2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest

Day 106, Dome Rock BLM, Quartzsite, AZ

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Thursday, February 3, 2022, Dome Rock BLM, Quartzsite, AZ - 6 Miles, 3,771.5 Miles for the Trip

I found I was down one propane tank, so it was a drive for coffee rather than a walk this morning. After breakfast I emptied the back of the truck bed & filled it with the firewood. I drove out to Dome Rock and pilled the firewood in the area I planned to set up the trailer. I went back to La Posa West & packed up the trailer. An hour later I arrived at Dome Rock, but the firewood was gone. Oh well, it didn't cost me anything, but if anyone was watching me drop it off it was obvious that I was coming back.

Anyhow, I'm set up at Dome Rock. Just for a change, and because the pile of firewood is gone, I am a couple hundred yards west of the location I usually use. There are a couple of Escapes & a Casita here in this area with plenty of room for more. In fact, while I was typing this another Escape 21 showed up & parked the other side of a bunch of bushes, and a 5.0TA a bit west of me.


I put out both wands for the hummingbird feeder & my hummingbird lights & welcome sign, nailed down the mat, and reset all the inside stuff. Set up the aluminum roll table & grill, and the portable solar panels. After that I took a walk around the camping area both for the exercise & to see if I could find my firewood. The walk was OK, but I never did find the firewood.

It is cool if you are out of the sun, 55°F, but still windy. Not as bad as yesterday, but 13MPH average with a 21MPH peak that cools you down in the shade. The prediction for tonight is 33°F. This is definitely the coolest winter I've spent in the southwest over the last 7 years.

Dinner was a grilled Johnsonville Bedder with Cheddar sausage & a salad.

Until Tomorrow -


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