2011 Trip - Day 14
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Sunday, May 1- Fisherman's Bend BLM Campground, OR - 253.9 miles, 4063.7 for the trip

I made a quick stop at the Yaquina Lighthouse in Newport, OR. My plan (at least for today) is to start heading inland. Not sure if I'll still try for the Burney Falls in California; I'll decide as I get further south. I already know it is way too early to try to stop at Crater Lake or Lassen Volcanic National Park. I guess I'll have to make future trip later in the year, or maybe catch them on my way back north.

I stopped for the night at the BLM campground Fisherman's Bend near Mill City. OR. It was at the suggestion of a couple I met on line that posts at the RV Pics Forum, Lou & Kathy. I'm glad they suggested the location. It is a beautiful campground; my site has full utilities &, with my Senior Pass, is only $11.00 per night. Lots of trees with hanging moss, a river running through the campsite, hot showers, what more could you ask for?

Today's mileage was 253.9; and a total of 4063.7 for the trip. I took US 20 out of Newport, then OR 226 to OR 22 to the campground. Pretty good roads, although US 20 is a bit beat up in sections. It appears that they are rebuilding sections, taking out some of the twists & turns.

Yaquina Lighthouse
Site 17, Fisherman's Bend
Birds & Rocks
Yaquina Lighthouse
Site 17, Fisherman's Bend, OR

I finished off the sausage & spaghetti for dinner - It was either use it or dump it. I'm getting used to cooking on a 2 burner stove, and, so far, have been able to live without an oven. I do miss a real kitchen, but since even my small kitchen at home has more floor space than the entire trailer, I'll have to do without!

I remeasured the tread wear on the RAV4 tires - they still have a bit left, but it is time to start looking for a place to replace them. Because they are an unusual size & designed to run flat, I don't know if I can get them from anyone other than Toyota. I'll start looking tomorrow.

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