantures.

Joellen & Jim's New Adventure (Added 12/9/15) Nothing in their "About Me" so all I can add is they are a retired California couple.

Takin'Breeze (Added 12/9/15) "We are former liveaboard sailors, who lived and sailed on a boat in the Caribbean for about 10 years with our two sons, Gene and Chris Currently, we are chasing our dreams to travel and change lifestyle. We are dedicated to the planet, and to leave as small a footprint as possible to ensure that this glorious planet remains for future generations. Words To Live By: THINGS WE’VE LEARNED FROM TURTLES “When we wander into dangerous territories like the highways of life, our favorite defense of pulling inside and shutting out the world may not be the most effective response. So, instead of getting squashed, we may want to stick our necks out and run like crazy.”"

Taveling in Blanquillo (Added 10/6/15) "We loved our vintage Aristocrat trailer, but we had to move on to something more livable for longer camping trips." They purchased an Escape 19, and have been documenting their travels.

The More We Explore (Added 10/6/15) "Steve and Tess love to explore nature, whether it be backpacking, packrafting, mountain biking, hiking, or just wandering. The more we explore, the more we realize just how little we've seen." Includes video files of their advantures.

McQuade Travels (Added 10/6/15) "My name is R. A. (Bob) McQuade and, as of July 21, 2013, I am a retired small business owner (Art Gallery and Picture Frame Shops) about to embark on a long anticipated journey, that of traveling the country “full-time” in my motorhome. Towing a 2012 Prius behind my 2004 Allegro gasoline powered Class A ( I don’t feel as guilty about the 8 mpg in the motorhome when I balance it out with the 50 mpg from the Prius), I plan to travel north and south as the seasons dictate without any fixed routes, destinations, or timetable, except to stay away from the white stuff I have shoveled here in New Hampshire the past 30 plus years." More at his "About" page.

RV Life is Good (Added 5/27/15) From their Facebook description: "For our friends, family and rv friend's. This is to keep all up dated on our travels and living fulltime in our 5th wheel." Their older webpage is here.

Follow Toto (Added 5/27/15) What's Toto? "Toto is our little camper trailer. The little tyke was hatched in October, 2014, in Chilliwack, British Columbia, at the Escape Trailer Industries factory. We say “hatched” because Toto is in a category of camper trailers commonly called eggs. They’re made of molded fiberglass, and many are egglike in shape, although Toto is probably too oblong and squared off to ever make it into a carton of Eggland’s Best. Too big, of course, too, though still quite small compared to most of the huge travel trailers and fifth wheels and motorhomes out there. Toto has a small kitchen, a full-size bed, a lounge/dinette area and the smallest bathroom you’ve ever seen, complete with shower. He’s perfectly sized for a pair of human beings and a pair of Cairn terriers. We’re lucky to have him in our family. Toto is named after a character from the story The Wizard of Oz. Just like his namesake, Toto has four feet and is in the habit of moving the plot forward. We do try to discourage him from wagging his tail, though. That’s scary."

Now or Never (Added 5/27/15) "Carpe diem. Seize the day. They're only young once. They grow up so fast. You name the cliche and it's true. As our daughter got out of elementary school and into middle school- we realized that if we wanted to pull off this pipe dream of a trip that it was Now or Never. Our home is our current camper- an early-2013 Palomino Sabre 36QBOK. It's a wonderful layout with 1 1/2 baths and dual opposing slides in the bunkhouse. It really opens up to give us nice usable space when we're setup. I've only done a few mods so far, but I do plan on documenting the changes that we plan for to make it more livable for long period on the road."

Airstream Tales and Trails (Added 5/27/15) About Margo - "I am the proud mother of a beautiful daughter making her way in Austin, TX as a printmaker and artist. I retired after 23 years as a dental hygienist to go on this sometimes crazy but always interesting journey. I am on the adventure of my life--traveling, meeting new people, seeing this beautiful country, and learning new things--mostly about myself. There's been good and bad, challenging and inspirational, funny and hard times but I wouldn't change a thing knowing all the while I am changing" About Kevin - "We travel the country living full time in our 2008 25 foot Airstream trailer (LuLu) pulled by our 2002 Chevy 2500 HD pick-up truck (Hank). Yes, we name everything. Travel along with us and learn something, perhaps be inspired or just entertained for a few minutes. This is quality internet folks."

Simple Living and Simple Travel (Added 5/27/15) Sebastian's website describing Zen and the Art of Hardwall Camping.

Why Not Retire (Added 5/27/15) "We retired in 2010 after about 35 years with BC Hydro for Sharlene and 25 years in Real Estate for me. Most summers find us at our place at Lake Cowichan with the family. For about the last 5 years we have travelled to the west coast of Mexico each winter, staying in a hotel near the beach." They are currently traveling in an Arctic Fox 990 camper for it’s great reputation of a quality built 4 seasons unit. More about them at their About Us.

On the Road Abode: Trading a zip code for a toad (Added 3/3/15) "Married to my high school sweetheart and love of my life, mother of two wonderful young men, recent step-mother to 4 great young men (totally out-numbered here), and home to one fluffy doggie. It's official! In 2015 our home will be on wheels with our Jeep "toad" behind. Taking just what fits in the motorhome, and the fluffy dog, we will see the continent with only the seasons as a schedule. Until then we have lots of work to do!"

Oh, the Places They Go! (Added 3/3/15) "Two retired educators touring the country in their motorhome"

Brian and Barbara RV'ing (Added 3/3/15) Brian & Barbara are from UK originally. They were born and raised near Liverpool England. They are traveling in a Rehall Rexaire Class A RV.

Wincrasher's Travels (Added 3/3/15) "This is a blog about my travels, reviews of stuff I buy, and random experiences and thoughts." The February 24th post is the best collection of photographs of an Oliver Legacy Elite II I've seen.

exploRVistas (Added 3/3/15) "Retired and exploring America full time in an RV"

The Roaming Basecamp (Added 3/3/15) "We're Ben, Laine and Ink! A married couple taking our cat along on the adventure of a lifetime! Need inspiration to chase your dreams? Follow along to see how it works out for our trio as we learn the ropes of workamping and the seasonal lifestyle. Please join us as we prepare to roam the country in our home on wheels." Be sure to visit their Blog.

Our Future in an RV (Added3/3/15) From their "What's This Blog About" page: "We have decided to spend a few years, or more, of our retirement full time in an RV. We never planned to retire in our existing home. Figured at the time we sell the house why not travel around the country while we don’t own a stick built home. We are using this blog as an electronic notebook to jot down our planning steps. We hope by posting ideas and decisions we will generate comments from those traveling the same path or those more experienced for the benefit of all readers. We have the time so why not use it to research everthing! We spent years planning for retirement and how we would fund it. Karen and I view planning for retirement to an RV just another step in our overall retirement planning. Make sure you come back and visit our blog pages. Very few are static pages as I’m adding content all the time. We really want to get input from whomever is willing to give it.

Travels With Twinkles (Added 12/4/14) "Slick aka, Paul Everett, Box Elder, South Dakota. I have been full timing for 19 months now with my wife "Twinkles". Originally from New Jersey, but now in love with the west. Our main focus is exploring the natural and historical sights and the small towns in between. The road less traveled is my preference."

Snowmads (Added 12/4/14) "We’re Jason and Kristin Snow, an adventure-addicted couple who walked away from cubicles and conventional lives to travel a new road – one paved with less routine, more serendipity, and new friends and experiences at every turn!"

Travels With Linda (Added 12/4/14) "Travels With Linda is our way of keeping in touch with our family and friends, many who are far way from our home in Texas. We are Philadelphia transplants and have been "Texans" for 33 years. Basically we are just two retired teachers enjoying the final miles of life's journey. There's a small boat on Lake Conroe above Houston, and a motorhome in a storage shed near the house. There is gas left in all of the tanks -- the boat's, the motorhome's, and ours -- so we are still heading down the road. And there is always another "postcard" to write."

Danny&Shula Home page (Added 12/4/14) "We both had our work and carriers , me in the Aviation field and Shula as a dancing teacher, when our youngest son has graduated and left home we decided to "start Living our dream" and take the plunge. We have been RV-ing throughout North America for 4-5 months every summer since 2002 each trip to different States/Provinces. We spend the winters at home with our family and friends and each spring we pickup our truck and rig from the place we stored it at the end of the previous year’s trip. Truck-F-350 2006, SD,Diesel, Auto, EC, LB, 2WD. 5W Trailer-Cruiser 2006 CF29CK with 3 slides. P.A, Good Sam Member. GPS-TomTom. Doing what you love to do is exciting."

