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Jon's Journeys (Added 11/29/10) This is my personal daily blog at Google. I have started it to cover the musings on purchasing an Escape 17B Travel Trailer & to document a trip to the Southwest & Canada in the Spring of 2011. The first post is Here. The 2011 trip is over (111 days & 18,700 miles). An index to daily updates & more photos than are available at the blogsite are at 2011 Trip, Page 1.

My second trip is over - 138 days & 16,255 miles. While the short version is continuing on my blogspot posts, a version with more photographs starts here.

No long trips for 2013, atleast until October. I did take a 37 day trip to Nova Scotia.

Well, not quite right (No long trips in 2013) since October 10th was the starting point for a 305 day trip. I'm back home.

My last long adventure had a break in the middle. It started with a trip to Alaska along with friends traveling with a Scamp 16. After a couple of months break at home I'm heading back on the road & will add a link to the index when I leave Oswego.

I'm back on the road (as of October 14th) heading to the Southwest for winter. An index of the trip is here.

My current trip is to Chilliwack, BC to pick up a new Escape 21 trailer. I'll stay in the southwest for the winter.

And now I'm back from a trip to the Boler 50th Anniversary & the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, as well as a winter in Quartzsite.

Tioga & George George bought Miss Tioga on February 23, 2003 & has been writing daily about his adventures ever since. Be sure to catch the the many pages he offers as well as "Today's Adventures." UPDATE - It appears that George has retired from blogging. His previous posta sre available at his Archives page.

Hitchitch Goes Full Time Ron & Terry started their Hitchitch.com site to provide links to RV Travel Adventures & Journals, one of the best collections of RV links on the web. This site details their own adventures.

"Some of my Dad’s great friends of 40+ years have set up a memorial fund at the ‘Rocky Mountain Conservancy’, which is a nonprofit organization supporting the Rocky Mountain National Park. A memorial plaque will be displayed on the Recognition Wall at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center; a beautiful leaf-shaped plaque, which is reminiscent of the Aspens; when living in Colorado, Dad visited the park often."

Goin' South Bill & Sharon live in Iron Mountain, MI. Each year since 1995 they head South for 4 months, usually starting in December of each year. Read their newsletters & journals describing their adventures around the US, Mexico & Canada. They post links to they yearly travels south.

Our Odyssey First, check out their bus conversion, a 40' quasi-double-decker Neoplan Spaceliner. Then click on their blog to follow the adventures of Sean & Louise as they tour the US. UPDATE - They are now traveling in a 52' long, 15' wide boat and their bus is for sale!

Fox Tales (Added 8/16/19) " So in 2013 I bought a new Northwood Arctic Fox fifth wheel model 27–5L and have been very happy with it so far, I bought it knowing I was going to be full-timeing, and this trailer is built just for that purpose." More at his page, including lots of great photos.

Kitchi-Gami (Added 8/16/19) They are avid outdoors persons, traveling in a Casita fiberglass trailer. Much more in their "About Page".

Here & There With Scott & Jackie (Added 8/16/19) "We are Scott and Jackie Cundiff.  Jackie is a retired librarian and Scott is a retired pastor.  We sold our house, bought a big pickup and camper and began a great adventure of traveling and living in our RV full time.  This website is where we share our travels with all who are interested.  You’ll find campground reviews, photos of some of the interesting places we visit, and general fulltime RVing information here.  As a librarian, Jackie sometimes finds great library ideas that she shares here. You’ll also find notes on various RV fixup/upgrade projects we do to camper."

Travels With Towhee (Added 12/25/18) Ann is traveling with an Escape 21. Lots of information about her at the "All About Ann" page, and individual travel reports in her blog.

RV Saga (Added 5/28/18) "We are Vivien and Stephen traveling north America in our Escape trailer. We’d like to share our adventures with you. Thank you for visiting!"

Postcards from the Perimeter (Added 5/28/18) " Keven and Georges met in 1999 in Aduana, Mexico on one of Georges’ tours. He gave her a flower; she gave him her heart. They were married shortly thereafter on the Greek island of Kos.  They bought their Texas-made 17-foot fiberglass Casita travel trailer in 2007. Prior to the start of their yearlong Perimeter trip in March 2018, they’d racked up as weekend warriors nearly 45,000 miles and more than 300 nights in their beloved Casita." More at their "About Page"

DaGirls RV (Added 4/19/18) "The travels of DaGirls Rv. Piloted by Dakota and Tilly, who along with Susan and Dale travel highways and by-ways of this wonderful country. It was Koko and Della (Rainbow Bridge) free spirits that caused us to travel Freely in an Rv."

Chaos Leaves Town (Added 4/19/18) Jim's full time travel blog started in 2004.

Aging On Wheels (Added 4/19/18) From Carol's "About Me": "Well, it was either a motorcycle with a side car for my canine companion, Dawny, or life on the road as a full-time RVer.  Since I am not as young or strong as I once was (when I rode a motorcycle to Key West and would habitually take off on solo camping trips), I chose the RV.  Plus it is soooo much easier on Dawny."

Ruth's World (Added 8/2/17) "I'm creating this blog to share our trip across America and Canada. My other reason is to have a platform for my many opinions."

Travels Without Charlie (Added 8/2/17) Grandma's About Me - "Full-timing in a motorhome for past three-and-a-half years."

Rubber Tramp Artist (Added 8/2/17) "One woman's stories, rants, and observations - My name is Blaize Sun. Maybe that’s the name my mamma gave me; maybe it’s not. In any case, that’s the name I’m using here and now. I live in my van, which makes me a rubber tramp. I like to see places I’ve never seen before, and I like to visit the places I love again and again. I like to play with color. I make collages and hemp jewelry and cheerful winter hats. I take photographs and (sometimes, not in a long time) write poetry. All of  those things make me an artist. Although I like to spread joy and to make people laugh, my wit can be sharp. I try to stay positives in all situations, to find the goodness in all people, but I often feel compelled to point out bullshit when I smell it. I like to have fun, to dance, to eat yummy food, to sit by a fire and share stories.  I want to know what people hold dear and important, not just make surface small talk. This blog is a way for me to share stories. This blog is made up of my stories, rants, and observations, as well as my photographs. I do want to know what people think, so feel free to leave comments."

Kamp Kench Hits the Road (Added 8/2/17) "Our family addiction is travel adventure.  We’ve hiked on the Appalachian Trail, summitted various peaks, surfed the Outer Banks, flew in a helicopter in Charleston, parasailed in Montauk, sipped champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower, ate gator in New Orleans, trail rode horses in Texas, visited Graceland…twice.  We are no strangers to exploration and adventure! We are on a mission to visit all 50 states (as a family by the summer of 2017.)"

Two Plus Lu (Added 5/22/17) "Clay is an analytical, thoughtful, and conscientious California native (minus some years spent in Ohio) who loves getting his hands dirty, the mechanics of how things work, and going to places with no cell phone service. Cait is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Irish Bostonian who is annoyingly proud of her heritage and can eat a pint of raspberries in under 30 seconds. They met in grad school in California. Lucy is a shelter mutt who loves to pretend like she wants to say hi to you, only to dart away at the last second. Her weaknesses include Cheez-its and a game of throw the stick." They started in a truck camper, and now travel in an Escape 5th wheel.

PegandHarrison (Added 5/22/17) Full time travelers in a Casita.

My Quality Day (Added 5/22/17) While not completely about RVing, this blog does have a section on rebuilding a Companion fiberglass trailer. & Day 1.

Yukon Sights (Added 5/25/16) Sue's site had lots of information about traveling in the Yukon, Alaska, and the Canadian North. "Experiencing the wilderness and the silence & solitude one can feel on the road less travelled is our favourite pursuit. The Yukon is our favourite location. We have camped along every Yukon highway and most of the highways in Alaska. Have also explored many gravel back roads in Yukon and Alaska."

Life in Trillium (Added 5/25/16) "To put it succinctly, we are a couple of friends, partners, tiny-home dwelling, Toyota truck driving, lovers and soulmates from Vancouver, BC bound for Ushuaia, Argentina and back again. We are hauling a vintage 1974 Trillium 1300 that we renovated ourselves for over 5 months prior to our departure. Our hauler is named the Green Bastard, a 1992 Toyota Pickup that has been rebuilt twice (hence the bastard moniker) and heavily upgraded inside and out to suit our needs."

Jim and Barb's RV Adventure (Added 5/25/16) "Married in 1986 and we have two children Jessica and Forrest who are both married, living in Salt Lake City and have three children between them. We are traveling with our Puggle, Daisy. After successful careers, (Jim 30+ years in retail grocery operations and Barb 24+ years of management at a county attorney office) we left Wisconsin and hit the road in March of 2014 starting the next chapter in our lives! With a passion for fishing, we are traveling and fishing across the US and Canada detailing our trials, tribulations and adventures on the road."

Casita Adventures (Added 2/17/16) "Stories and photos of Diane and George's adventures in their Casita travel trailer."

Fulltime-RVing-Families (Added 2/17/16) While not a specific blog, this is a link to a collection of blogs that feature full timing families.

Raven & Chickadee (Added 2/17/16) Laurel & Eric's About Us "If you enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, birding, art, music, quirky towns, good food, and good friends—you'll enjoy traveling with us. Join us as we explore the backroads of North America—we love company and comments!"

Travels Without Charley: In Search of America (Added 12/9/15) No "About Me" so I can't add much other than she is a grandmother on the road in a class C RV.

Island Girl Walkabout (Added 10/6/15) "After many years of planning, we rented our home, got rid of a lot of our “stuff”, put the rest in storage and moved into our 39′ Class A diesel motorhome, Island Girl. The two of us have been “on walkabout” since October 2012, traveling around this beautiful continent with our wonderful dog, Angel. We hope to find the perfect community in which to establish our next home along the way." More at their "About Us" page.

Da Girls RV (Added 10/6/15) "The travels of DaGirls Rv. Piloted by Della, Tilly and Koko (Rainbow Bridge) who along with Susan and Dale travel highways and by-ways of this wonderful country."

Turn When the Road Does (Added 5/27/15) From their About Us page: "The name of our blog is a quote from Rhonda’s late Dad, Eugene Courtney, from one of his famous driving directions. We consider it profoundly applicable to life in general. The home page picture is our camp site at Canal Campground on Lake Barkley in Kentucky, the first park we stayed in when we began our full-time RV adventure, and we found it to be the perfect representation of “Turn when the road does”."

bkamericanodyssey (Added 5/27/15) I couldn't find an "about " page, so all I have is from their title" "Bill and Kelly taking on America" Lots of great photographs.

Charley and Kamala Sunshine Travels (Added 5/27/15) From their "About Page" - "For over a third of a century we've been wandering this marvelous world as a dyad. In our younger days we were both searchers; God, Meaning, Nirvana and all that kind of stuff. I've got tell you that the Search was fun and I wish I could tell you that we discovered El Dorado and fountains of Wisdom on the Search, but alas, somewhere along the line the striving for such things just fell by the wayside and we became wanderers instead of searchers (even more fun, really). I can tell you that both the Searching and the Wandering has brought into being one hell of a Love Affair. We still continue our wanderings through this amazing life on this small rock in space amongst all these amazing creatures in all kinds of ways." More here. When not on bikes, they travel in a Casita travel trailer.

Camp That Site (Added 5/27/15) I don't know whether to put this site in the blogs section, or the camping information page, so I'll do both! While there is a blog, the stated purpose of the site is to identify the best sites at the campgrounds they visit.

Live, Laugh RV (Added 5/27/15) From their "About Us" page: "Two grown kids, semi-retired, and more time to play, sounds like the perfect opportunity to hit the road in the 5th wheel. In June of 2013, we moved into our RV full-time and home is now where we park it. We both embrace this new adventure of RVing and can’t wait to see what awaits around the next bend in this new chapter in life!" More about them here.

