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Thursday, June 28, Holiday RV Park, Phoenix, OR - 171.6 Miles Today, 9,019.5 For the Trip

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It is great to be back in the land of electricity & cell coverage. Actually, the electricity part was covered by the solar panel, batteries & inverter, although I didn't try to use my electric blanket. That might have pushed the batteries, however I did manage to make a pot of coffee every morning.

The drive up CA 89 was very pretty. I've driven it a couple times before, but only going south; the north direction has Mount Shasta in view & it looks great. Eventually, CA 89 runs in to & is replaced by I5. Still pretty, but not as interesting a drive. I stopped at the Toyota dealer in Medford, OR, and left the trailer in their parking lot. More than one salesmen came out to ask about towing the Escape with the RAV4. Lithia Toyota did an oil change, rotated the tires, and checked the transmission fluid - the color was OK so I didn't have it changed. It should be good for another 10,000 miles. They did a great job of washing the collection of bugs off the front end (as well as the rest of the RAV4) - I only wish I had reconnected the trailer before they washed the car so they could do the trailer as well! While I didn't make out as well as last year when I bought over $1000.00 worth of tires, I do appreciate Oregon's no sales tax.

By the time I got out of Lithia Toyota it was 4:00 & I decided to find a nearby place to stop for the night. I'm in site B8 at the Holiday RV Park. It is connivent, but probably not the quietest park - it is along side I 5, and, as I just discovered, at the end of one of the takeoff patterns for the local airport.

Burney Falls
Mt Shasta
Mt Shasta
Mt Shasta
Morning at Burney Falls
Mt Shasta & CA 89
Mt Shasta
Mt Shasta & the Escape
Site B8, Holiday RV Park, Phoenix, OR
Site B8, Holiday RV Park, Phoenix, OR


Dinner was the rest of the mixed vegetables & a Bubba Burger. The handy thing about the Bubba Burger is it is the only meal I have in the freezer or refrigerator, for that matter, that doesn't need any prep - just throw the frozen hamburger on the grill. I guess that is why it tends to be my short notice dinner.

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