Home is Where Our Wheels Are (Added 12/4/14) "In 2013 we left our jobs, sold our house (along with most of our possessions) so we could abandon the corporate rat-race and roam free around the country. We travel in a 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 6×6 diesel pickup pulling a 25 foot 2007 Arctic Fox 25R travel trailer. Our home-base is now Safari Association of Ilwaco on the Long Beach peninsula in the southwest corner of Washington state. Karen was a pediatric recovery room nurse at Seattle Children’s Hospital for over 15 years and John left a purchasing career spanning over 25 years. Prior to that he was a helicopter pilot in the US Army. Our traveling companion is PJ (short for Pepper Jack). He’s a middle-aged chihuahua / rat terrier mix we adopted from the Seattle Humane Society in Feb 2012.

Rick and JoAnne's RV Travels (Added 12/4/14) Instead of an "About Me", Rick & JoAnne have provided links to their Google Plus Pages.

Oh, the Places They Go! (Added 12/4/14) "This blog follows the travels of Pam and John Wright, two retired educators who sold their home in Pennsylvania and are traveling the country in their Fleetwood Discovery motor home with their Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in tow. Updates are on an irregular schedule as who can follow any schedule after doing it for all those years at school! Stop by when you can and leave a comment when you like."

Gordon's Geezer Grumblings (Added 12/4/14) "My thoughts and opinions about most anything that interests me at the moment. Juanita might add her two cents worth occasionally as well."

Mike and Joyce's Travels Updated every couple of days while they are traveling, Mike & Joyce's journal contains hundreds of pages documenting their travels around the US. Be sure to check the link in the upper right of their home page - they host a year's worth of travel logs for Bob & Peggy.

RVers Online Tom & Stephanie have maintained this incredibly diverse web site since 1996. Their "Postcards" provide timely updates of their travels but be sure to check the menus and links on their home page for all kinds of additional valuable information. Among other things, this site convinced me to drive over 3000 miles to visit the San Juan Islands!

Life Is Good Today! (Added 10/15/14) From Steve's About Me: "Texas Hill Country - Hope to have "been there, done that"! It will soon be time to load up and take to the road for some great travels. I plan to bring you periodic updates on where we are going and where we have been. Stay tuned!"

Tweety's Travels (Added 10/15/14) Doug & Becky's travels in Tweety, a Compact Jr.

RV Wheel Life (Added 10/15/14) "JULIANNE G. CRANE started writing about the recreation vehicle lifestyle decades ago after she purchased her first RV, a grossly underpowered early ’80s Toyota Dolphin 4 cylinder class C motor home.
Between 2000-2007, she was a staff writer for The Spokesman-Review newspaper in Spokane, Wash. One of her beats was Wheel Life, a weekly RV column and online blog. In 2008, Crane began publishing RV Wheel Life.com and contributing to other online RV outlets including Women RVers.blogspot.com and RV Short Stops.com. She is currently the RV lifestyle specialist for Motor Matters.biz, an automotive content provider serving the print and online pages of daily and weekly newspapers across the United States. Thousands of her articles, posts and photographs have been published in newspapers, magazines and online. Her homebase is Eastern Washington, however, Julianne is on the road much of the time exploring the United States and Canada in a 2005 10.2 Northern Lite truck camper on a 2001 F350 diesel Ford."

Proud Canadian (Added 10/15/14) "I am a Proud Canadian. We live in a beautiful country that has breathtaking scenery, fresh air and friendly people. The skies are blue and the water crystal clear, the summers are warm and yes, the winters are long cold . During those long cold winters I like building and designing stuff, building with wood, building with metal, building with plastic. Designing furniture, mechanical items, car modifications, unique & crazy inventions." He has a rebuilt 1974 Boler & an Escape 19.

Winter in the Desert, Summer in the Mountains (UJpdated 2/22/16) Lynne's blog on their travels in an Escape 19.

Here and There (Added 1/3/14) "We are Scott and Jackie Cundiff. Jackie is a retired librarian and Scott is a retired pastor. We sold our house, bought a big pickup and camper and began a great adventure of traveling and living in our RV full time. This website is where we share our travels with all who are interested. You’ll find campground reviews, photos of some of the interesting places we visit, and general fulltime RVing information here. You’ll also find notes on various RV fixup/upgrade projects we do to camper."

Our Travel Adventures (Added 12/15/13) From Danny & Karen's "About Us" - "Other than being a professional photographer and owning a studio, much of my working career has been in public service, as a firefighter and as a paramedic. Working in emergency services is a unique field that not everyone is cut out for. It is both rewarding and frustrating, filled with many long hours and time away from home.

In 2008, while working as a paramedic, I received an injury that forced me to retire. The recovery was slow and I am still plagued with results from the injury. It's there, it's life, you deal with it, you move on. In the end, retirement has really come to be a blessing as it allowed me to refocus my attention on things that are more important. Things like family, friends and most important, God.

One of the greatest and most rewarding things I have been able to do was to serve as a interim youth pastor until a replacement could be found. To be able to hang out, mentor and teach 80 kids and watch them grow was a true blessing and privilege to me.

The focus on family is what lead us into the camping world. When I was young, my parents camped. I remember those experiences like it was yesterday. Camping has also provided a way to go places, see things, and do things that we would not do otherwise. The most fun we have had has been when we travel with friends and family to various destinations.

Karen is a dental hygienist and works for a school based dental center. The company she works for is a non-profit that reaches into the schools of low income areas to provide dental care for students who would otherwise never receive care. The best part of her job is, when school is out, she is off work. That means we have all summer long together."

borderbrae | Travels with my camera & Casita (Added 9/18/13) "Have camera & Casita/will travel seems to sum it up for me. Photography is something I truly enjoy and sharing my photos with others gives me great pleasure. In 2008 I got my Casita trailer and have found it a wonderful way to see this great country. My 2 dogs travel with me and share my adventures on the road. This blog will be about sharing the experiences and some of the sights, but not about the everyday details."

The Murphy's Adventures and Photo Site (Added 9/18/13) "Our RVing adventures, trip logs and pictures of our travels."

Live. Laugh. Roll (Added 9/18/13) A magazine style site with a little bit of everything.

AirBusDriver in the Egg Bus Express (Added 9/18/13) Follow the adventures of Dennis & his family.

The TC Life (Added 9/18/13) Follow Colbert's advantures in a Truck Camper.

The Sayre RV Odyssey (Added 5/12/13) The Sayres blog about their journeys in a Dutch Star RV.

Two For The Road (Added 5/12/13) Gail & Jack are "Sixty-something retirees. Picking up stakes to live on the road in our 40 foot 5th-wheel."

Epinephrine Adventures (Added 5/12/13) "Travels with Andy and Preston in their 37 foot Pace Arrow across America."

49er RV Park, CA (Added 5/12/13) I'm not sure if this is an actual blog or a ad for a RV park. In any case, here is lots of imformation about the 49er RV Park in Columbia, CA. Hopefully, there will be more entries.

Gypsy and the Mariner's RV Adventures (Added 4/6/13) ""Gypsy" is the moniker Sharon adopted when she started traveling full-time in an RV in February 2003. Don retired as Master Chief after a 26-year career in the U.S. Navy, thus he's the "Mariner." He started full-time RVing in 1994. We met as solo travelers, and got married on June 13, 2008. It's great to continue our adventures together and share the wonder of God's creations in this beautiful country!"

Our North American Safari (Added 4/6/13) "Another adventure, another Blog. Karen and I are off again, this time on a six month odyssey. "

Our life with our dogs in an RV on 50 Amps (Added 4/6/13) "This is a blog where we record our life and adventures living full time in our 40 foot Allegro Bus motor home with only 50 amps."

Boondocking Blogger (Added 3/16/13) "I am Stargazer, a senior woman who travelled in a mini motor home with an Old English Mastiff called Queenie. Sadly she just passed away a few months short of her 10th birthday. I still live in my RV on a lot in Tequisquiapan, Mexico while a house that I designed is being built. Three mutts are part of the household, Tina, Tasha, and Kaylee, a street dog I rescued from her harsh life after Queenie passed away."

Dave and Nola's Adventures (Added 2/27/13) While I couldn't find an "About Us" for the site, Dave & Nola are blogging about their travels around the US.