Young Fulltimers (Added 3/3/15) "We are a young couple nearly two years into our relationship, with half that time spent speculating the nuances of full-time life on the road. While we cannot yet reveal our identities to protect our existing careers, we look forward to personally interacting with members of the fulltiming community so we can shed light on this unique practice, which is no longer reserved just for retirees. Until we can reveal ourselves, we will tag each post with "HIM" or "HER" to let you know who is posting!"

Big Bend Excitement (Added 1/27/15) While this link is to their trip to Big Bend National Park, be sure to use the menu on the upper right to see their other trips.

2014 Midwest USA Redux (Added 1/27/15) "We are Doris and John (Robbie) and travel each summer in our motorhome to escape the heat and humidity in our home state of Florida. We plan on leaving our home in Florida around the first of June 2014 and returning home near the end of October. This will be our second trip through the Midwest USA and we plan to spend more time in each state as our 2008 trip was fairly fast and there was a lot left unseen in these states. If you have ideas for "must see" places, we would appreciate a message (link at upper, right of this page). We will be visiting AL, TN, KY, IN, IL, WI, MN, IA, MO, AR, and MS. Please feel free to bookmark this page and/or click on the "Request Updates" link if you would like an email when we update the journal. You will also see a pull-down list at the top, right of this page to look at our previous trips if you wish"

Russ on the Road (Added 1/27/15) "This site is about adventure and exploration: my adventure and exploration of the USA in a motorhome named Charlene and with my little blue motorcycle, PeeWee. It’s also about campground reports, great photography, photo tips, product user reports, and interviews with people I meet as I travel the USA." More on Russ's "About Me" page.

Wandering Our Way (Added 1/27/15) Denny & Sue are traveling in a Lil Snoozy fiberglass trailer. Denny retired from a career in engineering, sales and general management, and Sue is a retired teacher. More about them at theor "About Us" page.

Aluminarium (Added 12/4/14) "In 2005 we restored a gutted 1963 Airstream Trailer and went on the road full-time for almost 2 years (655 days). In September of 2011 we took delivery of a 2012 27 foot Airstream Flying Cloud and have been living and working full-time in it ever since (1188 days). We’re travelling with our 14 year old Australian Shepherd mix dog Curtis. Curtie doesn’t care where we are, he’s happy as long as we’re together. I think in his mind, living in the trailer is like being in a big dog crate. Between the two trailers, the three of us have spent a total of 1843 days on the road!"

The Scenic Route (Added 12/4/14) "We sold everything we own and left our corporate jobs to travel full time. The Scenic Route tells of our travels and adventures on the road." More on their "About" page.

The Adventures of Roosterpheasant (Added 12/4/14) I couldn't find an "About Me", but lots of photos & imformation about RV & hunting locations.

Emerald Coast Campers (Added 12/4/14) "We are a married couple in our sixties approaching retirement who have discovered the wonderful experience of camping in a fiberglass trailer. We live in Northwest Florida near the beautiful Gulf of Mexico where white sand and Emerald green waters have inspired us to create this blog about our camping adventures. We are both committed Christians who love the Lord, and seek to do His will in the earth. “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” Habakkuk 2:14"

The Meandering Maddox's Blog (Added 12/4/14) From Jim's About Me: "On the Road, United States. My wife Judy, and I are Full-Time" RVers. Jim completed a 25yr career in the USN in 1995 and then taught middle School (7th grade)for 15 yrs. He retired in May of 2011. Judy completed a banking career that spand 30+yrs in Mar. of 2012. Judy and I will be traveling in our Cardinal fifth wheel pulled by a Dodge 3500 dually."

Take To The Highway (added 10/29/14) "My life has been a constant metamorphosis of sorts, always morphing into a new stage in a new place. I have had an incurable case of wanderlust since I was a kid growing up with parents who loved to road trip on a minute’s notice. I have been blessed to see some amazing places on this beautiful planet, so I decided I would like to have a place to share these experiences. I am living out my dream as a full time RVing 9 to 5′er, still hanging on to the “golden handcuffs” for a little longer. As a telecommuter, I figured “If I can do my job anywhere, why not do it everywhere?” So I sold my 3 bedroom home along with everything in it that was not nailed down, bought my Winnie View, and hit the road in March, 2013. The nomadic life suits me even more than I had hoped."

Crissy&Yeti (Added 10/29/14) "We are a couple that has decided that life is too short to be plugged in to the common view of society; go to school, get a job, buy a house, have kids and pay into the giant tax machine for a measly couple of weeks of vacation a year and then die. We are selling everything we own and are taking a year and a half to tour around North America in our travel trailer. Of course we will have to work eventually to pay for our adventures but with our jobs we plan on only working 4 months a year and the remaining 8 months will be spent travelling the world and keeping you entertained with our amazing blog!"

Jim & Sue's Ultrarunning Adventures (Added 10/29/14) Jim & Sue travel around the country in an RV to hike, trail run, and Cycle. Pick a year to follow their adventures.

Sassy's On the Road (Added 10/29/14) "I am a Retired, Full-Time, RV'er who travels with my best pal - my 13 year old Maltese - Bennie. We left Newfoundland, Canada on November 3, 2010 never thinking in a million years that we'd go as far as we have nor for as long as we have. Prior to leaving I decided that "life's too short" and I'm "getting too old" so I sold the house, lock, stock and barrel - yes right down to the dishes ! I have not had one second's regret."

Winnie Views (added 10/29/14) "Since those early tent camping days, we've now transitioned through 3 RVs to our current Winnebago View mini motorhome. Technology has also advanced during these years so that cell phone and internet coverage are nearly everywhere, making it much easier to work on the road and still have an absolutely gorgeous view of nature to look at all day. It's the best of both worlds, and I never take that good fortune for granted! We make our home base in the Chicago area, but travel, work, and live in the View about 4-5 months a year, always looking for the next pretty landscape or waterway to experience. This blog is the diary of our adventures. Thanks for coming along for the ride!" More on their "About Us" page.

The Good Luck Duck (Added 10/29/14) "In 2009 we visited Arizona and knew we had to come back. We researched ways we could recreate our life out West, with jobs and house. At the same time we thought of RVing our way out, we began realizing we didn't want a western version of our American dream. We wanted something more: less. Our plans morphed several times on the way, and in April, 2011, we untethered from our home and friends. We knew zero about what we were doing, but now we know three times that much. We liked to boondock (camp without hookups) on National Forest Service Land and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. On April 30, 2013, after 14 years together and two years on the road, plans morphed again. Annie, the six cats, and Jake the Big Dog found it more desirable to continue without Roxi. Although Annie is funny and smart and should most definitely write a blog, Roxi will be writing this one. Roxi's next chapter begins now, in a 2004 Toyota Prius, "Spud.""

OnTheRoadWithRiley (Added 10/29/14) "I’m Jeanne, from Austin, Texas. Riley is my dog, a Sheltie from Austin Sheltie Rescue. We were traveling for a few months in a 1992 22′ Lazy Daze motorhome. We are traveling indefinitely, and as of July 2013 we are now in a 2001 26′ Lazy Daze Motorhome, with a Kymco Like 200i Scooter. A little backstory – I had been interested in RV’ing for a few years and found the perfect make and model in February 2012. Took a few local trips and learned the systems (with lots of help from my dad). Turns out I loved it even more than I expected."

Geogypsy (Added 10/29/14) Gaelyn's About me: " started exploring US National Parks in 1977 and 20 years later became a Park Ranger. Summer you can find me working at the North Rim Grand Canyon National Park. The other summer I frequently visit South Africa's National Parks. Visiting the Pacific Northwest the beginning of November. After that, I'm open to possibilities."

Travels with the Blonde Coyote (Added 10/15/14) "Mary Caperton Morton is a freelance science and travel writer with degrees in biology and geology and a master’s in science writing. A regular contributor to EARTH magazine, where her favorite beat is the Travels in Geology column, she has also written for the anthologies Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010 and Best Travel Writing 2011.Mary is currently traveling the backroads from New Mexico to Alaska, writing and living out of a tiny Teardrop camper. When she’s not at the computer she can usually be found outside — hiking, climbing mountains and taking photographs. Visit her website at www.marycapertonmorton.com."

Russ on the Road (Added 10/15/14) "This site is about adventure and exploration: my adventure and exploration of the USA in a motorhome named Charlene. The adventure started before ever hitting the open road. It began with renting an RV for a few days more than a year before I actually purchased Charlene, and it’s continued on ever since then in the process of shopping for an RV, learning about and making modifications to Charlene, and now in learning about blogging so I can share what I’ve learned with you. As my adventures unfold I’ll add them to the blog. More about Russ on his "About" page.

Homeless Hartshorns (Added 10/15/14) Lois & George's About Us: "Halfway between Conventional Living and the Old Folks Home! Lois and I are from the late 1940′s era, the last of the “Baby Boomers”. We have never been blessed with Children and since finding each other in 1972 have spent our lives spoiling each other. Lois was raised in Muskogee, Ok. and I was raised in St Louis, Mo. We lived in St Louis together for twelve years before moving to Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. We are planning to retire and move into an old motor home and see the USA before we are too old to do it on our own"

Seize The Day RV Adventure (Added 2/1/14) Kevin & Janet's path to buying a Class A RV & going full time. Lots of posts on bird watching, jeeping, etc.

RV Travels With Karen and Al (Added 1/3/14) "Our life and travels, living full time in our Monaco motor home"

Plein Air Journey (Added 1/3/14) "These are the tales of Pleinguy traveling around in Tardis, a small Lazy Daze RV, searching for interesting places to paint on location. Follow the adventures as I share my experiences along the plein air journey."

RV Crossroads (Added 12/15/13) "Recent retirees Martha and Ronnie Hughes have purchased their first motorhome and are enjoying the excitement of life on the road and adjusting to the pitfalls that beckon newbie RV owners. Their home base is St. Augustine, Florida."

Roadside Chronicles: Life on the Road (Added 12/15/13) From their "About Us" - "We are a husband and wife team who like to travel. Right now it is in either our 20 foot travel trailer/van or our 2005 24 foot Jayco Escapade (soon to make its maden voyage)."

Where's Eldo? (Added 12/15/13) "After traveling full time in a motorhome for three years, we decided to come off the road and settle on Florida's west coast. I have my own craft room now and having fun making all kinds of things for our home. You can see what I've been making on JeanBeanGifts on Etsy. Thanks for stopping ." Look for earlier posts that describe their travels before settling down.

jnctravelogue's Blog (Added 12/15/13) We are new to full-time RVing. I have just retired after 38 years of teaching every grade K-12, regular through special needs. My husband retired from the financial world. We have taken 10-12 week summer trips for the past four years, but now we have sold our house and possessions and will be on vacation for the rest of our lives. We travel with our two beagles — Rita and Lucky — and are looking to square dance in every state, mainstream through challenge. Look for our RV (C1DANSR) and tow car (C3DANSR)!

Lively Little Campers (Added 9/18/13) As the tital says, this blog is about camping with kids. Updated often when they are traveling.

Lonnie and Sue (Added 9/18/13) Lonnie and Sure are Travelers, not campers. More about them at their "In The Beginning" page. Lots of trips to Alaska & Eastern Canada.

Another Adventure (Added 9/18/13) Follow Derek, Tina, & family on their 2013 vacation.

Mark & Teri's Travels (Added 5/12/13) Mark & Teri are retired & traveling in their RV.

Dave' n' Kathy's Vagabond Blog (Added 4/6/13) From their blog: "Phollow our phearless Philly phamily of two (plus three cats) as they prepare for an adventure of a lifetime!"

Mike and Lisa's World (Added 4/6/13) Mike and Lisa have blogged about rebuilding their RV, their homes and their travels.

