2011 Trip - Day 105
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Sunday, July 31 - Duluth, MN - 177.4 miles, 17,452.7 for the trip

Another day of no photographs other than a campground picture. I'm in site 20 at the Indian Point Campground just outside of Duluth, MN. Electric only, but plenty of shade, a picnic table, and fairly level. I did unhook because I wanted to make a stop at Walmart & see how difficult the drive to AAA was. I'm glad I did - many of the entrances & exits on I 35 are closed, and my GPS wants me to take all of them! I did find both, but a 5 mile trip turned into a 15 mile one. I think I'll go to AAA in the morning without the trailer. I need a MN map (although I'll probably be leaving the US tomorrow), a Duluth map so I can find a way to get to MN 61, and both maps & campground books for Ontario Canada.

I have a new camera. I have been a bit nervous about taking my D700 or even the older D200 out in my kayak. Although I do have dry bags, trying to dig out the camera, hang on to the paddle, and put things away after a shot seemed a bit much. So, I've been looking at "Waterproof" cameras. I like the Olympus 810 which happened to be on sale at Best Buy. Kind of interesting that my highest resolution camera is now a point & shoot at 14MB, but the miniature sensor in the Olympus is not anywhere up to the ability of the full frame Nikon D700. Still, it is good for a depth of 25' which is deeper than I expect to swim!

Site 20, Indian Point Campground, Duluth, MN

Until tomorrow!


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