FOSJ (Added 2/27/13) "Several years ago I jokingly named a small group of friends and fellow motorcycle riders "Friends of Steve". Well the name stuck and the original FOS was started. I even had some FOS pins made and gave them out to anyone who joined me for a ride. A few months later I met Joan. Since then a lot has changed, including FOS. That's why it's now FOSJ. Joan and I discovered a mutual enjoyment for camping and decided to purchase an RV as an experiment. That experiment went well and after 3 1/2 years we decided to move up from a 25' Class C to a DP. We also decided we wanted to try full-timing when we retired. So here we are living in our MH fulltime. We left Florida March 2012 headed for Oregon where we started our first workamping job in April! If you'd like to drop us a line we can be reached at: csc7504@gmail.com"

Cross RVing (Added 2/27/13) Jerry & Belinda blog (with lots of pictures) their trip to the US southwest. If you want to read about some of their other adventures, go to their Cross Travel Home Page - Be warned; there is an audio clip on opening the page.

Civilian Campgrounds & RV Parks (Added 2/27/13) Lots of photos and information about the RV parks around the country that Cal & Linda have visited.

Thom and Chris (Added 2/4/13) "Our travels and trials with living around the US and sometimes into Canada. Remember to always be safe and have fun!!!"

Jan and Tom On The Road (Added 2/4/13) Jan & Tom are former high school English teachers. More information about them in their "about" menu. Also, visit their "Projects" menu for work they have done on their RV.

There is Joy...The Adventure Begins (Added 2/4/13) "Beginning my new life as a "sixty and single" woman started with a "Grand Adventure" of a five month road trip. Included in my travels were a stop in the Grand Canyon, two months in Berkeley, CA, and a ferry ride to Juneau, AK. After my two month Alaskan adventure, I returned on the ferry and visited several more national parks before relocating to Franklin, TN. (its great to have children in fun places) I spent the summer of 2012 working in Yellowstone National Park at Fishing Bridge General Store. Wanderlust has struck!!! I have purchased a Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe travel trailer . . . the adventure continues."

Tire Swing Travels (Added 12/30/12) Follow John & Judy on their adventures.

Vantramps (Added 12/18/10) "Welcome to Vantramps! My wife and I are "Vanbassadors" really. We live in our 97 Roadtrek 170P fulltime. We modify it constantly, enjoy it thoroughly and share our fun relentlessly. We love this lifestyle and the freedom we feel and if you let us, we will share it with you!"

Travels With Dick and Judy (Added 12/30/12) "Follow us in our trials, triumphs and tribulations, while on the road in our motor home "The Liberty Belle". We chose to forsake the conventional lifestyle in our 3,000+ square-foot home to move into a 40-foot Winnebago Ultimate Freedom. Travel with us as we take you on the road with us in our new lifestyle."

ShayJack and Pipe (Added 12/30/12) Shala & Jack purchased a Casita and are planning to travel full time 6 Years, 159 Days, 17 Hours, 45 Minutes, & 58 Seconds from their firat post. This first post gives lots of information about them & their plans.

Love Your RV (Added 12/30/12) While the home page is primarily links to reviews of RV equipment, the author has a blog linked at the top menu.

Hot Air Depot (Added 12/30/12) From Jim's About Me: "Just your average guy traveling through life and trying to figure it all out."

Right Brain; Right Lane (Added 12/5/12) From Anne's about me: "I am retired and exploring my creative, right brain through drawing and watercolor. Also, traveling with my little travel trailer (hence the Right Lane) to spend as much time as possible hiking in big tree forests, red rock deserts and paddling the clear saltwater shorelines of the Pacific Northwest." She travels in an Escape 17.

Middle America by Motorhome (Added 12/5/12) "After a few trips in a smaller, used motorhome, we decided we liked all that adventuring so much, we came home and traded in our RV for a bigger one, moved out of our house and rented it, moving into our little yurt in the back hills of San Diego - all in one month! We started out afresh then as full-time RVers - my husband, two cats, two dogs, and I. And indeed, our first year with our new Winnebago Tour, we were out from Jan. to Nov. (see: http://carriebartonphotos.blogspot.com/). But last year was only July to Nov. (http://carriebarton2011.blogspot.com/), due to Bill's back problems. Plus, we prefer weathering the winters in our yurt, where it is not quite as cold and stormy as so much of the country, so I guess we don't really qualify as full-timers. But here we are, out again for a third romp! So come join and us !"

Homeless and Loving it! (Added 10/28/12) "Chari (pronounced like Sherry) and Steve Maier along with their boxer/border collie Opal have set off on their life-long dream of being full time RVers in their 2011 Grand Junction fifth wheel. With cameras never far away they plan to meander the USA, Canada and destinations yet unknown visiting well known sites and discovering hidden gems along the way. In addition to being avid travelers and photographers they enjoy kayaking, hiking, scenic drives (especially dirt roads), good food/wine and a good laugh wherever the road takes them."

Wandering Sylville (Added 9/26/10) - Gin and Syl - "We are two kindred souls that are ready to hit the road as fulltime RVers. Our projected date of "rebirth" is the Fall of 2011. Follow us as we chronicle our journey."

Epineephrine Advantures (Added 10/28/12) "Preston is retired Army First Sergeant (1995) and recently retired Respiratory Therapist. Andy is currently a business owner here in Portland, Oregon. After many years of planning on this adventure Andy decided to join me. We will travel for 5 months starting on Dec 15, 2011. We will re-eval and maybe take off for another adventure but this time for 18 months. Time will tell! WE have been back in Oregon since May 2012. We have decided to take off for a 25 month adventure. Andy's house is rented and all stuff has been packed away ..given away. We take off in 6 weeks, Dec 3, 2012, for Southern California and then who knows where. We are very excited to hit the road."

Fulltiming RVing With Rick and Orinda (Added10/28/12) "Orinda and Rick worked as professors in the area of business and information technology. They have enjoyed RV travel for many years, starting in a pop-up trailer and now in a comfortable motorhome."

In The Wind (Added 9/24/12) Combining their interest in RVing & motorcycling, John & Sheila describe their adventures.

Kibitka Escape (Added 9/24/12) The name for their site is defined as either a horse drawn carriage from Russia designed to transport prisoners or a nomad's dwelling of some ethnic groups such as the Kalmyks and Kyrgyz. In any case, follow their adventures in their Escape 19.

Wandering About With No Supervision (Added 4/26/12) "This blog site is an informal description of various hikes in east central Arizona, mostly in the Superstition mountains. Hope you enjoy my photos and descriptions."

Gavin Seim American Pictoralist (Added 4/26/12) Gavin & his wife Sondra travel in a 2011 Shamrock 21ss hybrid travel trailer. He is a photographer, making images of natural and urban scenes from across America.

Out in Woop Woop (Added 4/12/12) "Brian, wife Erika and dog kaela, roaming the countryside in our Skyline Koala 26SS."

Peddy/Dicks Trips (Added 3/12/12) "Way back in the early 70's a young couple met another couple in Down East Maine. The latter couple had a young son just learning to talk and he had a tough time saying Peggy and Dick. Peddy/Dick it was and still is so join us as we play in our motor home."

Serenity Now, Insanity Later (Added 2/21/12) Don's travels in a 2004 Crossroads Cruiser 28RL.

Into the Mystic...Travels & Photography (Added 2/21/12) Stephen is a retired public school teacher. "Heading out 'into the mystic' in an 18′ Sprinter Airstream Westfalia camper van! The 19′er was 2010. 2011 finds us piloting a 24′ Winnebago 24P View on a 3500 Sprinter chassis towing a Smart Car!" Be sure to check the link to his blog.

Country Road J (Added 1/4/12) Trevor and Roni's blog describes their travels. Updated monthly with lots of photographs.

Life is Good (Added 1/4/12) "Follow Us on the way to our Dreams - The Travels of Robert, Debra and Bale the Grand Dog."

Pirate & Kitty ~ The "Gypsy Rose" RV Chronicles (Added 11/26/11) "Follow us on our adventure of Full-Time Rving! Hitting the Road Summer 2011 in our 2012 Road Warrior RW 405 Toy Hauler"

RV Bloggers Online (Added 11/26/11) Although not primarly a personal blog, the author posts information useful to RVers. From the About: "I Created this Blog for anyone who is interested in RVing. Anyone is Welcome to Post Comments and submit Articles of interest to the RVing Public. In the Catagories Section you will find Items such as Recalls, Safety, and other things of interest. Stop in and Browse awhile. You do not have to Register to Leave a Comment."