Finally Newellin (Added 3/16/13) From Forest's About Us - "Cindy and I are finally retired and starting our dream of traveling in our Newell. It's a 1993 39' motorcoach and we'll be towing our Jeep Liberty 4x4."

3Up Adventures (Added 3/16/13) "So who are you? We're a family of three that strives to keep simple living in mind while finding adventure in life on the road. So why nomadic? We have the travel bug. In fall 2010, we moved to North Idaho and tried living traditionally by buying a house, volunteering, and getting involved in the community. Despite all of our efforts, things just weren't working. We discussed ways to make the community and our current life more palatable but in the end, we bought a van. In November 2012, I quit my job and we made the van our home. We'd like to try the homelife thing again someday, we're just not sure where we want to put down our roots next." They are now traveling in a 13' Scamp.

Our Newell Adventure (Added 3/16/13) "Join us now that we have retired and are now fulltiming in our 1982 Newell Motorcoach, and traveling across the width and breadth of the USA. I know, it looks like a bus conversion, but it was built from the ground up to be a motorcoach!!"

Paint Your Landscape (Added 2/27/13) "erry and I are full-time RVers as of August 2011, having spent the year before traveling through Mexico, seeing some beautiful colonial cities. We are originally from the Midwest, with an adventuresome spirit and the desire to "pay it forward". We transitioned from corporate America, by way of Sedona, Arizona, and then Yellowstone National Park. As you can see, we gravitate towards living in areas with a strong spiritual influence and have a great love of the outdoors!"

Reflections Fron the Fence (Added 2/27/13) "Welcome to Reflections From the Fence. I write about family and family history, Rving, yorkies, nature and whatever else comes to mind. Over at , Reflections Goes RVing, you will find a small collection of pages covering improvements to our Tana (Montana 5th Wheel). And at Beyond Reflections From the Fence I have posted our travel stories and photos that we took prior to April 2009."

Livin' the Dream (Added 2/27/13) "Just a few notes for friends and family about our latest RV adventure. We plan to enjoy both the journey and the destinations along the way and share them all with you....................... Phil & Sharon... More photos at www.philipdean.zenfolio.com.

Lowell & Vicki Travel Homepage (Added 2/27/13) Lowell & Vicki blog about their travels in a Casita travel trailer. Includes a trip to Alaska, and around the US.

Owens on the Road (Added 2/27/13) "George is a retired snack food vendor, and I retired early as president of a regional bottled water company. We are now beginning our journey traveling in a Montana 3700RL fifth wheel, (Harvey!), towed by a Chevy Silverado 3500 truck."

Workin' RVers (Added 2/27/13) "We sold our house in 2009 and moved into our Montana 5th Wheel living and working in Central Indiana, saving for early retirement. That day finally came and in October of 2011 we dropped out of the rat race for a life on the road! In October of 2012 we traded the Montana and Freightliner for a Winnebago Journey motor home. Follow along as we travel the country living and working from our RV."

What's up with Susan and Company (Added 2/27/13) Susan blogs about her and Guard Dog Angel adventures.

Larry & Betty Fulfilling Our Dreams (Added 2/27/13) "Welcome to our trip journal as we travel and explore some of the most beautiful and interesting places our Country has to offer! We have been preparing for Betty's retirement (Dec. 7th, 2012) for some time and now that time is here."

The Wild Rovers (Added 2/27/13) Danielle & Drew travel in a 1960 land Rover towing a matching fiberglass trailer. Along with posting about their adventures, they have many photos, videos, and audio files of their music.

Western Hunting & Travel Adventures (Added 2/4/13) Lots of travel information for those interested in the western states.

Gone With the Wynns (Added 2/4/13) "Jason and Nikki are not your average couple. They enjoyed their artsy careers and urban life in Dallas however, as outdoor enthusiasts, they felt the need for a more "back to nature" adventure. Amongst discussions of cross country travel and living outdoors, came the idea of purchasing an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient RV. With their new found excitement, they made the big decision to give up their local businesses to travel the country in search of adventure." Lots of videos at the site...

Wandering Our Way (Added 12/30/12) From Denny & Sue's About Us: "I retired from a career in engineering, sales and general management a few years ago and with Sue retiring also we decided to try the life of seasonal nomads. Two of our three grown children live in the south and the winter in Michigan seems to get colder every year in spite of global warming so we are wandering through Florida with occasional stops to see the kids. The tiny trailer idea comes from Sue's notion to try a more minimalist life-style and my love for building things and technical gadgets. Believe me, this little trailer is one big gadget. Plus I've got my new hobby with me wherever we go." They are traveling in a Lil' Snoozy fiberglass trailer.

Howeth's Travels (Added 12/30/12) "I retired from the FAA where I worked as an electronics engineer. My late wife and I started our travels on 28 December 2004. Selling our home the following Spring before heading out permanently on our adventure. This is the culmination of many years of planning and a dream come true! Unfortunately Joan, my wife of 42 years, passed away in July of 2011, leaving me to travel alone."

Our Awesome Travels (Added 12/30/12) "Come join us on our journey of North America in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006"

It's About Time (Added 12/30/12) "We are Kathy & Rick Rousseau. We met in 1998 and we were married on June 30, 2001. We presently live in the Town of Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada. It is a small town on the outskirts of Windsor, Ontario Canada directly across from the city of Detroit, Michigan USA. We are RV part-timers, 6 months in Ontario, and 6 months elsewhere. In 2011 we sold our home, downsized our personal belongings and moved into an apartment, and upgraded our 5th wheel. We have a 2009 F-350 dually Ford truck and a 2011 Keystone Avalanche 340TG 5th wheel."

Wish Upon an RV Star (Added 12/30/12) "Al and I are finally living our life-long dream of traveling the United States. After 32 years of working in and then owning a family-run dry cleaning plant, we have sold the business and are now moving on to the next phase of our lives. Too young and active to "retire", we plan on seeing this great country of ours, one job at a time. Yes, we have given up our secure lives here in Sag Harbor to become "migrant workers"! We will be following the weather, working the various seasons in different areas of the country. We invite all of our family, friends and future friends to follow along in this great adventure of ours. And remember to "do what you love, love what you do"; Life is, indeed, good! Link to our photos at Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/22321510@N02/sets/"

Nancy and Bill (Added 12/30/12) From their About Us: "We have been best friends for over 55 years, married over 40. Bill is the writer and Nancy is the photographer. We make a great team and together, we enjoy the adventures of travel. Our dream to be full-time RVers was rekindled in April, 2010 when we attended an RV-Dreams Rally. On Mar 20, 2012, we moved into "BABY", our Winnebago Journey Motorhome. Join us as we try to live our dream...."

Weiss Travels (Added 12/30/12) The Weiss's post their travels at Facebook.

Dave & Diane throwing caution to the wind (Added 12/30/12) Dave & Diane have a "About Us" that describes how they got started.

Dave "Dods" off to Mexico (Added 12/30/12) "I am a retired entrepreneur living in Mexico on a very small budget. I am watching a friend's house up on a hill overlooking the tiny village of Aticama, Nayarit, Mexico. My Mexican dog Sarah and I take small excursions from Aticama in my RV "Dod".

Never Ending RV Trip (Added 12/30/12) "In 2010 our family (of seven) left our boring life and started traveling full time in an RV. It was the best decision we ever made. We are having so much fun together and every day is an adventure. So we decided to build this website to help others realize their dreams of living the full time RV lifestyle."

Silver Travel | Airstream Adventures (Added 12/30/12) "A pilgrim family of seven plus one" Follow their adventures towing an Airstream Travel Trailer.

Dare You 2 Move (Added 12/30/12) "We are the Keiters: Kevin, Jenni, Joel, Kristin and Emily. We were all born and raised in Florida and we've enjoyed home and friends in Tampa for the past 11 years. However, we felt a call to something different... We have decided to seek and to find a new life. To cast aside the pursuit of empty promises like:
Wealth = Happiness
A college degree with a high paying job = success
Stuff = Satisfaction
School = bricks, mortar and textbooks
RISK is best averted
Instead we are embarking on a path into the undefined. We are taking a risk. We are jumping out of the comfortable into the unknown. We are trusting in God's deep love for us." They have a link to their blog in the menu at the top of the page.

Geeky Explorers | Two Geeks and an RV (Added 12/5/12) "Welcome! We spent 5 glorious months on the road, but the funds went way too quickly. It's back to work time in a new city - Portland, Oregon! While we think up ways to make fulltiming more of a long term reality, expect a lot of Pacific Northwest focused travel posts. There's lots of exploring to do here!"

Our 2012 Travel Adventures (Added 12/5/12) "We are now in our fourth year of full time travel across the United States. We truly feel blessed by the opportunity to see, hear and experience things many people only dream about. I began this blog with the hopes others can share in our experiences and perhaps motivate others to follow in our footsteps....Dennis"

Gypsy Turtles (Added 12/5/12) "A chronicle of our journey across America."

Flip Flop Vector (Added 12/5/12) I'm not sure how to describe the aurthors of this site since there isn't an "about us" section, but they are traveling in a 5th wheel.

Pretty Damn Nice! (Added 12/5/12) "Hi there. We are John and Ann. We are originally from Lake Tahoe and have been full-timing since February 1, 2008. We originally had a 2001 Coachmen motorhome but in October of 2011, we bought a new rig: a 2012 Thor ACE Evolution motorhome. We tow a 2002 Suzuki and we travel with our two kitties: Rocky and Mimi (the "kids"). Our quest is to explore every beach in North America and everything in between. To date, we have been in 46 states and have traveled over 46,000 miles."

In the Direction of Our Dreams (Added 12/5/12) Lots of photos in Sherry & David's blog.

On the Road of Retirement (added 12/5/12) "was Texas, United States - My bride and I sold everything we own except what we could fit into our home... a Tiffin Allegro Bay RV. We left our working lives behind and only look forward to our future adventures..."

On the Road... (Added 12/5/12) "Paul and I (Sue) sold the house and just about every thing we own in Michigan in 2009, and left to tour the country for a year or so in our 5th wheel trailer. Jump forward a few years and we are still on the road, but with a new truck and new 5th wheel! When we get tired of it, we'll figure out where we want to live!"

Just Finding Our Way (Added 10/28/12) The have a full page "About" here - They are traveling in a Scamp 19.

2 Taking a 5th (Addded 10/28/12) Their full "About Us" page is here. Stu & Donna currently live and travel in a 41' KZ Escalade toy hauler fifth wheel pulled by a medium duty Freightliner.

Walkabout With Wheels (Updated 12/25/20) Eric and Ginny have been actively traveling since retirement in 2012. We have now visited 49 State Capitol Buildings with only Hawaii to go. (waiting for the bridge).

We've had some health issues but it hasn't slowed us down much. Still traveling most of the year. Still Fulltime RVers. Right now we're in Yuma, AZ for the winter then we're going to follow Route 50 (The Loneliest Highway) from Pasadena, CA to Ocean City, MD in May.

Life in a Canned Ham (Added 10/24/12) The Queen Jester's "About" "I am a confirmed punster with a wide variety of interests. I live in a motorhome with my husband, Left Brain. To learn more about me than you ever wanted to know, scroll down to where you see Pages and click on the title. You may also go to Pages and click on the video of my garden done by WPT, the Eagle Cam, and a rendition of Memories."

The Travels of Tweety Fall 2012 (Added 9/24/12) While this site covers the Fall, 2012 travels of Tweety, earlier travess are here. Tweety is a Compact Jr fiberglass trailer.

Homeless Granny (Added 9/24/12) Follow Granny's travels through Canada & the US.

Interstellar Orchard (Added 9/23/12) Go one step further with 'take the road less traveled' and create your own unique path. I write for those interested in RVing on more than just an occasional basis pre- retirement, and for anyone who dares to dream of a more fulfilling life. Becky travels in a Casita 17.

