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Saturday, August 25 -Kentucky Dam State Park, KY - 103.3 Miles Today, 14,147.2 For the Trip

True to the campground host's word, there were only two trains overnight. I shot a very grainy photo of a barge & tug going down the Mississippi in the dark. I don't know how they manoeuver the long strings of barges in the day, let alone in the dark. It was interesting to watch the spotlight picking up reference points along the shore. I also have a dawn sunrise photo (well, when else is there a sunrise?) thanks to the 4:30AM train.

I stopped at the showers on the way out of the campground rather than walking to them. I was wrong - only .3 miles, not .5 from the campsite. Still, if you walked, you would be covered with sweat by the time you got back. It was a nice shower - large, hot water, and a good sized drying area.

A relatively short drive today bouncing from state to state and driving into Kentucky at Cairo. I decided to try for the Kentucky Dam campground even though the AAA book (the old & better version) said reservations were suggested. That often means the campground is full on the weekends. I don't know why, but while the place has over 200 sites, there are only about 15 RVs here. One interesting point - most of the sites have the utilities much further from the site than normal. I had to pick & choose a site based on whether my 30' power cord would reach. Even then, I'm on the grass off the end of the pavement in order to plug in. Speaking of electric hookups, I forgot to mention that last night at the Trail of Tears campground in MO, I ran into the first 30 amp GFCI receptacle in all my years of camping. Usually only the 20 amp receptacle is GFCI protected. It worked fine with my trailer, but many older converters will trip a GFCI.

Other than the long run to the utilities, Kentucky Dam State Parkis a nice campground. Most of the sites have some shade, clean bathrooms with showers, and $21.50 (with AAA discount) for electric & water.

Tug at Night
Site 194, Kentucky Dam State Park
Tug at Night
Site 194, Kentucky Dam State Park


It is early (3:30) so I haven't given dinner much thought. It is hot enough that I don't really care all that much about putting a meal together. I'll figure out something when (and if) it cools down.

Until Tomorrow -


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