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Friday, April 20 - Oswego, NY

I'm still here in Oswego over a week after the planned departure date. Still waiting on parts to fix the broken refrigerator.

I can't fault Camping World - for what ever reason, Dometic decided that even thought the techs at Camping World determined that the cooling unit was bad they sent a replacement heater. When the techs asked why Dometic's answer is they have had problems with the heating units and they need to try that first.

So, today I hauled the trailer down to Camping World, they replaced the refrigerator's heater, and it still doesn't work. Repair by substitute isn't all that practical when it takes a week or more to get each part!

Now Dometic says they will send out a cooling unit either later today or on Monday. That definitely rules out the Townsend, TN "egg" get together, and will probably shorten the number of days I can stay in New Mexico before the heat is so bad I need to move north.

There are not that many parts of the trailer I can't fix my self; in fact I probably could have replaced the cooling unit, but since it is under warranty I have to have a dealer do the work. Am I frustrated? You bet! Still, better here at home than on the road.

I guess I will have to get a couple of the projects here at home done. I kinda put them off since they would be out -of-sight for 5 months, but now that I'll be here for the better part of a week (at least) I don't have an excuse.

By the way, I did get a chance to take the trailer to the dump to get it weighed. If nothing else, it points out the difference between "Dry Weight" (listed at 2100 lbs) and the real world. With full propane, 1/3 fresh water, empty grey & black tanks & packed with everything except the stuff going into the refrigerator it hits the scales at 3020 lbs. Hitch weight is 340 lbs.

Till next time -



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