As the Gnome Roams (Added 9/24/12) Patrick (Pat) Crawford from Columbia, SC, a retired commercial photographer travels with Winston the dog in a 16' Casita. Lots of photographs.

Dragonfly Over the Rainbow (Added 9/24/12) Diane's website describes her travels in her dragonfly decorated Casita trailer.

It's A Smallwood After All... (Added 4/26/12) From Paul & Cathy's "About Us" "We are a couple who are fairly normal, but want to live an exciting life, so off we go on a trip to see baseball stadiums, old friends, new friends, family. They travel in a 17' Casita Freedom Deluxe.

Fulltime USA (Added 4/26/12) "We're two retired Boomers traveling fulltime in our 27′ class C Lazy Daze motor home. Ann is a retired ER/Critical Care RN. Jerry is partially retired but still trades stock options via the internet connection. After years of caring for Ann's parents we sold our home, furniture, etc. in Northern California in 2010. Ann's parents are gone now but we know they would be happy that we are traveling. Ordered our Lazy Daze from the factory and picked it up in August 2010, loaded our "stuff" on board and took off on our travels. Our goal is see as many interesting places in North America as we can while we are still reasonably healthy. We learn a lot about the places we visit. Mostly, travel teaches what is important to us in this last part of our lives. This blog explains how we live and travel fulltime in a "small" RV, about the places we visit, the things we do and what we see while we travel.
We personalized our motor home to meet our needs such as adding solar, adding a more accurate tank level read-out system, adding a pantry and adding "small item" storage in the bathroom. We like the new technology that is available to travelers these days that make keeping in touch and finding the way to places much easier and fairly dependable. Our motor home is small and after subtracting the cab and engine compartment from our 27′ footprint we have about 19′ of actual "living" space. Good thing we like each other a lot!"

Adventures of a 50 Year Old (Added 4/12/12) "I have been enjoying visiting blogs and decided to start my own, even though I don't know what I am doing or if anyone will even be interested in reading what I have to say. I am a 50 year old management consultant who has been married to the the love of my life for 30 years and have two grown daughters and a son-in-law who we are very proud of. We are blessed to live in Scottsdale Arizona and are enjoying getting out and experiencing it in our RV! Thanks for stopping by our blog and please consider joining us, who knows where we will go..."

An RV Life (Added 3/12/12) From their "About Us" - "We like to travel by RV and have adventures as we go. Our current RV is an Airstream Classic Limited 34′ travel trailer."

Traveling With Tom & Nancy (Added 2/21/12) "We are Tom and Nancy Stearns. Welcome to our trip journal. We invite our family, friends and other guests to visit our trip journal and share some memorable moments in our travels. We departed from our home base, Camp Kehoe, VT., and started our full-time RVing lifestyle in November 2006. We very much enjoy seeing new places, meeting new and interesting people and making new friends."

On the Road Again (Added 2/21/12) "My husband Charlie and I love to travel. While Charlie has been retired for 5 years now, I finally joined him at the end of 2009. This blog gives us a fun way to track our travels. We purchased a 36 ft Cougar fifth wheel in 2009 (which Charlie named "Ali's Cat") and are really excited to pursue a totally new way to explore this great country. Our hope is that this will expand our travels even more by making it more affordable than staying in hotels and allowing us to take our "home" on the road with us. Join us on our adventures, and I promise we will keep you "entertained" if nothing else! See you on the road, Ali & Charlie"

...Rolling in a RV - Wheelchair Traveling... (Added 1/4/12) " We've been fulltiming since 1993. Traveling in an RV became a long term goal of ours after we spent a year on the road in 1976 with our 4 year old daughter. We settled down and got to work saving money. Both of us had jobs and we also bought houses and apartment buildings which we remodeled , rented and eventually sold. It was a lot of work for a modest profit not at all like the infomercials on TV portray it! :D In the spring of 1993, our daughter was in college , we put our house up for sale and loaded the RV. On the road at last! We were young , I was 39 and Tony was 42 , so we didn't have any income such as pensions or social security checks. Our savings would not last until social security kicked in so our plan was to workcamp , volunteer and pick up jobs whenever we felt the need. I had my journeymen electrician license and Tony had a class C driver's license so we we're pretty confident that we wouldn't have a problem getting short term work.

Then in Oct. of 1993 I was in an accident which damaged my spinal cord and I am now in a wheelchair permanently. After about eight month of hospitals and rehab centers we were ready to get back to our lives. Our new handicapped motorhome was finished in Oct. 1994. We got back on the road!"

On The Road Again--Travels with Linda and Jim (Added 11/26/11) "We are full time RV'ers! We've been living in our Rig since Katrina struck New Orleans and in 2006 Jim retired. We finally sold the house in April 2007. We love this lifestyle and can't imagine why we didn't do it sooner."

Wandering America (Added 11/26/11) "Hi, we are Darrell and Judy Patterson. In July of 2006 we began living and traveling with our two adorable ragdoll katts (Katie and Alex) in our 2006 38' Cedar Creek Custom fifthwheel towed by a GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel. The purpose of this blog is to keep our family, friends, and blog visitors informed as to where we are, where we have been, and where we plan to be next. Our blog entries will include some history, facts, folklore, and unique stories about the places that we visit. Some of the entries will be written by Katie and Alex so be ready to have your "whiskers" tickled as they can be quite mischevious and look for fun wherever we go. Generally we will be updating this blog several times each week, so grab a cup of coffee, tea, or even a glass of wine (not too much now!), sit back, and take a journey with us. Who knows, maybe we will bump into you as we are "Wandering America". Darrell & Judy have a complete "About Us" page on their blog.

Our Life on Wheels (Added 11/26/11) "We are old married folks, since 1960. After raising two daughters and helping with their kids, we hit the road in 2002, and haven't stopped since. We are full-time RVers, but we winter in Benson, AZ, at the SKP Saguaro Co-op Park. Rocinante, "Rosie" for short, is a 2001 Itasca Suncruiser, made by Winnebago. She is 36 feet long, built on a Ford Triton chassis. We bought her new in 2002. She has one slide-out room, part living room, part kitchen. "

Life in an RV (Added 11/17/11) Laurrie's site has lots of photos of food & great idesa for cooking in an RV.

LightCurve on the Road (Added 11/17/11) From his "About Us" - LightCurve is the name of my design and photo business. When I retired from TV News I made the decision to continue LightCurve while on the road but with a more casual approach. So, I kept the name and made it "LightCurve on the Road". I know it doesn't make much sense now but oh well! I'm a un-photogenic sixty-five year old guy with a dog named Blue. We travel fulltime, taking pictures, shooting films and playing on the computer and internet. We live full-time in a motor home, connected via satellite, to TV and Internet. I love nature and the great outdoors right along with watching Television and movies, playing video games, taking pictures and surfing the net. There's only so much time in one's life and I don't have any problems doing what I enjoy while I can." More & photos at Who the heck is this Traveling Nerd and his little Dog.

WeeRV - Family Fun, Savings Money, RVing (Added 11/17/11) "Hi, I'm Clark Leighton. I started WeeRV as a hobby. Our family enjoys RV camping and the outdoors and I thought it would be fun to write about the things we learn and discover along the way. WeeRV is becoming more than just a blog. I'm working on adding new features that connect with the broader RV community." Lots in information mixerd with their blog of their travels.

Dennis & Carol's RV Adventures (Added 11/26/11) Although they have "retired" their blog, there are many pages of their travels over the last 4 years. From their About Us: "They have been RVing for over 40 years to include full timing since June 2000. They have owned a variety of RVs over the years. They now have a 43' motorhome but are 5th wheelers at heart. They own the RV Driving School that was established in 1991 by Dick Reed who is now retired but RVs also. There are 10 locations. The Driving School web page is www.rvschool.com."

Sweet Meanderings (Added 11/17/11) From her "About Me" - I really live in a beautiful home in a lovely retirement community in Arizona. Presently, I'm living in a 5th wheel in Florida while my husband works a post retirement job.

Where's Weaver (Added 11/17/11) "We are Marsha and Paul Weaver with our cat, Bella. We travel and live in a 2005 Tiffin Phaeton towing a 2011 Honda CRV. We are both retired school teachers from Jackson Township/Canton, Ohio which is about fifty miles south of Cleveland. We sold our house in September of 2009 and became full time RV'ers. Come along with us as we travel around the U.S.A.!"

RV Travels With Karen and Al (Added 11/2/11) "My husband Al and I lived in Tampa, Florida for 30 years. We have explored much of the state and have camped, hiked and kayaked at many of the Florida State parks. Our intention is to ultimately live and travel in our Motor home. In the fall of 2006 we decided to semi retire and move to the country. We bought 11 acres in south Georgia where we could live in the country and be surrounded by nature. We call this our "Halfway House." This is a stopping off point on our journey to becoming fulltime rv'ers. Next step-sell the house and travel full time in our motor home. The house is currently on the market and then we'll be living and traveling full time in our motor home. The "next step" started on June 2, 2011 when we closed on the house and became official fulltimers." Lots of information & photos of Florida campgrounds.

Fulltime rving with Bill & Cathy (Added 11/2/11) "We have been fulltime RVers twice. The first time began in 2000 and lasted just over a year. The second time started in May 2005 and we haven't looked back! We are not retired, we have no pension and we draw no social security. So, how do we make it? We have a life plan that we call 4-2-4-2. Check out our "4-2-4-2" page for all the details. Our first home on wheels was a 30' Arctic Fox 5th wheel we called "Plan B." We bought the rig while living in the Florida Keys and used it as our hurricane evacuation rig, thus the name "Plan B." If you want to learn more about it, simply click on our Plan B link. In December 2010, we upgraded the fifth wheel to a 2011 Cameo 35SB3 by Carriage. At 35 feet, the new fifth wheel affords more space and is a real fulltime rig. To learn more about the rig, click on our Cameo link." Be sure to click on the link to their Blog.

Til the Last Hemlock Dies (Added 11/2/11) "I'm a laborer working as a letter carrier for the USPS. I'm also a writer with over fifty published short stories, hundreds of pages of comic book scripts, scores of reviews, and three novel sales (THE FLOCK, THE CLAN, and THE LIVING END). In July 2009, Angry Films announced that they'd optioned the film rights to my novel, THE FLOCK." James travels in a Casita Trailer.

Bago's Blog (Added 9/23/11) "Welcome to Bago's Blog. This is our blog. We hope to share our experiences while traveling the USA in our motor coach. Check back to see our summer adventures. Bill and Wanda Bell — Aboard Bago pulling our smart car Shorty."

On The Road With Jim And Mary (Added 9/23/11) From a link on one of Jim's web pages "I started RVing in 1964. I've been living on the road full-time since 1995."

Bob & Elsie's Adventures (Added 9/14/11) Bob & Elsie started their journal on July 5, 2008 & update it every week or so when traveling.

Sue & Daves RV Adventures (Added 9/14/11) "Since 2007 we have been Rving throughout Ontario and Manitoba. We've camped at over thirty different provincial parks and conservation areas. Over the few years we've been travelling, we've camped at many beautiful parks and visited many amazing places. Both of us currently work full time but we travel any time we can.Hopefully this blog will be a source of entertainment and a source of information for fellow rvers. Keep your wheels on the blacktop, your heart in your adventures and your eyes on the road ahead!"

Merikay's Dream Has Six Wheels (Addded 9/14/11) "I started this blog to help me get thru the process of preparing a house for sale. I wanted to have a great adventure and go full time RVing. After working on the house and getting rid of things for over a year, I can still see no end in sight. I feel like this house will hold us hostage forever. But in August of 2011 we bought a 2007 Class A and have decided to do some "Anytime" trips once my husband, Craig, retires in December."

