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Tuesday, July 3, Diamond Lake RV Park, OR - 48.6 Miles Today, 9,292.7 For the Trip

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I had a nice drive to Diamond Lake up OR 62 & OR 230. I stopped for one photo of a stream along side OR 230.

I'm in Site H8, a full hook up site that overlooks (through a bunch of trees) the lake. If you get to the area, and like ice cream, s stop at the South Shore Pizza Parlor for a Walnut Pistachio waffle core is highly recommended. I asked for a single scoop & they managed to put at least a pint of ice cream in the cone. I'll probably skip cooking & try them for pizza for dinner. Only problem with the campground is they have lots of mosquitos and somewhat rough, but clean bathrooms. Another problem is they use TengoInternet. While I have been in a few locations where TengoInternet worked well, for the most part is is very slow. I can understand that here in the middle of no where (at least connectivity wise) the internet connection is probably satellite, but I've been in a number of campgrounds with satellite connections & they are better than this. While it is possible to view web pages (although not ones that are heavy on images) it is too slow to upload my images to my ISP. Other than that, a pretty place for a night or two. I am also including a photo of the lake, and, of course, a campsite photo.

Stream along OR 230
Diamond Lake
Site H8, Diamond Lake RV Park
Stream Along OR 230
Diamond Lake
Site H8, Diamond Lake RV Park

While I'll try again later, it may be until tomorrow (or later) before I can update the site. Well, while there was no cell connection when I arrived at the park, I now seem to have one. My WiFi Ranger router tells me it is a 299kbps connection, but it is much slower than that. In any case, it let me upload the images so I'll try the page.

Till Tomorrow -


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