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Friday, May 11 -Cathy's - Gurley, AL - 43.5 Miles Today, 1441.5 For the Trip

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Another short drive. The morning shower at the Fairview Campground was interesting - 49°F and an unheated bathroom. At least there was hot water, once I figured out that turning the faucet all the way to hot produced cold water - nudging it back a little made hot. It is amazing how fast one can dry oneself in 49°F weather!

I'm overnighting at a friend's house in Gurley, AL. Cathy was one of my students back when I was teaching theatre, although she was a music major. She was also one of our baby sitters, and spent a vacation with us in Nantucket. After graduation, she went to New Mexico for a graduate degree in engineering, of course! Anyhow, she has worked for Boeing for the last 15 years, some of which was on the Dreamliner project. She moves back & forth between here & Washington state.

While in Washington, she lived in a floating boat house & on her restored Chris Craft boat. The boat is now in the back yard here in Gurley waiting for a second restoration after a crane dropped it in the process of unloading it after hauling it across the country. Cathy does always have a project!

The plan is to leave tomorrow for Tupelo & a campsite at the Trace Campground. I made a reservation using Reserve America. I know many hate the site, but so far (knock on wood) I've only had good luck with them, although I have to admit I don't make reservations all that often. One thing I like about the site is that they have a campground map of every place they do reservations. I often use it to preview a campground before pulling in (without reservations) to choose where I'd like to be. Anyway, I'll let you know tomorrow how well it worked out.

Gurley, AL
Gurley, AL
Cris Craft Restoration
Gurley, AL
Cathy Mowing
The Cris Craft Restoration


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