O. B. Sirius: A Not-So Serious Sort of Blog (Added 11/26/11) "A chronicle of life on the road from O.B. Sirius and Sundog"

TanksPanky (Added 11/17/11) no home base...yet, United States. Former working stiffs who decided to sell their home, give up the everyday grind, and take off in an RV with their little Yorkie "Buddy." We think of ourselves as post-middle-age crazies with no mission other than seeing this beautiful country and traveling to what we think are special places.

The BooneDocks (Added 2/1/11) "Hi, I am Leeanne and along with my husband Gary and our beloved kitty Alley we are The BooneDocks. Gary is a former Ford person and I am a current Ford person, but am soon to be former (3/1/11). We live in the burbs of Detroit. We have been considering for at least 10 years living full time on the road. We have been going to RV shows and dealer lots for over 20 years. After Gary left Ford, he worked as a salesman at an RV dealer in large part to gain knowledge in anticipation of full timing. I was not quite signed up so we experimented a bit. We rented a 30 foot motor home from the dealership and successfully completed a 1,000 mile trip about Michigan. I still needed some more testing of the lifestyle so I agreed when Gary proposed buying a hoopty motorhome -- a 1989 Southwind. And we also bought a hoopty car to tow behind it -- a 1993 Escort Wagon. But we took a number of trips in the 3 years we owned them -- Myrtle Beach twice, Ontario twice, Michigan UP, and several others -- and concluded we did like the lifestyle and would give full timing a whirl as soon as I retired. And this is where our blog begins in 2010 with the purchase of our full timing rig."

Movable Book Lady (Added 11/17/11) "Fulltime in a vintage Toyota Sunland Express RV. Dealer in used and rare books for 20 years. Before that, editor / proofreader / typesetter for 20 years."

Happily Hitched: An RV Blog (Added 11/17/11) "The Solla-Mate.s Twentysomething newlyweds in search of adventure aboard our first RV, with our rambunctious pit bull and sense of humor in tow."

Bob and Linda's RV Travels (Added 11/2/11) From Laura & Mark's about us "Former working stiffs who decided to sell their home, give up the everyday grind, and take off in an RV with their little Yorkie "Buddy." We think of ourselves as post-middle-age crazies with no mission other than seeing this beautiful country and traveling to what we think are special places."

1994 Brave 29RQ RV (Added 11/2/11) I can't find a name for the individual that posts this blog, but she has many more listed under her "About Me". Lots of pictures of their travels.

Western Hunting & Travel Adventures (Added 11/2/11) Kirk started his blog in September, 2007. It follows his travels around the US.

RVing and Travels...Adventures with Suzanne and Brad (Added 9/29/11) "Hi! Thanks for checking out our blog of our full-timing adventures! Enjoy!~Suzanne & Brad"

The Hard Bald Eggsplorer (Added 9/23/11) Quoting from Julian's page: "I first started camping with my older brother when I was a kid. Archie was 17 years older than me and I tagged along with him, my sister-in-law, Faye, and my nieces, Connie and Cheri. Their first camper was a pop-up tent trailer pulled behind a Volkswagen Square-Back Sedan. I'm hoping to make more great memories now with my Casita.".

Kingsvista (Added 9/23/11) Jerry's blog on living summers off the grid in an RV.

Meryl and Me Hit the Road (Added 9/23/11) "Our travels in and life with a 2011 Roadtrek 190 Popular. An adventure in RVing by two people who have never been inside an RV or travel trailer before but find out of necessity that this is now their method of travel..."

EggRollings (Added 9/23/11) "We are Wanda and Jerry. We are both retired. State Government, and the Telecommunications Industry, respectfully. We enjoy traveling this beautiful country with our Casita and friends. Sally, our dapple dachshund mix says, come on along."

The Travels of Kimbopolo (Added 9/14/11) "Happily married & living the simple life with our only child - Doris - a Chihuahua mix rescue. I teach nursing full-time while pursuing my PhD in Adult Education. Expected graduation date: December 12, 2011. Delivery date for my new 17' Spirit Deluxe Casita: December 14, 2011."

SPF 100 (Added 9/14/11) The story of "Big Truck" - a Coachmen Catalina Sport 24' class C motorhome named by the author's daughter, and their 2 week trip across America.

Adventures on the Road (Added 8/16/11) Jorge and Evielynne's RV Road Adventures. They started their blog in March, 2009.

Traveling Tek (Added 4/24/11) "Ryan Cornmesser is a computer and communications technician with over 15 years of experience. He has done network and POS installations around the country for places such as, Office Depot, The Childrens Place, Disney, Rite Aid, Game Stop, Walmart, JC Pennies, and many more. Ryan has extensive network, telephone, computer, and point of sale knowledge. Recently Ryan and his family decided that since they travel all the time to do these jobs, why not just live on the road full time. He purchased a travel trailer big enough for his wife, himself, and his four children, packed up, and went on the road to where the work was. Shelli is a stay at home mother of four. She home schools the children and works on her hobbies. She is also a valuable asset when it comes to finding campgrounds, planning family activities, and getting this big rig parked places. Not to mention we would all starve without her."

The Good Luck Duck (Added 3/19/11) "We bought a 1997 Fleetwood Bounder motorhome. Our plan has mutated like Peter Parker after a quick bite. We long to wander the Southwestern US, trying places on. This blog is where we invite you into the fitting room."

One Love RV (Added 2/27/11) Mark is in the process of rebuilding an Alexxas Class A Mortohome.

Dale & Mark Bruss (Added 2/27/11) "We have been on the road living the full-timing lifestyle since 6/6/2006. We did a lot to learn about full-timing and we still are in the learning process. We are documenting what we have learned to help those who will follow us." Dale keeps a page at Roving With Mark & Dale.

Matthew and Nancy's North American Tour (Added 2/1/11) "We are travelling North America in our truck and fifth-wheel trailer, respectively named Gigantor and the Whale. Also with us are our two West Highland White Terriers Kinsey (15) and Toby (9). We've decided to do this trip now while we're young (relatively) and healthy rather than wait until retirement and the unknowns that hide in the future."

Frerx Adventures (Added 2/1/11) "Our goal is to fulltime upon Cindy's retirement. In March 2007 we purchased a 38 foot Sportscoach DP. We tow a 2004 Jeep. Since both of our boys are away at college it is just us and the two dogs. Last year we camped from March till December, logging 10,000 miles our first year. Granted most of those miles were going to football games, but we still camped where ever we went. If for some reason we can not fulltime we at least plan to do extended time RVing. We want to see the wide open spaces of the USA. The big cities lights don't have a hold on us. We are from a small town and like to see the beauty of nature, the slower pace, and the good people in our more rural areas."

Imperfect Destiny (2/1/11) "We are the restless sort—maybe not as restless as some but probably more so than others. Spent over 20 years growing up in the wonderful state of Wisconsin. Escaped in the early 90′s to Washington State and lived in the Seattle area for close to 10 years. Needed to dry out so left just before Y2K and landed in Colorado where there was a lot more sunshine and we could still be near mountains. Spent a few months around Boulder thinking "wouldn't it be nice to live in the mountains?" And ended up in the historic mining town of Leadville, CO, which we called home for 10 years. Now we're off on a new adventure in a 17′ Casita Spirit Deluxe!

Tom and Nan-Marie's Travels (Added 1/2/11) From their August 6, 2009 first post "After 28 years working for the State of Ohio as a bank examiner, I was offered a 2-year buyout which allowed me to retire at the age of 50. So Nan and I sold our house and began living full-time in our 2009 Grand Junction 37 QSB, towed by our 2001 Kenworth T2000, with our 2009 Smart Car on it's back."

Travels With Mr. Nimble (Added 1/2/11) RVing from a dog's (Jack B. Nimble) point of view.

The Fugawetribe (Added 1/2/11) Quoting from their first post "Wow! I'm turning 55 next month, retired, now finding myself doin 55 at 55! What an adventure awaits. We're traveling in a 1988 Yellowstone FixerUpper! She's now been named Miss Lueffie and has her own license plate to prove it. But, she rides in style. Sirius Radio, flat screen tv, 500 DVD's of movies, and all the comforts of home. A well stocked bar, cubboard, books, magazines, maps and most of all, our GPS!!! So, why call our Blog The Fugawe Tribe? Where in the…., get it? If not, you soon will. We'll be posting some of our best and worst days on the road. We promise you'll get a laugh or two and maybe, just maybe bust a gut!"

