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Thursday, September 13 - Letchworth State Park, NY -0 Miles Today, 15,930.6 For the Trip

Today was a "do nothing" day. I did have a nice time last night with the couple in the trailer next to mine & another a few spaces down the campground. We say around their campfire & talked about just about everything. One thing mentioned was that there were a number of fiberglass trailers on one of the other loops. I walked over this morning, found a collection of Scamps, Casitas & a Boler in the 200 loop. They were a group of friends that were having an informal gathering, one that they have been doing for a number of years.

Since Escapes are still fairly rare, particularly here on the east coast, some of them stopped by to look at the trailer. Other than that, all I did was sit around & read. No photographs, although I did get my 2 miles of walking in on a couple of loops around the campground. I did take the time to hook up the trailer. I prefer to do it the evening before I leave rather than in the morning - I can stand an evening with the trailer off the stabilizers...

Dinner will be a pork chop, Vigo Saffron Yellow Rice (I finally found some at the Geneseo Wegmans) and snap peas.

Until Tomorrow -


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