Old Fat Man Adventures (Added 9/14/11) "People Powered Fun is my style. Biking, Meandering on Foot, Shore Fishing, Golf, Kayaking and Looking Around The Next Corner. OFMAdventures at hotmail dot com." From his first post, October 2007 - "Finally after years of planning and waiting I have started my retirement adventures. Only time will tell the misadventures an old fat man will have. So enjoy the ride with me. As I learn the ins and outs of this blogging adventure I hope to have a blog that folks will enjoy visiting."

To Simplify... (Added 4/24/11) "Hello, and welcome! If you're just discovering my blog for the first time, allow me to bring you up to speed on what's been going on in your absence. The gist of it is that I'm a professional musician (composer, arranger, orchestrator and saxophonist), I live full-time on the road in a fully self-contained motor home, and this blog serves as the chronicle of my adventures." For more about Glenn, check his "What's this all about" page.

RVSue and her canine crew (Added 4/24/11) Sue & her two dogs will be picking up a 17' Casita the Summer of 2011. Follow her journey.

Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper (Added 3/19/11) Lots of information, including Nick's Blog & Miss Terry's Kitchen.

Road Warriors Living it Up in a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RV (Added 3/19/11) "Life on the Road in a 2011 Heartland Road Warrior 361 Recreation Vehicle (RV) Cooking and Camping at Historic Events and Festivals, showing people it's GOOD to Downsize and be FREE to travel this Great Country! Join us on our Journey!"

Monoco Mama's Miscellany (Added 2/1/11) "I am an active 50 plus year old who has been married for OVER 30 years. My husband and I love to travel in our motorhome with our two Prancealots Min Pins. (Prancealots is the kennel name) We love to spend time together, sometimes just doing nothing but listening to music - while he reads. I enjoy doing genealogy and would love to one day be able to travel all over the country doing Family Tree research. One day I hope to go fulltime in the motorhome. I cannot think of a better way to see this great country that is called the United States of America. I feel there is so much history and sights to see...and we never take the time to explore and see them because of time constraints. What better way to see America than to be able to take as much time as you like to go from one place to another without having to worry about being at a certain spot by a certain date...and being able to do this in the comforts of "your own home". I love the idea of having my own kitchen, my own bed and my own living area with me at all times!"

Vogel Talks RVing (Added 2/1/11) "Living his dream, Rex Vogel is a Snowbird with a passion for RVing, photography, hiking, and birding."

Living The RV Dream (Added 2/1/11) "We are John and Kathy Huggins, and we are the hosts of Living the RV Dream, a new concept in internet radio programming. We have been full time RV'ers for the last six years, and we have had many adventures across our beautiful country. Honk if you see us on the road!" Along with their radio show, they provide podcasts.

The RV Navigator (Added 2/1/11) This site links to both their blog and their podcasts. From their home page: "Welcome to the RV Navigator, your digital home for RVing information. Since late 2005, we have been providing audio reports (podcasts) on a monthly basis and more recently bi-monthly, covering the RV lifestyle from an on the road perspective. We know that you spend many hours traveling in your RV so why not listen to RV specific information while on the road. Great idea! All you need is an MP3 player (or iPod) and a computer on which to download the RV Navigator. Your guides (Ken and Martha) are avid travelers and spend 6 months a year or so in their RV moving around the country as the mood hits. They have been to all 50 states (only 49 in the RV) as well as numerous foreign countries. They also share their experience cruising and traveling in general as they make their way around the world."

Living and Boondocking in Mexico (Added 1/20/11) "Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal, It's the good life to be free and explore the unknown. That's living and boondocking in Mexico. Come on in!"

RV Khronicles of Kevelyn (Added 1/20/11) "We are Kevin and Evelyn. We are in our early 50's and have been married for over 30 years. We have two fantastic sons who have left the nest. The past 30+ years we lived a conventional life with jobs, home and all the "stuff" that goes with it. Now it is time to move on to the next chapter of our lives. Our dream for this new fulltime RV lifestyle is to simplify our lives. We want to have the freedom to explore this beautiful country; work when needed; spend more time together; have less stress; and enjoy harmony and peace along the way. We invite you to share in our adventures! The map below shows where we've traveled. We've only pinpointed places we've stayed for a while; not places we just stayed for a night along the way. The campfire shows our current location."

"Dear Miss Mermaid...the OTHER Blog" (Added 1/20/11) From her "Who is Dear Miss Mermaid" - "As an adult, Dear Miss Mermaid has spent about 10 years in the USA, 10 years working at sea, messing about boats, plus 10 years on tiny Caribbean islands. Famous for her numerous years of entertaining weather blogs from the Caribbean, she has also published two books. Summer of 2010 her life came crashing to a halt, when she woke up in intensive care in a far flung hospital on a tiny island, hovering between life and death. Three months later she moved to an old motorhome, in the USA, to start life anew. Wander with this child of the planet, while she rehabilitates body and soul."

Outside Our Bubble (Added 12/28/10) From David & Brenda's About Us: "Welcome users, The Outside Our Bubble Journey begins…
We are off on a new journey together. A journey that is a dream we both have had for quite some time. A journey to make memories together. To enjoy life. To see life. To live life. This is our RV journey and it all started on March 28th, 2008. Along with our 14 year old German Shepperd side-kick Tasha, we head out on the road; getting out of our normal daily routine. Our normal daily life. To meet new people and see new places. To try new things. To more or less get outside our comfort zone, or as we say, getting Outside Our Bubble."

Erik's RV Blog* (Added 12/28/10) "We hope to fulltime someday so we will be blogging about our journey. We are blessed to own an RV now so we can enjoy the journey."

An RV Life (Added 12/28/10) From their About Us: "We started RV'ing in late 2002 and began to full-time in September 2010. Our current home is a 2006 Country Coach Allure (40')."

Rolling Marbills (Added 12/18/10) From Marleen's About Me: "I was born in Saskatwan 1939 thankfully we moved to BC in 45. I married in 1964 to Bill. We have 2 girls Sherri born 1969, & Shannon born 1971. I was a school teacher, taught special education & art.Latter I taught art privately. Bill was a produce warehouseman. We sold our house in 1999 and bought a 5th wheel(32'). We already owned a 40' moter boat (taiwan trawler). We live 1/2 year on the boat up and down the BC coast and the other in the 5th wheel."

Cruzin2some (Added 12/14/10) "We are Dawn and Denise. We have spent the last two years preparing for a new chapter in our lives as Fulltime RVers."

Busters Travels (Added 11/27/10) "We (George & Bonnie) retired to florida in Nov 96 and in 2006 decided that staying there was not what we wanted for seeing our children and grandchildren. Then there was hurricanes and humidity. We made plans to sell, buy an RV (Buster) to travel between our children and grandchildren located in Holly Springs & Apex, North Carolina and Oakland, California. October 2007 we purchased Buster, our motorhome and in May 2008 our house sold and we started our full timing RV trip going to North Carolina. September 2008 we started our first trip west and found our home park "The Ranch" Escapees RV club co-op park in Lakewood, New Mexico."

MyOldRV (Added 11/27/10) "My name is Andy and I am a 53 year old male who has a stick house in Dallas, TX. My home 10 months out of the year is a 1993 Dolphin 32D motor home aka The Fish Bus aka The Old Girl." Read more about Andy at "Who is This Guy?"

Wheeling It (Added 11/27/10) From their first post (April 5, 2010) "On Mar 1st, 2010 the dog, the 2 cats, the man and I made the decision to pack away our stuff and coast across the US in a 40-foot moving home. Many may think this is nuts, and it may well be (we have been called by various such names in our time), but this is our life and we've decided to blog about the experience so others may have the opportunity to follow the craziness in action. Life is but the sum of your expeiences, so in that light, may all your travels be rich with the wind on your back and the sun in your face. Enjoy the blog…."

Oh Boy We're on the Road On April 5, 2003 Jim & Chris decided to go full time, working on the road as computer consultants. Among other things, they install & support WiFi networking systems in RV parks.

Travelin' With John (added 11/4/10) I'm not sure why the site name is "Travelin' with John but he calls himself "Shoeless Joe", but here is his About Me: "I retired in the fall of 2007 and since that time I've lived full time in my motorhome traveling throughout the USA." He started his blog 140 days before he retired.

Phoenix Once Again (Added 10/18/10) "Join Betty and Dave Traveling & Working Throughout the Lower 48 in Their RV. Nine-year cancer survivor, native Texan, Reiki Master/Teacher and drum circle facilitator, traveling and workamping the Lower 48 with the love of my life and our cuter than cute dog."

Where's Weaver (Added 10/18/10) "We are Marsha and Paul Weaver with our cat, Bella. We travel and live in a 2005 Tiffin Phaeton towing a 2005 Jeep Liberty. We are both retired school teachers from Jackson Township/Canton, Ohio which is about fifty miles south of Cleveland. We sold our house in September of 2009 and became full time RV'ers. Come along with us as we travel around the U.S.A.!"

Where Are The Dixons Today? (Added 10/18/10) "Jim retired in 2008 after spending 50 years with GM Parts. Sandie retired in 2009 after 33 1/2 years with the IRS. Have 4 boys, (3 his and 1 ours)."

Mark & Chris's Phaeton Place (Added 9/26/10) - Mark and Chris from Hanover, Ontario, Canada - "I retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after 32 years and Chris recently retired from full time nursing. Our first motorhome was a 2007 Bounder Diesel. We upgraded to a 2009 42 ft Tiffin Phaeton QRH in May 2009 and will be doing a lot of traveling in our "golden" years."

R-V Crazy Travel Journal (Added 9/26/10) - Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace - "RV Crazy? Absolutely! We are crazy about our RV and traveling. We travel in our 2006 Suncruiser pulling our 2006 Toyota Tacoma. Join us down the road for our latest adventure."

Flamingo on a Stick (Added 9/26/10) - Janie and John - "Just a couple of crazy people in transition, from house & kids to empty nest and full time RV living. Starting new travels and new adventures taking a flamingo on a stick along for the ride."

Our Trip Around the Sun (Added 9/26/10) - John and Carol - "We love to camp and have enjoyed traveling the U.S. all our lives. Our parents first introduced us to camping. May 2010 we became full-time RVers. We sold our home and now live in a Newmar Dutch Star. We are still working full time and commuting to work but hope to retire this fall and "take off" . Please join us and our dog Jimmy as we begin this new adventure."

The Great RV Escape (Added 9/26/10) "Now that we're fulltimers, and we're no longer employed, we figured it was time to reveal our true identities. Boris and Natasha are actually Paul and Mary. And, while our RV is named Bullwinkle and our toad is named Rocky and that all seems to fit perfectly, we must warn you. Our first cat's name was Peter. So, when it comes to Peter, Paul and Mary, we've been there, done that and definitely have the t-shirt."

Two Tools and a Dream (Added 9/8/10) "Honest to goodness, day by day adventures of an inexperienced couple who bought a 36' RV and hit the road for 4 months..with their pooch...two tools...and a dream."

Chasing the 70s (Added 9/3/10) "We are trying to chase the seventies,the sixties are too cold and the nineties are too hot."

Tinycamper's Blog (Added 8/19/10) Sharon & Ron's blog describing their adventures traveling in an Aliner Pop Up trailer. Be sure to visit their Aliner page for more information about their hard shell pop up.

Roadrunner's Travels (Added 8/3/10) About Me "Single full time RV'r. I belong to several RV clubs for single's. Loners on Wheels (LoW's) Escapee's RV club (SOLO'S) Good Sam, Thousand Trails (a resort camping) FREEROADER'S a internet group. At one time my CB "handle" was roadrunner. When my husband died it became "Soloroadrunner" I was born and raised in Texas. Hope you will enjoy my travel adventures!"

Travels With Kevin and Ruth (Added 8/3/10) "We're in our late 40's and we love to travel. Because we have our dog Whiskey, who is 14 years old, we do most of our travelling in Sherman, our 28 foot Damon Daybreak motorhome. We don't like winter...unless we're spending it in Mexico, a country we like very much."

