2011 Trip - Day 38
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Wednesday, May 25 - Valley of Fire State Park, NV, 35 miles - 7017.5 for the trip

I drove into Overton to get my haircut. Since I was up early, I decided to also do laundry. The only laundromat in town (at least that I could find) didn't have hot water, but since I generally only wash in cold anyway, it worked. I got a great haircut, made a quick stop at the grocery store & Radio Shack for a new soldering iron. The one I brought with me won't work outside -it was a 15 watt & the wind pulled the heat out of it faster than I could solder. I now have a dual heat version , 15 & 30 watts - it did the job.

Don & Anne arrived in the afternoon. We did a little sightseeing, then made dinner & set up their tent. That didn't go so well - the ground in the RV sites doesn't take to tent stakes very well!. We finally tied the tent to the trailer & used my weight distribution hitch to hold down the tent.

That's about it for the day. I did get some new photos & will process them in the morning.

Till Tomorrow...


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