The Quinn's Awesome Adventure (Added 12/18/10) "Follow along with Bob and Snookie Quinn as they live their dream as fulltime RV'ers. If you would like to start at the beginning, click on Let the Adventure Begin in the right hand column to get to the first page."

Living In My Car (Added 10/31/09) "I had a nervous breakdown in the fall/winter of 2008-9. That gave me a lot of time to think about what I needed to be happy (or at least not completely suicidal). I decided that I wanted to sell everything so that I could have more material and financial freedom. This blog starts after I decided not to blow my head off." Jennifer blogs about her plans to move into an RV. NOTE: She now has her RV (A Vista Cruiser)!

Lin & Nancy Richards (Added 10/12/10) "After 30 years of working as a Food technologist and plant manager in the fruit juice industry and RN and 10 years as owners of Bed an Breakfast, Lin an Nancy Richards have hit the road to go into as many states as possible. We sold their Bed and Breakfast and are preparing to stay in their RV as much as possible while waiting for their 2 year capital gains requirement is met on their house. It is our intent to
categorize as much as we can of our trip via this website. We will be updating frequently in hopes of keeping our friends and relatives up to date on our activities." Click on their RV Photos link to see their travels.

nightly news (Added 6/7/07) Quoting Sandra "After working for 38 years, I retired in August of 2004 and my husband, Gordon and I sold our 4 bedroom house, bought a diesel truck and fifth wheel and with our dog, Bib, hit the road. We spend five months in Ontario, where we're from, one month in another part of Canada and the winters in the southern USA. Note: Poor little Bib passed away on August 16, 2006. " Updated daily!

Planning for RV Days with Jessica and Harry (Added 10/18/10) Although they don't have their RV yet, as the name implies, they are in the planning stages: "I live in upstate NY with my husband Harry and our two cats. Our goal: Fulltiming in 2014! :) Our home will be a Nuwa Hitchhiker - to be purchased in 2013. "Sticks 'n' Bricks" to be sold in 2014 and then we will hit the road to see this great country of ours!! :)"

A Campground Host Housewife's Meanderings: An RV Adventure (Added 9/27/10) "I live in The Jazz, the 29-foot fifth-wheel trailer that I share with my spouse John and our two dogs Dakota and Gingee. We are volunteer campground hosts as we relocate from the U.S. Southwest to Central Coast California. This blog is the ongoing story of our RV adventure and relocation. And it is an exploration of the people, places and things encountered in California campgrounds and communities. I'd love to hear your thoughts and I hope you return often."

Emily's Adventures in Retirement (Added 9/26/10) "Just reached "traditional" retirement age; ready to try new adventures with my "new" friends - Big Red, Eggcarto, Moosey, Traveler and Pink Sheep - out on the road coming to your neighborhood."

Weston's RVing Adventure (Addded 9/8/10) "In July 2008, we began our full-time RVing adventures. We had no difficulty retiring from law enforcement, selling our 1800 square foot house in Fullerton, CA and moving into our 32 foot Itasca Motorhome. We were completely enjoying our life on the road when in March of 2009, we were temporarily sidetracked on our return trip to California. The California housing prices had fallen to astonishing lows and we could not resist purchasing a house in the north San Diego County town of Fallbrook. Simultaneously, Marty's sister and brother-in-law (Nancy and Ed) were returning to CA after 4 years of living in Ohio. They were looking for a new hometown and we were looking for someone to keep an eye on our investment so we could continue our "full-time" RV travel adventures. We added a charming new bungalow to our property and Nancy and Ed now had their own California home.

While we've found that perfect place to make our "eventual" home - we are not ready to end our life on the road. So, we are off to continue our RVing adventures. There is so much of this country that we still want to see. Please join us on our journey. Perhaps you will discover a new destination to explore or simply live vicariously through our adventures. Either way….it is a good life!"

so far I haven't been arrested for it (Added 8/3/10) Mick's blog follows his adventures around the US. Lots of photographs of their travels.

Too Many Cats (Added 6/14/10) From Dan & Sandy's About Us - "We retired March 2009 to travel full time in our 1994 Bluebird BMC 37' motorhome with our 4 indoor (and sometimes outdoors, but only on a leash) cats. We are towing our 2005 Subaru WRX wagon, with 2 bicycles on a yakima dual bike rack at the back, and 2 sea kayaks on a roof mounted rack. Dan is a retired US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant (E-9), and was a US Postal Mail carrier for 5 1/2 years and Sandy was at at Sandia National labs for the final 6 years before our retirement. We plan to travel slowly and leisurely to enjoy our new retirement, with a overall goal of health, fitness, and avoiding cold country in the winter. "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do... Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain"

Plams - Americana (Added 5/23/10) This site is maintained by a retired Detroit policeman & covers his travels around the country.

Generation Z: Cruising in an RV (Added 5/23/10) "When Bill and I were married 8/8/08, our wedding favor was a 20-page booklet on 'Cruising to a Life Together'. 6 months later he retired and we started our round-the-world tour... or so we thought. Back from the Philippines and Taiwan, we rented out our condos, bought Star, our first motorhome, and Vino, our scooter. On 6/29/09 we left for the never-ending cruise of our life. We have since been to Alaska, the Arctic Circle, the West Coast, through Mexico, the Gulf states, and Florida, logging 21,000 miles. We bought a bigger RV/dinghy for full-time RVing and are now going up the East Coast. You don't have to wait for retirement. It is truly not about age. It is about the lifestyle of the ultimate Generation ...Z!"

Pete and the Wonder Egg (Added 3/8/10) Pete - Married 31 years, widower since 2007. Realizing life is precious and unpredictable, I decided to retire early and enter into this new phase of my life. I enjoy my children, grandkids, cooking, playing woodwinds and the mountain dulcimer, and reading interesting books. Traveling with Oscar the Smiley Dog is always fun and interesting, as you never know what he'll get into next. :) Oscar - "13 inches tall, 13 pounds / Hang out with Pete / Wonder Egg traveler / Chipmunk chaser / Whumped up on Sasquatch (see Oct 23, 2008 entry)"

Sue's RV Adventures in Yukon and Alaska (Added 3/8/10) "Experiencing the grandeur of the wilderness and the silence & solitude one can feel on the road less travelled is our favorite pursuit. The Yukon is our favorite destination. I was born in the Yukon and raised on the Alaska Highway near the Alaska border. Now, as tourists, we have driven every Yukon highway and explored many back roads. The locations we have visited are on the left, a photo-diary of some trips on the right. Hopefully, these pictures encourage you and others to take the road less travelled."

A Couple of Dreamers Workin' a Dream (Added 1/31/10) Eric & Karla document their travels: "We are retiring and setting off on a new adventure. Our plans are loose, but sightseeing, meeting people and relaxing are high on the list. We also plan on a little "giving back" by doing some volunterring work along the way For me, this adventure started when I graduated high school. Then I had a thumb and a back pack and I traveled the country. Now I've traded my thumb for a pension and my back pack for a motorhome. Years have past, kids have moved on, and I have married the women of my dreams. I am ready to start again on the trip of a lifetime. So for myself, Karla and our dog Kora thanks for staying in touch by reading our blog."

Livin' the Dream (Added 8/4/09) "Just a few notes for friends and family about our latest RV adventure. We plan to enjoy both the journey and the destinations along the way and share them all with you....................... Phil & Sharon... More photos at www.philipdean.zenfolio.com"

RV Chuckles (Added 5/14/09) From Darlene's About Me: "I travel fulltime in an RV with my husband. We have been married for 21 years. Our blended family includes 7 children and 15 grandchildren."

Off the Grid and On the Map (Added 5/10/09) From Steve & Jill's "About Us" - "We’re keeping a blog so friends and family can follow along with our crazy scheme to give up our address and make our home a Chevy van. We will fill our time with climbing rocks, running trails and taking a long, deep breath from the norms of USA today." Check out the "Van Construction" page for their project of converting a van to a camper.

Discovery Travelers (Added 4/5/09) "My husband and I live fulltime in our motorhome, along with our Schnauzer KD. We started our outdoor adventure by staying in cabins or tent camping. We couldn't take KD to the cabins and we wanted her with us so we bought our first RV, a 24' travel trailer. We traded that for a 28' gas motorhome. Then we made the decision to live fulltime in our motorhome and we traded again for a 40' diesel pusher, that we now call home. Come along as I share my thoughts and our adventures."