OutAHere (Added 6/14/10) "Welcome to Virginia and Gene's Homepage, OUTAHERE. OUTAHERE has been created for our friends, our families and ourselves, the name of our Blog will change when we finally hit the road fulltime in our 45 ft Motorhome, so OUTAHERE is relevent to our current location which is in our big home in New York, which we will leave behind in the near future for our much smaller rolling home. Now that you understand the basics here is one more play on words, our motorhome will be called THE RIGBEE, we will have some kind of decal with a bee. My wifes maiden name is Rigby, so our motorhome will be THE RIGBEE, now that all that stuff is out of the way, sit back, get comfortable and enjoy reading about our process as we transition from middle aged homowners-------To Reborn Road Warrior Adventurers, one more thing, they dont know it yet, but our three cats are coming along, see you on the road, Gene and Virginia"

Doris' and Robbie's Travel Blogs (Added 6/14/10) Currently traveling in New England, their blog also journals their trips to Alaska & the Midwest. "Welcome to our travel website! We hope to keep friends and family posted on our travels in the motorhome over the next few years. We will have a separate blog for each trip and the links are provided on the right side of this page."

Sunseeker Images (Added 6/14/10) "Roadcam" is fulltiming in a 17' Casita fiberglass trailer. His about me: "ROADCAM FULLTIME RV, ON THE ROAD, UNITED STATES retired trucker, still sleeping with 'wheels under the bed' ..."

Jim's Retirement Adventures (Added 6/14/10) "IN BETWEEN TRAVELS I HAVE ESTABLISHED HOME BASES IN SOUTH DAKOTA, NEW MEXICO AND COLORADO - newly retired 60 yr old, single/divorced male, renewing my spirit of adventure by living & traveling fulltime in a home on wheels"

Warner RV News (Added 5/23/10) "We are Randy and Pam Warner. In May, 2009 we became 'full time' RVers. We downsized, sold our house, and moved into our 40' Tiffin Allegro Bus motor home (The Roadrunner). Please join us in our journeys and follow along!"

The RV Life of Mike & Gerri (Added 5/23/10) "Happytrails Pine Mountain, Georgia, United States Gerri and I were married in 1982 and have dreamed of full-timing for quite some time. September, 2009 we began our fulltime adventure. I am retired from the food service industry and my wife is a retired early childhood teacher. We want to see our great country, touch history and experience the lifestyles of the different areas of our country. This blog is for our family and friends to keep up with where we are and what we are up to. This is a great country and we are blessed to be able to see it." Follow their blog at http://www.mytripjournal.com/freedom2roll.

Monty's Musings (Added 4/19/10) Although designed to entice people to rent RVs from El Monte RV, this site does have some interesting information about places to go & things to do.

Mountainborn Chronicles (Added 3/8/10) "Deep in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, Mountainborn lives the ancient hunting lifestyle of his forebearers, while blending modern technology into his mountainer’s daily activities. Millitary skills learned in South East Asia during the Viet Nam era, compliment his woodsman’s techniques, and saturate his life. Mountainborn’s Grandmother worried about her grandson while he was away in the military. She wrote a widely published poem about him titled MOUNTAINBORN, the name stuck. He longed for those misty mountains, while overseas, but the ancient lifestyle was the thing that he missed the most. There was just something about roaming those remote mountains with a gun and a dog that he constantly dreamed of. His descriptions of the Ouachita mountains and hunting to provide for his family constitute the MOUNTAINBORN CHRONICLES. Currently serving as Chief of Police, Larry Harmon lives with his wife Betty and retired drug dog Dillon at the foot of Cross Mountain, near Vandervoort, Arkansas.The MOUNTAINBORN CHRONICLES is dedicated to the memory of CLARA GANDY ANDERSEN.His Grandmother taught him to dream beyond the Mountains that surrounded him." Larry & Betty also maintain a website at Mountain Born.

Sherry & Charley - Retired, Fulltiming & Lovin It! (Added 3/8/10) "We have been married for 39 years and have two children and three grandchildren. We decided soon after our first grandchild was born that being grandparents was so-o-o-o-o much more fun than being parents!! And we are enjoying our three immensely!! Our dream for the last 10 years was to go fulltiming when we retired and we are now realizing that dream. We have a 2010 Montana fifth wheel and a 2008 Ford F450. Remember - NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST!"

FMCA Community (Added 3/8/10) This page links to the blogs of some of the memmbers of the Family Motor Coach Association. Most are short, one page entries, but a few include more information about the blogger's travels.

Ron and Thelma and Little Eli (Added 3/8/10) Ron and Thelma of Fort Wayne, In, United States. Ron retired from IH in 1998, Thelma from teaching school. They enjoy the camping life. They started their blog on May 11, 2009.

Our Excellent Adventures (Added 1/31/10) Quoting from the site: "Observations about life at home and on the road. (Warning: Occasional sharp turns to the right.) The site includes many links to Sprinter based RVs & chassis.

Laninga's 2010 Travel Blog (Added 1/24/10) "We are John and Romola Laninga. Since March, 2008 we have lived full time in a motor home. It is a life style that may not be for everyone (can you live in a 400 sq. ft. home?) but if you can it is great! We get to sleep in our own king size bed, with our own living areas, yet wake up to different environments. It may be the ocean or the desert, the Rockies or the high plains. But it is never boring!"

Just Wanderin' (Added 12/30/09) Follow the travels in the Willy Wagon of Terry, Jeri and Duchess, too.

Rick & Paulette's RV Travels (Added 10/31/09) Rick's "About Me" - "I retired in 1999 after a 35 year career in Information Technology - the last 20 as I.T. Manager for the City of Victoria and prior to that as a Systems Developer and Computer Programmer. My wife, Paulette, was an Elementary School Teacher and retired in 2007. We have 5 adult children - Kevin, Carrie, Erin, Maggie and Hayley as well as 2 grandchildren - Jessica and Mikayla. And last but not least - our 2 cockapoos - Molly and Rylie."

Journal of Tin In the Wind (Added 10/31/09) George posts "periodic updates of our journey as we Full-Time in our Dutch Star Motor Coach."

Travels of John and Bridget (Added 10/31/09) From their "About Us" - "We are John and Bridget. I am working for the City of Ridgeland Fire Department. Bridget retired from the State of Mississippi in 2004. After I retire in early 2010, our plan is to travel to see this beautiful country God has given us. Hope to see you on the road, Stay Safe"

MtnAire Travelers (Added 10/31/09) From their "About Us" - "Weldon and Sandy - Lone Star, TX, United States. We've been full timing for nine years. We retired out of Austin, TX after 43 years with one company. We started full timing in a 38ft 2000 Dutch Star DP and put 89,000+ miles on it before we recently traded for our current 2002 Mountain Aire 40ft DP. We enjoy full timing and getting together with our friends and families."

Going Down Hill at Full Speed (Added 10/31/09) Chuck & Kathy started their blog in 2008. They include lots of photos & links to other RVers.

Roaming Free 2010 (Added 10/31/09) From their "About Us" - "We are 2 engineers who have "had it all" and are now ready to get rid of it all and enjoy life on the road with our 2 sons and our dog. 2010 is our target date, and we welcome you to join us on our journey."

CHRISBETH'NEMILY (Added 7/20/09) "I'm just a run-of-the-mill ORF (old retired fuddyduddy), traveling about the country with my terrific husband Chris and our spoiled budgie Bubba in our 40' Beaver motorcoach. Update: Beloved Bubba died; now Emily travels with us - she is always entertaining. We've been to most of the U.S. states over the past 10 years (we did take 2 years off to live in a house in Virginia, but we try to forget that time.) I enjoy travel (of course), history (reading about it, visiting museums, seeing the actual locations), genealogy (it's an addiction), sports (watching them), computers (another addiction), kids and grandkids, reading, writing, photography... Too many hobbies, not enough time. And now it's gourds - burning, carving, painting. One of these times we'll settle down, probably in Yuma, Arizona where it is warm. In fact we've recently entered a "12-step" recovery program - trying to withdraw from full-timing. So far, it's a rental house in the winter."

Adventures in Our American Dream (Added 7/20/09) "Welcome to our trip journal! We are Jerry & Gloria Quincy from Jacksonville, Florida. Join us as we travel and live our dream in our American Dream Motorhome. "

Life On Our Ark (Added 7/11/09) Ken and Donna are on the road: "I am a young married gal experiencing a rare opportunity to live life on the move. I live in a 2006 Okanagan 36 -5c fifth wheel. We chose to start this life at the end of the RV season, in the Fall of 2008."

Kate and Terry-Travels in Cholula Red (Added 5/14/09) "Thoughts and musings as we travel in our Lazy Daze Motorhome"

Pilgrims' Journey (Added 5/14/09) Keith is a retired Homeless Shelter director, Ann his wife. "In January of 2005 Keith and I became full-time RVers. We sold our home in Wenatchee WA and moved our greatly reduced possessions into a 38 foot Alfa 5th wheel."

Croft's Mexico (Added 4/5/09) From his about me: "CROFT RANDLE - I am a retired telecommunications technician, Union Activist and Political Junkie. I live six months a year in Canada (to keep my Canadian Medical coverage) and six months somewhere else - currently Mexico. THE MOTORHOME: A 2005 31' Tioga Class "C" we bought in Texas in March 08 with only 4000 miles on it! It is the perfect size for Mexico"

Lindaxtwo (Added 4/5/09) From Linda & Linda's About Us: "We've made the decision after several years of research to leave "regular" jobs and to travel and work on the road so we can see this great nation."

The Sandcastle (Added 4/5/09) "Dave and I sold our world in the summer of 2008 and bought into this new one. We now live full time in a 24 foot Winnebago View motorhome. If you'd like to read our backstory, start at www.sandsys.org and click on Travel then on Camping. Our story continues at sandcastle.myblogsite.com. I hope you are enjoying our travels even half as much as we are."

Nomad's News (Added 4/5/09) " Welcome to gordonwolford.com, the website of me, Gordon L. Wolford, formerly of the Dayton, Ohio area and my wife, Sandra R. Merrikin, formerly of the Williamsburg, Ontario area. Our home is now beautiful Ottawa, Ontario - the capital of Canada - although most of the year we spend traveling around North America in an RV. This site reflects our current interests and activities, mainly digital photography for me and crafts for Sandra, and is the vehicle we use to visually convey this part of our lives to family and friends who are long distance from us and would otherwise know little about the things presented here."

Avery's Wanderings (Added 4/5/09) From their about us: "Glenn and Sylvia Avery retired, sold our home of 14 years, purchased a Tiffin motorhome and went on the road full time. Nuts! Maybe but thats what we want to do. We have 5 children and 9 Grandchildren spread out in 4 states. Read along as we travel this great land."

Tumbleweed (Added 2/11/09) "Tumbleweed is the name Jim will give our 5er when we get it. We'll be tumbling over the countryside and the name fits." Jim and Dee says: "November 2005 we agreed to start planning to full time in a 5th wheel. This blog is how we plan to get on the road. Our date of departure March 2010. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to life."

Welcome to Our Life As Diane & Andy state in the "Our Story" paragraph of their 2004 blog, "In January 2004 we had a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity to travel the country.  Our goal was to visit as many of the parks in the US that we can - national and state." Read about their 2004 & 2005 adventures.

Gypsy's on the Road Again (Added 2/11/09) Gypsy is on the road with a Hitchhiker 5th wheel. Her About Me: "I have four beautiful children who are providing me with gorgeous grandchildren. Nothing I do surprises them."

RV-Dreams Journal (Added 2/11/09) From Howard & Linda's "About Us: "A daily journal of our dream lifestyle as full-time RVers after dropping out of corporate America in our early forties."

