2011 Trip - Day 65
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Tuesday, June 21 -Salt Lake City, UT- 289.5 miles, 10813.9 for the trip

As you have figured by now, things change. Last night after returning & processing a group of images from an evening walk through Kodachrome Basin State Park (which I added to the bottom of yesterday's page) I finally reached the point where the dust & shutter oil droplets on the sensor in the D700 wouldn't go away. Many of the parks I've been in lately are dusty, and, although I have tried to make as few lens changes as possible, even the car is filled with fine red "Moab Sand"(red dust).

I tried cleaning the sensor, but with little improvement. I'm surprised that the D700 with a full frame sensor is more difficult to clean than the smaller sensor in my D200 or D300. In any case, it was time to find a real camera store/repair location to get a good cleaning. The closest I could find was in Salt Lake City. It is in the general direction I'm heading although my plan was to cut across US 50 to US 93 & head north on that. Now I will probably take I80 to US 93 on Thursday. Since I have to stay two days to get the camera cleaned, I'll also get an oil change & transmission check at the local Toyota dealer.

So, tonight's campground photo was taken with a lowly Coolpix 995. Actually, it isn't a bad camera. Only 3.34 megapixels, but the output will cover any web page & I have managed to print a decent 16" X 20" from it (as long as you don't get too close).

Speaking if campgrounds, I an staying in the Cherry Hill Campground in Kaysville, UT, site 21. It is an interesting place. For me the only virtue is it is close to Salt Lake City - much too refined for me. It is actually a water park with a campground attached. Still, a nice place for a couple of days.

Cherry Hill, Site 21

Till Tomorrow!


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