Chappy Trails (Added 1/9/09) "We retired May 2007, sold our house, and left Alamosa, Colorado. Home is now a fifth-wheel pulled by a Duramax one-ton diesel truck. We travel with our two Chiweenies, Chorizo and Poncho, who make life enjoyable. We are members of Escapees RV Club and their sub-groups Boomers and Boondockers. Come visit us often...you are always welcome."

On the Road With Ann & Ken (Added 2/27/07) "Welcome!!!! We would like to take a minute to introduce ourselves....We are Ann & Ken Sair. We have been on the road fulltime since 03/04/2005 but have been RV'ing since we were both children. We are excited to be able to share our adventures with you and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the Fulltime lifestyle." They started their blog in May, 2006, and include their trip to China.

Our Adventures with Emily (Added 1/9/09) "We are Tom and Paula Nankivell. Plains, Pa. is where we live. It is near Wilkes-Barre. We have been retired for 4 years. Tom from Verizon, and I from Wal-Mart. We have 2 children. Tom is married to Jenn. They have our grandson Connor. Robin our daughter, has our granddog George. We live in northeastern Pa. and don't especially like the cold weather. Therefore, we have hopes to be fulltimers shortly."

2 Taking a 5th (Added 1/9/09) "Stu and Donna hit the road in their 5th wheel toy hauler for their Harley-Davidson trike, seeking out new adventures as they travel."

Our Elite Suites Travels (Added 11/2/08) From Bob & Judy's "About Us" - "My wife Judy and I have been Fulltiming for 2 years now and it's now time to keep track of our travels. We travel with our 2blackdogs, a small one named Rahma and a 75 pounder named Rio. Both are the best traveling dogs as could be. They ride on the back seat of our F-550 Crew Cab Hauler.
Our home is a 2006 Doubletree Elite Suites 36TK3 and it's heavy. The last time we went to the scales we weighed about 19,200#. We are members of Thousand Trails Preserves and also Resorts of Destinction"

Dreams Come True (Added1/9/09) "Mike and I have been planning our retirement for many years. One of our dreams was to live and travel the United States in our Motorhome. It came true the end of Dec. 2007. Mike is 61 and I'am younger. We travel with our cat Stormy, better knowen as Evil Kitty"

Birding RVers (Added 3/16/09) "We are Grant & Kathy Webb, welcome to our website! With careful planning we retired in our mid-50s on January 1, 2008 so, that we could explore the parks, monuments and wildlife refuges of North America. This blog is intended to keep family, friends and anyone else interested up to date with where we are and what we are doing. This will not be a daily diary; we will update as time and Internet connections permit. Our hobbies are bird watching and astronomy so, if you know of a great birding spot or dark sky site in an area we are visiting please let us know."

What Do You Want From Me? (Added 1/2/09) Doreen's blog starts in May, 2004. For a very complete "About Us" look here. The short version: The true tale of 47 states, 22,000 miles, 200 shoes, 2 cats, 1 poodle, a husband, and a bus with a will of its own."

Running Down Our Dream (Added 1/2/09) From Jim & Nanc's About Us: "We are retired and have been fulltimers since July 24, 2007. We are traveling North America in our Dutch Star motorhome." Their blog starts on May 27, 2007.

Zoelo (Added 1/2/09) Zoe & Lovern started their blog in March, 2005. Along with their RV travels, they describe life on a houseboat.

2008-9 Mexico RV Trip (Added 12/6/08) John and Peggy's web page describes their current trip to Mexico. He also includes links to some of his previous trips & some blogs by other visitors to Mexico. His home page is at Webmaster's Home. Current postings can be found at Mexico 2010 Trip.

Chasing the Dream With Skip and Cindy (Added 11/2/08) "After a combined 75 years in public education (Cindy in special education and Skip doing driver education along with coaching football and basketball), we are ready to chase our dream and share it with family and friends. So come on in and travel with us as we spend the kids' inheritance. We are planning to have fun and hope you do also. Remember that the goal of life is not to arrive at the end of your journey in excellent shape in a well preserved body, but to slide in a total wreck saying "HOLY $#@&#!, WASN'T THAT A BLAST!"

Hurley Travels (Added 7/23/08) "Jerry and Nancy - Welcome to our blog and hope you enjoy your visit. We are fulltime RVers, exploring wherever our wheels happen to stop. We both hail originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and take the road that direction when the heart strings tug. Meanwhile we are enjoying the adventure. We would love to hear from you too about any subject you choose. So click on the "comments" line under any posting and give us your thoughts. Thanks."

Mike & Pats Travels (Added 11/28/08) "Mike & Pat McFall - Custer, SD in the Summer, Anywhere South in the Winter. Sold our house in Tallahassee, FL and begn fulltiming 13 years ago. We love to Hike, Fish and Travel. We stay in Custer, SD in the Summer, Texas and Arizona in the Winter. I hope you will join us on our adventures and feel free to comment at any time... Welcome!"

Travels in 2008 & 2007 (Added 11/2/08) Beth's About Me "I'm just a run-of-the-mill ORF (old retired fuddyduddy), traveling about the country with my terrific husband Chris and our spoiled budgie Bubba in our 40' Beaver motorcoach. We've been to most of the U.S. states over the past 8 years (we did take 2 years off to live in a house in Virginia, but we try to forget that time.) I enjoy travel (of course), history (reading about it, visiting museums, seeing the actual locations), genealogy (it's an addiction), sports (watching them), computers (another addiction), kids and grandkids, reading, writing, photography... Too many hobbies, not enough time. And now it's gourds - burning, carving, painting. One of these times we'll settle down, probably in Yuma, Arizona where it is warm. In fact we've recently entered a "12-step" recovery program - trying to withdraw from full-timing. So far, it's a rental house in the winter."

Lauren & Barbara (Added 11/2/08) "We have known each other virtually all our lives - born in the same hospital (Barbara a year after Lauren), attended the same hometown schools and church, etc. Although we were friends in this small town 40 miles west of Chicago we did not date until our latter college years. We married on February 2, 1963 and, after a series of short time moves we lived in Appleton, WI for 3 years, Madison, WI for 4 years and Minneapolis area for 25 years. Retirement in 1995 (got out early - never regretted it!) first brought us to Estes Park, CO where we built a wonderful home on an acre overlooking Lake Estes to the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park. The nearly 8000 foot altitude did not agree with us - although we did a lot of hiking up to 14,000 feet. Having been in "Cold" all our lives, in May 2003 we moved to "Warm" here in Sahuarita, AZ (3000 foot altitude) which is 20 miles south of Tucson and 38 miles from the Mexican border. We live in a retirement community called Quail Creek and love it here. We have a 34 foot 5th wheel trailer / one ton diesel truck and love to travel in it in the western United States." Check their "Wanderings" page for their travels.

JCLC On The Road (Added 7/31/08) "Julie & Lisa, Carmel Valley, California, United States - A forty-something married couple who have never (repeat: never) camped before embark on a 5+ week RV trip across the U.S. West with their trusty German shepherd." Although their trip is done & they state this blog is ended (for now), it covers their entire 7341 mile trip across the Western US. It starts in June.

Dale & Mary Lynn's Travels (Added 1/1/09) From their web page: "No Reservations, No Plans, No Worries.... We received a surprise offer of early retirement effective June 2007. Even more surprisingly, we decided to accept. Traveling by RV during retirement has been a dream of ours for many years. Deciding to spend our children's inheritance, we began our RV search in earnest. We purchased a 2008 37 foot Tiffin Allegro Bay in mid-December of 2007 from Davis Motorhome Mart in Memphis, Tennessee. Follow along on our travels..."

Travels With George (Added 7/14/08) "Our account of life on the road starting in the summer of 2007"

John and Carols Blog (Added 7/14/08) John & Carol started this version ov their blog on November 26, 2007. Check out their site for their trip from Panama to Alaska!

Ryder Runs and Rants (Added 8/16/11) "I live in Hattiesburg, MS with my husband of over 40 years. Prior to retiring from teaching and coaching, I lived in Houston, TX where I ended my 28 year educational career. My last position was at James E.Taylor High School in Katy, TX. Over the course of my career I had the unique experience of starting a collegiate basketball team at Columbia College in Columbia, SC. I have also taught health and physical education and coached basketball, tennis, volleyball, boys and girls cross country and track. My husband and I travel often, mostly to the Western states and Europe. I have three grandchildren, but do not want to be called Grandma. Instead, my grandchildren call me "Bissy" (it's a long story). I am an avid distance runner, having run 20 marathons as well as hundreds of other races."