The GoodeLife (Added 2/6/09) Debbie & her husband travel in a 5th wheel. They started their blog in March, 2008 & update often.

Somewhere in Time (Added 2/6/09) From Joe & Sherri's About Us: "This Journal is for all our family and friends. We have dreamed about retiring and traveling all our married life. Now that we are drawing close to that time we decided to chronical all the events leading up to that time. We welcome you to share in this adventure as we travel Somewhere In Time."

Retired Rod (Added 2/6/09) Rod & Loyce are traveling in a Jayco 29 Ft Jayfeather Ultra Light Pulled with a Ford F 150. They started their blog in 2007 and update regularly.

Where's Bob (Added 2/6/09) Although Bob is not technically traveling in a RV, he has the only vehicle I know of that is crossing the country with a 4 horse engine! From his About me: "My name is Bob Skelding and I’m driving a wagon, pulled by four Percheron horses (3 mares and a gelding) on a journey throughout the United States. My only goals are to see new places, meet plenty of nice people like yourself, and to enjoy this great country of ours like it’s meant to be enjoyed. I’m starting this trip in Deerfield, New Hampshire. I don’t know where I’m going or where I’ll end up, but I think I’m really going to enjoy the people and the places along the way. Come and share the journey with me."

Travels With Miranda (Added 1/19/09) Ray's about me: "This is the story of a twenty-something Canadian gal, two cats, an RV, and the call of the open road."

Fulltime Adventure (Added 1/19/09) Kathy and Phil started their travels in January, 2008. They have a Teton 5th Wheel pulled by a Kenworth T2000, and update their blog weekly.

Al & Suzette's Retirement Website (Added 1/9/09) "Please join us as we describe our travel and life experiences. This journal documents our retirement and journeys in our RV." Click the links to their travels at the top of their home page...

RV Travels in the Kram-a-lot-Inn (Added 1/2/09) From there About Us: "e, Jesse and I, have decided that we want to travel and enjoy the good life. Thanks to Howard and Linda Payne they showed us the way and we retired early. Ginger from accounting (25 years), Jesse from Cintas (The Uniform Company) 18 years. Our companions are Bayer, Buddy & Mr. B. aka "The Boys" We hope you enjoy reading of our adventures."

Paul & Joyce, Exploring our Country (Added 1/2/09) "We are both 62 and retired as of March 1st 2008, we have been married 42 years and have three grown children and six grand-daughters. We have had a plan since we first got married and have followed that plan to our early fifties. At that point we weren’t sure want we wanted to do for retirement. We both love travel, the outdoors, and the country life so we thought we would try the RV lifestyle. We started by flying out west and renting a class C from Cruise America, we would pick a state, rent the RV, then take a two week vacation to travel and see the sights. After five years of doing this we decided that this is what we wanted to do but on a larger scale so in 2003 we ordered a new Georgie Boy Landau class A Motorhome. Prior to retirement we have travel the New England area as much as we could, and during these five years I have made many changes and additions to the Motorhome to make it more of a personal home for us. We are now ready for our next adventures into our new life and hope you enjoy reading about our travels."

Steve's RV Travelogue (Added 1/2/09) "For all my friends and family and anyone else curious. I've put together this blog so you can keep up with what I'm doing. Whatever happens I'll be honest and post it here!" Steve started his blog February 12, 2007, announcing his plan to retire from Boeing in 8 months, sell his 30 years of collected assets & hitting the road.

Travel With the Bayfield Bunch (Added 1/2/09) Al & Kelly are from Ontario, Canada. They traded in their 2004 GMC Sierra 6.0 & a 2005 Rockwood fifth wheel for a 33' 2003 Damon Challenger 329 motorhome after discovering they needed the additional room so that they could include their 3 dogs on their adventures. A much longer "About Us" is on their homepage.

travels with emma (Added 12/6/08) Judy & Emma's About Us: "In June of 2006, I began my life as an RV fulltimer. I volunteer around the country for various state and federal agencies. In the spring of 2008, a young stray pup adopted me and became my traveling companion. This is Emma's and my life on the road."

Toad Hall (Added 11/28/08) Liz & Ted travel the country in their 2002 Lazy Daze class C RV. In addition to the chronicles of their travels, Ted has included lots of information on model railroading. Be sure to check the sub menus for links to many pages!

Life is Good (Added 9/20/08) There is at least one other "Life is Good" link on my pages. This one belongs to the California Grandmother & her husband Ken. "My husband and I retired in 1999 and are living the full-time RV lifestyle and loving every thing about it! We have two daughters we are very proud of—each one has a great husband and between them, and the good Lord, have given us five awesome grandkids! This blog is kept so our friends and family can keep up with what we enjoy doing most."

Guiler Travels (Added 7/23/08) From their about us: "We have been full-time RVing since mid-2004 and are loving our life! We like to say that we are living the Lonestar song which says we are "chasing our dreams down the interstate!" We use this blog to journal about the places we see and the thoughts we have about them. We don't know how long we'll be on the road, but we'll keep at it until we don't want to do it anymore. It's a great life being able to travel with your best friend and spouse."

RV-Mobile-Vision-Quest (Added 5/11/07) Jim & Jane plan to put their house up for sale in the Spring of 2007, and hit the road in a 32' Class A motorhome. Check their links on the left side of their home page, including a blog.

Roadtrip '08 (Added 3/18/08) "Harley (the cat) and I head south in the winter to explore the backroads, deserts, coasts, forests, beaches, of the southern US and Baja, Mexico! The blog starts with the 2006 expedition, and is now moving into the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 season. We hope you enjoy reading about our travels. Between trips you can read about living and working in Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks."

Bumfuzzle (Added 3/12/08) From their "About us:" "We are Pat and Ali Schulte and this is the story of our adventure that started back in 2003 and hasn't ended yet. The short version is that we started dating while at Tartan High School near St. Paul, Minnesota, class of '92. We married in 1997 and moved to Chicago soon after. While there we decided to leave everything behind for awhile and go see the world." They are traveling in a VW Eurovan.

goldenshoe RV trip (Added 3/5/08) Chuck & Anneke blog their travels in their 1006 Itasca Meridian 39K Class A RV.

The RV Adventure (Added 3/5/08) From Frank & Lucy's About Us" - "We have been fulltime in our 34 foot Winnebego Motorhome (1996)since May 1st 2004. Before that we were spending upwards of 6 months each year visiting interesting places and meeting facinating people. In 2004-05 we wintered in Algonquin Park / 2005-06 & 2006-07 & 2007-08 we wintered at MacGregor Point near Port Elgin, Ontario/ Each winter we were the Campground Hosts welcoming people to the park and helping them with winter camping needs. In response to many inquiries, we started to create a series of workshops that focused on RVing in non traditional seasons after realizing that very little information was available to the public. Our summer months are spent travelling to remote locations, seeing other parts of Canada plus we enjoy the sport of fishing. In addition we have taken up writing a number of articles for the RV Gazette Magazine plus a book "Four Seasons RV-ing" due to be published in 2008."

Living Our Dream (Added 2/20/08) This is another "Living Our Dream" RV website (there are at least 3 listed on my pages). Joann & Doug's Introduction: "JoAnn is a retired Unity Minister having served in Panama City Florida as the senior minister of Unity of Panama City. Doug had a career as a stock broker and spent some time as a social worker after he moved to Panama City. He met JoAnn at the church. Neither of us were looking for a relationship but the Universe had other ideas. We have been together for 10 years and hope for many more. We started traveling in 2000 in a Lance slide on truck camper. We have traveled in every state but Wisconsin and Minnesota, every province and Territory in Canada, and 4 Mexican states. Finally a repairman said "you've about worn this thing out." In 2006 we purchased a 32 ft Montana 5th wheel and chose to put our property up for rent and go 'full time.' We travel with a 70 lb standard poodle named Fillmore."

The Quinn's Awesome Journey (Added 1/28/08) "Follow along with Bob and Snookie Quinn as they live their dream as fulltime RV'ers. If you would like to start at the beginning, click on Let the Adventure Begin in the right hand column to get to the first page."

Justravelin (Added 2/20/08) From their site description: "We are Ellie and Jim, justravelin with our 2 mini schnauzers in our 2004 Bounder Motor Home. We retired, sold our house, and became full time RVer's to travel and explore our great country. Come along with us as we describe our adventures!"

The RV Sabbatical Journal (2/20/08) This is the journal for Dar & Thom describing their RV fulltiming experience while exploring America. The full website is at http://www.tdhoch.com/. Started in October 2006, the site is updated often.

GMC Motor Home, Travel with Teri and Dan (Added 1/28/08) "We love the Lord first and each other second. Enjoy travels in our GMC Coach. Members of GMCMI and Dixielanders along with FMCA. We love our children and 12 grandchildren. We enjoy our GMC friends. These posts are of our 4 month journey, beginning May 25th and ending sometime in October, 2007. Well, we had so much fun that we left home Dec. 14, 2007 for another 4 month journey. Come ride along with us."

TheBornKamps (Added 12/12/07) Laura & Gordon haqve been blogging their travels since March, 2005. From their intro: "We are Laura and Gordon Bornkamp. Gordon retired in 1995 from the USPS and I just quit. This is our 3rd motorhome. We have been to all the US. We love traveling and love our lives."

Ginny's Journeys (Updated 12/12/07) "Welcome to my travel website! I hope you enjoy reading and seeing North America through my eyes! Feel free to leave me a message with your comments and suggestions as I would love to hear from you! I traveled to Alaska this year with two couples.

Fulltiming Road Runners (Added 11/7/07) From their home page: "Thom ‘n Judy’s crazy new life, Fulltime RV’ng, or free to be FREE." They are traveling in a Doubletree Mobile Suite 36TK3 5th Wheel.

Seeing The USA In Our Chevrolet (Added 5/11/07) "We sold our house near San Francisco and set out on March 11, 2006, in our fifth wheel trailer (Tiramisu) towed by our Chevrolet workhorse truck (T-Rex) to move about this beautiful country freely. Both Juanita and Gordon offer our observations, likes and dislikes, reviews, and notes on our travels for all to enjoy."

Old Fat Man's adventures (Added 11/7/07) Barney started his blog in late October, 2007. From his opening page: "Finally after years of planning and waiting I have started my retirement adventures. Only time will tell the misadventures an old fat man will have. So enjoy the ride with me. As I learn the ins and outs of this blogging adventure I hope to have a blog that folks will enjoy visiting."

The Laffertys' Life (Added 11/7/07) Richard & Dianna have been documenting their travels with this blog since February 2005. They describe their travels around the US including a 3 month trip to Alaska & wintering inQuartzsite.

Blah Blah Blah Ginger (Added 9/23/07) Mimi and Jonna "are fulltime RVers who spend winters in Mexico and Central America and summers in the US. We live in a 27' Lazy Daze motorhome with our 2 Yucatan Jungle dogs, Hombre and Chica."

Ron & Elena"s Odyssey (Added 8/22/07) "We started thinking about full time RVing over a year ago. We got real serious in late 2006, started selling "stuff", put the house on the market in April 2007, and sold it in 10 days. We started our full time adventure on June 1, 2007. After spending June in Southern CA to wrap-up loose ends we started traveling on July 2nd. Our home is a 23' Komfort Travel Trailer. We pull it with a 2004 3/4-ton Chevy Avalanche. We had this rig for vacations before we started full-timing. We call our trailer "Da Honu", Hawaiian for "The Turtle".

Live. Work. Dream (Added 8/7/07) In May, 2007 Jin & his wife Rene purchased a top-of-the-line, four-season 24′ Arctic Fox fifth wheel trailer and a Dodge Ram 2500 that they fuel up with biodiesel whenever possible. In June, 2007, they packed up and began traveling around North America with their three-legged dog Jerry in search of the next big thing in the new mobile headquarters of Agreda Communicatoins. As they criss-cross across the country, they are sharing their road trip experience with others who dream of embarking upon a similar adventure someday.

