2021 - 2022 Trip To The Southwest

Day 10, Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA, Day 5

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Saturday, October 30, 2021 - Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA, Day 5 - 0 Miles, 737.0 Miles for the Trip

I did a short walk this morning, ending up at Walt's for coffee & visiting with a bunch of fiberglass owners. Cooler than yesterday with a nippy wind. No sun, but it is not raining, just a bit of mist.

Walt's Coffee Clam The Morning Crowd

My Pelonis Disk Furnace died. While it has died before (it was built in June, 1989) and I've rebuilt it, this time I bought a cheap Walmart replacement until I can find out what is wrong with it. I like the Pelonis because it is small, and is one of the few electric ceramic heaters that, when set for a temperature, slows down the fan & lowers the current to the ceramic disks when it reaches the set temperature. Very quiet at night, and, of course, draws less current. I still wouldn't run it on the inverter since any electric heating device is a battery hog, but I like it. Unfortunately, the newer ones have a poor reliability rating, and the versions that have the variable fan/current feature seems to have disappeared, at least from their website. So, rather than replacing it, I'll keep fixing it. I do have a second one that I use for parts - of course I left it home.

A dreary day. While the rain has held off so far, it is still cold at 48°F at noon. I did a couple of trailer tours, and handed out pieces of blueberry pie. Because of the rain, the Cowboy dinner was canceled, and I don't want to try to take the pie with me, plus it is a bit too much for one person, so about two thirds of it is gone. Now, at 3:30 the pie is gone with the last couple that toured the trailer. I did get a piece...

I'm not all that impressed with the thermostat on the new Mainstays (Walmart) electric heater. If you set it to come on, it never shuts off, and if you lower it to where it shuts off, it never comes on. We will see how it does with a greater temperature range overnight.

I did get out to take a short walk in the light rain around 4:00. A Scamp 19 just arrived, and I took a photo of the teardrop across the way belonging to a couple that has an Escape 21C on order & wanted a tour.

The Scamp 19 The Teardrop

Dinner was a chicken sandwich and some chips.

Until Tomorrow -


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