Starting Out as Fulltimers (Added 3/18/08) Rebecca & her husband Willis are full timing. He is retired & she works as a traveling RN. "While Willis is the "history buff" of the family, I take pleasure in designing Internet pages, snapping digital pictures and maintaining a travel journal; therefore we invite you to enjoy our trip journal as we explore the United States and Canada. "

RV Gypsies (Added 3/12/08) Robert, Joss & family are traveling in an '08 Ford F-350, one ton, dual rear wheel, crew cab, diesel pickup. The trailer is a '08 Titanium fifth wheel, model 36E41 that we customized for our journey. Check their Trip Journals & Blog.

Brits on Tour (Added 3/5/08) From their "About Us" - "Jim & I have been married for 33 years this year.(2007) He retired as a K9 Police officer in March 2004, and I as a bank clerk at the same time. We arrived in Florida at the end of March '04, to begin our great adventure. We visited Lazy Days three days after our arrival, and purchased our National Tradewinds DP motorhome and our Geo Tracker Toad, all in that first week. The only part of home we miss are our two daughters, Genette and Georgina, their husbands, Darren and Daniel, and our 5 grandchildren. But they give us the reasons to return home once or twice a year. We still have a home in England, in a town called Solihull, just south of Birmingham. Englands 2nd city. Plus we are both Aquarius."

Hit The Road JACK (Added 2/20/08) From Kimberly & Jerry's introduction: "On a wing and a prayer...new beginnings...new lifestyle as full-time RVers since February 2005. Here we will share all we learn while living our dream life. Please feel free to leave us comments, advice, or any questions you may have. We are living our lives loving every moment and enjoying every mile. We have photos to show, stories to tell and reviews to share."

Guiler Travels (Added 2/20/08) "We have been full-time RVing since mid-2004 and are loving our life! We like to say that we are living the Lonestar song which says we are "chasing our dreams down the interstate!" We use this blog to journal about the places we see and the thoughts we have about them. We don't know how long we'll be on the road, but we'll keep at it until we don't want to do it anymore. It's a great life being able to travel with your best friend and spouse."

Dave & Rebecca's Big Adventure (Added 2/20/08) "We're RV'rs, Nov 11th 2006, "we turned the page and began a new chapter in our lives". WELCOME, to the ongoing Travel Journal and the daily news of what we're doing, where we're going while traveling. We left our "stick home" behind and ventured out. Take a quick look at our Itinerary, see where we are going next!
Our mode of travel is a 01'Dodge 2500 2WD pick-up and a 04'Holiday Rambler, Presidential, 4 slide-out, 37 ft, luxury 5th Wheel. We've got toys for all occasions, golfclubs, bikes, LX-90 Meade 10" telescope, goldpanning equip, PorteBote, fishing gear, and of course the fishing rod making components. Our RV affiliations are, SMART, Escapees, GoodSam, VIP members of Thousand Trails Family of Resorts and Holiday Rambler RV Club."

Postcards from the Road (Added 2/8/08) This is the travel log page from the people that bring you The Camping Journal, a paper log book useful for recording your travels & more.

RV Home Yet? (Added 1/28/08) "We- Alice and Jaimie - invite you to participate in our new blog. Our intention is to have lots of good information and interesting tidbits on the RV lifestyle. We'll be happy to answer your questions too. Both of us have been full-time RVers in the past, though now both travel part-time. Jaimie is an expert at RVing for dollars. She is the author of Support Your RV LIfestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road. Alice has written Taking the Mystery out of Retiring to an RV. Together we have written RV Traveling Tales: Women's Journeys on the Open Road, The Woman's Guide to Solo RVing, and Taking the Mystery out of RV Writing.

ourbusandus (Added 1/2/08) From their introduction: "We have been fulltiming in an RV since May of 1993, and are still loving every minute of it. There is just so much to see in this great country of ours. We are on our 2nd motorhome, which is an Airstream, but, we bought this bus and are now building it into the motorhome of our dreams."

King's Highway (Added 11/17/11) "This blog will be used to keep our family up to date on where we are and what we are doing on our trips in the RV. We retired early in January 2005, and travel part time.... usually in 1 to 3 month trips two or three times a year."

The Gores on the Road (Added 1/2/08) Jim and Margie "are retired and spend several months a year traveling in our Motorhome. Our homebase is Knoxville, TN. From time to time we will add some new pictures to this site, so check back often."

& Then I Bought an RV! (Added 12/13/07) Duke of DeLand: "NEWLY-Retired! A PC Geek, Writer of little note! & all-round fun fellow! Active Elk (Tampa 708 Board of Trustees) Retired National Staff Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (Lt. Commander) Native of Pekin, Illinois" Duke & Dutchess started their blog in October, 2005.

Travels with Papillon (Added 12/12/07) Tom and Judy are currently traveling across Europe in Papillon, a 2006 Winnebago View 23H built on a 2005 Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. Lots of information about traveling in Europe. Click on the Narrative Index for their travels.

Travels With Mary & Elaine (Added 12/12/07) Mary & Elaine have been fulltiming since 1994, and started their blog in August, 2005. From their introduction: "We have lived together for 26 years and raised 4 children together. Mary was a high school teacher and Elaine was a podiatrist, but we have been retired since the late 1980's. In 1994 we started our fulltime RVing lifestyle. Since then we have traveled in many foreign countries, as well as all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, & South America in an RV. Currently we have a 34 foot Seabreeze LX which was new (to us) in Dec, 2006. We tow a 2001 Subaru Forester, carry 2 bikes, 2 inflatable kayaks, and an inflatable boat with a 6 hp motor."

Don & Diana's RV Journal (Added 11/7/07) "Welcome to our website. We are fulltime RVer's and our goal is to record our progress and document our full-timing adventures for our family and friends. Travel with us on our journey." Click on their travel log menu for their adventures since 2001.

The Times and Travels of Steve and Nancy O'Bosky (Added 9/23/07) Quoting their intro: "Steve and Nancy travel the US and Canada meeting people God places in our path, gazing at His incredible majesty of creation and delighting to share of our adventures. You will also see parent and grandparent joys in pictures of our adult children, Karen and Ray and his wife Lisa and our grandson, Reed and our granddaughter, Jaden. Come along...You're welcome to join us!"

Peg and Tim Pinckard's RV Travels (Added 3/12/07) "We are Tim and Peg Pinckard and have been married for 37 years. We have two beautiful daughters and 4 grandchildren. In June 2006 we sold our 3000 sq ft home and bought a 2006 35 1⁄2 ft Hitchhiker 5th wheel. We left Connecticut on June 30, 2006 and have traveled for the last 7 months enjoying every minute. We will be going back and forth across the county as we have one daughter in connecticut and one in California. What better way to see them as we wish. We always dreamed of doing this – we always camped and loved seeing this country. Tim spent 20 years in the military and we got to see so much of this beautiful country. We camped across the United States back in 1974 and had so many wonderful memories that we wanted to make this a part of our lives in retirement. Come and enjoy our travels with us."

Bill Joyce, Diane Melde, and Evita (the cat's) Travels (Added 1/18/07) Bill, Diane & Evita the cat are traveling in a 2004 Newmar Dutch Star Class A. Lots of links to their travels both with & without an RV.

Travels of Ms. Dolphin (Added 4/24/07) "The companions consist of the Great and Wonderful Dolphin Motorhome, two humans (Lew and Jan) A cat (Katz) And a number of devices that help us exist on the road." This blog covers a 2006 cross country trip & more.

On The Road Again (Added 7/20/07) "We're finally OTRA (On The Road Again) from mid-Maine. After years of thinking about RVing, we got an F-350 V-8 diesel DRW with a Lance 1121 truck camper unit and are finally hitting the road. Use TwoMaineiacs2@yahoo.com for emails about RV or Geocaching. Use Geocachingknitter@yahoo.com for knitting and quilting emails."

