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It has been a very quiet year, at least as far as trips with the trailer. Due to Covid, I spent the entire year home in Oswego. Since I'm now fully vaccinated, and rallies are starting up again, I made reservations for the 2021 Spring Fling in New Hampshire.

I have done some work on the trailer. I now have 3 Battleborn 100 amp hour 12V lithium batteries, about all that will fit under the rear bench seat in the trailer. I've also changed the thermostat from the finicky Dometic Capacitive Touch version to a Micro-Air Easy Touch. The Micro-Air thermostat has both Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity, as well as a much better touch surface compared to the Dometic.

This weekend was spent packing the trailer using my packing list (without it I'm likely to leave something important out). After adding everything except for a hundred pounds or so of stuff that has to wait until the day I'm leaving, I headed to the nearest CAT scale to check the truck & trailer weights:

With Trailer Attached
Steer Axle 3080
Drive Axle 3240
Trailer Axle 4160
TOTAL 10480

Truck Alone
Steer Axle 3280
Drive Axle 2540
TOTAL 5820

Trailer 4660
Tongue 500

All well within ratings, although I do have to watch staying below the trailer's GVW of 5000 pounds.

Another update, at least for the truck was to replace my discontinued Garmin NUVI 3580 with a Garmin RV 890. The 890 is actually an Android 8" tablet that Garmin modifies. The large screen shows much more of the stuff surrounding your route which makes it more like the old Street Atlas PC based system I used years ago. It can also be programed with your RV information which will attempt to avoid roads & bridges where you won't fit. While this is generally not a problem for my small, low trailer, I still put the information into the unit. It also includes the POIs for the Ultimate Public Campground Project list, one of the apps I use on my phone for finding campgrounds.

So, until the first update on Tuesday -


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