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Day 176, Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN

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Thursday, April 14, Falls Creek Falls State Park, TN, - 121.4 Miles, 6,781.4 Miles for the Trip

Henry Horton State Park was not going to let me go without getting in the last word. While last night started out warm & pleasant; I even sat outside for awhile after dinner, around 9:00 a cold front went through. One of the rangers went through letting us know bad weather was on the way. I checked my weather radar and a red band extended over a hundred miles north to south, and was heading our way out of the west at 60MPH. Definitely the worst weather image I've ever seen on the app. Tornado watches for the area & a tornado warning about 20 miles north of the park. My Verizon phone went off with a NOA alert, the second I've heard on my travels.

As the wind picked up (predictions for 70MPH - 80MPH) a bunch of us headed for the bathrooms. About 15 people in the woman's room. We could hear limbs cracking & falling, but nothing big hit any of the RVs and no trees went over. It was all over in 45 minutes, with medium to heavy rain for another 3-4 hours. By morning, the sun was out.

I packed up the trailer and headed out. I decided to take the southern route since I did the northern one last time. Most of it was 4 lane until I got to TN 30, a road not recommended for RVs. Of course my small trailer doesn't count! Not as twisty as US 64 in West Virginia, but I sure would not want to be pulling a large trailer or driving a big Class A. Many 15MPH switchbacks. There is an alternate to the park on TN 111.

I'm in site A20, a level side to side site that requires a 5" rise on the tongue jack. Just long enough to fit the trailer & truck. Water & electric for $47.59 per night (base price is $38.00 for Thursday, and $40.00 for Friday & Saturday with $19.77 tax & $5.00 reservation fee.) If I can get to the office I should be able to get the senior 25% reduction.

After setting up I headed to the Nature Center for a map and to walk the suspension bridge across Cane Creek to photograph Cane Creek Cascade. A lousy day for it; too much sun. The suspension bridge was closed the last time I was here. Quite the "thrill" walking across it - it sways with every step. If you look closely at the folks on the bridge you can see they are holding on to the mesh to keep from falling over.

The Swaying Bridge Cane Creek Falls The Cane Creek Cascade

After that I tried for some photos of some of the rapids in Cane Creek across from the George Hole Swimming area, but again with the direct sun they were useless.

Back at the trailer I added the photos to today's web page and started dinner.

Dinner was almost a repeat of last night - a grilled chicken thigh and baked potato. No beets.

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