Larry & Lee Ann's Journey (Added 6/7/07) "Welcome to our website! We hope you will enjoy sharing our journey with us. Here we will post a little bit of chatter & alot of pictures. We don't have a set itinerary so there isn't one posted! We hope to be where the weather is good & the folks are nice! Hope you enjoy the ride!" They started their journal in May 2006 when they sold their home & moved into a 35' 2006 Newmar Cypress 5th Wheel pulled by a 2006 Ford F250 Lariat diesel truck.

Living our RV Dream! (Added 4/24/07) "Welcome to our travel website! The time has come for us to live our road trip dream, in a 40 foot "Condo on Wheels", our Winnebago Chieftain. We hope you'll enjoy living vicariously through us by this journal as we pursue our dream and travel an undetermined length of time through the continental USA, Alaska and Canada (maybe some of Mexico if we're brave enough!). We'll be travelling with our precious Shih Tzu companion, Gucci. Jackie will do most of the journalling with Tony being the consultant. So....fasten your seatbelts!! Are you ready for this RV tour? Come and experience natural wonders, cities and small town America through our eyes....... We've created this Website to provide family and friends a place to connect with us as we travel our RV"

Goin' RV Boondocking (Added 5/31/07) Heidi & Brian boondock in a 30’ Jayco Fifth Wheel ("our personal RV Boondocking favorite), which we pull with my good ol’ ’98 Dodge". Their site has many pages of information for RVers as well as a ling to their blog.

Every Miles A Memory (Added 5/11/07) From their introduction: "Every Miles A Memory is a Dream that two young people came up with many years ago and have finally been able to make come true. After years of talking about an adventure like this, we decided to give up the daily grind, sell our business, rent our house and hit the back roads of America. Enough talk and throwing around crazy ideas of this dream of ours, we had to see if it could become a reality, or prove we weren't crazy like most of our friends told us we were? Follow along and see for yourself, if the two of us can make it 2 years or more in a 25' Sunline Travel Trailer loaded with all our various toys, our two dogs and enough photography equipment to document the daily events we come across in this great country of ours". Be sure to check Pat's & Cindy's Blogs for updates to their adventures.

Fab Grandma (Addded 4/24/07) "In August of 2000, I persuaded my husband to sell our house and all our stuff, and hit the road in a travel trailer. We have worked in campgrounds and resorts since then. We decide where we want to go, then find a job there. Wherever we go, our children and grandchildren come to visit when they can. We go home to Georgia as often as we can to spend time with family and catch up with friends. I call myself a wannabe photographer, and try to take some photos every day. Some days I get something good, other days it is just practice. Other things I do to keep myself from going crazy are quilting, sewing, soapmaking, fishing, selling things on ebay, and cooking. My husband, Jim, and I love to try out the local foods wherever we may be. We like to shop the small produce stands for farm fresh fruits and veggies. Who knows, we may be in your town tomorrow!" I changed the link to her new site on 4/24/2010. The old one may still be available at http://fabgrandma.blogspot.com/.

The Happy Wanderers (Added 4/24/07) Ed & Marilyn welcome you to their website! "After years of morning conversation over coffee, countless visits to RV dealers, many happy weekends of travel and camping in smaller RV's and three backpacking trips in the Grand Canyon, we have made the decision to become full-time RVers. We have ordered a Doubletree Mobile Suites 36TK3 and a Ford F350 Diesel DRW with the Tow Boss package to tow the RV."

Living our Dream (Added 3/12/07) Kit & Jerry describe their travels in a class A motorhome. Updated often, and lots of pictures in their "Photo Galleries" link.


Living the Dream (Added 2/27/07) Mike and Dixie atarted their blog in December, 2004 and update it often. Lots of information about their travels & many photos.

Gundyville On Wheels (Added 2/27/07) Greg & Marilyn are touring the US in “BUSTER” their 43 ft. Newmar Dutch Star Diesel Pusher Motor Coach. Quoting their "About Us": "I've had a great life so far! I've been a lifeguard, a teacher, a divemaster, a retail business owner,a technical writer, a landscaper, a property manager and now, saints preserve, a blogger. I've lived in PA, ME, FL and Roatan, Honduras. Now I'm starting a tour of the US of A in a motorcoach with my incredible wife, Marilyn, and my way cool dog, Abby. And with any luck at all, this is just the beginning..."

Bonehead's Traveling People (Added 2/17/07) "This is about Dan, Patty, and one very spoiled cat named, Bonehead. We are all retired and travel around in our 5th wheel/toy hauler." Updated often with lots of pictures.

We're Winging It (Added 2/17/07) Gary & Vicki started this journal in May, 2006. They are traveling the country in a 2003 Allegro Bus & their Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. Updated often as long as they can find an internet connection!

Haw Creek Out ‘n About (Added 7/14/08) From their "About Us" - "odds and ends of a lot of different things — camping, hiking, travel, photography, poetry, and more."

Home Sweet RV (Added 6/27/08) Linda & Rusy started their blog on January 15, 2008. They are full timing in a NuWa 339 RSB which has four slides and is 35' in length. "Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride as we begin our dream of "FULLTIMING"

Life on the Open Road (Added 10/15/06) "Diana has been a full-time RVer for 8 years, having given up her former life as a CPA. In addition to traveling, she enjoys photography, hiking and C/W dancing. Randy won his freedom long ago through frugality, efficiency and ingenuity. He believes that drudgery is the enemy of the good life; that mobility, new experiences, and interesting problems “light us up”, generate meaning, grow wisdom, complexify character and open opportunities for contribution. For more information about our lifestyle, go to our first post from April 9, 2006." Lots of great photographs & tales of their US Southwest adventures.

Fred and Jo's Excellent Adventure (Added 8/4/06) Fred & Jo's Introduction: "This is the blog of two crazy Wishnies, Fred and Jo, who, on a whim, decided to shed the trappings of "normal life": home, family, jobs, possessions, everything we took for granted, and go off to see the world. Or at least, the world of our United States." Their blog starts on March 1, 2006 with a discussion that changed their lives. Updated often.

2 On the Road (Added 7/27/06) On October 9, 2004 Nolan & JoAnn moved into their Hitchhiker fifth-wheel trailer and hit the road as full-time RVers. They ride motorcycles and like to geocache. They started their blog in July, 2006.

Our Adventure (Added 7/27/06) Rod & Jean have been writing their blog since January, 2005, however they have been on the road for the last 3 years. They are currently traveling in a Monaco Dynasty motorhome.

RV Travels With Huggy (Added 6/24/06) Dick,and his cat Huggy are traveling in a Sea Breeze motorhome exploring the Western USA. Lots of photos.

Snuze (Added 4/4/06) Snuze is a blog put together by & for the Sierra Nevada Airstreams Organization, which has its own website. Started in December 2004, the blog & parent website contains a wealth of information for everyone, Airstream owner or not.

Chaos Leaves Town (Added 4/13/06) As he says, Jim retired early, sold his house, bought a '94 36' Fleetwood Bounder with 190HP diesel and become a full time RVer. He started his blog in May, 2004, updates often, and makes the site available as a RSS feed. Lots of information & great photographs!

Welcome to Paul & Kathleen's Lazy Daze RV Web site Starting in December, 2003 Paul & Kathleen have been providing almost daily updated of their travels around the country in their Lazy Daze Class C RV.

HappyTrails (Added 3/10/06) Susan & Jack have been keeping a blog of their travels since July, 2005. As they said, "This is our story and we're stickin to it..." Lots of great photographs!

On the road with Larry & Teddy (Added 3/10/06) "We are fulltime RVers, we live in and travel in a "5th Avenue" 30 foot fifth wheel trailer w/2 slides and base our travels out of the Schlueter family farm near Traverse City, Michigan."

RV Escapade (Added 2/3/06) Padraic & Willie travel and see the country in their Enterprise (2002 Mountain Aire and 1998 Volvo). Their rig is 65 feet long; weights 41,000 pounds. Both the 5th trailer and the truck has tandem dual wheels. It is a 18 wheeler. We prefer to stay in a location for two months to play and work. We get on the internet with our Direcway Satellite dish. It is slower than regular broadband. But the dish enables us to work and update the Blogs.

Here's Lucy (Added 1/23/06) Lucy started her blog July 7, 2005 describing & her and her husband Tom's life both at home & in their 40' Motorhome.

We're On The Road (Added 1/23/06) Garry and Jenny started their blog on August 2, 2005 and update it regularly. Read about selling & moving from a 3300 sq ft home into a 2002 Damon Escaper.

Sandra's Blog (Added 1/23/06) From the "About Me" section of their blog: " After working for 38 years, I retired in August of 2004 and my husband, Gordon and I sold our 4 bedroom house, bought a diesel truck and fifth wheel and with our dog, Bib, hit the road. We spend five months in Ontario, where we're from, one month in another part of Canada and the winters in the southern USA." Although relatively new (started January 1, 2006) the site is updated daily.

Skool'z Out Forever! (Added 1/23/06) We are retired and have recently become "full-timers." We live and travel in our motorhome along with our two Scottish Terriers, Bailey and Neal. This space will allow our family and friends to keep up with our travels. Terry taught early in his career and Dale taught for 34 years, which gives us the name of our space, "Skool'z Out Forever!"

Claude, Val & Tucker's Adventure (Added 1/23/06) We are a "young" couple of 58, recently retired and looking for adventures. Come and share our story on our dreams, travels and impressions. "Life is but a journey to our dreams." Started on July 1, 2005, they sell their home & move into a 34' Medallion 5th Wheel pulled by a Ford 350 diesel.

Travel By Desine (Added 9/5/05) If you want to start at the beginning, go here. Don & Lou started RVing by putting 250,000 miles on a 1968 VW camper purchased in 1973. They currently travel in a 1999 Sea Breeze Motorhome. Check out their "Articles" for information on connectivity & communications.

Our Adventure (New Site - 12/2/06) Quoting from Cris and Mac "The chronological account of our travels.  Like most full-time RVers we'll babble on about all the mundane aspects of our daily lives.  Some will find it interesting, and others will use it as a sleeping aid.  Either way, we've done our part :-)." Both their blog & their technical issues & projects make great reading. Their old blog is here.

Joan on the Road (Added 11/17/05) Follow Joan & Jim's blog, started in January, 2004, when they moved into a 32' Rexhall Aerbus & hit the road

RV Vagabonds (Added 9/5/05) Linda & Denny's introduction: "We are the Brauns, traveling the country in our 2002 Palisades fifth wheel. We have been on the road since September of 1998, having sold, given away and donated all of our possessions. Our goal is to play golf in all fifty states as we enjoy the sights along the way." Be sure to check out their web page for links to their travelogues from 1998 - 2002. They also have a well developed website with lots of information gained from their years of experience.

Dan and Susan's Excellent Adventure Follow the adventure when in April, 2004 Dan & Susan decided to sell their house, buy a Rexhall Aerbus Motor home & hit the road.

On The Go With Gary and Jo (Added 9/5/05) According to their blog, Gary wants to catch a fish in every state. Jo Ella is always going to try to catch a larger one. Follow their adventures across the country in their new motorhome.

RV-Dreams.com In January, 2005 Howard and Linda began their journal of their decision to go full timing. Many pages describing the process of selling their home, buying a truck & 5th wheel, and starting their adventure!

An Indian and a Gypsy Joe & Nancy started full timing in May, 2000, and have posted 2 - 3 times per week to a blog of their travels since May 2004.

RVeCafe Dale & Gwen are considering full timing once Dale retires. To be sure it will work, they are currently conducting a 5 month experiment living in their 5th wheel. Check their daily updates at What's New (be sure to click the "what's new" link at the bottom of each day's synopsis.) Also check their additional blog at Howard Prairie.

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