Misadventures of Roy and Lowell (Added 7/20/07) "Welcome to the Misadventures of Roy and Lowell. I'm Roy, and will being doing most of the reporting. I am 55 and semi-retired. Having lived in the Richmond, VA area all my life, it was finally time for a change. I have owned a Pepperidge Farm Cookie Franchise for the past 30+ years and now have 3 great guys that deliver the product for me; freeing me to travel around the country for the next few years. Lowell is 49, soon to be the dreaded 50, and is orginally from Bettendorf, IA. She has lived in Richmond for the past 24+ years and worked for the same commercial insurance company as an underwriter for the last 27. Her final day of work was April 16, 2007, and now is free to travel the country.We got hooked on the idea of full time RVing after attending the annual RV show in Richmond and talking to a salesman who had just come in from 5 years on the road. After nearly a year of researching we decided we to could do this. Impulsive? Yes. Smart? Only time will tell."

JACK AND JEANNE ADVENTURES (Added 6/20/07) Quoting their introduction: "In 1999 Jack and I decided to sell our 45' motorsailboat and purchase a new 36' Winnebago Chieftain motorhome. It was time to explore the interior of the US instead of its shoreline ... We're now into off roading, photography and Workamping. Jack and I are enriching our lives with exciting new adventures and friendships with people from all walks of life. Thanks to cell phone, email and blogs, we can stay in touch. Jack and I are looking forward to many more years on the road."

Marty & Peg .... Still on the Road (Added 5/31/07) Quoting their home page "Well, we are still at it. Starting in May of this year, we will start our 6th year on the road. As most of you know, we are living and traveling in our Tiffin Motorhome. We both hope to see all our friends and family during this spring/summer travel season!" Chech their travel journal to see what they are doing.

RAMBLINGS (Added 4/1/07) Quoting Marcie: "I'm a full time RVer, writing and Workamping my way around the country with Big Jim and Clancy, the Gourmet Wiener Dog. I've recently published a novel for middle school readers. "The Tree at the Top of the Hill" tells the story of a young boy in Texas, at the end of the Civil War, who overcomes his physical challenges to achieve his goal."

Living Our Dream (Added 3/19/07) Paul & Margery started their blog in July, 2006. They describe themselves as "Baby boomers privileged to enjoy our dream of early retirement while traveling full-time in our RV. We invite you to join us through this weblog!"

RVing with Jim ("Hank") & Marge (Added 3/12/07) Quoting their introduction: "These posts about our travels and escapades as we see this United States are hopefully meant to not only be informative to our friends and relatives, but entertaining to those who hope to do the same at some future point. Our Start on the Blog was in November 2004. Just a reminder....click on the picture to see the whole frame"

Ken & Joanne's Blog (Added 3/12/07) Ken & Joanne started their blog on September 11, 2006. They have been traveling in their RV for about four years. They tow a black Chev pickup with a portabote on top. Their homebase is La Grande, OR. They are members of Escapees and Boomers!

The Wilsons (Added 3/12/07) Al & Sue are a couple of Canadians describing their travels in their trailer. They spend summers in Canada & head to warmth for the winters.

Rea of Sunshine (Added 3/9/07) Bob & Marlene started their blog in March, 2006 describing their travels all the way back to 2004. They are currently traveling in a 2003 Monaco Windsor with 2 slides.

PeeWees in Adventureland (Added 3/9/07) A . J. and Irene Started their journal in November, 2006 with the purchase of PeeWee Rambler, their 1999 33-foot Sea Breeze 5th wheeler. Update - The have just purchased a 40' Allegro Bus from Lazydays in Seffner, FL..

Travel With The Hubbells (Added 3/2/07) Sharon & John retired in March, 2005 and are living full time in a 36' Beaver Class A Motorhome. Quoting their home page: "We began an odyssey which will take us near and far across the great North American continent. We invite you to share in our adventure by visiting here often."

Pete, Maz and all that Jazz (Added 3/2/07) Pete & Maz sold their business, bought a Itasca Navion, and started their blog in August, 2006. Follow their travels around the US & England.

Anderson's Travelogue (Added 2/27/07) Lew and Dottie use their new blog to describe their travels in a Monaco Dynasty 40' motorhome. "Ahhh, what a life!"

RV Travels with Protech (Added 2/27/07) "Join us as our family - me; my husband, Ed; our two Shetland Sheepdogs, Duncan and Roxie; and our cat, Bonnie - tour the country by RV. We have been fulltimers since 2002. Summers are spent in our home state, Connecticut, and winters in warmer climates. This journal begins as we leave CT to travel cross-country to Tucson, AZ for the winter of 2006-2007." Camille & Ed operate a mobile RV service & repair business & travel in a 36' Gulfstream Sun Voyager motorhome with two slideouts.

The Cuzz Travels (Added 2/17/07) Quoting from their "About Us": "With Jeff's retirement in 2005 we started an adventure we have discussed for years, traveling North America in a motorhome while we decide where to settle down. We have owned motorhomes since the 1970's and have always enjoyed RVing, now it has become our lifestyle. It is unbelievable how much we have seen and done in the past 15 months." Be sure to check the archives going back to August, 2005.

Vicki & Don's Full-Time Adventure (Added 1/14/07) Vicki & Don purchased a Monaco Signature Class A in June 2005 and have been blogging their travels since.

Jan and Dean's New Adventure (Added 12/24/06) "We are publishing this blog as a means for our family and friends to follow our new adventure - Fulltime RV'ing." Janice & Dean started their Blog in November, 2005, and are full - timing around the US in their 5th wheel.

Did Someone Say RV Road Trip (Added 12/24/06) Although Ed & Termite are not on the road yet, they describe the steps they are taking to move into the full timing lifestyle.

Two Hams in a Can (Added 12/19/06) "We hope you enjoy reading about Jeff and Suzanne traveling the country in our Airstream travel trailer with Madison the Cocker Spaniel." Jeff & Suzanne started full timing in May, 2006, traveling from Texas to New York and around the midwest.

Gypsy Jane's Blog (Added 12/7/06) "Gypsy Jane gets her 3rd motorhome and decides it's a good point to start blogging it's adventures. Gypsy's a reset merchandiser who travels both for work and for fun. No telling where that motorhome might show up ;) I post several posts at a time when I have the high-speed connectivity to do so, so don't just read the top one - you'll miss something."

The RV Travels & Camping of Linda & Robin (Added 7/20/09) "We started traveling around and camping in 2007. We travel with our two favorite companions, Liz a cockapoo & Buddee a Cavilier King Charles. Our first motorhome was a Fleetwood Tioga 31' Class "C". We had that for about a year and we upgraded to a Fleetwood Fiesta 29' Class "A". We both work full time so we are limited in how often and how far we can travel. So it is mostly long weekends for now with a couple of longer trips per year."

The Travels of Gary & Judy (Added 12/2/06) Gary & Judy started documenting their travels with the construction of a recumbent random bicycle. From there it was on to a 34 foot Alpine Motorhome and trips all over the US. Updated often when they are traveling.

Doug & Willie's Home Page (Added 9/23/06) "We met in 1983, fell in love in 1986, got together in 1988, married in 1992, and retired in 2000. Before retiring we both played in community orchestras (she violin, he timpani & percussion) and were foster parents for 80 cats and kittens at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (CO). We live fulltime in a 31-foot fifth wheel, traveling the country. We have no plans to quit this lifestyle."

Jim and Anne's Web Space (Added 9/23/06) "Jim and Anne are retirees, enjoying life on the road in their fifth wheel RV. They sold their house over a year ago and since then have learned that less is more in a simplified life mode." Check their travelogue to see what they have been doing since February, 2005. UPDATE - They have left the road & moved into a Riverdale, NY apartment. You can still read about their RVing adventrures using the upper right menu.

Jane and John's Travels (Added 8/16/06) Jane & John have been traveling the US in a Itasca Horizon. They maintain a blog and a page of RV Links.

From the Lilly Pad (Added 6/24/06) Froggi Donna's description of her site: "Widowed at 57, I spent 7 months traveling the country solo - by motorcycle. When I came home, months of thought followed before I put my house up for sale and searched for my full-time RV. Now I start the next great adventure. Remember...life is for the living!" Stu & Froggi are now together & have started a new page at http://2takinga5th.blogspot.com/.

Goodman's Journey (Added 1/23/06) Joel and Louise started this blog in December 2003, describing their travels in a VW Camping van. Although they describe a couple of stops in the US, there are hundreds of pages & photographs of their journey across Europe & Mexico. They don't appear to be traveling right now, but there is plenty to see at their site.

Join us on the road Dean & Laurel take us on a 4 month trip to Alaska, as well as state by state links to their travels around the rest of the US.

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