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Day 39, Sunny Flats Forest Service Campground, Portal, AZ

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Sunday, November 28, 2021 - Sunny Flats Forest service Campground, Portal, AZ 102.3 Miles, 3,230.6 Miles for the Trip

As you can see, well, actually, you won't see until at least tomorrow since there is no cell service here, I'm in Sunny Flats rather than making the full drive to Whitewater draw. I still plan to go to Whitewater Draw tomorrow, although the short time their site camera was working there were no birds in the pond.

Anyhow, I pulled in one trailer too late. My preferred site is either 11 or 13. Both are deep enough and level enough that I don't need to unhook the trailer. Unfortunately, the trailer ahead of me took site 11, and a trailer is already in 13. It was only fair since he had a larger trailer and would not have fit in any of the sites left. I'm in site 12, a fairly steep site (I had to lift the trailer tongue 8" to level the trailer). It is also shallow enough that I had to park the truck next to the trailer. I could also fit in sites 5, and 7 - but they are all shaded. Site 8 is the host site - no one there right now, but there is a 100 pound propane tank on the site. Most of the rest of the sites are too short & shaded. I gained 1000' between Pancho Villa & here - the campground is at about 5100'. It might get cold tonight! All sites are dry, $10.00 with an agency pass, $20.00 without a pass.

Site 12 View In Front of the Trailer

After leveling the trailer I paid for the site, then took a couple of photos. As I've mentioned earlier, a beautiful location. It is popular with birders with some viewing areas nearby. There is a ranger station just before you hit the campgrounds. There are 4 campgrounds in the area, however only 2 are open, and Sunny Flats is by far the better of the two.

I sat outside in the sun. I actually had to duck into partial shade - the sun is strong at 5000'. They have an interesting "warning" at the campground information board. If more than 1 1/2" of rain is predicted, the campground will be evacuated. While the campground doesn't flood, at least the high side, the entrance road, the only way back to civilization other than going over a mountain on a dirt road, floods during heavy rain. It might take a lot of rain to flood the road - the stream is completely dry but you can see the parts along side the road that have been torn up by previous floods. While sitting behind the trailer a couple of deer wandered by.

The Stream The Deer

Dinner was the last of the Jennie O chicken breast. Actually, there is more left, but I'm done with it. Hate to throw away food, but I ate all I could stand.

Sunny Flats is a good place for nighttime photographs. The only light (after the day glow dies away) is from other campers, and there are not many of them. Since the camping is dry, they usually don't leave outside lights one. There was a bit of spill from a propane fire pit, but other than that it was dark. Around 6:45 it was dark enough to try for some star photos. The milky way isn't as interesting in the winter as in summer, but I included it in one image. Also caught a meteor in the 3rd image in the top row. At 8:00 I did a one hour photo to make a star trail. The exposure was a bit too much for the amount of overall light, so the background is blue instead of black, but you get the idea.

Stars Stars Caught A Meteor The Milky Way
Stars Spill Light From Firepit 1 Hour Exposure Aimed North  


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