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Saturday, September 1 - Babcock State Park, WV, Day 4 - 28.6 Miles Today, 14,865.6 For the Trip

No photographs for today. In fact, pretty much no nothing for the day. So far very little rain from the hurricane, but while it is only in the 80's, it is very muggy. I didn't do anything other than walk a couple of laps around the campground. With the exception of a few that left today, the campground is full. The sites include everything from a single in a small trailer (guess who) to a group of 2 tents & a pop up along with 5 cars & I can't guess how many people. A very different attitude with a full campground. People tend to keep to themselves, where when there were only 3 occupied sites we all talked with each other.

I decided to make a pizza for dinner & discovered that I forgot the mozzarella cheese. Kind of hard to make a pizza without it so I drove to Rainelle (about 13 miles away on US 60). I think it is actually easier & quicker to go 20 miles to the Walmart on US 19 rather than the hills & switchbacks on US 60. Of course I also found a bunch of other stuff to buy. While the pizza was great I have to admit it is probably the most expensive I've ever had. It doesn't help that I'm making it for one. You can't buy a 1/4 pepper (actually 3 1/4 peppers since I like to use a red, orange & green) or onion, or a 1/4lb of mozzarella cheese and they don't keep all that well, at least until the next time I want pizza. I even had to buy a small jar of mushrooms since they didn't have any fresh available. As I said, expensive, but good!

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